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I humbly let you on.

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What's that? What's that gonna be about? Yeah, I'm about to fall over that you're gonna shade on our January Smilla rahmanir rahim.

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Allah will be a

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dwarf. So my god and embody North Sumatra Island by the pool what they know for worship. Seneca, Allah will ask him, my dear respected elders, the brothers.

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Yesterday as we are aware in our country, we had a public holiday, which is known as Youth Day. And I felt it might be appropriate that we speak about the topic of our youth. And there is no doubt that this is an aspect that concerns many of us what is the situation about our youth? It raises concern, we speak about it in our gatherings, how do we deal with regard to our youth? Firstly, a small message out to the youth that many times when we are young, we feel that we have our whole life in front of us up to God not the one and we are very young, we will become pious when we become old. The way the proverbial type of statement, when one leg is in the cover and the other is on the

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banana P going to the cover, then we will become Nick then we will become pious, then we will talk about reformation. That may be true There was once upon a time people used to think like that. And people used to also go for Hajj many times many, many years later in their own. Now welcome to Allah we are seeing a change, but they can be the situation we will become pious, when we become old. The fact of the matter is, we cannot know whether we are going to see the dawn of another day. Today, young people, you know may or may not keep them alive for a long period of time, especially our youngsters. But the fact of the matter is we finding situations. Therefore remember, you are never

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too young to become pious. Don't ever think I will become pious and I'm hoping he will read witness you are never too young to become pious. You must try and become pious immediately not wait for the time that I will become pious a after hear about a character anyway will you take on steam when I say no to an OK button. Which pathways karanga subset failure no Joanna whoa have to yes Cheyenne the lotto to have to some is sad is in the deeper em, because just Kalka Suraj million amulet zindagi ki Madame Eric if you don't

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know Jana Gianni his name was correct. His ticker, correct, Nick but Nick, shorten the year. Just remember you are never too young to become old. The other aspect with regard to this whole situation with regard to our young Allah, Allah has honored young people. Let Allah is honored young people that you can believe it, as it usually is. That was salam schizo and incidentally is mentioned in the Holy Quran. And you know, almost all have supera Allah has mentioned the incident of his use of police. That was salam. Many of the happenings with regard to the use of police arrived to a salon happened when he was young.

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When he saw the dream in color used to be happy here, our team here at Astra COCOM shumsa Welcome to Blue surgery when we need to happen. It didn't happen when he was old enough and when he was young, and like I mentioned with regard to young people's pacifically making mentioned that they were young as having a calf in whom fifth year

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they were young people in now fitted to the Harmon Obeah for him, Rafi. They were young people who brought Iman upon Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala was it now and Allah subhanho wa Taala increase them and increase them. Young people Subhan Allah. So Allah subhanahu wa taala so honored young people, that is one one of the aspects with regard to that we have to keep because of that, young people must realize the world. Young people must realize that Allah subhanho wa Taala is honors them because Allah has honored them to bear that responsibility that our data has honored them. Therefore we see Nick, good, happy superior athlete Yannick Kuro netbet Nicola Capcom each within a year now

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because of

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that we have to value the aspect of our being young. Another aspect here is to see young people there is no doubt that you have the capacity to do more than people who are old. When you are young, you got the capacity, you got the you got the, you got the power to do more than one old people can do. Therefore, throughout history you will find throughout history, whenever they have been revolutions, they whenever they have made a change, that change came from young people, not from old people, old people normally when they become old, they become conformist. It's a reality. You know, psychologically, it's also a real reality, old people become conformists. It's a young people who

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bring about change. In our situation yesterday, June 16. It was the young people who created the revolution.

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And this is the same thing that happened in our history, I will go on to make mention with the gateway as we go about. So young people are superior in their capabilities, they energy, the potential, they are much more than the elderly. Throughout history, it has been young people who has initiated and galvanized revolution and changing society. Therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala demands from young people to bear these things in mind, and to be able to be responsible with regard to the use and strength that Allah subhanaw taala has given them alive iron which I recited, Allah Allah the Halacha coming both Allah created to in weakness when you are small, you are weak to Machado the

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body to

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after you are this weakness of small in a way you are even Allah gave you a poor and not give you strength strength of what Strength of Youth for medalla number 14 Do former Shaybah after the strength of you, you go back into old age and old H Shaybah. You become old and you become weak. So in between infancy and old age is the strength of youth. So therefore,

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we have to evaluate that we can imagine with regards to how we are supposed to evaluate and that might not your honor people what extent is it Bookshare Surah Kahf mill as economical Hansika for Maya jawaan apne kabillion alumnae or Salah

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Buddha happy or monkey loboc butterhead or Tariq hola que mas image one kilobyte que da on copper one Shariah is the system as Derek keep the workbook or a Latina wants the young people to realize their responsibility. Therefore you find that maybe a cream is a lot lighter. He was celebrated five questions that they would ask you on the Day of Kiama. One of them specifically, what did you do when you were young?

