99 Years ago, the Caliphate was abolished

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Exactly 99 years ago, on the third of March 1924, the Caliphate was abolished

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exactly 99 years ago, was the last time that this ummah had the Khalifa.

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And this is a very important and significant turning point in our history, that we tend not to study enough. And to not think about enough.

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And for many youngsters, you know, when they think about the caliphate, about the falafel system, they think about something that existed 1000 years ago, or 500 years ago. Other we have the fact that

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in the time of our own great, great grandparents, there was a Khalifa.

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Right? That the it's just been 99 years without one.

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And what I want us to do today is just to have a brief recap of what was the Ottoman Empire? Why did it fall? And what can we learn from that? Now, just a disclaimer, I can't do justice to this topic in a football.

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You know, in my history course, it took me about two to three hours to explain this event. Because there's a lot of moving factors to think about it a lot of different things that happen at that time that you need to keep in mind to truly understand what happened, or we're down to a developer. But what I'm going to do is I'm just going to go through what I believe are the most important points for us to understand why they fill out failed and what they feel afterwards. And if we're missing anything. Again, it's not on purpose. It's just that there's too much to cover in a short period of time. So many people might not be aware of what the Khalifa was and why it's important. A Khalifa

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means a successor. And essentially it was a succession of rulership

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where the OMA had someone who they look up to as their main leader, starting with Abu Bakr Radi Allahu anhu, who was called khalifa to rasool Allah, the successor of the Prophet of Allah, of the Messenger of Allah. And this Phil avid system went on almost unbroken, with a few exceptions for 1300 years. So for 1300 years, we had some kind of a field effort. We had the Rashid in the rightly guided Sahaba, who ruled over us in the in the early years, there was the Romanians, the Abbasids, the Mamelukes, and then the Ottomans. Now, it was never perfect, except in the time of the whole of our machine. But it was something it was something they gave the OMA a sense of power. It gave them

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central leadership. It kept the enemies out of Muslim lands. And it gave Muslims freedom to travel and live anywhere in the Muslim world. In the time of the Philippines, but you didn't need a passport or visa to move to any Muslim land. If you are Muslim, you have freedom to live anywhere in the Muslim world. Right so there were a lot of benefits to it even at its worst of moments. And yes, there Khilafah was very human. They were good Khalifa. They were bad calibers. They were times where two or three people were claiming to be Khalifa at the same time. There were times when the Ummah were divided into three or four different filler words, right. But they always was something. There

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was always something and as long as they were the Khalifa, the enemies of Islam were kept out of the Muslim let

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the last of these kilohertz was the Ottomans. And the Ottomans were unique because all of the early tilapia were Qureshi, they were Arabs, from the tribe of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the Ottomans were Turks. And right to today, there is a group of Muslims who claim the remnant real believers because the Khalifa has to be from the Kurdish But technically, they were the fill out the holy vase for a period of time. And what happened was, there's two main events in our history to remember as the most tragic events that brutalized OMA one was the Mongol invasion 800 years ago, the other was World War One which we're going to talk about today.

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So so in the Mongols invaded the above acid Hill, Alfred collapsed, and some Turkish tribes, they rally together and they fought against the Mongols, and they established a small little community and their community grew and grew over time actually became the Ottoman Empire. So it wasn't established overnight, it took a long time to become an empire. But once it reached its full power, the Ottoman Empire essentially became the shield of the Muslim world against outside invaders. Just to give you an example, about 150 years ago, the Zionist reformed and designers wanted to take over Jerusalem and making the Jewish homeland and it was impossible for them to do so. Because Palestine

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was part of the Ottoman Empire. And as long as there was the Ottoman Empire, they could not be a Jewish homeland. They couldn't

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I'd be as high in the state. So the existence of the Ottoman Empire. And by the way, at that time, the Ottoman Empire was at its weakest. But even at its weakest, it was able to prevent the formation of Israel, even at its weakest. So that shows how important this system was. So what happened? How did he fall? Well, number one, understand that every empire rises and falls, no Empire lasts forever, not even the whole of our regime, right? Doesn't matter how pious we are, doesn't matter how on the truth we are, every empire has its end. And the Ottoman Empires End was directly linked to World War One. Now, when we think of World War One, we think of a European war that has nothing

