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The importance of helping individuals to achieve their Islam mission is emphasized, including the use of de marks like "has" and "has not." The shaping of one's appearance to fit with Islam's values is also discussed, including the shaping of one's appearance to fit with the region and the importance of practicing Islam. The title of Islam is also discussed, including its impact on people's lives and contributions to the mission of resources. The importance of practicing and supporting efforts to establish Islam in the world is emphasized, along with the shaping of one's appearance to fit with the culture of the region.

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Ramallah Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara pilum bi Eva mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allahu Allahu Allah, Allah you will save yourself doesn't even compute on cathedra

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I'm about who my brothers and sisters we are on the right of Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that

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we should help him in every way, which means that we should help his mission, which is the propagation of Islam.

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All over the world.

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No strap to the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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This is his right, that is OMA to which we belong, should help him in his work in his mission, when we say help him means to help his mission.

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Let me begin by asking you a question.

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asked the same question to myself.

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And this is a question that I ask my corporate clients when I do my vision and values workshop.

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Question is, why do you exist?

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Why do you exist?

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And that leads to another question, which is, what will be lost to your constituents? If you did not exist?

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Why do you exist? And what would be lost to your constituents? If you did not exist? The answer the second question is the answer to the first question.

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If you can divide

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with data, what would be lost to your constituents? If you did not exist? This is the answer to the question. Why do you exist? That's your, in the in the language of Colin and Boris, in their famous book built to last, they call this the core purpose, the core purpose of an organization which is critical, which is a critical element of their core ideology. This applies to organizations, it applies to nations, and it applies also to individuals.

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So therefore, the question that I asked myself, and I asked you to ask yourself is, what is my core purpose?

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Not what it should be. But what is it?

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What is it?

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To help us understand this?

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Let me give you an example. Imagine that you go to a place where there is no connectivity, no internet, no Wi Fi no phone service. Oh my god.

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How would you feel?

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You would feel oh, my god.

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Suddenly, without connectivity?

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Why would you feel that?

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Would you feel the loss? Of course, why?

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Simple answer.

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We feel a sense of loss. Because to be connected, is beneficial.

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We feel we lost something FOMO Fear Of Missing Out is real.

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So real that it keeps the cash registers of the gamers, by gamers I don't mean people playing computer games, I mean, people in the game of mines during

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the app manufacturers and the app owners

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for my sorial that keeps the cash registers of the gamers ringing constantly. Because we are such faithful customers.

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We miss losing anything that we believe is beneficial.

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That is human nature.

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To miss the loss of something that we feel is beneficial. This is human nature.

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Let me ask you a question.

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What if one day the world wakes up? And there is no Islam?

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No Islam, no Muslims, no misogyny, no boundaries? No Allah. No other. No sign of Islam in the world.

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The slate is wiped clean.

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What do you think our constituents the non Muslims would say?

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I suggest you ask this question to your friends.

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And then listen carefully

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to what they have to say.

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Please note that I'm not implying anything directly or indirectly one way or the other.

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It's an open question. Ask it and listen to the answer.

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I have corporate clients where I do my workshop on vision and values. I get my corporate clients to do this with their clients and they can

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Customers and neighbors and families and so on and then return to the workshop and share that data.

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It's a very eye opening and sobering exercise.

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Our true value is not what we think it is, for what our customers our clients or constituents feel, they will lose, if we are no longer there.

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That is our differentiator, that is our leverage. Differentiation creates brand brand inspires loyalty, loyalty enables influence. Without brand. You are a grain of rice in a sack.

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Allah subhanaw taala describes the purpose of our existence why He created us and He said, how we live in a showdown under Jim Kwantung Kira OMA tin, oak rejet leanness, that maroon RB ma Rofi, what unknown I will Moon carry, what took me noon I be let

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Allah's around tell us, which means you Muslims, are the best of people ever raise up

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for mankind

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ever is for the benefit of mankind, you enjoy and good,

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which is all the other audience and you forebay and you forbid and Mancha, you enjoy tomorrow, and you forbid alberca and you believe in Allah.

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This is who we are.

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This is who we are as Muslims.

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My brothers and sisters I remind myself when you that we came to give, we did not come to take

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we did not come to take we came to give.

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So ask yourself, what is it that we are giving to the world?

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We came to give this world a beautiful way of life, full of compassion.

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The drive for excellence

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a sense of accountability to the one from whom nothing is hidden.

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We came to give this by living it by demonstrating it in our own lives.

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Our example is the life of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam a lot around that I taught rasa Selim, how to introduce himself to the world.

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And he said Jonathan

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Cole hobbies ability other words Allah, Allah sirotkin Anna Amani, italiani

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or Subhana Allah He was an amulet a machete key.

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A lot around that as I said, which means c over hermosos LM This is my way. I invite towards Allah.