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I've jumped Javante

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was Kibana masala and no one asked you on the Day of Yama. What did you do with regard to the aspect of it when you're young, maybe a cream sauce lemon said in a

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couple of

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value five things before five things overtake you. I'm not gonna go into the whole the Hadith. Value your young age before old age overtakes you

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value your young age because when you are young, you will be able to do things afterwards when you are only able to do it. You know, many years ago when it used to be a mausoleum. It used to be you know, a blind by ear I used to be I used to play tennis together. So many times when he became old when he used to play tennis when he used to go after the ball and he couldn't get it. And you say that the mind was there the body wasn't there.

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I wanted to go there but my body and my own he didn't allow me to go there. So sometimes it happens that when you are young you can do things that afterwards you can do therefore remember remember when you are young become do what you can do going making valid go and do things for the community for you do some stuff something for you. Don't wait afterwards, afterwards, it becomes too late. Definitely a team system tool has value your youth people who need to make a choice and that Allah loves them the bodies of the young people causing the emergence of the old people. And therefore the military was awesome said seven people will be under the shade of Allah subhanahu wa stone on the

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day of Yama and one of them Sha Na Shafi by the Tila, the young person who took delight in remembering Allah. burrata

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Allah Tala for yagni calling you to Catherine. If you don't want to remember not gonna win you only winner you will remember Lazzara they are naturally you find the people to start remembering Allah subhanaw taala the the greatness and the perfection is to remember love when you are young, not when you are old.

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Sharpen a Sharpie. So these are some of the aspects that

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We speak to with regard to the young people. Now with regard to the society, and with regard to the parents, we must realize I can't overemphasize this, that the young people are going through a great amount of challenges as a grown man on board, save challenges, custom nocturna Patera is near Maharashtra, Qusayr, Morawiecki. Parish and Acharya are sad, sad, on course, so much native ecosystem.

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We have to understand what our young people are going through. This is the reality that the fitna that temptation, the passions that they are undergoing through we when we were young didn't even get a small portion of that. Today, I just read a stat yesterday 95% of the young people in the world have got smartphones, smartphones are good that it makes you communicate in smartphones at the tip of the button, you have access to the worst type of temptation and Boonah answers they have it nowadays is not about doing something in front of the TV now isn't the smartphone in your own room, away from the piece of people you can do whatever you want these temptations these special these

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challenges these identity crisis, these gender crisis, we never ever had situations with regard to gender crisis. When we were small, everyone knew to either a boy or girl, you knew what to wear according to your gender. You knew what roles are assigned to you or expected from you on the basis of your gender. Nowadays, all of a sudden, dazes hold particular aspect of identity crisis, gender crisis, transgender, one day you're not sure whether you are a boy or whether you are good, whether you are men or woman.

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Why one day it could be that you feel yourself that you are a man and the next day you can feel it. Sometimes you are men in a woman's body, sometimes you are a woman in a man's body.

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Where do you ever get this type of situation? Sometimes you are gender neutral? You don't Sure I'll make up my babies. I have a baby boy, when I'm a boy or girl I make up my mind in time to come. I mean, and yet it is it is and it is propagated as part of academia. We laugh about it, but it is propagated. So our youngsters are going through all of these challenges identity crisis. And nowadays the identity crisis first was with regard to being a Muslim. And then of course, the type of stigmatization, stigmatization with regard to Muslims in our society today, now we have different types of identity with regard to being a Muslim. What type of Muslim?

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Are you a Muslim? Are you a bookseller?

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What type of Muslim are you? Yeah, Allah? Is this going to what's going to happen with regard to our situation? We are not realizing what we are doing to our youth

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in this whole particular situation of our whatever it might be, what is what is happening? How will you they are going to become despondent with regard to religion. Therefore, more than ever before, more than ever before. We need to have great amount of sympathy, compassion, kindness, nurturing, and could take them with us on the journey. We have to teach them with us in our journey with regard to you know, show them compassion, show them kindness, show them, show them speak to them. Otherwise, we are going to lose our youth if we don't have that particular type of relationship and communication with them is the same that is executed to Allah Who that Hello, whom we serve a play

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with your children for seven years, at people who will be suffering, and they after you discipline them between seven and 14, and then Honolulu disappear,

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you know, then have to be friendlier ly moved myself in the first one, play with him for seven years. For seven years, play with your children, then don't make too much of you know, don't make too much of Satya upon them. Don't make too much of you know, bring them upon them and bring them hit them. And then before seven, seven, even before seven, you must be able to play with them. You discipline them between seven and 14 and after 14 you befriend them. Our alumni have told us Kodama, we have come to our country, they have made mentioned with regard to the aspect by saying that, you know if then your children after when they become of age, because if you don't befriend them, they