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to do with Islam. But really, this is the event that shaped our history, right until today. World War One was essentially a war in Europe, between the various empires that existed in Europe at that time. And it was a very different world from what we know today. For example, on one side in World War One was the British and the Russians fighting together as allies, the British, the Americans, and the Russians were allies in World War One, because Russia back then was a Christian empire. It's not the Russia we think of today. Right? You were the Christian empire. And it was on that side, on the other side, was the Austrian Hungarian empire, which doesn't exist anymore because of World War

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One, and the German Empire, which was much bigger than what we call Germany today. And it just so happened to win this war started between Russia and Germany, we expanded into Russia and their allies against Germany and their allies. At that point in time, the Ottomans were the allies of Germany. Right, the Ottomans were the allies of Germany, and they were the enemies of Russia. Again, another point about history that many of us don't know, is that Russia, the Christian Russia of the past, and the Ottomans, were at war with each other for 300 years. If you look at the lands that we call the Balkans, those lands were chat, they moved from being Ottoman lands, to Russian lands,

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being Ottoman lands, being Russian lands many times in those 300 years, that those two empires were fighting over their part of the world. At times, he was part of the Ottoman Empire party attended part of the Russian Empire. In fact, a lot of what we call Russia today was Ottoman Empire at one point was all Ottoman lands at one point, and that's where the Muslims of Russia are the descendants of those Muslims who were part of the Ottoman Empire. So you have on one hand, we have Europe. So we have what we call the Allied Powers, right? Britain, France, Russia, and leejohn, America joined same as well. And the other side, you have Germany, Austria, Hungary, Empire, and we have the

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Ottomans. So the other ones coming to this wall, basically being dragged into it. It's not a war. It's a war between Russia and Germany. But World War One is the most one of the most brutal wars in the history of this world, where millions of people died. And we have for the first time in history, we see the actual modern technology used to kill people, right? We're cities were bombed, and your chemicals were used, and all kinds of chaos took place. And the British were very angry with the Ottomans for siding against them. And they launched a plot to completely destabilize the Ottoman Empire. And this plot is, on one hand, if you actually just analyze it unbiasedly it's very genius

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move. I deployed against the Muslims was very genius strategically. But for us, it's really tragic because it worked against us. But as far as the battle strategy goes, it's a genius strategy. And what what the what the British did is they, they essentially turn the Muslims against each other. They turn the Muslims against each other by poisoning the Arabs against the Turks. So there was a man called T. Lawrence, many of you know him as Lawrence of Arabia. Right. He was a spy sent by the British to turn the Arabs against the Ottomans with a promise that you can take over these lands. This was the British promise, the British promise was If you lie, if you Arabs lie with us against

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the Ottomans, we will give you the killer effort, that instead of having a turkey scale, I would really go back to having a Qureshi Arabic beloved, and the leader of Makkah and Medina at the time, was a descendant of the Prophet salallahu Salam, who wanted to be the Khalifa. So they played on this and they poisoned him against against the Turks. And because uprisings on the inside, that the Arabs now began to attack the railway system and destabilize the Ottoman Empire from the inside. And he did this with two separate Arab tribes, the descendants of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who they told that will be the next Khalifa and the Saudi tribe and who were the Saudi tribe. The Saudi tribe

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had been at war with the Ottomans for 200 years. For 200 years, there was a back and forth war between this tribe and the Ottomans. They kept taking over lands in Arabia and the Ottomans kept taking it back. So they had their own way.

