Saudi moon sightings are not valid

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The San'ton group is facing a problem with their moon sightings, which they believe is a political and ideological difference between the San'ton and the Saudi Arabia. They have lost their religious authority and are now seeing people refuse to take from the San'ton. The group is now facing issues with the new Regime, including corruption, the removal of Muslims from the country, and the lack of authentic sightings. They are accepting their stance, but there is a risk that they will not be accepted by the general public.

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The Saudis Moon sightings are not acceptable. We cannot take from the Saudis when it comes to the moon sightings about Ramadan. This is something that we've been dealing with, and we've been hearing for years. But the question is, why is this? Why are people so against the Saudis in their moon sightings? And is this correct that we actually shouldn't take from them when it comes to the moon settings, both the beginning and the end of Ramadan? Now, there's two reasons why people would just won't take from the Saudis. The first one is an ideological reason, and a difference and belief in creed and al Qaeda, where you have that they call the sort of these Wahhabis and they perhaps are

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sufi, or Ashari, or whatever they are. So they refuse to take from the Saudis. And we're not going to get into that in detail. Now, perhaps another video, we can talk about that. But that's the first reason and for years people have been refusing to accept from the Saudis. The second reason is something that's rather new, or some of the second group they will take from the Saudis in the past. But nowadays, they say, No, anything that comes from Saudi Arabia, we want nothing to do with this is very widespread. And he threw out whether the Muslim world was Muslim countries or even for us in the West, where people would just anything with the name ceremony on it, they want nothing to do

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with it. And the reality is that they they've lost their religious authority, these have a very strong religious authority, even though group one was against them, the majority of Muslims will take from them and a lot of issues. But nowadays, people are refusing. So what is this group? This is politically based, now they're seeing the new regime, you know, what's happening, the corruption, the Haram things that are being spread in the land of the Haramain, we're talking about, you know, they don't know how to mean the, the two, you know, holy cities, so Muslims around the world are not accepting this, and they have this hatred announced towards the regime. And obviously, this you have

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Khashoggi or what have you. And this, Nicolas people just now want nothing to do with his regime. And even if something that's good to that comes from it, people are not going to accept it. And he this is a reality. But what any, what should our stance be an issue, we actually then listen to them as we accept from them or not. There's a news The question that needs to be answered. First of all, the general principle when it comes to dealing with anyone, whether it's a Muslim or non Muslim, a law gave us the answer in the Quran and how we deal with these individuals who we differ with. And Solothurn Medha wallerian jurymen Commission Commissioner Coleman Allah Allah daddy Lu era de Loup,

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who ACARA Wally taqwa and a hatred or dislike that you have towards a certain group should not make you treat them in justly be just enter the loo. It is closer to Taqwa is closer to piety. Secondly, one lie. This is something I've seen with my own eyes and something I've investigated and researched. When it comes to the moon setting in Saudi Arabia, you will never ever find any country on the face of the earth that is more authentic than them. They really, really do a good job. And when it when they have committees that go out, we're talking about governmental committees, and we're talking about individual committees who go out and they do the moon setting at the beginning

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of Ramadan, the end of Ramadan, when it comes for Hajj, they're out there some of them out there just looking at in the desert, some other desert with high powered telescopes to make sure did Ramadan start or did it not? Therefore, yes, they're moving sightings are authentic, they're legitimate, and we should accept them in Chautala. And Allah knows best Allah violence.