Abu Bakr Zoud – The story of how Aayat Al-Kursi protects against the devils

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The titleale for Dar knew Jesus, the genie who claims to have stolen money from human beings and is warned of new people. The journey of loss and loss is described as a loss journey where the creature is considered weak and losing his shape. Carla Hina recites a song about protecting herself from new people and OG Romina says she will be saved by the evil one. OG Romina also claims to be saved by the evil one.
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obey the gobble of the Allahu Anhu can Allahu Schuurman mean Tamil? He had a vessel where you can say a bowl of Tamil of dates. With Julian it comes from the word Juran and Gilan is the actual proper name of the neck of a camel. So you see the neck of a camel how it's long. So this should have known that obey Ibn kabhi Allahu Allahu Ahad, it seemed to be like very long and it was hollow, and the dates would be put inside of it. That this is where the detour again I am close. And so being given away human capital, the Allahu anhu, realize that it's decreasing every day. He's coming to it and it has less and less than he's not eating from it. None of his family members are eating

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from it. Where is it going?

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For how does the whole data lay there? He made an intention that he will stay awake the night to God, this vessel and bow of dates. And this is the from his humility. He didn't go and get a god to secure for him, he himself is going to guard his own property, either who will be there but in Shibu Allah Allah will tell him and that night he was guarding the vessel of the bowl of dates. All of a sudden, he saw a creation that looked like a young man.

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Any any Subhanallah This is the bravery of Obi Wan Kenobi. Allahu Anhu he did not move for Salam Allah He followed Danny he set up, obey, he gave this weird looking creature, a salon. And this creature sent the salam back to obey, obey Allahu Anhu strength and courage. He didn't fear anything for parliament and obey he said to this creature, who you you knew you'd come in see? Are you a gem or an inch from the humankind or mankind? On a Hindi descretion said, I'm from Elgin, on a fella will near that. obey, obey Allahu Anhu cipta this creature, give me your hand. For now when or who are the who. So this creature gave obey his head for either yet who you can be more shallow, shallow

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kelp. And so the hand looked exactly like the leg of a dog and it had the hair of a dog on it. And so will gin can appear in certain forms, and they speak to mankind. This is something Yanni shurkin Islamabad Damiel Rahim Allah he mentioned, that engine can appear in the image of humans and in the image of animals. They can appear snakes or spiders, camels cows sheeps horse, they can appear like donkeys birds, and they can even appear in real human form of people that unknown, such as a che upon when he appeared to Quraysh in the form of Surak of nomadic OB Allahu Anhu when Quraysh were about to leave Tibet that shaytaan came in took the image of a companions lock of nomadic and this

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is mentioned in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal, he said what exactly and Allah whom was shaytaan armella who were gone and Al Hadi welcome, William. I mean, unless you're in New York to let go. He was saying to them, the gym that appeared to Quraysh he was saying to them, that today, no one will be victorious over you and I will be your companion I will defend us. So Collins, you need to have a humble gym. So now going back to that story. And Jimmy this creation that obey now is in His presence. This journey, he said have the huncle Jim, because obey was holding his hand confused what is this? So this Gibney said this is how we Elgin created.

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You know, when obey felt his hand.

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He realized that it was skinny and it was weak because that's the leg of a dog.

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And a genie realize that obey perhaps would have thought that that obey is thinking about this creature that he's a very weak end. He's not as strong as others unis. So they shouldn't be set to obey. Color cut dolly Mateljan, no and MFE him or you don't I should duminy. So when he's touching his hand seems to be weak and skinny. This journey realize that obey is thinking of me as some weak, skinny person. So a genie said to obey, they didn't know very well that I'm the strongest one among them. And this is implying that this is how they are created. And he is indeed the strongest one among them. Called a fair measure a big obesity What brings you to my house? All about Levana Unaka

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to hippo saga Katha fudgey nanosci Woman Powick he said We have been informed that you love to give charity so we came to take from this food that

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we should get in a year we're learning that Elgin they know the situation of mankind, some Jin know about the situation of some of mankind. Well, this is something that is known as Chef and it's never been Tamia Rahim Allah He mentioned that Elgin could steal

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from human beings, they steal the jewelry they steal money of the human beings and sometimes money can go missing from the house. While no one has ever entered your house, where did it go? Allahu Allah. If it's not you or someone else in the family, then perhaps it could be a hidden that stole this money or this jewelry or some position in the house. And this is proven in the Quran when Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Paula a three two min a genie Ana de kabhi. Couple of takoma min McCormack and a three to Sulayman alayhi salam, I will go and get the throne of the Queen of Saba bulkiness and I'll bring it to you. So this is something that is Jonnie there is no this is why it's very

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important to read this Ayat al Kursi. Call of Emma Eugene M income, obey your OB Allahu Anhu said to this uni, what saves us and protects us from new people.

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So when Jiminy said heavy Hill area and let if you saw rot in baccarat Allahu La ilaha illa who will hire you or you will Jimny said noncore Lahaina yum see OG Romina hardtails. Woman Carla Hina used to be here I'm in a hotel room see. So he said whoever recites this AKA a uttered kursi. Whoever recites it. As he enters the evening gannet evening time will be saved and protected from us until the morning and whoever recites it in the morning will be saved and protected from us until the evening Ouji are Amina who here are meaning he will be saved from us and our evil. And Allah subhanahu wata. Allah is the One who is protecting and saving the servants from the devils and

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Elgin. And if Allah azza wa jal wants to save someone from harm, then absolutely no one will ever be able to harm him. When Allah subhanho wa Taala described himself in the Quran, he said could remember the Melaku to coalition Well who are you here what are usually In Kuntum Tala moon, Allah azza wa jal from his suffered from his attributes is that usually he's the one who ug meaning he protects and he's the one who saves subhanho wa Taala where he is not a name of Allah azza wa jal. So this is a attribute of Allah, Allah Mooji or we say Allahu Yujiro a devil. He subhanho wa Taala is the one who saves whoever he wants to save whenever you generally, and no one can save anyone

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from any form of punishment. If Allah azza wa jal will a punishment for a person for that matter. So when obeying the Allahu Anhu woke up the next morning

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at Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who went to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, further gara VALIC Allahu, and he mentioned to him the story that had happened to him last night. So then in the vehcile, Allahu alayhi wa sallam said sada can be the evil one has spoken the truth. A Shavon from his names is unhappy if that cubby has spoken the truth

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