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detta against the Ottomans. And now here comes the British telling them that if you help us against the Ottomans, we will give you these lands. Many people don't know that Saudi Arabia is actually the third Saudi state. It's the third time the Saudis are in power. Because twice during the Ottoman era, they formed states and the Ottomans defeated them and took it back. So there's a lot of history going on your show, the auto show, the British form a very brilliant strategy, where they basically destabilize the Ottoman Empire from the inside, on top of that, to one of the

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most wealthiest men in Europe, who was manufacturing, the chemicals they needed for the bombs was Zionist, and he made a deal with him. And the deal was, if he gives them these bombs, these these chemicals to attack them with the Muslim world, then they will give the Zionist Jerusalem they'll give them Palestine. Now remember, in the time of the Ottomans, it was impossible for the for designers to establish Israel, but now by allying with the British, they could do so. So all of these things are happening at the same time. By the way, this is just 100 years ago, right? We're not talking about ancient history literally just 100 years ago. And it all comes exactly as the

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British want. They destabilize the Muslim world, they take over the Muslim lands. 100 years ago, the French and the British conquered the Muslim world. And they took over the Muslim dance, and they divided it however they wanted.

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I said that, you know, 100 years ago, there was no such thing as India and Pakistan was one land. There was no such thing as Lebanon and Jordan and Palestine and Syria. It was one land.

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Right? This is all the work of the of post World War One where the Muslim world was divided. And these divisions cause us to sometimes even hate each other, that people from India and Pakistan don't like each other people from, you know, Syria and Lebanon see each other as different nationalities. But this is all very recent. This isn't our actual history. Before this, there was a sense of OMA before this there was a Muslim Ummah, yes, it had maybe three or four kingdoms running at the same time, but they still have a sense of OMA that we are one OMA it's not like different nationalities that don't like each other because they born on the different sides of a border. So

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the British conquered the Muslim lands. And World War One was really significant as being the end of the Age of Empires. This is really what World War One was. It was the end of the Age of Empires. The German Empire collapsed, the Austrian Hungarian empire collapse. The British Empire, even though they weren't they technically collapsed, right? Because the British Empire was never as strong again, as it was before World War One. Before World War One. India, South Africa and many other countries were part of part of the British Empire, it was the largest empire in the world. By the time World War One is overloaded, these lands had become independent, and many more would become

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independent over the next 30 years. So the British Empire was beginning to fall apart as well. Right? And for us, the tragedy for us is that the Ottoman Empire collapsed. And what happened was with the Ottomans was that the British took over all the Muslim lands besides Turkey, besides Turkey, so Turkey remained independent of the British and French rule. But

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the plot twist is the people now ruling Turkey, were not practicing righteous Muslims. They were the secular Turks, who wanted to secularize Turkey. And one of the first things they did exactly 99 years ago, on the third of March 1924, they abolish the hill effort.

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They said, for us to be a secular country, we can't have a Khilafah system. So they abolished the Philippines, to secularize the land. And many Muslims back then hope that okay, the Turks are abolishing the beloved. Maybe the Saudis will welcome to be Khalifa oh maybe the descendants of the prophet who claim to be Khalifa. But being the allies of the British didn't just say a word. And so there was no Khalifa. And for the first time in Muslim history, we are we are living through a 99 year period. Now it's 99 year period. Without a Khalifa

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the results of this has been devastating, absolutely devastating on the OMA the rise of Israel, the oppression of the Palestinians, the destabilization of the economies of the Muslim world, the ease with which people can invade Muslim countries and harm them, the scattering of Muslims across the globe, losing our sense of Ummah, all of this is a result of World War One that we are still feeling today. And the saddest thing of all 99 years later, we still don't have a solution.

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If people ask today, like how do we reestablish the Philippines? I don't know. We don't have a plan. We don't have a solution. We haven't figured it out yet.

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But it's important for us to know what happened and how we reached where we are. So we can learn lessons from history. And so we can appreciate what we had because that's really one of the

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Reasons why the Ottoman Empire fell, Muslims didn't appreciate what they had. When you read the lives of Muslims in the last 300 years of the Ottoman Empire, there was a sense of complacency. And you know, we Muslims, nothing's ever gonna happen to us. So people were drinking alcohol and committing Zina and just living life how they wanted, there was like a no care about the fact that Allah can take this power away from us, because we had reached the level that Muslims began to take care of we Muslims, we are Muslim empire, Allah is not going to let the kuffaar defeat us, no matter what we do. And there was a way of thinking that many people had at that time, and Allah took it

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away. And that's a lesson for us. That's a lesson that we can learn from. That victory isn't guaranteed just because you are a Muslim, you have to play your part as well.

