Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – June 7

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or be Addison de moda Hadassah Regina Maharajas in

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the middle on coupon and

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publisher, silly Emily melissani colleague, but hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam, ala alihi wa sahbihi jvari.

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inshallah, From today onwards I will be trying to cover prayers specifically taught to those who have lots of alcohol use them as I mentioned before.

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Previously in the Quran, the drugs that select to us that I've mentioned to you our prayers that the prophets made at different occasions and Allah provided us a context and in those contexts, those amazing words were said to Allah, that we learn from and I've shared a number of those things with you. But from now on, we're going to see unique the unique place of our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Of course, throughout the seal of the prophets, I saw them he made many prayers on many different occasions, but the vast majority of them are not recorded in the Koran Actually, we find them in the Sunnah tradition. What is found in the Quran is the prayers ALLAH told the prophet to

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make Salah will tell His Messenger say this, or make this mistake or or do this Vicar so he would instruct him on what to say. So the the prayers of our Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam in the Quran are of a unique position. There are very few parallels to that in the Quran itself. So the first of them is this very famous prayer from skeletal Islam, the surah number 70. And it comes from 80 of surah or 17, rather, and number 80. of the solar. To give you a little bit of context. This is when the Prophet had gone on the ascension journey and come back and he was being ridiculed. Are you claiming that you actually went up to seven heavens and came back down and people were skeptical of

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it or making fun of him because of it and also at a time when not only were the Riddick was ridiculed against the prophets, I saw them becoming very extreme. There were also attempts to kill him and to expel him from the land and get rid of this problem of Islam from Makkah. So things that must make are very heavily escalated. Which is why in the 76th, ayah, just a few hours before this, were in calculus stuff is documented, or do you come in Ha. It's almost as though they want to, you know, shoo you away, intimidate you and get you out of the land, so they can expel you and keep you out of Makkah. Legally, you come in here? Well, you don't. And if they did do that, Lionel bus una

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una de la la kalila, they're not going to stay safe for much longer themselves. If they expel the messenger, then they're going to pay the price that much later. This is a less threat to them if they expel also the loss of alcoholism. But in any case, we all know that things got so bad for our messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam that there was an attempt to make an attempt to kill him. And it's right in time for that attempt to be spoiled, that allow me to wait for the Prophet social him to leave my car and make his way to Medina. We also know that this isn't the first time he left. As a matter of fact, the first time he tried to find safe haven elsewhere was five. And that expedition

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didn't go well. And so Medina is actually the second attempt to leave Morocco and find another base, from which safely Islam can spread and the message can continue. In that context, Allah azzawajal told his messenger sallallahu Sallam a couple of things. First, he told them to continue committed to to remain committed to prayer, aka Mr latterly DeLuca Shamsi, la casa de la liga Khurana, in the Quran and Frederic Animesh Buddha. So he tells his messenger to commit to the prayer especially the Quran recited it further time, that it's going to stand as a witness. This is important because the coming of Islam is itself a budget itself a coming of a morning from an era of darkness. So let

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compares the coming of the Quran to budget itself. And just like the Quran came in Mecca, and it was a new morning. It's as though the profits lesson is being told he's going to go to Medina and a new fudger is about to start. A new morning is about to rise. And you will also notice there's a very distinct difference between the Quran revealed to the prophet SAW Selim in Makkah, and the Quran revealed to him in Medina. In any case, then he says wamena layli fatta 100 v nafi. Lotta luck. And in the nighttime make tahajjud prayer may feel mundane. It's interesting. One of the first revelations given to the prophets legend almost 100 and sort of Muslim and he was told that you

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stand in the middle of the night como la la la la, la la misma ha, de la, la, la la tierra. That's Muslim in early, early early revolution, one of the first and now at the end of the second era as he's about to start admission all over again, because the mission in Medina is very different from the mission in Makkah, the task is very different. So it's as though to prepare for that mission again. Go back to pmla. Go back to tahajjud. So he's being prepared then the DA and this is the draft for this evening. He says what tells him to say but called Robbie at Haley motala said kin was originally mahalo

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Silicon Valley mendonca suparna sila or call on a llama, Master, enter me, make me enter rather. And help me make me enter mohalla silicon, a place that I should enter filled with truth. an entrance of truth is a strange phrase but that's how I'll start off translating it. Allow me to enter an entrance of truth and expel me Take me out we'll reach the mocha just extract me expelled me and exit of truth. What in the world do those two things mean? It actually interesting what's around the corner he's about to be expelled from Makkah. He's about to be expelled from Mecca. And he's about to go into Medina, what happens first step one expelled step two entered, but the ayah notice the

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ayah or be at the hilmi motala said can originate,

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enter me into a place of truth. Get me out, when in truth. In other words, Allah mentions entrance before he mentioned the exit. What Allah is telling us strangely enough, because that's not how it works. First you exit, then you find a new entrance. You understand? That's the circumstance. But Allah azza wa jal is teaching us something. Every time you look at something bad like you're being expelled. Don't think of it as a you've been you've been expelled or kicked out or taken away, you've been entered into a new dimension, you've been entered into a new blessing, think of the entrance more than you think of the exit. Think of Musa alayhis salaam exiting Egypt, but actually

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entering into a blessing entering into a safe haven. So it's actually the positive that you should focus on not the negative. Instead of lamenting over these are my own people who have expelled me and taken me out, be focused on the fact that Allah has given you a new home in Medina. So it's the positive attitude that's highlighted here. But let's understand this phrase, entering or this this entry of truth and this exit of truth.

