When was the last time you were happy

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Actually, honestly, there are some people, if you ask them, when was the last time you actually felt happy? It's a scary question for a lot of people. Because they can't remember. Like, I was happy for this person, I was happy for that person. When was I truly happy? I can't really remember. That's a hard question. And that's a scary thought. Right? That's a really scary thought. So what can what can we learn from Allah's insight in the Quran on this subject, the first thing that this whole by itself is dedicated to is actually what we can learn about it in the ayah itself, where he does talk about happiness. He says, Whatever this is the alchemy of happiness. Whatever Allah is giving you,

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he makes a comment about it, he said, who are higher on my edge maroon, that's the end of it. Number 15, who are higher on my edge macro, and this is from Joanne Merrill column. Ironically, it's a very comprehensive statement, it is better than everything that they gather, it's better than everything that they gather, and in this is a profound insight from Allah, about how we normally figure out that we're going to get happy. If we gather things, then we're gonna be happy. Some want to be influencer, if he gathers or she gathers more followers online, apparently, they'll be happy. If I can gather these new gadgets that came out the new the 2.0 came out that the 13th came out the 14th

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came out, you know, the newest release came out, if I just gathered that I'll be happy. If I watch the new season of the show, I can gather more episodes under my experience, then I'll be happy. If I can gather more basically more money than I can be happy. If I can gather yet another degree, I can be happy if I can gather these credentials under my belt that I will be happy. Right? So we're all whether there are tangible things like money, cars, toys, games, clothes, shoes, bags, you name it, either. It's those things, or it's intangible things like degrees, recognition, followers appreciation, compliments, some people like to gather compliments. That's what they're looking to

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gather. Does somebody just compliment on how good I look or somebody compliment us on how smart I am? Or somebody compliment on how funny that joke was, I just need to gather these compliments, right there. And so in all of these pursuits, by the way, when you're gathering something, when you're collecting something like an animal, when when birds collect twigs for their nest, when ants collect food for their survival, right, then it takes work. Gathering doesn't just happen on its own. It's work. And in this in this small ayah, Allah has provided us a really deep insight. People exhaust themselves gathering things that they think will make them happy. They're gathering stuff,

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and that's an exhausting exercise. Either it's physically exhausting. It's emotionally exhausting. Or even mentally, they're just sitting in their head gathering thoughts, gathering stuff that's there that they think will bring them joy. And all of that Allah puts aside and said, What I'm giving you is better than all of those failed collections that you have. And I'm not saying you should