Where Does Happiness Come From?

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Khutbah Nov 5, 2021

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Below him and surely unforeseen Oh mean say earthy Melina, when yet the healer who fella mobile data from a new drill, but I had yella when a chateau La Ilaha illa Allah wa The whole actually color when a shadow Anna Mohamed and Abdullah he was a solo Allahu Allahu Taala Buddha within the O'Hara who Allah Dini equally worker Fabula he Shahida for Salalah alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira because you're about to find out stuff and Hadith he tabula. Well, how long have you had you Mohammed in salAllahu alayhi wasallam we're in a shovel more data to help what inocula modesetting VEDA Wakulla within Bala Bella aqui levada Latin Finau Allah azza wa jal fricative Karim Nakula

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Aruba bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim yeah you anass Ortigia at Como river tomura become mushy Woodley maphis pseudo Wahoo then Muhammad Ali what we need, Paul will be family law he will be on Monday he will be the liquor philosopher who will hire me manage my own

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rubbish actually solder us silly Emery rock bottom in descending Cali Allah Amasa detangle multi Villa Illa Allah Allah much anomala Latina Amma nor am your study has also been happy what was on the subject of anatomy? My intention today is to speak with you about the tail end of it number 57 of solid units, and then remind you of where we started

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in Iowa number 58, where Allah azza wa jal tells us that we should be overjoyed, filled with joy and the last few hundreds This is the fifth of them, have been talking about how Allah has given us a different set of ingredients and how to find happiness in life. What I'm going to start with today is going to seem unrelated to these ayat and as the as the book continues, you'll see how all of it is connected. Allah azza wa jal did not send our messenger as the only messenger not going to be dominar Rasul Allah ma going to be Domino's, who tell them I am not a new invention from among the messengers, meaning he's part of a chain of messengers, but cofina Allah fit him Allah says, Allah

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continued the chain of messengers, one after the other. And the final one of them is Muhammad Rasool Allah and Allah.

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But there are some differences between what Allah has given our messenger and the way Allah has described the revelation given to our messenger, so Allah, Allah to them, and what happened with previous nations. And what Allah has told us about those previous nations have a common denominator, there's something that he tells us that happened over and over again, with those previous nations. So very briefly, when nations in the world became so corrupt, and so evil, that they were on the on the verge of being destroyed, when they because of their own evils, because their own crimes, and because of their own corruption, it came to the point where those societies were going to collapse.

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This, by the way, is the law of Allah, when a tree becomes corrupted, and it's not getting the right nutrition, it's going to eventually collapse. If a body is not taken care of, it's going to collapse. The same way we have laws in you know, in physics and medicine and chemistry in the sciences, the same way they are moral laws of Allah, if a society is going to become morally deprived, then eventually that society will cease to exist. This is the law of Allah, that society gets destroyed. And what Allah did right before those societies were about to get destroyed, as a last effort to save them from themselves, Allah would send them messengers. And those messengers

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would come and they would warn them that the way you're heading, you've been deteriorating, but this is coming to the point of no return. If you don't listen to this warning, and turned back to Allah, then you will, in fact, be destroyed. So the way we have to understand Allah as messengers, all of them, the ones that Allah talks about in the Quran, is that when they came, they came to save those nations from themselves. They came to save those nations from what they were how they were actually destroying themselves with their own hands and heading themselves into destruction. And they wouldn't listen. And in fact, they would become worse than they ever were when the messengers came.

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So they were already pretty bad. But the messengers instead of having them turn in the right direction, they turned far worse in defiance, and even tried to kill Allah's messengers. At the very least make fun of them, humiliate them, etc. So the one who's trying to save you is now the one being attacked even more. And that is when Allah decided that these nations should no longer exist. And those nations got destroyed one after the other after the other until we get to our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he sent to Quraysh who are at the peak of their corruption. And when they see the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam calm, and he's warning them of the

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same corruption that other nations look, I'm not the first one to warn you. There were other nations and you pass by the ruins. You know, you've seen the remains or the you know, the terrifying remains of what happened to the people in Libya. You pass by that? You know what happened to the people