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Ultimately, mohalla zipkin was the most major second, what does that mean? It actually in a simple way I can explain to you is Yella, if you're ever going to put me in a situation, make sure I want to make sure that I'm entered, I go into that situation committed to the truth. It's because I was truthful, honest and sincere, is that's the reason I actually entered into the situation. And surround me in give me an environment in which it allows me to remain committed to the truth no matter what.

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And if things get really bad for me, and people don't want to I don't want to have anything to do with me. And they want to kick me out or expel me from something Yala. Whether I enter or exit one thing for sure, yeah, Allah never let me leave my commitment to the truth.

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So if I'm going to leave my guides because I held on to the truth, if I'm going to give be given entrance into Medina, it's because I'm holding on to the truth. And if one day, even Medina doesn't work out, let it be, that's fine. So long as I'm still committed to the truth. My commitment to the truth is everything. And by this door so far, this portion of the day, what we're learning is, we are going to be fall into situations. And we're going to come out of situations in life. There's going to be financial situations, family situations, friendship situations, social situations, you'll be entered into a group you'll be taken out of a group, you'll be given a job, you'll be

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kicked out of a job, you'll be in a marriage, you'll come out of a marriage, you know, kid, a kid with you know, you're being welcomed into the family or being pushed out of the family, all kinds of things happen in life. And in any of them you and I what we're begging Allah for is no matter what whatever that happens. Your ally making you one thing, don't let my commitment to the truth waver so long as I was true, then it doesn't matter if I was led in or kicked out.

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Or be clean. Well, Krishna Maharaja said clean so long as that's there, I'm fine. What were the I had to before remain committed to the Quran? prequal recite Quran in the middle of the night with the Quran. Why Quran? quran quran because Quran is what at the end of the day, it's the truth. If I'm reciting this truth, then it should have an effect on me that the most important thing to me is my commitment to the truth of the hidden evil colossal.

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But that's not easy to do, is it? Sometimes holding on to the truth can get you in a lot of trouble. And people around you say don't say the truth. Come on. Just don't talk to Uncle right now. He's going to get really upset. So just keep it to yourself. No, I gotta tell him the truth. No, no, no, don't tell him the truth. He can't handle it. Just keep it to yourself. If you know what's good for you, you won't say anything. How many circumstances are there in life where we don't speak the truth? Because if we do, we're going to get in trouble. It's going to be bad for us. And so what does the law say? He says a law tells him to beg him which I'll leave in the dunka Sultana sila,

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furnish for me provide for me something that comes especially from you that I don't have What don't I have an authority a power a strength, photon football, not just the power and the strength of Superman that aids me. That gives me help against opposing forces so that I can remain committed to the truth.

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In other words, holding on to the truth can be very, very difficult. And sometimes the only way you can do it is if Allah divinely intervenes and empowers you with strength you did not possess I did not possess. It had to come come from some special treasure vaults of ullas. Otherwise you would never have had access to it. And that's captured in the words Luca milodon Castletown, Anna Sierra, I asked for you furnish for me especially from your behalf something that comes only and only from you and can come from anywhere else, a strength of power and authority that aids me against this challenge which are limited and

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as you could do that, he's asking Allah azza wa jal for that what happens? Allah azza wa jal gives him some time allows it gives him Medina Allah azza wa jal gives him victory through even the aid of angels and butter. And then again in a herd and then again in

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Jerusalem, Tarawa, unseen armies descended to aid the Prophet Alayhi Salam because of this prayer, this is the Sultan and the sila. So this is actually the lesson we're learning. There are challenges in life, we don't have the strength to face that strength can only come from Allah and Allah opened that door for all of us that that can descend on us, a strength can descend on us our commitment to the right right decision making a commitment to the truth that we could not have had otherwise can only come from a larger load notice the next day which even though it's not part of this door, but I want you to see how a lesson is taught in Quran. Welcome, john L. Huck was a Huckleberry Finn in

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Alberta, Canada. huka. Tell them the truth has arrived, say declared the truth has arrived and falsehood has dissipated. It has withered away because falsehood was always meant to disappear. No matter how strong it is, like he's being overpowered to the point where he has to save his life and escaped to Medina. And he's being told Bothell is powerless. Why is it powerless because I am still committed to the truth. That's what makes about Martin powerful in falsehood, powerless. May Allah azza wa jal makers, people that commit ourselves to the truth and May Allah will empower us with the aid that we don't possess that can only come from Allah to remain committed. So no matter what

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circumstance we enter into in life, and whatever situation we're being taken out of in life, one thing doesn't change our commitment to the truth barakallahu li walakum

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wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.