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So we ask Allah to revive this ummah, again, to reestablish for us the political power of this of Islam, and to help us to continue growing as Muslims and to practice Islam properly. Subhanallah Rebecca Robinson at Jamba seafood was salam ala mousseline well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen.

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Hamdulillah he was Salatu was Salam ala Mallanna be about the Ummah but the inner circle her dck tabula? Well, hey, you heard you heard the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shadow morning, to have a coulomb was that in our work a little bit Akintola beaucoup de la infinity.

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It's quite strange that the last official call for jihad from a Khalifa was a call to fight in World War One. Many people don't realize this, but when the Ottoman Empire rallying the troops to fight World War One, it was a call for jihad. And we know that the Khalifa has the right to call for jihad. And yet that was the event that led to the Ummah falling over from his political power. But what is the focus on lessons? What can we learn from this? What can we learn from the downfall of the Ottoman Empire? Number one, we learn that power and authority is entirely in the hands of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in Surah, Allah Imran that he gives the kingdom to whom he wants and

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he takes it away from whomever he wants. And in his hands, he's all goodness.

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Allah gives power Allah takes power away. Well, whatever Allah wills is best for us. And this is something as Muslims, we need to come to terms with whatever Allah wills is best for us. Meaning even the downfall of the Ottoman Empire, some good came out of that A will come out of that, that we don't realize we don't understand. But it may be in the long run what is best for this Omar, only Allah knows the long term plan of how everything's going to play out. But understand that leadership is a gift from Allah. He gives it to people, and he takes it away from people. And anyone who's ever been put into power only because Allah has allowed it. And so even the situation we are in today it

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is by the word of Allah and the coder of Allah.

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In other lesson we can take from the arguments is that we should never assume just because the truth is on our side, we will always be victorious. You have to play your role, you have to put in your effort, you have to do the work, right. Some people feel like oh, because we Muslims, we definitely will win. But they don't do the strategies, they don't do the groundwork, they don't build up the resources is just thinking that we win by miracles. You don't rely on miracles miracles are last second thing that might happen. But you know, what you rely on rely on working hard, and then putting your Tawakoni in Allah.

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But another lesson I want us to learn from from the fall of the Ottoman Empire is to understand that even in the biggest of tragedies, there is always hail, even in the biggest of of, of hardships that hits this Omar is always good that comes out of it. And I want us to reflect on two benefits that this Omar got out of losing our beloved, we're not saying that losing the Caliphate is a good thing. We want it back. But maybe we need to go through this period to wake up. Right? Maybe we needed to go to this period for the Muslims to become what Allah wants us to become. And I would say because of the downfall of the Philippines and this period that the OMA has gone through over the past 99

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years, two good things came out of this. Number one, the spread of Islam in non Muslim lands.

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You see before that the world was divided into Dar Al Islam and dharuhera and Islam then all the spread in Dharohar. But today, Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the USA, in the UK, in Australia. And this is all actually a result of World War One. Because in the aftermath of World War One, because of political and economic problems in Muslim lands, Muslims began migrating to these lands right now I don't agree with the idea of migrating to these lands where we are in here, right? I still think it's better for Muslims to live in Muslim lands. But then in the color of Allah Muslims Muslims began migrating to these lands. And the good that came out of this is bad that came

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out of it as well. But the good that came out of this is that Masjid were established in these lands, and Islamic centers were established in these lands and Tao began to be done in these lands and