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of the fit, Arlen, you'll see when he would make reference to these things, it was not just to tell them lessons in history, it was telling them you're heading down the same road stop. And he was trying to save them. And that's the word of Allah coming and reminding them. So even when the Quran was giving warnings, when someone is giving somebody warnings, who's heading down to a very bad path, then those warnings are not an act of hate or anger, those warnings are an act of love. You're warning somebody because you care about them. I knew a doctor not too far from here in different city, who is the cardiologist? Right? And a lot of because he's Pakistani, so a lot of Pakistani

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families, they bring their older parents who have heart issues, or whatever, they feel more comfortable with a Pakistani doctor, so they take them to him in his town, right. So he gives them advice, you need to stop eating more oily food, you have to do this, you have to do have very high cholesterol, your arteries are getting clogged, etc. And they don't listen. They don't live, they just and then they just they keep doing the same thing. And the next time you look another if you if this doesn't go down, we're gonna need surgery soon. Right? And they're not listening. So what does he do? He went when an old woman, you know, you deserve respect. The older these come to him, and

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they haven't been listening for six months. So he literally tells them, so I'm telling your son to prepare for your janazah because you're going to die. And here's how you're going to die. This is what's going to happen first. First, you know, you're going to feel a little bit of pain in your chest. And he starts graphically describing a heart attack, and how it's going to affect the brain and how you're going to be immobile and terrifying. She's like, you're such a terrible doctor. I was like, Yeah, I'm sure is such a terrible patient, you need this.

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And then they start actually changing course. It's like and, and because, you know, sometimes patients they go to the doctor, the doctor gives them bad news. Like I hate that doctor, I need a doctor, that gives me good news. You know? So the one who's giving you what the situation is, you know, you hate him because he's telling you a harsh reality. That's why a lot of people hate the weatherman. There's a storm coming change the channel. I don't wanna listen to this guy always giving me good news. He's trying to warn you of something that's coming. So the Arabs have an old saying, you know, hydro honeybee ketones, the header of the saying that, you know, everybody comes

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to the cow and it milks the cow and they're nice to it. But one guy yanks the cow all the time, and he's abusive to the cow. But when the nice one comes, the cow starts beating him. But it's like I'm the nice one. Are you kidding me? I'm the one who treats you kindly. You know. So the the notion that I wanted to explain to start off with today is that Allah His messenger came to warn the operation of something that was good that was going to happen because of their themselves. And they will refuse to listen, they refuse to comply. And then Allah has told them over and over again, that this is not the way Allah would warn previous nations. Once they were they were at a point of no

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return. And once a mess by the way, once a messenger makes migration, New Holland Silla migrated, loot La Silla migrated, he was told leave, Musa acela migrated he was told leave, right? So he was told to leave in the middle of the SCBA body laden, right leave when a messenger is told to leave you know what happens to the nation that's left behind, every single time. Every time a messenger leaves, the nation that is left behind is drowned, is flooded, is rained upon by fire is completely destroyed. You understand that right over and over again? And what did our messenger do SallAllahu from Makkah, what did he do? He left he went to Medina and he did exactly the same thing that know

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how the Islamic done that loop and he said Ahmed done you know he had he did exactly the same thing that Lusaka Islamism and in the case of Musa means I'm in a coma Cameroon, you shall be followed, usually followed and then the pharaohs drowned. And the Quraysh follow the messenger of Allah so Allah so I'm trying to find him to try to kill him. They literally did what the people have found it they followed the pharaohs way down to the tee, then what should happen to them? If they're acting in this way, they should be dealt with in the same way that all those other nations were dealt with. So technically, once the messenger moves the medina Maka should be the people of Makkah should be

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annihilated. They should just they shouldn't exist anymore. But Allah azza wa jal described in the Quran before this is even in Makkah, before even leaving and there's a remarkable that Allah did this and sutra man and right before it he explained himself and sort of comment there next to each other these two swords and in suit of armor we hear these words, you know, Allah says, what are the essential Quran and the decree for Helmand with Dhaka? When a conditional Quran and the decree for helping motorcade and these are followed by what previously was before these phokeethra can either be one other How was my punishment dad so he destroys he destroyed he's described tells us how we

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annihilated the people of Norway and then says for Keifa can either be one of those How was my punishment? And then this is one of the essential core analytic we made the Quran easy

