Saad Tasleem – So You Want to Be a Celebrity Shaikh

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the three types of people who seek Islamic knowledge, which is the person who seeks knowledge to gain fame and attention, the person who seeks knowledge to gain credibility, and the person who seeks knowledge to gain credibility and become famous. The problem is that those who seek knowledge are not the ones who will lose their status and become famous. The speaker suggests that while people may be in the process of seeking Islamic knowledge, it is important to avoid becoming a "people of hellfire" and avoid purifying one's intention.
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Why are you seeking Islamic knowledge? You're watching hashtag sighs asleep.

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You know, with the rise of so called celebrity chefs and celebrity moms, one of the things has become very common is that people, they want to be like them. And they look at them and they say, you know, they're on stage and they're popular and all that kind of stuff. And they believe that their way of getting there, their way of reaching that status of popularity and fame and all that kind of stuff is to seek Islamic knowledge. So they can become a well known scholar or well known share or a well known public figure as well. There's a very big problem with that intention. I'll tell you what it is. The prophets I send them said that there are three types of people who seek

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knowledge. This is Islamic knowledge, but they will end up in the Hellfire first is a person that is that I'm said, the one who seeks knowledge to argue with the foolish meaning they're only seeking knowledge so they can put the ignorant people down to tell them you know what I know more than you, I am better equipped to deal with this issue than you. And almost This is a form of arrogance. The second type of person that will end up in the Hellfire, even though they're seeking knowledge that I'm told us is the one who seeks knowledge to boast amongst the scholars meaning to say to people, I am a scholar, look at me look at my status, look at how much knowledge or the level of knowledge

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that I have reached. Thirdly, I want you to pay attention this one price that I'm said the type of person who seeks knowledge but will end up in the Hellfire is the person who seeks knowledge. Leo, would you hand us in a The one who seeks knowledge to turn the faces of people towards themselves? You know, that is? That's attention, meaning, the reason why this person sought knowledge was simply for the fame and the attention. Now the problem here is that a problem of intention, we seek knowledge for the sake of a law, we seek knowledge to gain paradise. Those are the intentions not to gain popularity, not to become famous not to get people to like us. If that happens in the process,

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that's fine. That's great. But that can never be our purpose of seeking knowledge. So if you're in the process of seeking knowledge, whether it be

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formal, in a formal setting, or whether it be just watching videos on YouTube, or reading books, or whatever it may be, whatever medium you're using, always, always, always purify your intention. So that when you seek knowledge, you're rewarded by loss to Allah and you end up amongst the people of Paradise rather than the people of hellfire. We ask Allah to protect us a lot. I mean, and Allah knows best until next time, inshallah. Allah Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

On this episode of Hashtag with Saad Tasleem: The importance of correcting one’s intentions when seeking Islamic knowledge.

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