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Hadith tour by Imam Yahya Ibrahim

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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And hunger level Salatu was salam o la subida sallallahu alayhi wa either early he was off to be here woman way down Mohammed Abdullah Ali Baba solo attempt to sleep.

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So our first night Mashallah, as you can handle, all of us, we seem to have had a really good dress last night. Everyone's complimenting the beds, Mashallah, how soft they are, I think it's

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more about our desire to just snuggle up in the night, as I was just saying, I think the ground itself would have been fine for me, it was come to love very comfortable.

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So it's a little bit after fidgeting a little bit before breakfast. And I thought we do this every, every morning in shot law, which is to do a reflective Vic, which simply means that I'll share three of the profits a lie, so limbs morning, and just explain them and give a little bit of a background of why they were used by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, and why they are things that we should maintain in our life. So the first of them is as a Christian, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says a number of things about Isaac associative courtesy is a tricky topic that it is the greatest verse in the whole. And there's this beautiful narration of imobile subhabrata

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Yamaha home, where a group of people had come from a journey, and he doesn't know who's in them. And as they arrived,

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you know, they did something that indicated that amongst them was a scholar, some someone of note. So he said, to our world cup to the people who are traveling. Now the more I attend, Vicki Tabitha, what's the greatest verse in the whole app? So they, they transmitted it up the lines while it comes to them and their resident scholar, their resident eemaan answers. And he said to them, say to him, it is

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a la houda, Isla de la who had hired a young and there's a number of other questions that I'm going to ask. So he simply says at the end of July of

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his adult life, I started traveling with you, because no one knows these kind of details, unless it's someone of note someone of that caliber. So it shows you that it was something that was known amongst the elite of the Sahaba that this was a verse of great significance, like the first question you asked to see that this person know their faith, the power of a theocracy.

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The second thing that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says is that courtesy

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is a protection medical issue. It is something that protects you from any anything that can befall you in your life. And that amount, Alabama, nawawi, and others when they speak about it, they mean befall you, whether it is spiritually or it is financially, whether it's physically, whether it's, you know, domestically with your household and your wife and your children, that this is a verse that is seen as a protection. Third, the prophets of the law what he was sending him said about a democracy, that it is an idea that expels the shavon and some people they interpret the Hadith of the prophets, I send them where he says that a shavon shavon runs away and flees from a home where

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solten Bukhara is recited. Their interpretation of that is because it contains our youth and courtesy and the last two verses of Surah Baqarah. The fourth thing that the prophets I said limb said, he says to you and I any believer who wakes up in their morning, and recites ayatul kursi volley, half of a guardian remains at their assistance and protection meaning of a guardian angel, were in a coma half Ilene Allah says in the hold on, so surely I have summoned and sent upon you, the protectors. And therefore this idea, it increases the number of the angels and increases the power of the angels and decreases from the color that is changeable of a loss of Hanna went to

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islands decree upon you. And therefore this is a really important concept that the cutter that you wake with in the morning is determined by what how you start your day. And therefore that accident that was about to

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you know you're about to encounter can be altered by your making of your protection, the rotation of age, of course he and other other as well.

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The final thing that I want to say about it is to save in the morning and to save before we sleep is a constant signal of the prophets I send the prophets I sent him said about a courtesy that any believer who recites it, do what Oculus Allah at the end of each one of their ritual, five prayers, then it is a guarantee for them in a place of

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agenda and the only reason they're not an agenda is because they they're still breathing. So May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to be from the practitioners of this great student of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Allah subhanaw taala says Allah Allah He Machito Norma Jean, a module

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Illa Illa who will Hi You call you data Hulu center to

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the Houma office. Where do you feel all

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the love the showering the who in the evening, the Alamo Marina ad mama Holly fair homes, whether you're hago NaVi in minimi in Masha, what's the accuracy over sama de one hour, while

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Roma waho Allah Allah you will all the this particular area it has 10 different assertions and statements. It is considered the greatest idea of the Quran. Because it begins with the name of a lot. And it Chronicles from a loss of kinda want to add the most important qualities of protection that we need from him. So it's one of those unique verses where a lot doesn't begin by identifying himself. He begins by asserting himself. The Ayah begins a lot. It's not cold Whoa, a lot. It's not whoa a lot and levena in India who like you find in other majestic verses in the Quran? This ayah begins a lot. Not either in Baku, and the syntax of the ayah is quite striking. Allah says it's a

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law, none is there other than he it's not to say there isn't anyone except a lot. And therefore the emphasis is about the Lordship of Allah, the creation of Allah the creative power of a loss of Kannada, the authority of a large village and therefore a law puts himself on offer to us and it is our duty to acceptable soprano and to honor so a law is known whether you accept or not, and almost impediments Allah is Allah whether you testify that he is the only one or not, he is a la, La Ilaha Illa who

