Zakir Naik – Why is it stressed that Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) is the last prophet?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The doctor asks the doctor about the stress on the word "slack last" and why people stress it. The doctor explains that the church has given people the option to receive a new message, but they are unsure of the solution. The doctor also discusses the church's belief in the church's ability to receive new messages and the potential profit from their actions.
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So I'm Dr. Raj, I'm whomever the doctor, and I have two questions that

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I have read that about mama Pagham. Whereas the last and the final prophet, why the stress is given on the word last and the final? And are you afraid of any new one? And if God decides, and we'll send a new one, don't you welcome him and our my Oberliga these are Karna jata hoto. Islam is luckier solution.

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Thank you. So whether those two questions One thing that why do you stress so much? That is the last prophet if God wants to send a second one kindly send? And the last question is, if I want to see Almighty God, what is the solution or come to the last question, the first question, why do I stress that Prophet Muhammad in the last prophet, not only I stress, the way that

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the Quran or the Bible strength, as well as the Quran and the other scripture, Allah says in the Quran

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in surah, Psalm chapter number 33, was number 40, Makana Muhammad and about the merger Alikum wala Salalah what Adaminaby can allow you coalition a Lima, that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is not the father of any a few minutes, but he is the prophet of Almighty God, he is the seal of the prophets.

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And Allah is all knowing full of knowledge. Now, when Almighty God said, If Almighty God monsters, then he can surely sin, but Almighty God does not speak a lie.

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Almighty God doesn't tell a lie. It's mentioned the Quran in chapter 33 Three, chapter three, verse 40, that this is the last prophet. So Almighty God knows, if he wanted to send the Prophet he would not have mentioned this is the last prophet. So because he had mentioned the last prophet, I believe in it. And fifth, Almighty God, he knows the future. You and I don't know the future. Almighty God knows the future and he said that this is the last therefore I believe in it. Now, depending upon the requirement, what was required, he has given some people say why didn't he send Prophet mama than the devil?

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You know, my son wants to do medicine.

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He said why don't you put my medical college directly first I have to go to school standard one, tender to tender three per school, then medical right. So depending upon how the humanity progressed, Almighty God kept on sending messengers.

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And by name for mentioned but there are many revelations in Torah as abou Angel by name is mentioned. Now Almighty God thought it fit that fully 100 years back, humanity reached a level to understand the Quran. Then he sent his last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him last and final message the Quran. Now if Almighty God wants he can surely said but since he has mentioned he will not send he will not sin. And this religion has completed the previous scriptures were not in the complete form. Allah mentions Almighty God mentioned in the Quran in surah Maya chapter five verse number three, that on this day have I completed my fave on to you have chosen for

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you Islam and complete the religion for you. After the religion of Islam is completed, nothing new can be added, nothing can be subtracted from this religion is complete. That's the reason if anyone today says that he gets revelation from Mighty God, anyone who says he the prophet of God, he has to go to a psychiatrist.

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Today, there are hundreds of people claiming to be God, people claiming to be prophets of God.

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They require a psychiatrist because after this, no other revelation will come after this. No other profit will come

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