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Islam began to spread in these lands, and people will have never have heard the message of Islam. Have you been living in any other era, the message of Islam reach them directly. And today we have people converting to Islam everyday in these different parts of the world. And maybe this was what Allah wanted. Perhaps this is the color of Allah that we are seeing a claim that for Islam to spread into the non western lands, our power had to be destabilized. First, that something bad led to something called that today, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. To an extent that non Muslims have said that by 2050, or latest 2070, Muslims will be the majority, right? That's how

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fast we're growing. And this is a miracle for us, because we lost the beloved and then became the fastest growing religion in the world. How does it work, we lost political power, our lands became weak. And because of that we grew faster. That is now more Muslims than ever before in history. But there's the other side dude, another benefit to this that we that we didn't that we don't think about, perhaps, perhaps the reason why we lost the Ottoman Empire is because this was the kick in the pants that we needed to wake up the Ummah needed to lose power for us to wake up. Because what we are living through now and Hamdulillah, in this in this generation, is a global revival of Islam

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on almost every level.

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Look around the world today, we are seeing a intellectual revival of Islam, we are seeing a spiritual revival of Islam, we are seeing in many Muslim lands, an economic revival of Islam. I think the only thing left is a political revival of Islam, that we are actually living through a period of revival. And if you don't think about it, just think about what what our community was, like 30 or 40 years ago, or even 60 or 70 years ago, and see how far along we have come.

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You know that there was a time in this community when many Muslims didn't even know that, that gambling is haram, or that hijab is wajib. You know, we didn't know these things, because the knowledge wasn't available. Yet. Today, we are having high level academic discourses about Islam because, you know, we have access to knowledge that wasn't available 20 or 30 years ago, we are producing, you know, people of knowledge on a caliber that didn't exist in the past. And we see this even in the Muslim lands. We know that, you know, they tried so hard to secularize turkey. Islam is on the rise in Turkey, once again, we see Islam on the rise in Malaysia, we see Islam on the rise in

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many Arab countries, that people are waking up with a younger generation, they are taking their religion seriously. There is a spiritual awakening, there is a intellectual awakening, Muslim economies are becoming strong again, that there are many Muslim economies in the world that are growing and developing that 20 or 30 years ago, we wouldn't have looked at I think they'd be anybody but you're getting them. The is revival happening. And perhaps this was the color of Allah that we had to fall through, we could rise up again. Otherwise, we might have just stayed stagnant. And Allah wants to bring out the best in us. And this is on the individual level. This is what happens

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on an individual level, Allah tests us so we can become the best versions of ourselves. So maybe this is what's happening on a collective level to Allah took away the Muslim power, so Muslims can again become the best versions of themselves and worthy of their power. So let's have hope, and it has to be optimistic about the future. That yes, we don't have a Khalifa. And yes, we don't know the roadmap to having a Khalifa we don't know the way back. But Allah is in control of everything. Allah gives power to whom he wills, and we are living through a revival of Islam. So perhaps the next stage of that revival will be a political revival. And perhaps in our lifetime or in the lifetime of

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our children, there will be a falafel established again, and Muslim power will be revived again. And let us cling to this hope and not be doom and gloom type of people, but the people who are optimistic about the future, that the future belongs to Islam, and the future belongs to Muslims. And we can play our role in this. We can play our role in this by being the best Muslims we can be. We can play our role in this in reviving Islam economically by reviving Islam academically by reviving Islam spiritually. And maybe from amongst our descendants will come people who revive Islam politically, we ask Allah to allow us to reestablish Islam in this world and to make it once again

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the dominant force on earth. We ask Allah to protect and help all the Muslims in the world who are oppressed and to remove the oppressors from power and to replace him righteous leaders. And we ask Allah to assist all of the Muslims who are going through difficulties in in these lands, those who are affected by the earthquakes those who are affected by tyranny and by civil wars. We ask Allah to end their trials.

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Allah monster Muslim enough equally makan. Mujahid enough equally makan Allah Matsu mustard afina equally makan along Mizel Islam Allah Muslimeen Robin Artina dunya Hassan Al Hasina, working at the Banagher Subhana rahbek Robin is at Yama Yossi goon was salam al Saleem Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Akima salah.

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