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and he will call you. Those two words in combination are only found in three places in the whole arm and how you will pay you and some of the great imams including some of the Sahaba like Abu mamelodi Allahu anhu. he narrates a Hadith of the prophets I send them which is collected by an Imam at tirmidhi who is from these blessed lands of

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where we are visiting. That the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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fakie tabula in the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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there are three places three tools fi solten Bukhara y la Emraan warclaw ha ha is from LA Hill album in the three sources sort of caught up sort of earlier in Milan and sort of Baja it contains a lot of greatest names. I love either Doria v ajar, it is the name that when you invoke him with it, you summon him to a point that he will answer you subhana wa Tada. And I will mama then stops the narration of the prophets I send them he says for another two Viki tabula and therefore to critical note of the word of a lot I wanted to see what Where can I find these verses what what is Allah His greatest name? And I found that in the three schools there was only one set of unique names of Allah

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subhanaw taala in combination that is found in nowhere else. So Allahu, that he that he know and how you look at you and sort of tell bacala Alif Lam Meem Allahu La Ilaha Illa who and how you're a human sort of Allah imraan and in sort of claw hub, why would you Who

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are you are called harbor Minami la homina Hola. And to Allah subhanho wa Taala, all the faces will turn to the EverLiving that also staining subhana wa Tada. And therefore, he says, I cannot assert any other name in the hole on other than this is the name of Allah azza wa jal, that is meant by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So therefore make it a regular habit in your life in sha Allah, the first things that you do in the morning, and it doesn't have to be you know, you're still in bed, but the first processes of your morning as you're making your coffee as you're getting up after your soda, as you're getting ready for

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that your intention is to recite this surah this ayah with the intention of protection. And that's something I think many people they kind of mistake where we recite the whole iron just because it's become a habit. And it's just something called the prophets. I seldom said but there has to be that Nia, which is an effective cause of what it is that you're seeking from this particular verse of the Quran. So ask Allah Subhana Allah in your heart, or live recited this ayah in conformity with

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So one of the prophets I send them and in seeking your protection for me throughout my day until I retire into the night. The second

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thing that I share with you this morning is a beautiful day of the prophets. I send them where he says

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no, and it's it's one of those that are not often mentioned, most of us you know, we know when we wake up we say 100 la isla de la vida, I'm at an hour late in the shore.

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Now what else behind Monica de la all of those are wonderful, wonderful idea of the prophets, I send them but one of the most beautiful ones is

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where he answered lots of planning with either for success in his day. Allow me as a little girl Hey, y'all, I heard that he Oh, oh, am I asked you for the hire that is found in this day. Fat taboo, the conquest of this day. So there's any challenge that I can complete? When or I have the light of this day

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wahida the guidance that is put in this day that I wouldn't find this guidance had it not been for you sending it to me because I've asked him for a lot. My knees are go high. You don't have to do that. Why not? sauraha its victory and its conquest when Nora Hua Hua, and its light and its guidance Allahumma in the arrow that we can mean shortly. Hi, Danielle, Allah, I asked you to protect me from the evil that resides in this day, while short run Nevada and the evil that may come in the days after. And that's seen by the Imams as being a holistic view of the prophets. iclm. Look at the things that he mentioned that 10 knots are, are synonymous with each other. That means to be

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giving an opening, and not to be giving them conquest. But when you look at it, there's two separate meanings of it. And whenever the Prophet uses two words that mean the same thing. But he uses them one after another. He's trying to imply that there's two things he's asking for. So fact is for a door that's closed, that you can open yourself. And sometimes in your life, you're knocking on the door and you some kind of law, there's nothing I can do to get through. And as much as I try, I just can't conquer this thing.

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But to get that opening doesn't mean that you'll actually gain its prosperity. So the Prophet asked for the fact I will not open the door or will not open the harder or law remove this difficulty remove the impediment, give me an ability to break through. And all of those are images of that word.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala inspires to the prophet to make use

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of conquest, Fatah who want

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to be given us and to be given conquest, that you dominate in whatever it is that you're seeking, Oh Allah, I want to enter into my workplace and I want to be the best of those who are there. I want to be the best employer, the best employee, I want to be the best husband, the best wife, the best child, I want to have, you know, the greatest elevation of victory. So a lot opened the door for me and let me prove myself let me walk through and and assist me to getting the best that I can in outcome. And that's a powerful route of the Prophet. So I said, Allah subhanaw taala says to us in the Quran, we'll call Rob with kidney Matala. sutphin What did you mean Hello gentle. So Allah

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commands the prophets I seldom say, or a lot. Enter me with a state of truth and comfort and sincerity and allow me to exit from wherever I am with truth and sincerity of you oh and loss of Hannah Montana.

