Musleh Khan – Remember Allah and you will be Successful

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The concept of "has been" in Islam is used to protect individuals from evil and prevent harm. It is important to be mindful of one's heart and not to give up. The success of Islam in shaping people and their bodies is highlighted, along with its potential for harming others and shaping one's behavior. Prayer and striving for change is essential to change one's life, and the origin of Islam is discussed.
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In Alhamdulillah nationella who want to serve you know who want to stop hero when our other billahi min surey and fusina women ctrm Lena, Mei de la philomel de la mejor de la Why should one ilaha illallah wa the hula sharika Why should one no Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala and he was herby woman cellular energy or Mr. nebby suniti he you know Medina, borrowed for tala verb for God Marana subhanho wa Taala Phaeton z. Yeah, yo Latina em and on top of La hepco to party, wallet mo tune. Illa and Tomas remove some of

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my brothers and sisters. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran in the concluding verses of Surah Al hasher and I choose the set of verses to discuss with you today because Sawtelle hasher has one central theme, one central theme. And that central theme of this sutra is dealing with people who forget Allah. We're not talking about those who only remember Allah during worship. But these individuals are also included in the category of people who don't remember a lot on a daily basis. So if you remember Allah only in select your inclusive into this category as well. So total hasher seeks to reignite you and I as Muslims that we constantly think and remember Allah, each and every

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day with every step we take with every breath we take at every moment in our lives.

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At the conclusion of this verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, yo la Vina Amano, a takala Walton gurunath Suma goddamnit Lucha de taco la in LA Hobie Ruby Mata Maroon. Now these are verses you have all heard many of you have even memorize these verses. You hear the Imams, they're always reciting these verses in their songs what Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Oh you who believe have Taqwa of Allah. Now here's one thing very beautiful about taqwa in the Quran. Never does Allah tell you to have Taqwa. Except that he tells you how to achieve taqwa. He never leaves you hanging. So when Allah says a tequila, sometimes he says, while kulu colon Selita, make sure that your speech is

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clear, explicit and direct. In another Ayah helper to a party. Make sure that the taqwa you have is real taqwa. It's not tough. Why? Just on Fridays. It's not taqwa just in Sala. It's real taqwa. It's within 24 hours, it's with you when you're alone. And when you're in front of people here Allah says, Welcome bonus. Look at yourself.

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Look in the mirror.

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And brothers and sisters, we have to do this more now than ever before.

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Allah says look at yourself. And then ask yourself a simple question.

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Are you ready for what is about to come tomorrow? Have you put forth good things in your life and reserved them so that you can seek the reap of your investment? You can reap those blessings, those profits tomorrow? Tomorrow in this

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doesn't mean tomorrow meaning Saturday?

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It means that they have judgment, meaning Allah is telling you Are you ready to die today? If the Day of Judgment were to happen tomorrow, live your whole life as though yo the AMA is going to happen tomorrow. You ready?

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ask yourself that question. You know, there's so many Muslims that are really good at procrastinating. inshallah. Tomorrow, I'll do it. And Shaolin next week, I'll get to the Quran. inshallah this Ramadan on memorize that sort of insha Allah insha Allah insha Allah. There's just one problem with that. The Day of Judgment could happen tomorrow. Then what are you going to do? This area is seeking for you and I as part of completing taqwa is we take every single day seriously. We need that today more than ever. This is concerning what's happening around the world and the Muslim situation and circumstance around the world. We need to take each and every single

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day seriously. The world is changing the weather is changing the climate the people, just the overall atmosphere is getting worse. Fitness is literally at an all time high. I argue that fitness today is even more complex.

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than what it used to be.

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There's so many problems. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us When this happens, get ready because the Day of Judgment is right in front of you.