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remembrance. Why is he mentioning the Quran right after he tells us he destroyed the people of Nora. Then he destroys the people of Iran and he says what are the essential core analytic? Then He then tells us he destroyed the people of the moon. Then he says what are the essential Quran LiveChat we made the Quran easy for members, we made the Quran easy for members over and over again every at the depth of every nation. He mentions, what is our core analytical? And you start wondering, why is he saying this? What's the what ties the nation defamations the annihilation of nations and the remainder of the Quran? What's the connection between the two? Well, in the next Surah, from the

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very beginning is the answer key or nano animal Quran or rushman? Animal Quran? What are the most famous sutras that every Muslim knows? One of the lessons Allah is teaching us is that you are receiving the the revelation from Allah, just like all the previous prophets gave revelation to you from Allah, this messenger Muhammad, Allah, Allah, Allah isn't just getting any revelation. He's getting Quran. And Quran didn't just come from Allah. You could have heard it Allahu Allah Al Quran. Allah could have highlighted any of His Names that talk to Quran. He highlighted the extremely loving and caring one talk to Quran because had it not been for this domain because Allah has all

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those names. It won't be gone. I love the Quran. And Jabbar Allah Quran could Hadassah Hey, Leah who who will Jabbar and who will Kui allies is under the who was on Twitter, all of those attributes belong to Allah, the One who can take vengeance, the Mighty One, the powerful one, the authority, those are all true, but he highlighted one dimension one one name, when it came to teaching of the Quran, which is a rough man to illustrate one thing, that the Quran is a different revelation than all the other revelations of all the other prophets. Those revelations when they were denied nations were destroyed. But even the worst of the nations the Cornish who tried to kill Allah's Messenger,

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Salah Larson, and by the way, once the nation tries to kill Allah's Messenger, they're done. They get they get fear, that's like the ultimate high crime as far as Allah is concerned. And yet, Allah did not destroy them because of the unusual way in which the Quran is Allah. Allah, Allah, His Messenger was given something that was never given any to anybody before him. He was given this extra dogma. And that alone should make anybody who believes in this book, this messenger, be filled with joy that Allah has given this OMA, the book, the revelation that has more Rama than any before. And it even showed more Rama to the criminals, that Rama that was never shown by Allah to any other

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nation before. And they're the worst of them the worst, the worst of the worst, or the courage, the worst of the worst, or the one off up. And even Finally, when the time for their punishment came the way Allah delivered that punishment, even that

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even that had Allah's Rockman and mercy in it. So the first point that I wanted to make Allah said the last of the fourth components of happiness was a commodity bottom dollar become, which he felt when the mafia pseudo well hidden, were crushed moto Rama has come to you. You don't even realize how Allah is how much leniency Allah has given you that has never been given to anybody before. How much care has has been put in to give speaking to you? And so let's try this. Let's leave Quraysh alone. Now let's come to ourselves. We live in a time where depression is very common. We live in a time where feeling lonely, feeling isolated, feeling misunderstood, feeling frustrated, feeling

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somebody nobody, nobody cares to listen to me. Nobody cares to understand these kinds of feelings are very common. Right? And people live in their heads now. Right? And thoughts like no one loves me. No one cares for me no one you know, all that stuff is just circling in somebody's head. And here Allah brings his word and says and this is true why did by the way why do people end up feeling these waves? You can you know the they have this this thing in many cultures. Even in Arabic they have you know, phrases like and poetry around the same notion like why limo reminder to Naomi in front of Mr. Decide who Rahmani welcome limo human of Milka wifey Paloma coffee and other coffee

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attend her journey. Right. So I taught him archery every day. So he's a poet saying that he had somebody that he took in, gave him love taught him taught him archery, and when a sharp became perfect, his first target was me. Right? And then he says, I taught him everyday how to make the best kinds of poetry to make the rhyme and the meter perfect. And when he got good at spitting rhymes, the first poetry he made was dissing me. Right. So what is he talking about? treachery. You love someone, you care for someone, you invest yourself into someone, you pour your heart into someone, you trust someone completely, and they betray your trust, and they're the ones that hurt

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you the most. Right and you're like, how could you do this?

