These Are Precious Days

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The speaker discusses the importance of devotional practice during the last 10 days of the year, particularly in the context of the return to the Quran and the return to spirituality. They also mention a woman who was given a deadline to receive a devotional practice and receive a reward of the people who missed it. The speaker hopes that the devotional practice will encourage people to take advantage of the opportunity to be part of the afterlife.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Allah have mercy on us at Mohammed while it will save your Salam Shala we're entering into these last 10 days of Ramadan. May Allah subhana wa Atana shall accept our prayers and our fasting, Allah Hamdulillah. These are precious days, the entire month is a very special time as all of you will know. But these last 10 days are particularly important days. There's an immense amount of blessing in the devotional practices, but also in the charity that one gives during this time. Many people I know pay, there's caught during this time. But sadaqa is also really important that prophesized him said sadaqa to berghahn, the charity is a proof, it's a

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demonstrative proof of somebody's faith. So there's a lot of need out there, very aware of that, and there are many, many good causes. I hope some of you will consider what we're trying to do here by building the college Alhamdulillah one of the great blessings of Ramadan is the return to the Quran, and many, many mosques around the world will do their home during this time. And so, it's a great blessing 70,000 Angels witnessed the Hatton but also the the the spiritual power of one of the Knights of the last 10 days that was a licen promised us and the Quran tells us that there is one night which is traditionally called in English and then it power later saw powder. And that night is

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worth 1000 Nights. So it's it's just an extraordinary opportunity to get an immense amount of devotional practice with a very minimal amount of effort. So part of the reason why we were given that as an OMA is that the previous peoples had very long lifespans had a lot of time for devotional practice. And so Allah subhana wa Tada gave this OMA, this night of power in order to facilitate for the devotional people have this OMA an immense amount of reward, akin to the reward of the people that before us and the prophets I said, he said that the dua of later cadres Aloma in Nicaragua winter Hibbeler, alpha of one, Oh Allah, you are the Pardoner you love to pardon. So pardon us

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forgive us. So alpha is something that we're seeking. And these last 10 days according to the Prophet slicin are also the days of permanent nor, which is to be freed from the punishment of the afterlife. In many ways the world is it's, it's like an airport, but there's only two destinations. So we're waiting to get on this, this,

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this vehicle to take us to an infinite a place of infinite bliss. And we ask Allah to free us from the other destination and also to have a direct flight as opposed to having to stop so we ask Allah subhana wa Dawn inshallah to bless your Ramadan, make it easy, give you lots of openings and just thank you for your continued support. We're doing a lot here and we hope that you're happy with what we're doing. There's acapella head on with somebody cool with the label record too.