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I honestly believe and Allah knows best, that we are standing in front of the day of judgment and we're knocking on the doors of the Day of Judgment. That's where we are at this point. Ally knows best when you look and you study and then you compare what the world looks like today. It's a really scary place. So now this verse has to speak to you every single day. This verse is calling you to take life seriously and be punctual. stop procrastinating in your life. Then Allah continues what duckula have Taqwa of Allah, a Mullah. Javi. Don't be mad. Men. Oh, Allah is fully well aware of all the actions that you do. Remember one thing every time Allah repeats himself, especially in one

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area, when Allah repeats himself in one verse, this is an indication that the subject in that verse is really important. So Allah has to tell it to you twice. It's so important. If you weren't listening in the beginning of the year, then a lot told you at the end of the year, what duckula have Taqwa of Allah, this is the thing that you need. topbar comes from the word with higher tune with higher tune means to protect yourself from something that's about to harm you. So even when you're in your home and you turn on the security alarm, that's taqwa because you're protecting yourself and your family from the evil that may be lurking around your home. Allah is saying to you

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live your life by following what Allah said for you and commanded for you to do so that you are saved and protected from his punishment and his anger. May Allah azza wa jal protect us from that a lot. I mean,

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then Allah continues while at Unum, Kela Dena Anna sola, and Sarah home and foster home, Ola eco home with her sukoon Allah says, Now I really want you to listen to this verse. Because I honestly believe that this is one of the verses that's constantly abused in the Quran. It's not explained properly. Allah says here literally, don't be of the people who forget Allah. Because as a result, Allah made them forget themselves.

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oola iica holdfasts upon this category of people are inherently corrupt, fast. sukoon comes from the word fish spawn. And fiscal means that you take an apple or a fruit, and you leave it and you give it time to rot and decay.

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Allah says that people who forget a lot, Allah makes them forget themselves. This doesn't mean that you wake up tomorrow and you don't know what your name is. You don't know which religion you belong to. You don't know anything about your identity. This is talking about people whose life literally looks like this. I'm going to paint a picture for you.

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That person wakes up breakfast, school, work, then they come home. They chill family, play some video games, go to sleep. Next day, same thing, go to sleep. Friday comes and they call up their buddies and their friends. Let's do something this weekend. let's chill. Let's go out Let's go play ball. Let's go do something. Let's relax. restaurants, family gathering, gathering social events, then Monday comes again. Then the same cycle starts all over all over and all over and guess what happens? Then you die.

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That's your whole life. Your whole life is nothing but just chilling and relaxing all the time.

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Then you're dead.

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Allah says that these are the people they forgotten their purpose and who they really are. So what they've become, are like literally zombies.

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Literally Allah calls people like this in Quran he calls them and he calls them cattle. And then he says and he describes what kind of people these are. He says let him kulu life Kahuna via these kinds of people. They have hearts, but these hearts can't comprehend anything. What

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they have eyes, but they can't see anything. They're not blind. But when they see people doing the right thing, it's as if they're blind so they just ignore it while at home as analyze marijuana because they have ears. They're not deaf, but they're not listening either. You keep telling them yeah, this is how long don't do that. Listen, relax, just chill. What are you doing? Don't overreact, but they don't care. This sounds

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Like maybe for a lot of you parents, when you're trying to instill Islamic values in your kids, you have to keep repeating yourself as if they don't listen. As if they don't see as if they can understand. But you can't give up. Allah says those are the people who choose that kind of life. Ola he can an arm these people are like cattle. You know why a lot comparison to cattle. Think about when you see a cow.

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And you scream at the cow doesn't do anything, nothing. You walk sometimes even near a cow. And you stand there does it run away. Most of the time. It just sits there. You push it, you poke at it, nothing. Allah is saying you're like this cow, you're like this cattle. These are yet and these hotbeds and these lectures, keep poking at you and you're not moving and going anywhere. Nothing is happening to you. So you don't know who you really are.

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Further, it's also talking about the heart. Your heart is so engulfed with desire.

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That's why you're always chilling, every chance you get, you just want to relax. You don't want to do anything beneficial. Because your heart is so engulfed in desire. It's got this massive cloud, of backbiting. It's got this massive cloud of looking at how long that's all you're thinking about. So now the real person, the Mothman, the person of taqwa in you, no one can see it, no one can appreciate it. You have no patience, you can control your anger. If somebody disagrees with you, you become this real, rigid, rigid and intolerant individual. But that's not you. That's not the real person. Allah has caused you to forget yourself. So you're living your each to everyday life as like

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an animal or cattle. Nothing is helping.