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So fat taboo, when also when the word newer is directly related to the light of a man, the loss of Hannah Montana, he says, a woman shout out Allahu Sankara, who, for who Allah Nuri Manabe, give them the example in comparison to the one who's in darkness, the one whom Allah has expanded their chests, and then they've come to an enlightenment from the Lord, for who Allah nor

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can they be compared to the one come in who have been buruma, the one who's surrounded by the shades of darkness. And whenever Allah speaks of light, it's singular. A love doesn't say ever in the whole an unwashed, plural. It's always new. But whenever Allah speaks of darkness, it's a Lulu man's. It is many shades of darkness and some kind of love. There's many layers of impediments in our life, but there's only one solution. And it's amazing that when you think of the light of Allah soprano, and Tiana, the meaning behind it is it's if you you know, if you were to be enclosed in a in a space that is completely dark, there's no shade of light. If there's a small pinhole of light, it brings

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light into the room. And it's just that one ray of light that removes darkness. So when you speak about darkness, it's the absence of any light. But when you speak of light, the moment you say there's light

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You can't say there's absolute darkness. And that's where a loss of power to Adam seeks for us to give this attention. There's a chapter in the Koran called pseudo to know what Allah refers to light as being directly of himself, Allahu noodle semilac to allow all enlightenment, all light stems from Allah Subhana Allah

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radiance of faith and all of that comes from our faithfulness in Allah subhana wa Tada. So the Prophet asked for light, there's a drought of the prophets I send them which he also used to make in the morning, where he would ask for different types of light in different places in his life and in different moments in his day. So we would say Allahumma Gylfi, but sorry, neurons to Allah making my site light with he sent me a new aura in my hearing in my ears like lucky Hello, viola, in my heart, bless there be light, when he sold the law in my chest, let there be light. Once he killed the neuron in my skin, let it be of light, what he shot out, he ignored off my hair still going back

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from punch me my hair, cause there to be light. And in some narrations, even in my senior, even in my muscles, even in my bones, he just said the neuron in my body, Allahu majali neuron overlock create light for me in this world.

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And Oh Allah, make this light from you. It's a powerful neuron. So the Prophet makes some simplifies it a lot. I asked you for an opening, for conquest for light wahida and the and the guidance that is found in this day. Notice that the prophet SAW Selim, he speaks about the light and the conquest as in relation to the day. So every day there's other shades of light. And there's other moments of enlightenment that will come to you. There's other moments of guidance that will come for you. And there are times where that guidance is about to arrive to you, but you miss out on it escapes you that word of advice that someone was going to give you that pause where you were going to see that

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animal eating from the tree and remember the risk of a law, that sip of water when you were really thirsty and you say and hamdulillah that that moment that was going to bring about change in something in your life may escapee. Had it not been for you asking Allah for guidance, Lola and Hi Dan, Allahu Dana, Allah subhana wa tada says,

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Ask and recognize that had it not been the fortune of Allah, the grace of Allah upon you, who you would not have been found to finding guidance.

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The prophets I sell them would say at the beginning of every lecture in Alhamdulillah, Adama they want to sell you know, until the very end, he would say, Man Yeah, the law for who and

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the one whom Allah guides, he's the one who assumes and finds guidance. What can you tell me tell you that actually Yama*a in sort of guy and the one whom a law allows to be misled, a lot takes away guidance from them. A law does not bless them with an opening of guidance or conquest of guidance, the light of gun guidance, then they are the ones who will never find a guy who will bring them to a rush. Even the jinn recognize this, and they say in the very opening verses of SoTL telegin.

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They say equal Allah says to the Prophet PL o here Illa Allah who stammer now for Amina Genie for Fido, Sameera for Anna, Jabba ja De La Roche, it leads us to a place that we would not have found it, it would have shot is to be shown a direction that you would never have seen it. never have known it had someone not indicated to you. And the opposite of of who that is blah, blah, blah, is that you know where you're going, you just lost the way. So I know I need to go through that door. But some kind of law. I got confused. It looked like that one. But I know it's that one. I know what the door looks like, I know what the objective is, I know where I want to end up. But some kind of

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law I didn't get there. I missed it. It was a missed opportunity because it became

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old, resembling the same thing. And those who veer off the path of truth are no not those who go looking for evil. Rarely you find someone says oh, there, let me go over there that it looks really evil over there. I'd like to really, you know, get part of that evil action over the phone. It's that most people intend good. Most people intend good, they want what is good, but they never arrive to it. Because it was not built on guidance. So where do we find guidance? guidance is found in two things one, a sincere heart and to the student of the profits of along with a lesson. And therefore in every act of worship, it's cognitive, those two things that you must have it with a philosopher a

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lot. I'm doing this for a lot. So I if I'm doing this for a lot that I want to do

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With the right way, if it's for a lot, then I'm going to do it the right way who's going to teach me the right way it's got to be more fundamental license. So the moment you have those two things in combination, you find guidance, you find your path with a law, you find a place that will lead you to a place of truth and honesty. The third invocation so that we can get ready in Sharma for breakfast I'm also hungry.

