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Alhamdulillah Allah allowed me

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to learn more talking while I read one Illa Allah, Allah mean well chawan La ilaha illallah wa sallahu la sharika lah wa shadow under Mohammed Abdullah who was a solo solo la la, la de la he was happy woman da da what he was tenderly suniti illa Yomi Dean was seldom just Sleeman kathira Amar bad for SQL when FCB taqwa Allah azzawajal assembly were taught by akula suparna our other Billa humanists shaytani regime. Yeah, are you Hannah so in haluk narco min Dhaka in our own za wa jal Nakamoto Ruben wakaba, Isla de Tato in archroma, comme en de la he at Comic Con

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in de la, La Mancha, beer,

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our praise the due to Allah, Lord of the worlds

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and surely, the best reward ultimately in the end is for those who have tequila.

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And surely there is no animosity or ill feeling except for the oppressor.

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And I be a witness that allows one and has no partners.

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And that Mohammed the son of Abdullah is his servant and his last messenger. And may Allah always constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, to his companions, to all those who call to his way

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and establish his Sunnah to the Day of Judgment. As to what follows I remind myself, I cautioning caution myself about the critical nature of taqwa

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the consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala. Being mindful of the Creator, meaning that in every aspect of our life, whether it be within the masjid walls or outside, we remember a lot

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whether it be reading the code,

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or reading a newspaper, we remember Allah subhanaw taala. in everything that we do, we recognize that there is one mighty in power.

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There is one who is well aware of all that we do.

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And Allah subhanaw taala

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has revealed in his glorious book,

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in a way, which defies

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repetition, that nobody, no human being, was able to create the Arabic language in such a way that not only would it be the pinnacle of Arabic, linguistically, but also it would serve people as a light in the times of darkness. Throughout history, no other textbook no other set of poetry has ever reached this level.

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And Allah has revealed in circle Hojo dot verse 13, oh, humanity, surely we created you from a male and female and made you into nations and tribes that you would know want to one another. Surely the most honored with Allah

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is the one who is most mindful of Allah.

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And surely Allah has knowledge of all things. And he is aware of everything that we do.

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And so a lot told us in a Croma comm en de la he at car calm,

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that the one who is the most honorable, the highest standard with Allah subhanaw taala is the one who has the highest standard of taqwa, allow for Raja, that we feel Allah, we hope in his mercy. And we keep this in everything that we do.

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And so the core

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speaks here, not just to believers, but it speaks to humanity.

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And humanity spread 1000s of years ago, all throughout the planet,

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from the African continent spreading Asia, Europe, to the Americas, spreading all over the planet. And people went through changes because of the environment that they lived in.

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Colors began to change, texture of skin changed.

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Relationships started to change because of the environmental influences, but Allah subhanaw taala knew

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made it clear to us that this change is to know one another. It is not to disrespect one another, or to feel that because of the color of skin, or because of language, that one is higher than another.

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And so when the people of the Americas

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by the 15th 16th century, had reached 75 million people with great civilizations, they were struck with a calamity.

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A colonial onslaught,

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where the people's culture was destroyed, the languages broken into pieces, the literature ruined.

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And during this colonial period during this period of conquest,

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one of the worst things that happens to the people in this part of the world

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is not just genocide, the killing of the bodies, but it was the killing of the mind.

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The Spanish, when they conquered territories, based upon their fear of knowledge, coming out of Al Andalus of the Muslims had ruled for almost 800 years, and dominated the world, the Spanish then in trying to take them down, destroyed everything they could find of knowledge.

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And so in Granada, and Cordoba and Toledo, and the great cities of Andalus, they burned millions of books. And they brought this understanding here to the Americans, every place the Spanish would conquer, they would pile all the written literature they could find in the middle of the square, and they would burn it.

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When the other nations came from Europe, to take over the land. In many cases, they did not burn the books.

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In many cases, they hid the books, in libraries, in archival sections. And they wrote new books to change the histories.

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And so they wrote out the history of the indigenous people.

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They wrote out the history of the Latino people, indigenous people to the area of Mexico, and Latin America.

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They wrote out the history of African people who were brought to this part of the world as slaves and political prisoners. They try to destroy the mind.

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And so it is in this struggle to bring back the mind of people, that many scholars of African descent, especially in the 20th century, struggled to bring back a history that reflected all human beings, especially in this part of the world. And so it was in 1926, that Carter G Woodson, started Black History week.

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He chose February's not because of the climate, because this is the worst time of the year. But he chose it because February 12, was the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln. And February 14, was the birthday of Frederick Douglass, who was a great African American abolitionist who struggled for freedom in this part of the world. And we have proof that Frederick Douglass originally came from a Muslim family.

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And so this was adopted by the United States as Black History Month, in 1976. And by Canada, in 1995.

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For the loss of fun what Allah had revealed in his divine revelation, he had to be here revealed a chapter which stands in the face of racism.

