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AI: Summary © The importance of learning from people with great personalities and inspiration is emphasized in these segments. The Nivea cream sauce is discussed, including its use in various countries and its use in religion. The speakers also touch on the significance of being human and integrity, moderation, and giving oneself a culture of "monster" to avoid recognized as fatima. The transcript describes a wedding in the United Kingdom where a woman named Fatima married to Islam's wife Han, and the couple eventually found a way to eat their needs. The segment also touches on the marriage of Fatima Hanif to Islam and the importance of moderation in marriage.
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Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah property for Serato

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he was, he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira

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he Raheem Mohammed Al rasuluh

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sujeto a una favela minima

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respected elders and brothers from time to time in our Juma talks we speak about great personalities of the past. Today I would like to speak of one remarkable and very great personality, the lessons that we learn from his life and also the inspiration and the motivation that his life gives us. And that is a life of other Alenia Vitaly rhodiola

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as mucho gusto, aka Kazim, shaffir, kibarim, 100, alira, viola, Toronto, and Olivia loutra, who was a remarkable human being. There are many groups that emerge in history. And out of those group, there are certain central personalities.

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And there is no doubt that alira via loutra, who is a central personality in some of those groupings, I'm not going to go into that aspect. But what I would like to say is this, that we should not judge a person because of those groupings. It must not take us away from his remarkable and astounding qualities and his greatness and inshallah during the course of today and maybe the next week we will be speaking about the greatness of Albania, Vitaly Rafi about ronbow alyvia mouth and wati aka zebu Shan in Santa Nivea cream sauce Lemke cha cha said way ordinaria cream sauce from K de modway. He was a cousin of nivia cream sauce alum and he later on when we became become the son

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in law of our beloved Nivea creme de la Hollywood cinema. We all know the father of

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a little yellow tribe who the uncle of Nivea cream sauce.

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And of course, someone who is well known in Islamic history. Something not so well known, is the mother of a little Viola

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and the mother of the mountain was also a remarkable woman.

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Her name was Fatima Binti,

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unlike the father, who according to authentic narrations did not accept Islam. Fatima Binti, I said the matter of Libya as a little yellow Tron who did accept Islam. Not only did she accept Islam, she was a pillar of support for Libya. Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam maybe a cream sauce alum because did not have a mother and father. Fatima Binti, I said was like what we will say in today's time, the paternal and the touchy, you know, so she used to care for me a cream sauce and the children of Nivea cream sauce lamb especially other Fatima with the ultra so it is said that she was someone that Nivea cream salsa used to say and call her my mother

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Viola Tanaka, Fatima Binti, I said Sahaba tea, disco nebia cream sauce Allah marry ma boo boo Calcutta. Nevis also used to call her my mother. Because of the way she treated now via Creme De La Hoya. He was alone. And a little Viola Tran who was born some 10 to 12 years before know what 10 to 12 years has embassy set foot 15 years. So it made him that when the via cream sauce lamb came into Prophethood he was a very young child. These authentic narrations to the effect that a lot of the a lot of who was born in the process

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of the Kaaba in the Bay to LA. how that happened Allah subhanaw taala knows, but it is authentically narrated that he was born in the Kaaba in the Bay to LA or in the presence of the Kaaba and Bay to LA. And when they occur inshallah Allah He wasallam came to his neighborhood close to the Newport and even before that, because nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his parents had passed away. The grandfather cared for nbia cream sauce lovable muttalib they after Abu Talib cared for Nivea cream sauce from now when Abu Talib became

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and had difficulty in his life financially via cream sauce. approach a person with the ultimate above the uncle of Nivea cream sauce from the brother of Abu Talib. And Sarah, my uncle, Your brother has underwent difficulty financially. Let us help him. Let us help him by taking care of some of his children. So analyze one wonders if ever it can happen in today's time that someone said that you know you have many children you are finding it difficult I will take care of your children or I will take care of one of your children. So then

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a bus with your mouth took hold and said I will look after Jaffa and maybe a cream sauce them said I will look after Olive now Vitaly Saliba Vitaly although he was a cousin of Nivea cream sauce alum, maybe a cream sauce Nam ki cha cha cha cha biotech lekan Hunan en Maria Karim sosman, kicker Naperville

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TCC wedges that navia Kareem saw silom went to Abu Talib and said I will look after Alia. So he grew up in the household of a cream sauce. So when nebia cream sauce alum God Prophethood Nivea cream sauce, limited edition of Yamaha used to perform salad. So you saw that

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nebia cream sauce from performing salad in a way that was not well known. So he said, What is this gonna be a cream sauce? I told him this is how Allah has told me to perform salah and I am the messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala so Allah villalta who saw that he wanted to join in he asked to be a cream sauce permission and said let me go and ask my father whether I should follow you. And because in the first three years, Nivea cream sauce lamb kept Islam secret, so maybe saw some said don't tell your father now. I will tell him later on. But eventually, Abu Talib saw earlier the Allahu anhu who then just continued making salad with Nivea cream sauce, making syrup and he said

