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AI: Summary © The Quebec shooting loss and the need for everyone to participate in the struggle against hate have led to a loss of the generation. The speaker encourages viewers to write their thoughts online and share them on social media, emphasizing the importance of having a certain generation of individuals to be the best in their own generation. The use of metal or wood in clothing and furniture, drinking coffee and tea, and keeping it fresh and fresh for longer periods are also discussed. The segment ends with a promotion of a donation campaign and a post about a beauty contest.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was salam, ala MV mursaleen nebia. Now Mohammed Ali Afflalo sada, who attempted to sleep among berets, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Thank you all for joining us on this blessed day of this blessing our or this moment of Yeoman jumar. I'm not doing a jumar reminder today. So today, we're just going to continue with our tips either in sha Allah huhtala. First thing right off the bat Today is January the 29th.

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Four years ago, on this day, there was a tragic incident that happened in the province of Quebec, in where a gunman walked into a local Masjid and shot and killed seven or excuse me, six worshipers and injured many others. And those six individuals were there for Salah just like any other day, and not knowing or realizing that it was also their last and final day on this earth. And today when he let your hand is also, although it's a it's it's a memory that is you know that we still grief, and we are still hurt and pain by this loss. On the on the flip side at hamdulillah. Canada has now officially recognized the Tuesday, January 29 29th, and be an official day of mourning for what

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happened on that day, the Quebec shooting as well as an official day where we stand up against Islamophobia and hate and shout Allahu taala. So it's a good day in that sense. And it's a great great step forward as we continue to struggle. And as we continue to try to stand up against hate and to prevent these kinds of tragic incidents from happening again, in the future. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us love them. I mean, but just to have that recognized now at a national level is really a huge step forward. And it's something that all of us as a community should be happy and proud of. I will say one thing that

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there's still a lot, a lot of endless amount of work that has to continue in order for us to alleviate and unchecked eliminate to the bestest, we can Islamophobia and hate towards not just Islam, but even towards other religions, anti semitism and so on and so forth. And I want to encourage all of you that if you know of an organization that stands up against hate, to take the time today to donate to the towards them, believe me, none of these organizations asked me to do this, I am simply doing this out of my own will, at my own time, and just saying that as we commemorate and we think about and we mourn the loss of these individuals. Why not participate in

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the struggle against this form of hate that ultimately led to the loss of these poor and innocent lives. So if you can take the time today, I will post actually have already done previous to this episode, you'll see that there is a link. There's a post that I put a picture of myself, I put the picture of some of the victims from that Quebec shooting and below that there are a couple of links with nccm European Institute, if you know another organization that you know is bringing more and more awareness and education to Islam. But at the same time, there are people that are in the forefront, on the media on social media, doing everything they can to help alleviate and eliminate

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some of the hate towards Islam and Muslims. Trust me, this is a time for us to think about to reflect and also put our thoughts into action in the sense that donate and support some of these organizations so that we do our part and shall at least

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We can say we participated in a way that we were able to do so by helping out donating and giving some money towards some of these organizations. So just take a look at the previous posts, and inshallah click on one of those links and donate whatever it is you can make online. So we'll reward you for that alone. I mean, the second thing, of course, you guys probably see I'm wearing a green square patch. So this patch actually represents the color of the carpet. That was in that Masjid when the gunman walked in and started shooting people. So this was a green square campaign that was started just again, to sort of remember and to reflect on what happened on that day. And so that

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people are also when you do see this green patch, you're reminded of those of that incident, so it's never forgotten. So I will ask you to if you guys have like a green patch at home somewhere, or you can cut out a green patch, even if it's just a green paper, stick it on you somewhere and just write something online about it, write your thoughts about it. Just bring awareness to this so that more and more people can see and realize just how real and how painful and tragic that day was. And it's about getting the message out. So this is why I intentionally sit here in front of you wearing this patch. It's not just so that you can see it but to also be reminded of what happened on that day and

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the amount of work that needs to continue. And shout Allahu Akbar Allah. Okay.

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Let's get into suta todo para

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el mercado, buena feagin neti neti we've discussed already. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala continues through Latin meaning a welline fula is a word to describe a huge amount of something. It's also the word to describe a massive herd of sheep, you say through Allah. So Allah says through lemina, a welline, there is a huge group or a huge amount of people from the previous generations that are equally more comparable. And so you see how this is pieced together. So those that are closest to and continue to strive and get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala there's a huge group or a huge population of every single generation that goes by. Now this is really, really important because

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what this tells us is that when we think about the best of generations, usually we will think about the companions, those who came before after them and those who came after them, right? And and, you know, for an average day to day Muslim, you might think to yourself, well, what's the point of me trying I mean, I'll never reach the best of the best I'll never get to that, you know that level. So I might as well just stick to the basics and kind of leave it at that know what listen to what Allah subhanaw taala says next, waka Li lo mein el erian. And even there is a few that will come after