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are going to get friends with other people who will give them negative influence. We must be the parents of community that we have to step up. To be able to speak to our youngsters, we must become the first port of call whenever they have any type of challenge. Whenever they have any type of question. They must be able to approach the parents. He mustn't go somewhere else. They must be able to approach them. They must be able to approach the family members to be able to see

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See through them, anytime they come with a problem that you might feel that what type of problem he says we never ever heard it was problem, don't undermine the problem that they are speaking about. Speak to them, try to guide them. This is the only way if you want to protect our children in the future. Because the type of challenges that are coming out, it's all very, very great. And until we don't learn to communicate with them, we are going to have, you know, major challenges in the future with regard when we don't we can always see and this is the truth. You see, one of the situations of our situation today is that in our passive Islam, there is no there is no space between being a

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child and being an adult.

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into an actual here to man, you know, I am not a child, I'm not an adult, I am a teenager manner to butcher who now brown may in between. Now in between what does it tell you that now is the time for me to enjoy myself, I can see my wife or whoever I want, I can go in the cinema whatever I want. With you get this whole particular mindset. Islam man, you have to have naturally your body, the moment you become body who are responsible. These in this whole situation in between type of situation meant an Iron Man notice child and what an adult. So many times you ask the children, you will see them you see this happening, that when you speak to your child child in a particular way,

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by is Don't speak to me that I'm not a sad child. Or if you're not a child and God will make up your own means for make your own entity. You are not so big stuff.

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You're not a child, you're not an adult, what are you? So it gives you a license to do whatever you want. We don't have this the moment you are valid, you are responsible in Islam. Subhanallah look at our situation, who some of whom said was 17 years of age when the Vietnamese asked the medium a commander of an army. Sarasota Mohammed Al Fateh was 51 or 52 years when he conquered his Istanbul when he conquered Constantinople.

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Abdul Rahman and Nasir went to Spain. He was 21 years when he brought a revolution in Spain. It is so good that he brought a law firm in Spain at the age of 51. Starting when we were personally allowed to know was a first person to take out an arrow in a path of Allah subhanho wa Taala was 70 years of age. What do our children know that particular age?

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But whatever it is, my dear respect when you see the NASA we've missed a very important point.

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phototherapy it drew up the Chicco Cortina, walk up to Perillo hair or wherever chair we interpret Amicus at Toronto, you can use the same methodology of upbringing and Tampere tend to bring for small children that they will you have for teenagers, you need a completely different approach. There, you can perhaps shout them, you can discipline them, there is a way with regard to it. But after the 15 years, you probably don't hit your child. If you want to help your child you are bringing and you want to make him rebellious,

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you need a complete different method of why Peter gives a lump sum nisarga. And someone recently has written very beautifully, that when the children become teenagers, more than being a military general, you need to be a skilled negotiator.

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As if after your children become 50 years of age, you don't now become a military general military general with a six seven you can do it now after 14 Even if you do it, they won't they won't listen to you. They will stand up do you have to explain to them why you want them to do something, you have to take them with you. Now you have to become a skilled negotiator. Now you have to negotiate. Now you have to speak to them. See, okay, this is something that will allow you to do it up to this extent, not more than that. But whatever it is my dear respective brothers, this is a period that our our community, our society, our parents have to play a very important role. And remember this is

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of the Holy Quran when Allah says you will live in Abu Dhabi or you will believe protect yourself and your family members from the fire of Jana made me so I normally give this example it's a very very difficult example to give because we don't want anything ever happened I just but can you imagine you are coming home and one day you come home and you see that there's a fire nearby somewhere near your home you say Oh it must be someone in our neighborhood. It can be my host you know because when we ever feel

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the difficulty will come upon us and and that'll always protect us. And thereafter all of a sudden when you come nearby to see these your own house. Now what you worry what happened to my wife what happened to my children, and all of a sudden you're coming here by

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burning and you see we have three children. You see two children are sitting by the by the pavement they are saying the third child who see

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Waiting for me from the house. Oh, my father says you know my father's What will you do?

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You will forget everything and you will run in you're going to protect your child.

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You can protect your child will do whatever it needs to be done to where you would put your own life at rest to protect your child. Now remember this example and remember what Allah says, save your children from Judge.

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Save them with a greater urgency in this example, save them from the fire Oh, tell them how you will do it do it.

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Justice channel, telling them

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what to use if they have a comfortable life and they want nothing.

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So we have a tremendous responsibility. May Allah give us the opportunity and the ability to fulfill our responsibility