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To me, I did so much, I poured myself so much into you. And here's how you repay me with with more pain than even an enemy wouldn't cause me. People that don't like me from a distance couldn't hurt me as much as the people that are close. So when that happens enough times or happens bad enough in somebody's life, you know what happens, they decide to not let anybody close. Because I know what happens if I let people do close, then then they're the best position to stab me in the back, you know, so they got their arm around me, so the other arm can stick it to me. So I don't want to let too many people close, I don't want to trust anybody. I don't want to feel safe around anybody,

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because you never know when somebody will turn. And I don't want to tell anybody, anything open up to anybody. Because if I tell them something, maybe later on, they'll use it to attack me. Maybe they'll use it later on to humiliate me. So you you become guarded. People become guarded, and they want to be to themselves. And that's a very scary place and a depressing place to be to be alone. Human beings are, you know, one of the origins of the word Insan. Is owns, owns actually means compassion, we feel the need to give love, and we feel the need to be loved. That's a it's a human need. So when you don't feel that anymore, because you're trying to be safe, you know, you're trying

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to be guarded. And that's a very miserable place a person can be, then they decide, well, since nobody cares about me, why should I care about them?

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Nobody loves me, and I'm the only one who can love me is myself. So I'm just going to do whatever makes me happy.

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I don't have to worry about anybody else anymore. These are the formula that develop in somebody's mind, when they feel isolated. When they're when they're just living in their head. My mother doesn't understand me, my father doesn't understand me, my cousins don't understand. My brother doesn't understand me. You know what, they don't really care about my feelings. I'm just gonna do what makes me happy. And you know, in those moments, you know, what we what is not part of that equation that Allah sent me? How do I how do I know Allah loves me, and he cares for me. It's not just some abstract thing. Like in other religions, I know God loves me. I know, God cares when it's

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not like that for Muslims. You know how it is. Allah spoke to me directly.

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And Allah spoke to me, and every word he spoke to me is out of His love and care for me. So now, when I open up his book, I, when I read his words, there's something going on in the back of my head, that's all there's a switch that's always on, you know what that switch is? Whatever he's saying. He's saying, because he loves me, and he cares for me. So I'm going to find in these words, how he's showing me his love and his care. And sometimes what he's saying to you is the opposite of what you're doing

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is the opposite of what you think you want for yourself. And he's telling you, no, you need to go in a different direction. You need to stop this behavior. This is haram for you. This is schicke, this is scrofa. Don't do this, do this instead. And you don't see you see you you feel shaitaan makes you feel that Allah is being authoritative. He's forcing me to choose a path that I don't want to choose. Or he's making something haram for me that my heart really wants. Know, your heart doesn't want it. It's the Westwater that you open the gate of what's what's out constantly from shape on. And he's told it to you so much that you start believing it. subliminal messaging, I'm reminded of,

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you know, back in the day, when my son, my younger sister, she was really little used to watch you were watching, you know, TV or something. And back in the day, they used to have these little ads, they don't do just commercial breaks, right? But sometimes instead, because when you just a commercial break, everybody changes the channel, when they're watching the match. What they do sometimes is they'll just slip a little coke bottle at the bottom of the screen. It'll show for a couple of seconds and it'll disappear. Right? Let's just do it. It's not an ad is the game still going on? The Coke bottle shows up and it disappears. And my seven year old sister would be like,

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let's get a coke.

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And works, that stuff works. You just slip something in. And she's convinced it's her desire, right? She wants it. But it was made, the suggestion was made enough times that you accept it. That's because you're having a if you're not having a conversation with Allah, or if you're not willing, Allah have a conversation with you, I can guarantee you that chypons having a conversation with you. And with me.

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Allah gave us these words, so that this and this is now getting influenced by his words, someone who actually loves you, someone who actually cares for you. When shaitan gives you, you know, and do this, it's going to make you really happy. His goal is to make you think that you're doing this for yourself. So you end up in fire, not in this life, and in the next life. He wants you to be miserable, not just in the author. He wants you miserable here too. So he wants you to go after something that's temporarily happy, temporarily, you know, pleasurable, temporarily exciting, and then immediately followed by endless misery to yourself unto others around you. And the moment as a

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believer I deeply internalize that the words of Allah are in fact Iran. What he has had

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Come to me is an act of loving care from him.