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I invite to Islam with your knowledge, Allah sera

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was sure knowledge I and whoever follows me

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and glorified and exalted we Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And I'm not of the polytheists I'm not a machine

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as an honor for his Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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for his ummah. Allah subhanho wa Jalla Jalla did Allah who gave us the job of conveying the message of Islam to the rest of the world.

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This is an honor that he gave to the ummah of His heavy Muhammad Mustafa SallAllahu. Listen, to bring goodness to the world. This is the mean this is the meaning of helping the deen of Allah.

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This ayah declares most clearly our connection to the supervisor sir. It is not a connection by birth or gender or blood or race or tribe or family or nationality. It's a connection of faith and work.

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Those who wish to be connected to a supervisor or seller must do his work.

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He was honored to state this is my life. I invite towards Allah I and those who follow me

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like it was for the nabi alayhi. Salam. This job is not a choice left to our discretion. It is incumbent and compulsory on the one who accepts Allah subhanho wa Taala as he is,

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and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam as the messenger of Allah and enters Islam. In honor of that, he or she is granted this job of the Navi as their life goal.

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The reward of that is the company of the Ravi SallAllahu Sallam on the day of judgment and generals will fill those inshallah.

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So as a result, I'm said

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Has as reported in a hadith and Muslim, whoever calls to guidance will have a reward similar to that of those who follow it, without the reward of either of them being lessened,

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being decreased.

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Salam want us

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and this is a Hadith in theory, as soon as one does and said, I swear by the one who has my life in his hands. It is incumbent upon you, that you enjoy what is virtuous, and that you forbid what is evil. Otherwise Allah subhanaw taala will send his punishment on you. And then you will pray to him but your prayer will not be accepted.

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allotments of Manasa Vina Mohamed Salah Haile he won't he was able to sell them. Bejeweled I mean,

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Allah Zulu man Hazara Dena Mohamed Salah Ali he while he was I was in Walla.

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Walla helped those who helped the religion of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam encounters among them. And oh Allah disgraced those who tried to disgrace the religion of Muhammad Salah Salem and do not make us of them.

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It is therefore the right of Rasulullah Selim that the people of his ummah must help him by helping his work. Allah subhanaw taala promised his help and said yeah, you are living in Tanzania Allah Yun SOCO where you from bit academical philosophy Do you believe, if you help because of the loss of Allah, in terms of Allah if you help Allah meaning, if you help the cause of Allah, which is the deen of Islam, he geladeira Allah who will help you and make your feet firm, Allah will establish you. Helping Rasulillah Salam is one of the most important ways if not the most important way in which we are connected to him, Salah Alisha.

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It is a connection which we need. It's a connection which is critical for our own salvation. So it is something which is essential for us to think about and make every effort to be counted among those who helped Rasul Allah He, Sinhala and he said, Allah subhanaw taala in his usual majestic and imperious way, he said in Latin sotto la cognisant Allah is a hello Lavina Guevara.

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Yes and Amy in the middle of Adi. In the EU, these are heavy love the husband in the LA Miranda but as that Allah Who Sakina who I lead with a yoga who will be you know the lamp Dharohar or gyla Kennametal the vena cava Rue

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wa Giada Kalamata Lizzy like I've also Villa locally with Allah here la Alia for la hora Aziz and IKEA Mikey. Allah subhanaw taala said, If you help him if you help Mohamed Salah Salem, if you do not help, if you do not

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help him Salallahu Alaihe Salam, it does not matter.

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For Allah subhanho data.

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If you do not help him, it does not matter. Because Allah subhanaw taala already helped him

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when the disbelievers drove him out the second of two when they Mohamed Salah Salem and I will walk through the Alanna we're in the cave and He is Allah Allah Allah wa sallam said to his companion Abu Bakr Do not be sad. He said,

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Do not be sad. In Allah Allah. Surely Allah subhanaw taala is with us. Then Allah's rather ascend down is Akina tranquility upon him and strengthen them with forces which you did not see. And made the word of those who disbelieve the law most while it was the word or was Ronald Allah we became the uppermost and Allah Almighty always.

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This makes it abundantly clear that when Allah subhanaw taala mentions helping his deen or helping his messenger Allah, it is not about it is not because they need it. But because we need it. It is a means for our salvation is our salvation which is in question not the deen of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala said about his Deen Yuri Dona au toffee Oh more Allah He we have ye him. We're here about Allah who is a UT Morocco, Willow girl Catherine and Allah says days the enemies of Islam want to distinguish Allah subhanaw taala as late which is Islam with their mouth let you blow the candle

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Allah will not allow it, except that his light should be perfected, even though the disbelievers hate it and he said geladeira Allahu wa Allah the asana sunnah will be Buddha was in ill happy to use zero Allah Deen Equalists will allow curry Hell was really cool.

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And that's it and it is He will send His Messenger Mohamed Salah Salem with guidance and the religion of truth which is Islam to make it superior over all religions. Even though the machinery code, the disbelievers hate it.

