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Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan

Our beloved Sheikh in this khutbah talks about one of the attacks of Iblis stated in Surah 7.

Iblis here swore he will absolutely come at us from in front of us and behind us.

Which basically means he's attacking head on- literally in front of us, the literal meaning being iblis will use things directly in front of us against us. Eg: whatever you want to look at is physically in front of the screens of iPhone, laptop screen etc. Iblis doesn't want us to think of the consequences of our action. He whispers to us that consequences don't matter.

The second prong of this frontal attack is when iblis directs our focus by whispering about the physical elements of life - obsessing us with things that we can see -  that branded outfit or the house in that particular neighborhood.

In Surah An-Nas - the Quran says “iblis whispers into the chest” which carries the meaning that Iblis uses the emotions in our chest and manipulates them to work against our aqidah, our deen. He'll use our anger to mess us up; use our happiness to mess us up. Devil whispers - “I won't give you what you want but something lesser but I'll give it to you now”.

He attacks you from right in front of you and blinds you. Syaitan blocks your view ahead of your meeting  with Allah using that latest car, that awesome holiday.

To achieve the vision you have for your future you need direction, you need a goal. Iblis wants you to not have goals. Iblis makes the future invisible by blinding your view with his frontal materialistic attack.

The Devil fills us with pessimism so we will let go of our expectations of Allah that which is the essential aspect of our relationship with Allah. Iblis wants to take material things and convert it to our goals, so we're immersed and obsessed with  those things and thus we lose sight of our goals.

And his next frontal attack is his attack on Time. He makes us believe we have Time to achieve our goals. He wants us to have no expect for our time and throw it away frivolously.

So now we are aware that he will launch a multi latered frontal attack, we need to know how to fight it. We need to know that we have no control of the future. It's not in our hands but Allah's. Thus how do you fight this frontal attack? Listen to this talk till the very end to discover how to defend our Iman and our deen from these obvious and sworn attacks of the cursed Iblis.


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