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He because what Rama The master has power, sir. So this is the last thing I'll share with you today. Then I no longer feel not only do I not feel lonely anymore because I know someone who will always care for me and is always talking to me and is always listening to me is Allah. He's always he's always talking to me directly in his words. He's having a conversation with me. He literally taught you and I have a conversation with him from the Fatiha. He was talking them we were talking, we he said Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Arachnida Rahim, Maliki Amin, then we're talking IACA not gonna do we are going to say it in a certain mystery. You know what a conversation is? Someone speaks then

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the other speaks. That's conversation.

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It's a direct conversation between us and Allah. This is a revolution in even previous revelations. It's unlike any revolution before it's unlike any religion before that's what Allah gave me in you. He gave us this key this true key to real serious joy that is locked inside of his book for any who will seek it which is why this look at the power of this I began yeah Yohannes you unless the invitation is open to who all of humanity non Muslim, Muslim, Christian Jew, Hindu atheist, agnostic, used to be Muslim forgot about Islam doesn't know how to pray, but by name Muslim, my grandparents from it doesn't matter. Doesn't matter what category you belong to. Yeah, you have

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nuts. People have the Komagata Maru, because she felt really my first solo well, who then was Ramadan, little mini Ramadan, then he's got a paid now on it. What is that it's a loving, it's an act of loving care these words for those who truly believe. So I want you to as I as I wrap this up, I want you to really understand what this last part means. That means Allah will not open up his loving care to you and me until we're truly convinced not only of him, but we're truly convinced that it is Rama.

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If you're not truly convinced that when Allah speaks, he speaks out of love and care for you, then you're not going to find his love and care. I won't find it. I'll just find rules that are hard to follow. I'll just find instructions that aren't relevant to me. I'll just find stories I can't relate to. That's all you'll find because you're not looking the right lenses and on what I call the switch. And that switch is only for one who truly believes that this is for me. And this is for my benefit. This is helping me one way or the other. That that healing. That counsel that's been talked about in previous IOD. Now it's coming to a combination, in fact, the word Rama, you can think of it

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as the all inclusive word for all the other things that this is described more Ivatan, Rama, Shiva one

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Hodan Rama, like all of them have now been culminated in one word, it's as if, like the summary of the entire Quran, if you were to think of it is actually Allah showing me how much he loves and cares for me. Now let's be you know, I've talked about this a million times doesn't matter. The reminder benefits me and it benefits you the word Rama in the Arabic language which I keep translating love and care, common trends, common translation says mercy. Yeah, I don't agree with the translation of mercy. Because the word mercy in English literature is used when somebody gets spared, like soldiers were about to shoot him, but then they showed him mercy. You know what that

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means? They let him go. Or the cops pulled me over. But man, that officer was merciful, which means he didn't give me a ticket. He let me go. My teacher was merciful means he didn't fail me from the class. In other words, Mercy gets used in English when something bad is about to happen, and then somebody spares you being spared from something bad. That's not the word Rama. The word the word Rama doesn't have to do with being spared fundamentally, the word because the word Mercy has to do with something negative. And then you got saved from that negative. Yeah, but the word Rama actually comes from the word ROM, which is the inside of the belly of a pregnant woman, the womb of the

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mother. And in the womb of the mother, a child is not being spared. A child is being cared for provided it's safe from every side, it's being fed, it has no concerns. Every one of its needs, the ones it does, and by the way, the child isn't even conscious yet. Yes, the child isn't even aware that it has needs the child isn't even aware that it has to eat or drink or be protected or stay secure. And without it even asking or knowing what it needs. It's being taken care of. That's that's not a ham. And from it in the Hadith Bootsy Some may look at this me, right Allah talk to the womb of the mother and said I named you by my own name. Why? Because there's a deep connection between us

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understanding that word and understanding the word Rama whenever it happens in the Quran. When Allah is describing Rama in the Quran, he's saying, I don't even know what I need. Just like the baby doesn't even know what it means. I don't even know how much I'm in need of

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What he's giving me

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and how much the Quran can Envelop me can completely cover me from all sides from things I need that I'm aware of, and that I'm not even aware of. Because and all of this is happening at the expense of the mother, the mother is carrying all the pains, all the burdens. And she's doing it for a child that's never thanked her. For a child that doesn't even isn't even aware that he, you know, she exists. He's not even conscious of it. And with every growing day, her burden increases, the demands from the child are increasing, it's getting heavier, there, her back is bending more, right, its demands are increasing, and so is so she's giving it more, and it's giving her only more pain.