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you know, that means that it hits to the idea that Allah is saying that as sabya Poon, remember we talked about what sabya corner sabya coin, so this is the, the the group that is at the foremost best in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is the elite of those who are accepted by Allah. Allah says plenty Illumina are hearing, there's going to be a few that will come later that will also be counted from amongst the best. So what this teaches us is that every generation also has their own version of what is the best of servants in the sight of Allah. So now you don't have to think, okay, it's only one previous generation, and it's a generation I will never touch Now keep in

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mind, but sahabas and those who came after them, and those who came after them, the tab your own and the tablet tab on these groups are the best of the best, we get that and that will never change. But what yet like this do for us is gives us a fighting chance that Wait a minute, I actually can have the opportunity to at least be amongst some of those companions, that insha Allah in Jenna, I can go and visit Abu Bakar I can go and visit our ishod or the Allah Juana. I can go and visit these incredible leaders and these companions, and at least be able to say that you inspired me that I read your biography, I studied your life your lessons, and I implemented and it got me here. So

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Allah is saying that every single generation you will have a similar group not at the same level as the companions, but you will definitely have your own version of the elite and the best of your generation. How awesome is that? How cool is that? So it gives us a chance to continue to strive and push ourselves to be the best in sha Allah, Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala

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Countess from amongst them alone. Let me now take a look at some of the descriptions of the blessings and rewards and the comforts of gentlemen, Allah sudo Rima buena, they will be on soudal from the word steady beds that are mo Luna. Mo Dona ignore best in the Allahumma says that Moldova refers to that your beds. Muldoon actually refers to the springs that are on beds, you know, when you when you lie down on a bed, and if you lie down on a bed that's poor quality, you can feel some of the springs just poking on your back. So mold Luna is that you will feel sort of like you're not going to have these bad quality beds in general. What we're saying is that that same feeling that as

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if it's this perfect therapeutic bed that just molds itself around your body, it's the perfect position. You can't get any more comfortable than that. Allah is saying that those so called springs that are going to be on the beds of Jenna, ignore Besson are the alohar Emma says, each of those springs, each of those, you know, whatever you want to call whether springs or other materials, they're going to be made out of gold. They're going to be made out of pearls, jewelry, it's going to be exquisite to say the least. So panela even the padding as we learn about in pseudo ramen, the padding in pillows are going to be made out of this incredibly high quality silk that's never been

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seen or touched before. So we learned that even in pseudo ramen that the stuffing in pillows are also been talked about and highlighted in a poor on now we're learning that even the stuffing and how beds are made or mattresses are made in gender, that even the things you don't see their gold or silver, their pearls, their jewelry, they're all of this incredible, incredible Beautiful, beautiful material, all part of the buttock blessing and reward because you made it to gentleness panela things that we would never pay attention to, at least in this world things we would never think about. Allah is saying, Oh don't worry, even the stuffing in your beds are going to be made out of

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something beautiful.

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And look what Allah subhanaw taala says here's the next comfort agenda. Mata Ki na la Mata kabhi lien, when they relax and recline on these beds. The bed will meet their bodies perfectly motor cabin, it will. In other words, I don't know how often you might experience this wherever you are. There's one hotel that I stayed in and it was in Australia. That was literally the most comfortable bed I have ever slept it in my life. Not even my own bed can compare it to this bed. It was a special. It was a particular hotel that had therapeutic beds, and they advertise that Suzy walked into hotels advertised so the guys who dropped me off at a hotel went up and I literally slept for

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like 13 hours. And as I when I got up and I looked at the bed I saw the molding of my body on it. I'm just like, man who designed this bed is the best thing ever. Anyhow, something like that. At least you have an image to compare it to. Allah is saying muteki would take in as this guy's watch. This is a ticket game

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with Tolkien is when you're sitting back and you're relaxing. You know you're reclining on a nice chair. Nice sofa. So when you sit or lay down on this bed of Jenna, the bed itself will also meet your body and your body will meet it the bed and it will mold itself perfectly. There will never be something more comfortable in your life than that moment. And the thing about gender is you don't have to work for comfort. Comfort molds itself to you. You don't have to think okay, if I turn this way then I'll get that sweet spot but turned this way if I have put my no no matter how you lay down the bed itself will mold itself around you.

