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The Guilty Mindset


AI: Summary © The use of the Quran as a reminder for actions related to the heart and avoid suffering from past mistakes is discussed. The importance of acceptance of Islam as a means to forget the past and become a person who can forgive oneself is emphasized. The speaker uses Islam as a way to replace evil deeds and make people feel bad, while also emphasizing the importance of letting people take responsibility for their actions to make them feel sorry for their past mistakes. The use of God as a weapon to gain power and control is also discussed, and encourages people to focus on their feelings rather than their actions. The speaker also mentions a YouTube video and encourages people to sign up for a journey to learn the Quran.
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I don't want you anybody to live in guilt.

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Allah did not give us this religion to make us feel like remorse over the past the Quran.

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One of the great one of the great functions of the Quran the purpose of the Quran Allah says, infidelity Allah the Quran live in Canada who called it is a powerful reminder for someone who has a heart. So anything related to the heart, the most comprehensive answers for how your heart should feel is in the Quran. And in the Quran. If someone has lived a life of sin, or a life of forgetfulness, or a life of mistakes, or a life of neglect, etc. Does Allah say you should now feel guilty until you die for how you have lived as the Quran ever do that? The Quran is more protective of the Allah is more protective of his creations heart than even the creation themselves. Allah

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cares more about my heart than I do about my own heart you understand that concept? So if Allah does not shame or guilt me about my past mistakes or neglect, all he asks is do one thing. What's that one thing? Make Toba? And then fix yourself, make Toba and fix yourself. And then you might slip again. And if not, if you slip again, what should you do again? Make Toba and fix yourself. And if you can do that, you don't have to live in what? guilt or shame. You don't have to live in guilt or shame. You know?

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And we what we've done is we've created a mindset because I'll tell you where this comes from. Allah forgives easily.

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Allah is actually eager to forgive, but people

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people don't forgive easily. If you hurt your mother's feelings, even if she hugs you something is still hurting her in her heart. It she's not capable of letting go of some of that pain. Jacoba Alehissalaam is not capable of easily just letting go of the years of abuse his sons detain him. You understand they can make Toba and by the way, who can forgive his sons immediately? Allah can wipe the slate clean but who cannot forgive immediately? Yahuwah they certainly can't do it. He can just do it. Those who Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam in one narration couldn't look at washy.

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He accepted Islam. What is what do we know about accepting Islam? What happens to all your sins, they get wiped out, wiped out by who? By Allah. In fact, accepting Islam is a kind of Toba and Toba means all your bad deeds get converted into good deeds. That's how much Allah loves. But would I kill you but did Allah Who sejati him? Allah replaces their evil deeds with good ones. That's Quran is promise. But the Prophet SAW Selim is still a human being, and he sees the one who mutilated his uncle. Right? So he can't see he is not that he doesn't forgive him. But he can't forgive him the way Allah forgives him now what happens with us coming to 2024 2023 and this era that we live in and

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we're heading towards? What happens now is, people use Islam, because we make each other feel bad anyway. Okay, I can make you feel bad for coming late. Or I can make an employee feel bad for making a mistake. Or I can make a family member feel bad or they can make me feel bad or you You never call you never do this. You never do. We guilt each other all the time. But now we've done a new thing. We use Islam to guilt each other. It wasn't enough that we're guilting each other now we add in you know Allah who doesn't forgive when you do this, right? You know, Allah does that right? You know, so now we're using Allah to make sure someone stays inside their guilt. Now we use we use God as a

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weapon basically, to guilt and shame. So what is the Quran do make Toba and move on with your life? What do people do? I will not let you move on with your life.

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Like you can't, you don't get to move on with your life. You have to stay exactly where you were, know your place.

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It says if Allah wants one is the far show of humility, and move on and human beings want constant such the

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human is almost one, I want you to worship me to the point where you keep begging for forgiveness and begging for forgiveness. And then I'm gonna say, you're sorry, is not good enough for me.

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You're sorry.

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God doesn't even demand that. Can you imagine if we had to beg Allah for forgiveness for everything we've done and it wouldn't be good enough? Can you imagine? Like, then then it wouldn't even be right for us to ever get up from such though

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every weekend to get up from it. So the guilt you're feeling is actually not just you. There's a cultural anthropological collective guilt society that we've created. And in that society, you're supposed to live feeling bad about yourself. You're supposed to live in shame. You're supposed to live in regret constantly. Do we regret our mistakes? Absolutely. Should we turn and try to make things right Absolutely. Should we

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Making so far Absolutely. But then we should move on.

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We should just we just move on. You know Musa lay some stories one of my favorites because he actually accidentally killed someone but he did throw a punch.

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How do you get over that?

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Like how do you get over that? And you know what when he went he goes to challenge Mussa challenge for round when he goes to challenge for don't fit on could just turn around and say

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you're gonna tell me what's right and wrong. You You know what you did?

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Who are you to open your mouth, a murderer is going to teach Oh murder as a prophet now, really

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you have no moral standing to be able to say what's right and wrong because you have a mistake in your past is not the logic. Guess whose logic that is? Finance

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is very powerful it works. Because then someone says, Look, I have mistakes, I shouldn't say anything. And then people turn that into a righteous thing. I have so many sins myself. I have so many mistakes myself, who am I to say anything about any, anything about anything, I should just be quiet. And then anybody who's done any good, should be quiet because they're aware of their flaws. So that nobody should speak the truth because does anybody is there anybody who exists that doesn't have sins.

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So if sins are the basis for which I shouldn't say anything, or you shouldn't say anything, that we should just be perpetually silent.

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