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A chapter which taught believe is right from the beginning. That is not the color of skin, which separates human beings, creations of Allah. And so Allah revealed surah Look, man, the 31st chapter of the book of Allah, a chapter filled with wisdom and guidance.

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Who was look man

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according to many of the great scholars, companions and Tapi

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and the report coming in to reflect this Yeah, yeah, even Seidel Ansari. He said that on the authority of

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Evil Messiah.

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Rahim Allah, that look man belong to the black people of Egypt, we now know as nubians he belonged to the Nubian people. And Almighty Allah granted him wisdom, but not prophet.

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According to yahia on ebenen will say yep. While he was preaching while Look, man was preaching a man came to him and said, who used to know him? And he said, aren't you the slave so and so, who used to look after my sheep? Not so long in the past? And look, man said yes. The man said, What raised you to this high status? And look, man answered, the Divine Decree, Cardinal law. This is where the wisdom comes in. He said the Divine Decree, repaying trusts, telling the truth and discarding and keeping silent regarding what does not concern me.

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Gee wisdom, he is revealing.

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And it is reported

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and came to Revelation.

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Which confirmed what came in our reports in Surah lokman verse 12. Allah subhanaw taala revealed I really believed him in the shades on the regime.

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Well, look at it now Look, man, heck, mata annascaul illa. Woman yesco by in nama Yes, kudal enough See, woman Kapha in LA honey Yun, Hamid, Allah revealed, we be styled wisdom, upon Look man,

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saying, Give tanks to Allah.

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And whoever gives thanks to Allah does so to his own good. And whoever is ungrateful, then know that surely Allah is knowledgeable of all things, and that he is sufficient, and he is immensely praiseworthy.

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And so look man, Rahim Allah,

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according to the stories of of the poor, and by half of Ibn katheer, Rahim Allah. Look, man, he was described as a perceptive man, always watching animals and plants in his surroundings. And he tried to understand the world based on what he saw.

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So if you live today,

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and he saw what was happening to the climate, and he saw that over 50% of mammals and birds have been destroyed,

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he would be in great stress. Back to the report. One day while sleeping under a tree, he was inspired by Allah

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and informed that he would be given a gift,

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either kingdom, to be a great king, or to be a knowledgeable person. And so he chose knowledge. And when he woke from his slumber, he became aware that his senses and his understanding had sharpened. He felt in complete harmony with nature, and could understand the inner meaning of things beyond their physical reality. Immediately, he prostrated to Allah subhanaw taala and he thanked Allah azza wa jal for this mighty gift. But look, man had to go under a test. Slavery was an international institution, people of all colors could be taken slave. And in the ancient world, you were either free or slave. So many of the companions of the Prophet SAW seldom, like some man of fantasy, the

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Persian. So hey, a Rumi, the Roman looking person. They were slaves.

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They haven't had a thought the Arab was a slave. So slavery was a worldwide institution, but it still took the rights away from the person. And so Look, man rahima Hola.

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Although he was given this natural insight, this wisdom, he was caught in a slave rate

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and he was made a slave.

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But he suffered through his bondage with faith and with hope in the mercy of Allah azza wa jal Halford, Eben Cassia reports that the man who bought looked man

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was a good, intelligent person. He treated look man with kindness and his sense that Look, man had a special kind of wisdom. And so he tested him one day. And he said to look, man, I want you to slaughter a sheep.

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And bring me back,

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though the worst part of the sheep,

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bring me back the worst part of the sheep.

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And so Look, man slaughtered the sheep.

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And he brought back the tongue, and the heart.

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And the man was shocked at the wisdom of local men.

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And he wanted to see more about this insight. And so he said, slaughter another sheep, and bring me back the best part of the sheep.

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And so Look, man slaughtered the sheep. And he brought back the same two paths, the tongue and the heart. The man was shocked. And he said, Look, man, he asked, Why do you say this? And look, man showed him that if a person is pure than his tongue, and his heart is sweet, but if he is wicked than the tongue and the heart is bitter, and it is wicked as well.

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Look, man, Rahim Allah shared his wisdom, his knowledge became known amongst the people. And again, slavery was not all Balanchine and whip look man had his home, he had his family, he was worked basically working for the men

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and people would come to him for wisdom, seeking wisdom from this Nubian man, a person described as dark skinned person from Africa.

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They would seek knowledge from all over the countryside, to the point where Allah subhanaw taala showed how look man in sharing his knowledge, shared his knowledge, first with his families

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and he spoke to his son in the oft repeated verses, speaking to his son, and in verse 13, in the chapter of Look man, Allah subhanaw taala tells us what is color look man only Ebony he will who is uh who? Yamuna Yella to Shrek Pilla in nutshell, colossal moon out the, he then revealed a lot revealed

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and call to mind when look man said to his son, while he was teaching him, my son, do not associate partners with a law

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because associating partners with Allah is a terrible wrong,

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it is a grievous sin, lead to slip below.