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SubhanAllah that's what Akina I lay him with a cabine we're just getting started guys listen to this. Y'all tofu gnarly him will then mohalla Dune. What will surround them are these young boys who are servants. Now look, think about when you go for valet parking. Think about when you go to like restaurants. It's usually like the seat

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Young, there's young kids, teenagers that are getting their first job you go to like a drive thru of any restaurant or so on. It's usually like a young student that's just starting out, you know, but they're real energetic, you know, they're getting paid a minimum wage is their first job ever, but they're really proud. And you know, they get that, you know, ID card from Walmart or something, and you're showing it off to their friends. Yeah, man, I started working, I'm getting paid minimum wage, but I don't care. It's still a job and they're happy and they're doing their job, but they're not going to be there forever. As they continue to age, they'll find another job and continue to move

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up, move up and so on and so forth. What Allah is saying is that these these, these young adults, these boys that are going to be allocated as servants

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they will literally remain at that age forever. So that's mohalla do and meaning they will never age they will remain like that for forever. So just think even back of those like old movies, will you see like the young kid sits ups or stands up straight, perfect posture, has the towel here coming to serve, refill your cups, takes your plates all of that stuff? This is what's going to happen, I guess, Master Yes, servant. Yes. Yes, Master. Yes. So and So here I am. What is it that you want, I want to drink come and pour the drink out for you. Everything is provided for to you. So that's the imagery that's being caught that's being highlighted here in the soda is that not only that every

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single inhabitant of gender will have a servant but that certain servant will remain at a particular age and time period for ever. The energy will be there for ever the willing Miss to serve you know how when you go to a restaurant you call the waiter like six times well, can you give me this? Can you give me that we're how, what's the ingredient, this and sometimes they might get annoyed, none of that exists in genda.

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Be Ecolab be what a bed eat power, see marine. And you'll have cups, and cups and cups have a flowing stream of wine and other drinks.

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Three different types of cups. UK web qub actually is a cup without a handle, then you have a baddie Aqua, is the kind of cup that has a small mouth to it, you know, those little tiny shy cups, those little tea cups that if you go to like into the Middle East, they give you this thing called a gala. And they give you these small, like tiny little cups. And there's a certain way that you pour the the coffee or the tea in it, and there's a certain way you drink and, and so on. That's called a baddie.

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And cat sin is like a mug or a jug. Alright, and, you know, so you have this big jug that's filled with whatever drink that you want. So let's say three different types of cups,

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all of them will be given to you, Marine, so marine is that it'll constantly be fresh, refilled with whatever drink you want. You know, it's like, give me some of that agenda Pepsi over there, give me some of that Gen, no orange juice, and you're constantly being refilled, refilled. And you're, you're being served these drinks in different containers as well, the quarter and highlights even the containers that your drink is being served to you. It's being highlighted here. So it's as if Allah is saying, you know, sometimes you might get a drink and 99% of time, we don't really pay attention to the cup that we're being given. As long as it's clean, we don't care we just we just

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drink our drinking more out of there. But Allah is saying even the cup that you hold, in and of itself is part of the enjoyment of the drink. Just Just looking you're just gonna be like, wow, this cup is made out of Gold Cup is male crystal jewelry. It's this and that. Some of the rlms says say that these different cups will also have a fragrance to it. It also have a beautiful perfume smell to it. soprano La,

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la, you sat down and how well are you on the phone? You saw their own from Sudan where you saw down, Allah says you're not going to get any headaches. Well on how well are you in the phone? So when you're drinking this wine, you're not going to get any headaches? Now here's the thing. Here's the thing. When you think about people who drink alcohol,

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if you talk to anybody, I mean, every so often, you know over the years, I've asked people who drink like How does it taste

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and I could remember very clearly the

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Many of them would say that alcohol just tastes awful. It's an acquired taste. And so I'm like, why do you drink? Like, why do you drink? It said, it's actually what you feel afterwards. So when you start to get into that state, where you're mentally removed, away from the world, so this is why in all those movies and shows and just in people in general, when they want to escape from reality, what do they do, they pile up in the bar, and they sit there and they just drink away.

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So like you said, their own is that that's one part of it. So you get into this drunken state, but then you wake up the next day, and then it's the hangover. So you wake up with these massive headaches throw up and all of this sort of thing. So Allah is saying that, don't think that when you drink these drinks, in general, you're going to have the same result. So Allah highlights, there's not going to be any headaches, there's no hangover that doesn't exist. While I use the phone. Yun seafood is when people are just talking garbage. So just think about any drunken person you've seen, or you will see on TV and see how they talk, how they act, how they behave. You know that whole Oh

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my god, what am I doing that sort of thing. That's you as a food. So Allah is saying, you're not going to be talking about this or that no. So in other words, you can drink and enjoy these drinks, all you want as much of it as you want. And you will never suffer any sort of headache or dizziness. And you won't be talking anything like out of your mind. It's not going to happen.