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And then Allah says, This is like a facet. Over time, if you leave this and you ignore this kind of life, you yourself will become inherently corrupt, you will lose all value and appreciation for good when it's actually staring at you right in front of your face. Now, do you understand why in 2015, a politician can stand in front of a crowd and put hatred in them, and they will accept it and cheer for it. And they would love it. Because they're they don't know who they are anymore. They've been accustomed to a lifestyle that now when somebody is actually trying to tell them something good. They're like, No, no, no, no, not over here, go somewhere else and do that. You want to be

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charitable. You want to be kind. You want to help people don't do that here go somewhere else. Then Allah continues, like so we asked Hubble not was Hubble Jenna, of Hubble Jenna, who isn't on the day of judgment on lysing, the people of the fire and the people of the agenda, they're not going to be equal. They're not going to be the same. I want you to think about somebody who remembers Allah all the time. And somebody who forgets a lot. Are these two the exact same people. They're not. So Allah saying, Don't think that on the Day of Judgment, now Allah doesn't say us have with the care of homolka Islam. Allah says the companions of Jenna, they're the real champions. Who are they? They're

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the people who think about Allah all the time.

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They're driving to the question. They're thinking about Allah. They want to blow the horn because somebody just cut them off. But they remember Allah.

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They want to curse at the cashier because she gave them the wrong change. But they remember Allah. They want to go and step in some in front of somebody at the line, but they stand in a dignified way. And they're patient. Why? Because they have men.

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They want to delay your checks and your payments every week, but they pay you on time because they have a lot. They have even

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these are the people. Allah says this this category. They're the championship that a Champions Allah calls them fat yoozoom from the word foes. Fair is these are the people who have the trophy. These are the people who have won, and they get to cross the finish line. You know what the finish line is on the Day of Judgment. It's the door of gender. They get to cross over that now. May Allah azza wa jal make us have them alone. I mean, a lot continues. Low ends and hurdle Porter Anna jabin Lara ATIA who Hashimoto Sadam in Hershey Attila what will kill em Salou. naturi bahala na si la la homeopathic karoun

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every time I read this is a I don't know how to explain it. This is literally for me one of the most powerful verses in the entire plan.

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Allah says if you took this book and you put it on a mountain

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Two things are going to happen to that mountain. Number one, the mountain will become Hoshyar. It will have Who? Sure. You know who sure comes from the word Hush. Hush, I mean something that literally and physically moves out of fear. If a lion came in front of your face, you could see the fear in your eyes, you could see your body trembling. This is why we say to each other, we want to have who sure in our solar, because we don't want to be fiddling with our cell phones, scratching every five minutes, fixing your hair trying to fix your hijab. That's not the point of use of you praying and standing in front of Allah. You want your body to move only out of fear, because it's

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just you and him.

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Now you only talk to him, no one can pray for you. You have to pray for yourself.

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Allah says that if the mountain got this quarter and it would start to shake. Then the second thing it will become Mossad, Dr. Maha Shatila, it will crumble and explode into dust because it's so afraid of Allah. Now just stop for a moment.

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Musa alayhis salam asked a lot of question. Kala Robbie Adeney onboard la he says, Oh Allah. I want to look at you. Allah said to him, parlamento Ronnie you can't see me. Well, I can invert illegible. You see that mountain over there? I want you to look at that mountain for in estacada McKenna who for sofa torani when I show my glory to that mountain, if it can stay together and stay in place, then you'll see me so what if Allah do find them to jela rob the hula jabel when Allah showed his glory to that mountain, Jana who deca will hora Moosa, sorry for the mountain it crumbled to pieces because it couldn't handle Allah's glory. You know what happened to musala he salami fainted, and he

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dropped to the ground.

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when Moosa was revived, and he woke up, he said to Allah, Allah Subhana. He said, Subhana Allah, how could I even possibly think for a moment that I could handle looking at you to LA Jacobi I make Toba to you? What an overall meaning I'm the first one to believe that you are there.

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He thought his eyes could handle looking at a lie. So agenda,

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the mountain which is just a solid, massive structure.

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And you all see the mountains everywhere. These massive structures, the whole the earth and the ground together. It can't handle Quran.