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What is this that you are doing? So are you allowed to say this is what nebia Kareem salsa told him and amazingly about Talia even if he did not accept Islam till the end, he said continue listening to your cousin and listening to my nephew. He is a good human being. And Allah villalpando continued performing salah and he became a Muslim in the very first you know what am I have made mention that the first woman to accept Islam was at hottie Jana Viola the first free person was Abu Bakar via matano. The first lady was at niharika and the first young person to accept Islam was Alinea. Vitaly and he was someone who remained with me via Kareem Allahu alayhi wa sallam right till the end when

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the via cream sauce after the first three years of secrecy, maybe a cream sauce them call his family members when Allah tala said one Veera Shira tequila Praveen apne al ko or apne Handan Wanaka or unquie monkey Ankita Paulo, to Libya Karim sauce Linda Condon Morocco Buddha, he ma Hua Subhan Allah, everyone came and maybe a cream sauce then presented Islam to him. Sub nirmanakaya 17 kar kar diya.

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ronica Sula, Mia karanga meltdown karanga. He said, I will help you a prophet of Almighty Allah, my legs are very thin, I am still small, but I will remain with you in your teachings till the very end, the operation the family members when they

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are saying these words, can you imagine, there is a gathering of the family, all the elders are there and is a small 12 year old saying, I will do this I will do that he became the more hippy people started mocking him in a family. A little yellow tone was a matter of pride, and a little Viola who was among those who remained in that particular commitment till the end of his life. And till the end of nebia cream sauce looms life. We all know that his father Abu Talib did not accept Islam. Right. And it was something that was a matter initially, of course, it was something that maybe a Kareem sallallahu wasallam wanted him to accept Islam, but Allah subhanho wa Taala said in

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the karate mana, mela, yada yada you cannot give hidayah to whom you love aku loco, he died.

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He died

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Live died, according to our cola and according to what the hell am I have made mentioned the historians. He died not in a state of demand a little a lot of Ohio remain steadfast upon this. One of the outstanding qualities of LLVM Otranto, Joe Smith,

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who was known for his bravery, and he remained in that particular way, right throughout his life, being brave. It was something that was absolutely remarkable to him. And the time of Richard King, whenever he aquariums Allahu alayhi wa sallam was about to migrate from Mecca to Medina. Look at this remarkable aspect, an incident that when he was about to migrate, he told me that people are looking for me, they want to kill me. I need someone reliable to be in my bed in my house, would you be able to take care of the amanat and trust the people of Makkah have left with me and give it out to the rightful people? A big party. They didn't believe in the resources. They wanted to kill him.

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But they left the valuables with him because they trusted him so much. What a remarkable aspect that through. This is what we must No matter if people hate us, but we must be people of honesty and integrity. Even the enemies must say musalman tokara

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essays about the slogan. He Yes, he said he said

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there are people of honesty who

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they want to kill the theater in South Sudan but they were placing the valuables in his care to look after me according to Ali Ali, you remain in my house and when you remain in my house, they after you give my valuables out to the people whom they have left the valuables?

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very calmly he said and he slept in the bed of our beloved Nivea cream so Allah Allah wa sallam, the people who are waiting for the via cream sauce from outside the house. You know, we normally say he is the manager Henrietta, um, Kathy is the manager here. It was the days of ignorance, but even in the days of ignorance, although they wanted Allahu alayhi wa sallam, they didn't budge the house. They didn't come in forcibly by the house. Hmm. Well known as our district governor, General Duffy Lake Neale nicaea, who

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has ever tested in a way. Today we say we are living in an age of enlightenment. But look at how sometimes the security forces will barge into people's houses. without permission, they will knock people's houses down, knock people's doors down. That was a days of ignorance. They wanted to be a criminal system. He was a hostile person to them. But not to us. He was worse than but they didn't dare go into the house. They waited. The next morning they waited for himself. And you know, the allotment comes out ways maybe a cream sauce, I don't know. And walk in a time he didn't know where he was. So they took him and they beat it beat him up. And then they left him that alira the

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ultimate remain in the house of nebbia Kareem Salzman putting his life in danger because maybe a cream sauce limit commanded in such the after after a while when the matter became a little bit down so it will be allowed to do then went to migrate on his own and he underwent great difficulty migration.