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Okay, well for Quixote Marietta, higher road, and you are going to have these pleasant fruits that you can choose from you to hire your own factory, as we said before, is the kind of fruit that when you bite into it, it brings joy and happiness to you. So faqir, every fruit that you pick up jedna is going to bring happiness to you. We experience that from time to time here in this world when you bite into that perfectly ripe fruit and you're just like, oh my god, this is hitting all the sweet spots in me. Well, all of those sweet spots are going to be the default of every fruit you smell you taste and you enjoy in general in sha Allah May at the higher on anything you want, anything you

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choose, it's going to be provided to you in other Hadith our Prophet arlie salt was Salam even told us that these fruit trees will bow or they will decline themselves to you. So you don't have to be climbing any trees. You don't have to be like man I wish I had that fruit and it falls it bumps you on the head or something none of that these trees will recline themselves to you and you will pick whatever it is that you want any fruit any any types of food you wish. That is what you will have. So panela last a check. Check this last a while by any major stone and the meat of birds and what ever sort of bird you desire. You will have you still have one is anything that you desire. So any

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kind of bird meat you will have. So talk about chicken, shawarma agenda,

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chicken sandwiches, agenda, or whatever other birds you would like to eat.

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That's what it's talking about. So panela so you'll have these, this meat and you will have cooked in a way. That is how you desire. Some of us may want a little bit of spice, a little bit of peppers, a little bit of heat on our shorewall shawarmas or chicken sandwiches or what have you. So yes, to whom is it's going to be catered to your exact preference, whatever it is that you want, and how you want it to taste. You want a little bit of salt, you want no salt, you want a little bit of catch me I can't live without ketchup. So I want a little ketchup. We're going to have a little bit of that jedna ketchup brought to us. It's going to be Beyond Organic. It's perfect. It's healthy.

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There's no sodium, none of that stuff. Surprise Allah. It's incredibly, incredibly detailed. The fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala will mention that. I'm going to pause there and shout love because tomorrow, these rewards and cuisines and comforts of gender. They continue. They continue so we're going to continue to cruise around. Think of this sorta as we're getting sort of like a tour of Jenna. We're getting like a tour of gender. And if you are watching on TV, this is kind of like a trailer version of gender. So you're sitting there and you're watching a trailer

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of what it's like to live in Jenin Oh my god. Wow, look at that. Look at a cup. So you ain't paying attention did a drink don't look at a cup mug look at a job that they're holding. Look at the handle on that jug. Oh my God look at the bed. I can see through it and there's no stuffing there's just gold and silver and jewelry. Underneath this bed. Look at the level of luxury. It's beyond what we can comprehend it is above and beyond our minds so panela that's what gender is. fee her mela aina Nora at in it. There are things Your eyes have never seen. Well done and semirara and in it there are things you've your ears have never heard. While a hopper earlier called be bashful. And in it

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there are things your hearts do not have the ability to comprehend.

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We're seeing that right now. We're listening to that right now in this area. So Pinilla milanesa, which will give us Jenna and all of its pleasures and luxury Allah.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us with all of these beautiful, beautiful rewards. And look, last thing and we're done is that there are some students that will ask me, Well, you know, Brother Muslim,

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the luxury of gender is is amazing, I get it. But I don't need all of that. Like, I don't need a mattress that's made out of gold and silk and all. Like, if you just let me sleep on the grass somewhere, I'm happy with that.

00:26:39--> 00:26:47

I don't even need a house, Brother Muslim, I just want to be thrown in jail, and I can be homeless as long as I'm in gender, just I'll be the only homeless guy there. And I'm happy with that.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, ask Allah, for gender, and even genital Pharaoh dose Allah, ask Allah for that. So you know, because why the believer should be optimistic and should aim high for things you should, you should strive to have the best. So even in general, don't just settle for I want to be the only homeless person in general, or I want to have used furniture, I'm good with that. Or I don't want any furniture at all. Just I want four walls and I'm happy with that. You're missing the point. Allah is telling you, His provision to you is endless. So ask him for the best, so that you can strive at your best to receive and be blessed with the best. That's the whole point.

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So this is what we're seeing. It's not just about oh my god, this is so lavish. No, you earned it. You earned all of this. He wasn't. It wasn't easy living here. So when you leave here and you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala This is what you've earned from him because of the amount of time he's giving you You did your best, you strived as best as you can. You did everything that you could do.

00:28:10--> 00:28:51

And so I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala counters from amongst those who really push themselves to be the best believers and servants of Allah s can be alone. I mean, let's pause there guys and inshallah Tada. I will leave you with that and we will resume tomorrow Bismillah heater Allah so please, for those of you that came in a little bit later, that's fine. Just take a look at the post previous to this one. There are some links there that I would love for you to check out in sha Allah. And please donate to those causes. Delay Tyler may ally sojo bless you on this blessed day of Yeoman Juma May Allah azza wa jal accept our door as our efforts alone, amin was salam wa Alaykum

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warahmatullahi wabarakatuh