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For breakfast in sha Allah is the solo watts upon the prophets, Allah Buhari was sent, and there is not recorded in the name and in the history of any Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that they made less than 100 prayers of peace upon the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in their day and night. It is unheard of. There's none of the Sahaba, who's recorded to have made anything less. In fact, the majority are vast, vast in abundance that they would say I don't know how much but it's a lot harder. So they'll slow down upon the profits on the long run. It was a limb and I'll send this out on our group in chat LA is one of the powerful means to begin your day with, in particular with

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10 solo ads in the morning, and the shortest solo a lot is a lot more suddenly.

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That's the shortest version of slaughter. A lot homeless on the island. But the best is a solid ebrahimian which is Allahumma salli ala Mohammed Ali Mohammed came out so late Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim Allahumma vertic Mohammed Ali Mohammed came out Baraka Allah Ibrahim, Ibrahim, fill me in Dhaka, honey McGee

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alamanda milk I am and this is what I'll share with you has a book called joda time. It is the removal of doubtful thoughts. And it's the fixing of wrong of a wrong mentality in the blessing of sending your son out on a hike upon the best of humanity, Mohammed, some of the law what he was sending him and I've translated this section where I've mentioned 39 blessings 39 benefits, the Lima milk am brings from different ideas, different verses of the Koran to assert the value of making our invocations to a law seeking blessing for our Prophet Mohammed's ice element peace upon him, but I want to simplify it inshallah in a very simple way, and I'll speak about this again tomorrow and

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every day I'm going to speak about the Soto act, because it's a system of life. You're rude and solid from the prophets like Selim is a system of life, it must be integrating everything in your life, in times of hardship, calamity, difficulty happiness, there must be mentioned of the prophets I seldom because he asked us of this, he says, with Guru masaba can be remember your masiva through me, remember your calamity in men making mention of me because you'll remember how many calamities the prophets I send them suffered, and how resilient he was a lot while he was in them. And when the prophets eyes element passed away, this dawned on the Sahaba in a very meaningful way. It was all of

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a sudden, when something bad they couldn't turn to him, so I send them for advice or support. So they would say either call them or sob that can be really loud when someone would be in suffering, they would say, okay, remember, your suffering is nothing compared to the calamity of losing our Navy, Mohamed's Salalah while he was in them.

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So just the first point that I'll say about this one a lot so that we can end our discussion in sha Allah.

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If you were to make your app for me, the prophets I send them says as is narrated by the man Muslim, who's also from this land, from Nisa, pool. Nature por

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la man Muslim collected the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, mammy Muslim and yet early he he be the holy like, there isn't a believer who makes your art for their fellow brother for another human being without them knowing, like you made your art for me. So Matt Lawson kind of Donna ibaka Tisha here good to have lots of rules.

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I do recommend this a lot.

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And you make that the art for me without me knowing. You know, you just saw me walking over there and he says about law a law my father in law granted protection

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in law, Allah Allahu Allahu Allah. No one makes a drought like that, except the last sentence that person who made the door an angel, and the angel was summoned to you will call Allah Who am him and that angel says amin to the drought you made well, that can be made and do you equal and in other narrations greater than what you asked for that person. So when you ain't meant for me, you're actually making

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do out for yourself and blessing for yourself. So when you give you make an invocation for me, you get something similar. Now imagine if you're making invocation for the prophets on the law to send them the reward in the response from a law has to be greater and therefore you hear the prophets I send them say, Man, Sundar, Allah Yamato 10 some de la de br shot, the one who makes your app for me once a law

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Then give them 10 times its amount. So you ask for peace and security and the love of a law upon the profits I sell them, it is radiating back to you 100 times 10 times in your life and in other rewire more than that. So, when you're making your doodle then your Salaam upon the Prophet sallallahu sallam, it is actually ensuring your needs are met, it is ensuring your difficulties are alleviated. It is ensuring your risk is expanded, it is in ensuring your hardships are traversed with ease. So therefore when you put the three your ad that we studied together, I used to go to see which is uncomfortable and the protector with the DA of conquest and opening and light and he Daya

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and with the Sala upon the profits, I sell them. You walk upon the earth as a fearless believer. You are a person who is connected to a lot began your day with a vicar of a lot you finished your fetch, you woke up to make your decree of a law and you remembered our interview Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Once he had that key fire and in sha Allah you join me again tomorrow for another

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reflective victory session the evening light era where we study three more the profit that are recited in the morning subchronic Allahumma, hematocrit shadow and Elijah and suffered by Timberlake was set up on a one off multiply