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He underwent great difficulty migration and the time he met Nivea cream sauce in life. Earlier the mountain was so wounded, he was so bruised because he used to walk at night, in the working of the night at his dock, you do not know where they where you are walking. So the time he came to nebbia corinthos Lermontov, he was completely physically in a very bad shape. But he did this for the sake of Allah is Allah Azza wa sallam showing his bravery in the time of the Battle of butter. In the very inception, when there were people who used to have single headed, single handed core combats, then three people came up from behalf of the parish, a little theologian was among those who came

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out on behalf of Muslims. In a very short period of time, he killed one of the enemies by the name of Walid he killed him in the Battle of jihad. When Musab bin Omar who had the flag of Islam. He passed on, and he was martyred. A liberal theologian who carried the flag of Islam and he carried the flag of Nivea cream sauce, and the Bear Flag of the Muslims. And he carried gender as an odd kid who had killed him who

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Mousavi numero de la Tanaka shadow Cuba, but he was the one who carried it. And then among among the other aspects with regard to his bravery was in the Battle of Hiva or maybe let us put first was a battle of French. In the Battle of French there was a trench, very few people could pass by one day one famous warrior by the name of him he would, he was known to be a warrior equivalent to 100 warriors. He came up with a trench and he said how mobile is who is going to fight against me, who will combat against me and when he said that, you know,

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Nivea cream sauce mom was worried because of his, you know, famed

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failed world legacy or his fame with regard to being such a famous and a fierce warrior. So he said who is going to combat him who's going to fight against him? Oliver the Latino gotta allow me to fight against him, maybe a cream sauce themselves, who Ollie us still young, you are still very inexperienced, he's an experienced warrior. Let us look at someone who is more experienced. Again, we saw them said who will fight against him. And he got up and said, Allah allow me to fight against him. And then the rest of them said, Ali sit down, he is good. He is if he would sit down and again randomly chosen said who will fight him when he before anyone could get up as early as the third

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time and said here so let me fight fight him in Karnataka would even if he's up, there would be a cream sauce that gives him his blessing. There was such a fierce fight. There was such a fierce fight that no one could see the two cons the Warriors, the two people, the two individuals, they were covered in dust, the only time they could hear what was happening. And after a while, a little villalpando said Katara de la have killed the enemy of the law is kill the enemy of Islam. And literally a lot was that person who was known for such as bravery in the Battle of highborn there was a very important fort that could not be broken, the siege could not be broken. And that fought.

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The people were behind it the people of haber were behind that fort. And one day nebia Kareem starts them said tomorrow I will give the flag of the Muslim army to someone whom Elias Russell loves one is to say I love and nine is Russell yet okay.

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But one is to say a nine is Russell loves this person. So when Muslim said that everyone wanted this honor, and everyone said we want to be as a woman with the lotto said I was in the forefront came with Jocelyn would say you take this or you take this play more for the honor that Elian is a soul loves this person. And Nevis also said Where is Ali? Ali Chi? No Monica Lee Mara. As he said he had a you know, eye infection that we saw some said Kamali. He put his saliva on his eyes. And he literally ultimo said my eye was as if there was no infection. And then he told him Go, go in the path of Allah go and destroy, and go into this particular thing and break the siege, and you have a

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lot of wind. And as he was going, he realized I didn't ask maybe a cream sauce from what I must do. So from there, he didn't want to come back because he's an apostle of Allah. So he said, jasola What should I call people towards? He said, call people towards Allah, who call him to accept the truth, call them to accept Islam. Because if one person accepts Islam, because of you, it is better than red camels. Here is better than all this world in whatever it contains. To kill another person is not as rewarding is that person accepting Islam at your hands, and then a little yellow to know broke open that particular toe of the fourth, which normally 40 people used to open a little

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vilanova seal the strength, open up the door and open up that particular fort for the Muslims to conquer that fort and gain victory. So Selena Viola such was his bravery. I can go on making mention with regard to many aspects with regard to his bravery. One aspect with regard to Oliver the Latino, which of course, he also became very famous for it was that his marriage and his nikka was at Fatima he allowed

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so a little villatoro was thinking of getting married. He was in his early 20s. So someone many people came in, proposed to as a Fatima and maybe a cream sauce from said, Allah subhanho wa Taala has still not given me the permission to get it as a Fatima married. So someone came in Tell me In fact, when I moved to Korea to came into Ali, Ali go and propose and then one day he is freed slaves came and told him everyone is proposing for Fatima go, let me sell Islam loves you, you go and propose. So he mustered the courage. He came in the presence of Nivea cream sauce. And when he came in the presence of Nivea cream sauces, or maybe a cream sauce from saw him, he said, whatever you

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come for, he was over ordered, or he was shy, so he couldn't say anything. So he remains silent. So let me start some said say why you have come when he couldn't repeat it themselves himself. Perhaps Did you come to propose for Fatima? So he said yes, I've come to propose for Fatimah so let me occurence awesome said what do you have in mind? What do you have to give to as a Fatima normally, when you get married to it, we have to give something or you have to create some sort of environment to look after your wife. You know, after all, your wife is not going to live on fresh air. So we said what do you have said I have nothing else Allah said I gave you a shield which is very