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But you who's reading Quran, memorizing Quran, studying this book, reciting it? How come that book, shattered a mountain and can move your heart?

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Why is it that your heart nothing is happening?

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no movement?

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How many more lectures is it gonna take for it to finally shake something inside of you? How many more hopeless? How much more advice. And the amazing thing is, Allah gave us the human being the capacity to carry this book, and the mountain can even do it. Your heart has what it takes to carry this message of La ilaha illAllah. You know, I have some young HIV sisters that come to me. And they say they want to take off their hijab, because they're scared.

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They don't feel like they can handle it. These are the things you have to remind these girls to say to them, you know why you're alive in 2015. And a lot didn't put you in a generation that when you heard the word fitna, you would be like, what is that? If you heard the word murder, you'd be like, what is that? If somebody stole you? You can't even imagine how could somebody steal like a law could put you in this perfect generation where everything that was wrong was so foreign to you. But Allah puts all of you here alive in this day and age because you have what it takes to carry the message of La Ilaha Illa la wherever you are, you can carry this pull to end, despite what

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Islamophobia looks like, despite what the circumstance is, you all have what it takes. That's why you're here.

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But you can't shake the hearts of your listeners. If your heart can't move with the same message.

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You can't affect others if you're not affected.

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So you have to stop and think Are you one of those people that Allah says are like cattle. You just sit there and there's no movement.

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There are so many Muslims like this that I argue fall into these two categories.

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The Muslims that really practice their Deen inside out these are the conservative Muslims. Fasting Ramadan Hajj growing the beard, hijab, niqab, you name it, they are in it, they are in it to stay, no one can change them, but try to do business with them. They're the most dishonest people in the world.

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The guy can't even take care. He can't even give the rights to his wife in his marriage for one single day. He's not honest with anybody, the moment you disagree with him, in her view, become their worst enemy, they become this intolerant impatient individuals. But when it comes to their Islamic life, they're 100%. So this person is an amazing Muslim, but a terrible person. Then you have the second category, which I call the liberal Muslims, these are the people they don't do anything Islamic. But you can do business with them. You can trust them, they're patient, they're the best neighbors. You can give them your house keys and go on vacation for a month and you know,

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your house is safe, but they don't want to do anything with the religion. So they are amazing people but they're struggling to be good Muslims.

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These verses in sorta, Hatcher is calling you to be both of these. You cannot have one without the other, you have to be both.

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That is why Allah says what to kill. And third, who not not rebel arlena sila Lumia. de facto, these are the parables in the examples we give to people, but only the people who reflect and think only the people who are engaged in thinking these are the people that are going to see this, then Allah does something so beautiful, you will not find in any other part of the poor and I told you in the beginning of this hotbed suta tell Hashem is the sort of that deals with people who forget a lot. Guess how it concludes? It concludes with the most the names of Allah mentioned in the entire port and in one surah Allah says Hola, hola, de la ilaha illa who are the movie was shared at the Horace

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Mann Rahim. Allah says there's none worthy of worship but him. He has the knowledge of the unseen he is the ultimate witness. He is the ultimate Merciful One. Then Allah continues who Allah who led the La Ilaha Illa who al Malik al produce a Salam al Mohammed Al Mohammed Al Aziz al Jabbar al Motta khabar, in one verse alone, Allah mentions all of these names

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that he is alive. So Joe says who is a medic, he is the king, we are in His Kingdom, the planet earth, He is our master and our king. He is also a producer, if you're struggling to try to purify your heart, Allah is the source of pure purity. Allah is the source of purification, the quarter en and Salah is not things that can actually change you. This is a really important principle for and teaches you and I Salah doesn't actually change a person. That's why you have the sinner and the obedient both of them are praying. So one guy can actually do something hold on come and pray his vote and go back to the same harem think about young people this girl is texting this guy is texting

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filthy stuff to one another but they see It's mcrypt time okay? I gotta go pray McRib, he goes and he prays, Mama, Okay, I'm done. And he comes back to the same thing over again. This is telling you that these acts of worship don't actually change an individual. They are a means towards change they facilitate the path to make it easier for you to change

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but the real person that's going to change their life is you in the law, how are you how you may be home? Hector EULA Udall may be unforeseen, alone, change the state of people until they do what? Until they begin to initiate change within themselves. You have to want to be a better person. You have to want to strive, you have to be thirsty for the same. That's the only way our enemy is going to speak to you. So Allah says he is produced. He is a Salam and mominul Mohammed, he is the source of peace. He's the source of he man. He's the one that can guide you. He's the one that is all powerful. And I go to the third

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and the final verse, who Allahu la de la ilaha illa who Allah Allah, Allah, Allah is the Creator.