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And at the same time, it's only more unaware of her. Yet her love for the child is increasing even more. Now she's even more protective of where she walks, he's looking for like sharp corners on tables, and avoiding them. And she's sitting on sides that maybe need to be comfortable, you know, constantly worried about the health and praying for the child. This is actually an illustration because when we learn about the relationship is similar in that sense. Allah only gives and he gives and gives and he gives. And Allah and the ultimate giving from Allah is his own words. Like he chose to speak to us. He knows other ways of teaching people lessons, he doesn't have to just have to use

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words. There are other ways to teach people lessons, you know, that are hate previous nations, they didn't want to hear the prophets. Allah showed us he has other ways of teaching to those of you that come from you had your early education in Iraq, or you had it in Philistine or you had it in Syria, or Pakistan, or Bangladesh, or, you know, Indonesia, Malaysia, wherever, many countries or Muslim countries, the teachers, when they teach the child a lesson, and the child doesn't understand, they have a different aspect of their curricular methodology.

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That gets the point across, there's a way to teach you, you know, one little knock on the back of their head. And this poor kid goes now I understand. Now, multiplication is very clear.

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So there's a teacher who's kindly explaining, kindly explaining, and as a teacher who can teach by force, you don't want to get it one way, I'll discipline you another way. And Allah has shown us actually in his book, that there are people who didn't want to listen and he taught he doesn't let them with force. He did it. That's that's happened before.

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And in our in the case of the Quran, the Quran, reject the word of Allah. And he explains another way they reject he explains the way he warns them another way it gives them another story gives them another soul. And so many of the solos have similar subject matter. You see that in American Quran? You ever wonder why? Why is the same thing being said again? Why not? La salaam, again, why they mention of both again, why the nation of solid why the national show I already got this in a different color. Why is it happening again, because this is the first salute ayat, were and Allah will repeat was somebody full if we're explaining the ayat we're repeating the I will bring them one

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way or the other, maybe one way will touch their heart or the other. This is the dogma of Allah in the Quran. So when he says that, I'm telling you, you and I are exposed, we're in the we're in the media age. This is my last words to you today. We're in the media age and the media age, because of your devices in mind. We're constantly being fed something. You're watching a tick tock video, you're watching a feed, you're watching a little meme, you're watching something makes you laugh. You're constantly being fed, fed, fed and fed. Right. So your your ears, your eyes and your heart are filled with distraction and sore mind where they're filled with distraction. And that

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distraction is actually taking us away from the one thing that and then we wonder why we're not happy. We have more things now and people ever did before in history.

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And people are writing, you know, posting memes about how loneliness is deadly, and blah, blah, blah. And they're putting their sad story up online, and people are putting sad emojis and you know, crying tear emojis and everything's become like a digital expression of human emotion. And then can you imagine there were people that were in talking writing paragraphs about their heartbreak, and about how broken they are because if somebody hurt their feelings, there were people that were walking in the in, you know, in the blasting heat, three, four hours to get to a well to pull dirty water out and walk back three, four hours so they can give their child a sip of water. And then they

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were saying Alhamdulillah Allah is the best provider and they were happy. They had the word of Allah inside. They were communicating with Allah. We have everything on the outside. We're sipping sitting on the couch in an air conditioned room, open, pop the fridge open, sip some orange juice and talk about how miserable our life is. This

00:29:54--> 00:30:00

is the irony of it. You know? Why? Because and you can't be you know what this

00:30:00--> 00:30:03

proven, you can have everything and you won't be happy.

00:30:05--> 00:30:18

You can have everything and you won't be happy and you can have nothing and you'll be happy. Why? Because that's the difference between someone who has the rational from Allah who has a true bond with Allah who can speak with Allah and they can appreciate what Allah speaks to them.