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valuable. Yes, I've got that. Go and sell that and bring it back and make that the man. So I'll give you a lot of goes when it goes to go and sell it me

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horsemen of man, I've got the shield to you, will you? Will you buy from me of Monrovia Latina buys it. And there's an amazing thing. This those who say Eliyahu Bella, Bella, may Allah subhanho wa Taala do those people appropriately who gives us a false impression of history? Who comes in tell us that there was, you know, a doubt and hatred between the Sahaba let them hear these types of rewires let them use this type of integration and incidence of mandevilla to bias the shield and deliver the ultimate XWing Holly, why have you sold the shield? I'm getting married to that Fatima I'm extending the shield for the sake of Mahara Are you selling the cell shield for the sake of them, take the

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money also back keep your shield also. So he bought it and he gave us the money back. And then he comes back, you know, and he brings it back and maybe a cream sauce from cause the people and said that this Allah subhanho wa Taala has ordered me to get my daughter as a Fatima married to Allah Viola Otranto. So we say that this was a marriage which was made in heaven. It was a marriage made in heaven. Hmm. Our marriages Allah knows they say our marriages are made in heaven. But they say lightning in Sunday's also made in heaven. So we can just give the aspect with regard to what it is. So you said a person one day talking of lightning and thunder, they said a very famous incident of

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Socrates. Socrates one day was you know, his wife was nagging him, his wife was shouting him, you know, and he was shouting him. And he was saying nothing. He was completely silent, the best best type of way to deal with nagging and to deal with it was probably just a fire. And when she couldn't bear it, that he was keeping quiet while she was shouting and nagging she took a bucket of water and threw it upon him. And Socrates said how true it has been said that after lightning and thunder the Israeli

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after lighting in San Diego para bearish. Okay, so this was a you know, and although we talked about the simplicity, it was simple, but also in its own way. It was remarkable to service a very impressive beautiful wedding. I would say that maybe the service aspect in history. Mara asanam in Orissa, Fatima, at that time, there was no wedding that was better than the wedding of Fatima. The answer brought in they spotted a sheep. There was water that was brought from another well outside Medina, they brought hooks and they placed it upon her room, they painted her roof. So what we are saying is that while it was simple, there was also some sort of adornment made with regard to the

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marriage. And even in today's time when we get married, the key word is moderation. Don't say that by support sneakernet It doesn't work that way. And neither goes so extravagant. That you you become into Cara's you become into depth forte and getting your children married. The key word is moderation. In the time it was a Fatima Viola No, there was some arrangements made for her proper accommodation. And for her proper getting settled down, which and amazing those who say that there was no love between the Sahaba The one who organized the room. Han who organized the wedding was none other than us. mabin to mace, who was as mapping to me, as my bento mace, was the wife of

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avocado, viola platanos wife was the one who arranged all these aspects of the wedding of Fatima rhodiola Hosanna others we can go on, it looks like the time is elapsed. I think we only spoke about certain aspects, but it is one to make mention with regard to one or two aspects with regard to Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Martin was a remarkable human being one small aspect. We don't just talk about history. You know, one of these great aspects was he was known for his humanity. He was a remark despite his greatness, despite the fact that he became such a great, you know, a halifa. He had the beetle mallet his disposal, he had welted his disposal. He always retains simplicity. One

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day a person came to eat.

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And he found it very difficult to eat his food. And he said halifa amuro, meaning you've got access

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to the Treasury.

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The Treasury. The Treasury is such a big thing in South Africa. You got access to that? You're giving us such simple food. Why don't you give us something like that? Or some good meat to eat? liver the allotment said no, no, no. Allah subhanho wa Taala. It has only allowed me to take from the Treasury to the extent of my needs, and my needs has been fulfilled by this particular type of fear How will not take more in one day someone saw him he was carrying, he was carrying the groceries or the needs of his house for his children. And he was bringing it home because the halifa he was asleep by the time carrying these things at home and today we find it very difficult to do so

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is against our Shan against our prime. So he was getting it and someone said let us do it. You are the halifa and what did he say? He said it is an honor of a believer

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It's an honor of a person that he takes care of the needs of his wife and children. It's an honor of a person that he takes care of his, the needs of his wife and children. For me to take the groceries and bring into the house. It's not against my shame. It's not against my pride. It is my pride. It is my pride and honor and he used to say in humility that his honor tawassul mad at me is that inshallah Allah tala trophy will make mention of other aspects of the life of Allah viola, Toronto, near la semana who Allah for his cover was more me and latter LGBT status. May Allah give us a copy of you know, following this great legacy in this great life and the remarkable lessons that he has

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left behind and we are lost with Hannah who would Allah you know, give him the best of rewards on behalf of the homophobe, beloved via Kareem salsa