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He is also the one who initiates creation. You know, if you want to bake a cake, you need certain ingredients. The ingredients are already set. You just purchase them and you put them together and you bake this cake. Allah saying he's the initiator, he doesn't need ingredients he just says couldn't say akun and something exists from nothing. He doesn't need ingredients that are already there to make this happen. He is awesome.

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So Alamo software. He's the one who fashioned you.

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A lot is proud of the way that you look, the way that you stand, where your nose is where your eyes are. So what happened to some of those Muslims that look in the mirror and they look at their face and they're like, so much freckles, My nose is too big my eyebrows is doing this. And they're always complaining a lie saying I'm a massage, but I'm so happy with the way you look. Some mothers who give birth as soon as the child's only God, how can we reason? What does he look like? How can his feet are so big? We'll get his complexion. How does this happen? You don't get to say that.

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You don't get the right you don't have the right to make those comments because a lot of fashion that baby that way.

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Love will smell smell all the beaut Most Beautiful Names and attributes belong to Him.

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And then I'll look continuous at the very first very end of the year. You said the hula hoop math is semi wet, you will audibly wahoo allows these will Hakeem literally one sentence and I leave you with this in the second part of the hookah. Apollo matters my own words stuff it'll literally welcome recycling with some equally them festival in the hall of a photo Rahim.

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smilla al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was happy he woman while buried. I conclude brothers and sisters suta Hashem began with subheadings past tense, they made test B with a law, It concluded with you said,

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present tense. So you started off that you weren't remembering a lot you used to do it. But so for some reason you stopped. But by the end of surah, tallahatchie, you're already engaged in tsp. Allah says, You said the hula hoop math is somehow what you will on everything in the heavens and the earth. So the birds, the trees, the sun, the moon, all of these things are praising Allah.

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So what happened to you? How come you can't do it?

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You have to look in the mirror and ask yourself that question. If you're struggling with SV, how come the insects can do it but

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something is stopping you from doing it.

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For who? elizy so Hakeem, Allah is the all powerful and the all wise he knows what he's doing. Don't question what you have to ask yourself, why isn't your heart moving? How come you can't do the TSP like everyone else? Some thing or many things is there as barriers and walls in your life? You have to study and understand what these things are so that you start taking each day seriously, as if tomorrow is the day of judgment. May Allah azza wa jal increases in our Amen, a male so it'll increase us in our knowledge and our loss and our sincerity and and our understanding, and May Allah azza wa jal flourish our hearts and our lives with dupois alone. I mean, my brothers and sisters,

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these are the words that I leave you with to think to reflect, I can't tell you what to do. But I can certainly give you a message to think and reflect, go home with this message and think let it resonate in your heart and in your soul. Because I honestly believe that every single one of us there is a real you inside of you, which is a good believing soul. May Allah azza wa jal cause that individual to be strong, a lot of them I mean, we send peace and blessings to our Rasul salotto, Ravi wasallam, Wiley, gamma Marana subhanho wa Taala feet NZD in Allah wa mela ecotel who you saw lunarlon nebia yo Latina ermanno solo Allah He was a limo. Taslima Allahumma salli ala Mohammed

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Mohammed kanessa late Allah Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahima innaka homido Majeed Allahu muffet and Muslim you know what I mostly met while Mina Mina Allah here in Houma, LA and was in Napa or even semi on Mooji boo dharwad along Indian Anissa local gender or Mercado de la Herman Polin, our Ahmed when are the becoming another one ah Cordoba la humming Polin alignment or burner attina dunya hacer una orfila harati hacer una joaquina as urban soprano Arabic Arabic tmac phone or cinnamon Island more Selena What? hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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