00:30:19--> 00:30:32

Then someone who doesn't. This is the secret sauce to happiness. This is this is what not only what we need, only the believers can have it. Only the believers can have it and unfortunately some believers don't even believe that they can have it.

00:30:33--> 00:31:18

They don't even believe that they can have it. So let's take a step back. And let's revisit Allah's word with for the kind of loving and you know, loving and caring gift that it is treated as such. Bring it back into your life for that purpose and you'll see your life transform. Even if you're outside doesn't change what's going on inside you will completely change your anxieties, Your fears Your sadnesses I pray all of them get removed and you just get filled with a feeling that Allah is Rama is is vast it's endless. What I got a little mini analysis Colby from the line you will be recognized by the favor of Allah and by as Rama I know I keep saying it's the last thing but I can't

00:31:18--> 00:31:20

help myself this was as I promised lastly

00:31:21--> 00:31:57

when desire came salute Eunice it's makin Quran. Yeah. And in Makkah rasool Allah says that means being humiliated publicly. Anybody who accepts Islam is being kicked out of their family, they're getting beat up, they're getting spit out, they're getting cursed. Nobody wants to do business with them. All kinds of stuff is happening to people because they have accepted the way of Allah meaning when you accept Allah's Deen, when you accept His words, you need acceptance, love, then you might get hate from everywhere else. You'll get hate from everywhere else. And what did Allah say to the believers who are experiencing negativity that they've never experienced in their life? These people

00:31:57--> 00:32:35

were living a normal life until they became Muslim, you know that right? Everything was okay. They were okay with their family, their, you know, their their work, they had a normal life. The only thing that's changed now is the spawn, this messenger SallAllahu. And now all of a sudden, all of the normal things, all of the simple joys of life have been replaced with daily physical, emotional, financial, social, psychological torture. Let me told you that every single day, that's what's happened. This is this is the gift of Islam to them. And we're going to, let's say, we'll be fugly Lehi will be rocking it you

00:32:37--> 00:33:19

tell them that by the special favor of Allah, like you got a favorite Ain't nobody else God, and by a special act of love and care from him, for the guy and he got funny offer and because of that they should be filled with joy. In other words, the misery on the outside now becomes irrelevant. It becomes irrelevant because you are inside the ROM, the protection of the word of Allah. You know, like, if there's really a lot of dust outside, and you're driving the car, you roll up your windows, and all the dust is hitting your windows, but none of it's coming inside. You're breathing normal. You're Not You don't have to squint your eyes, you have to do anything. If it's raining outside, you

00:33:19--> 00:33:21

roll up your windows, you're not getting whacked.

00:33:22--> 00:34:02

The believer when they have when they're breathing in the word of Allah, then what did Allah give them that he gave them a deep joy inside, even though the outside was a terrible storm? The immediate outside was a terrible storm and now it doesn't matter because they have this deep happiness inside of them that the word of Allah has given them what an unimaginable gift. What an unimaginable gift who are higher on me my age, my own. He says it's better than everything else. Everybody else is collecting. Everybody else is finding happiness and all the wrong places. You people have this malaise, oh, Jamaica, so people really internalize that a lot. I pray that Allah

00:34:02--> 00:34:19

Allah descends into my heart and to yours that we get a real genuine connection with his words and a love for that for those words, and a loyalty to those words and a trust in the words of ALLAH and a real genuine deep love for Allah's Messenger so Allah Almighty sort of BarakAllahu li Walakum for the Quran it hacking on a family

00:34:24--> 00:34:31

outside was salam ala everybody healer the Mustapha hostess and allow for even more heightened in the being Muhammad Ali meanwhile, he was

00:34:33--> 00:34:59

a lot more President Victor because getting by the Annapoorna arrow to bIllahi min ash shaytaan Rajan in Allah Allah Malaka who you saloon Allah maybe you are living Imanol sodwana He was able to SEMA Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Imran Ali Mohammed colossal data and Rahim man early Rahim Allah Allah me in Academy Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed come back to Allah, my father early for him after enemy in the Kavita Majeed about Allah. Allah Allah

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

In the law yet when it was sent what you don't think about when hand in fascia it will look up whether they call it Akbar amapiano matters now. Okay Sala insalata can determine