Nouman Ali Khan – What Is Victory

Ustadh Nouman  Ali Khan ponders and reflects on the best way to understand the reality which is to understand certain concepts from Allah (SWT). And once we understand those concepts, our view, and our perspective and our opinion changes. Once we commence thinking through the Quran, the reality becomes clear. We start seeing things in a different light, which we did not see in the same way before.

The events leading to the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah are also explicitly elaborated and we understand how it is important to be patient and steadfast in the quest for a deserving victory even when one is staring in the face of grueling trials and tribulations as was depicted and illustrated at the time by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Nowadays we make Dua for victory. We see the Muslims in difficult situations around the Ummah, and we make Dua that Allah gives them and gives us victory. If we don’t understand what victory means from the Quran, then maybe we don’t understand what we are asking for.

The victory of conquering a land, the victory of removing the Kuffar, the victory of seizing territory is attributed as secondary by Allah. Allah calls the conquest of the hearts of the believers Primary. Allah described it as a Victory.

In the Fath of Makkah, Allah says that the clearest victory in human history is the victory given to Rasullullah ﷺ, and that victory wasn’t the result of war. It was a result of strategy ,patience and discipline. The Sahabas achieve the ultimate victory, not because they go into the battlefield but because they obey the Messenger ﷺ unconditionally. 

Henceforth, if we yearn and cherish victory, Allah has mentioned to us the prerequisites. We need to cultivate discipline and control over our emotions. We have to be people that understand the definition of victory from Allah’s (SWT) book. We have to become thoughtful people.