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And then he said, while others are Rasulullah, who Buddha was really lucky leovera will have been equally Lacava Malaysia he that he said it He it is Who has sent his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with guidance and the religion of truth, which is Islam, that he may make it superior over all religions even make this the most accepted. The most widely practiced religion in the world. And all sufficient is Allah subhanaw taala as a witness,

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the Nusrah the help of of Allah subhanaw taala help, which we're talking about Nusrah Lucena, the help for Islam and Islam consists of practicing Islam, and living by the laws of Islam, as well as supporting all efforts to establish Islam and propagate Islam in the world. This must begin at home and extend outwards, Islam spread by the winning of hearts, and that is what we must do work to win the hearts of people, help them stand up for them care for the weak, the poor, the sick, and you will become their beloved in one word become valuable. What about those who did? What about those who helped Rasul allah sallallahu sallam?

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One thing we need to remember about the Sahaba

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is that their unique contribution, that differentiator, the reason they are remembered and honored is none because of their piety, or religious knowledge or charity. They had all of these things, but that's not the that's not what distinguishes them. And that is not the reason they stand out. Does Resava are honored, above all for one thing, and that is for how they help the mission of fossil lighters.

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They're complete, total single minded dedication and their contribution and investment in the propagation of Islam without any limits. That is what they are honored and remembered for above all else.

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The Sahaba are honored above all, as I said, for one thing, and that is how they helped the mission of resources. Now what was the result of that? I have two stories. The first one about umana, our mother Khadija been boiling or the Allahu Akbar, the wife of Rasulullah saw salam for 25 years until she passed away. She was the wealthiest woman in Makkah. She was a businesswoman and Rasul Allah is our Selim was our manager, who she later married Hadiya Dillon has spent her entire fortune in the service of the mission of her husband Mohammed bin Salman, especially when the brainwash him and one of the Multilib, which is his extended family, both Muslims and non Muslims, were forced to withdraw

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from Makkah and live in the value of our Metallic shaving with shave where we tell you in a painful boycott for three years, this resulted in great hardship and starvation and hunger. Well, Anna used all her fortune to buy food at extortionate prices, to feed all the people who were confined. One day as long as a seller was in his own market. And gra Salam came to him and said, Yeah, rasool Allah Azza wa sallam, your wife Khadija is about to come with something to eat for you. Please tell her that I am sending Salam on her. And then please tell her that Harab geladeira who sent me with his Salah for your wife, Hadith of the law.

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Second story. Susanna Salam was raising funds for taboo.

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People are bringing the donations, different kinds of cash guidance on then Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu came with a small bundle. He was wearing a sack as a poncho secured with funds. Resources will have asked him what he had brought.

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He said jasola I have brought everything that I have.

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I've asked him, but what have you left for your family? Yeah, raka he replied Allah, and his NaVi are

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sufficient for me and my family. Just then Jubilee Salam came and said, Yeah rasool Allah, Allah, please give my Salaams to your friend Abu Bakr then tell him that is Rob sent me della della, who was salam for him. His robber samsara on your friend. I will look up or the Law No. And tell him that he's Rob wants to know if a worker is pleased with him, Jelena.

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Allah wants to know if a worker is pleased with him Jelena of course Allah knows everything. This is the way of honoring our workers.

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Then very strangely, wrestlers are noticed that Jabril is rom himself, the greatest of the melodica, the leader of the Malayaka, the Rasul of Allah

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was also wearing a sack poncho secured with trans he was not in his Mala at glory

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he was wearing a sack as a poncho. Let's check to him yeah Gibreel What is this clothing of yours? What is it just of yours?

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do well is that I've said Yes Will Allah

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your rub liked the way your friend of a walker is dressed so much, that he ordered me and all the malaika and the heavens to be clothed in the same way as a worker.

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So is it is not only me, today, all the angels and devils are dressed like your friend.

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However, sisters, this is the reward of helping the mission of fossils.

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And that's why Allah subhanaw taala said about this generation of Sahaba wasabi wasabia Cornella Luna mineral mohajir in our Ansari well Davina Deborah homeware, Sandy Ravi Allah Azza

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wa, Delhomme, Jana tienen, TGV, that ad and Hyderabad in a fee, however, that the composer as the

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and the first to embrace Islam of the value room, and the answer, and also those who follow them exactly in fit.

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Well, as you know, the brown basin, Allah is well pleased with them and they are well pleased with him.

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He has prepared for them Gardens under which rivers flow to stay there to dwell there in forever. That is supreme success. Allah's rattle as in his infinite mercy, left the door open for any Muslim until the last day.

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Who wants to follow in the footsteps of that best generation.

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The Saba also lives by helping his vision, Allah call them those who He is pleased with.

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The choice is ours. My brother and sisters, the choice is ours. Do we want to be with the Sahaba of our souls or not? Because we will be with those we follow? We will be with those Billups asking us to enable us to follow those who followed us well as a seller and who Allah subhanaw taala was pleased with progress around vasavi Linda

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Cassidy was a lot. It was that I have to go