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So, look, man, above all was more hit, he was a person of toe heat.

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And he showed very clearly the first wisdom you must learn is not to associate partners with Allah subhanaw taala in any possible way.

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And the chapter continued.

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And in the next verses, and in verse number 14, Allah said, and we commanded people to be good to their parents, the mothers carried them with strain upon straining,

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and it took two years to win them.

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And Allah subhanaw taala then

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sent the knowledge through Look, man,

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not just for his son.

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But he sent that knowledge from us today.

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And this is where the core ad breaks through racism. It breaks through the concept that based on the color of your skin, you are intelligent. That is what the Hindu Brahmin system says. That's what apartheid system says in South Africa. That's what Jim Crow said in the Americas.

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That the lighter the more intelligent, it breaks through the racism and gives us knowledge that we need right now. How do you act as a Muslim?

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Under the terror that we are facing?

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Look man then said verses 17 Yabu Nia

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Optimus salaat what more build my roof one half? Anil Mancha was spear Adama sabak in the valley come in as men Oh, boy.

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Look, man continued. Oh, my dear son, establish prayer and courage. What is good and forbidding

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evil and endure patiently with whatever befalls you. For Surely this is the most resolute

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of the affairs in your life, establishment of prayers, calling to the good and forbidding evil so we're not supposed to be stagnated Muslims. If we see evil we need to take a stand.

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Either with our tongue with our hand, our tongue, at least feel it in the heart. If we can call to the good, we need to call to the good and when we do this, we will be under attack.

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And this is where Saba comes in.

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This is the most resolute

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look man continued.

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While that Messiah duck Allah nasty wala Tom she fell out of the mother in law you have bucola Matalan for for?

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A lot. A lot continued revealing the wisdom of Look, man and do not turn up your nose to people and walk arrogantly on the earth. Do not be arrogant.

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For surely Allah does not love those who are arrogant and boastful. What sci fi machico Goodman Celtic in an uncontrolled Swati la Sol Tamia.

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And the wisdom of Look, man continued on when he said be moderate in your pace, moderate. Don't be an extremist, not one extreme or another extreme. Keep a moderate pace. This is great wisdom for us today. Lower your voice because surely the ugliest voice in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala is the brain of the donkey.

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And so look man, Rahim Allah,

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not having received Prophethood but having received wisdom, the wisdom from Allah subhanho wa Taala which is a direct revelation that has come to us here today

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in the 21st century, and Eben Wahab

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Rahim Allah, great scholar neck, he summarizes in the wisdom of Look man,

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he brings out some important points. And it takes us back to when look man was first coming out, and people wanted to look down on him

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and say, Why are you in this high position?

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And look, man, Dan said to them, my advice to you

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is lower. What I do, lowering my gaze.

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I watch my tongue

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I eat what is lawful.

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I keep my chastity and other words I'm not involved in immorality.

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I undertake my promises I fulfill promises Amana if I am given a trust, I fulfill the trust. I fulfill my commitments. I am hospitable to my guests, take care of my guests. I respect my neighbors

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and I discard What does not concern me.

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All of these made you see the person who you're looking at today.

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So this is the wisdom of look man Rahim Allah. And I pray that Allah subhanaw taala would give us this wisdom. Give this to the Muslim world especially the leaders of the Muslim world, to bring us from darkness into light in these difficult times. Aku polyhedra was stuck for lolly welcome what he saw in the Muslim medium and Columbian istockphoto in NA who have affordable

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Alhamdulillah horrible amin wa sallahu wa salam ala c'est la vie Linville Akhirin Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge my Baba,

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Bhai pulak suparna

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for your kulu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in illegally Omar fitna while fitna to Almighty allow every nation as a trial and test and the trial and test of this nation

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is wealth.

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We are pulled on Huck suparna Mira Amira in De La Hoya Malaika tahu soluna. Allah Nabil. Yeah, are you hola Dena amanu sallu alayhi wa Sallim wa Taslima Allahumma salli wa sallam, Allah Abdi COVID a seleka Mohammed wa

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He was how big was the law? Hola. Hola. Rashi je Abubakar Omar is man Mohali wannabe Rama take your camera he mean Alhamdulillah he led the Adana niada lahmacun la Natalia Lola and Adana La Romana LA to the Kullu banaba de tener Wahab Lana middle kurama India council will have robina fulfill enter the New World cafe under say attina whatsoever for nama mala brah Allahu Allah tada Allah number 11 Fatah. Wa Harmon Illa for Raja wala Dena Illa data while Mr. Eden illustra feta well that may be tequila hinta while the gentlemen Hawaii dunya Illa data yeah our camera he mean La Ilaha enter subhanak in could nominal Dolly mean about the lawyer como como la in the La Jolla mobile ads and

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what is an E tie corba Well, Yamaha and Alfa Shai remarkable Bobby yeah is a compiler coming to qarun como ella salata yamakawa