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The group leader is preparing for a meeting with a student from the UK who wants to be the best person to talk to. They discuss the importance of memorization and the need for perfect

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Allahu Akbar Allah love workabout La ilaha illa Allahu Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar what Illa Hill Hamed? Welcome everyone. Day three. We are waking up post the 100 on the roof. See you all through the salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa Salam is upon you and around you on the roof of the haram. Let's call it day three. How did the last day and I was invited here by the group of pajamas, but we were like, 300 people, and they said, will you lead the budget, so they had these really cool headsets, I wore this little mic, this little mic here. And everyone had little headsets so they could hear everything, even if I read low. So I got to lead to record for a group of about 300 up here and then

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that group was joined by another 100 Plus, it was a group three B. And I got to lead with them. And it was just, I've always wanted to lead in the heart of I'm sure that sounds super humble. But I was always wanted to always saw myself one day, like they needed any mom, I would be ready. And that feeling just it felt fulfilled. I lead and then after I prayed to another group walked over to me and said, Would you come over to our camp and lead to more raka so I went to another part of the Haram and led to more raka It was magical. I'll see you all throughout the day. Let's go through day three. And good morning. Salaam Wa aleikum wa rahmatullah after a night of prayer on the roof.

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Amazing experience. I got to lead again, with a group of our, our group together 500 Plus, wonderful morning in Makkah to the Mocha Rama, really do enjoy it. This is day three and four are continuing.

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I've lost track because I don't know what day it is. But I think it's Thursday. So good morning. Mosca. See you through the day.

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So we start today, as our group leaders, we come out to Mina. Yes, this has been and we addressed the special needs of our attendees. This is not my 10th class, this is group six. But some of our folks have some sleep apnea machines. And so we're here to cater to the hedgehog. And I thought you guys would like to see group number six.

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All right, gang. So we're here on Hamdulillah. In what we call MENA city, we're inside. We're here the day ahead. I really appreciate that. Darsan has, it's out here, fulfilling the request. Some people have a sleep apnea machine. Some people want to be close to their relatives. So I'll come to a loss from from the law. You might remember some of this from the vlog. But you remember out there on those streets, I will be taking you guys around beaten Allahu taala. But definitely, definitely a hush hush is coming up. I thought you might appreciate that they really are doing an amazing job. We're here a day in advance. And we're matching up our group list to the names so that when they get

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here, everything is settled.

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It's worked for us and yeah, it's like, in the middle of the day, we're here two days in advance. This is great. We're like we answered special requests, people who needed to be close to an outlet for sleep apnea, people wanting to be together. I think it's fantastic.

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So we came up to me not to set up for any special arrangements. So we're getting ready. I will try to respond to everyone's question. That's the fantastic question, which I've been answering here to water techniques for memorization, or when I met a year two student from the UK yesterday, whose first sentence was I'm having trouble with retain. So let's get on in together. Sorry, you had to hold your phone sideways. And that is it friends we are leaving the setup. So this is the first year we've come to try to serve the judge in advance. We came we set up we really put the the cherry on the top of the customization to what everyone needed. We set everything up make sure bathrooms and

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everything were running and we will be back here. This will all be full friends. So you will check it out. gave four or five. Remember breathing sitting stillness are what we're focusing on. The Conrad Mr. Xu Horace is where we stayed last time when we came. Let's make intention and come back again but

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bring one to her friends.

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Another rare opportunity in hopes to have the road that clear us to be Allahu La ilaha illa absolutely ready for Aisha. See you guys in a moment as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa

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knew a couple of places, but to the AQL friends, I got to lead to raka with about 500 people, the group that sitting, you guys can't see. Okay, that entire group that sitting about 500 people asked me to come and lead 100 So there was some really cool walkie talkie earpiece system where I was wearing this little mic here. And then they could, everyone had earpieces and a transponder, and they could hear me. So check it out. I'm like, praying as if I'm leading in the harem. It's beautiful. It's amazing. And I finished the prayer. I think I read, I felt it. And everything finished. And of course I wanted like all from the love Hamdulillah you read nicely, and I walked

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away. And a mama Egyptian mama, a teacher here in Makoto, mocha Rama, no English, but she tried so hard to she, she broke norm and she spoke English. And she said, I want to talk to you. She said you that you read this great recitations great. Your memorization is great. She goes, but I want to say something. And you know, I was waiting for some random auto correction. But she was right. She said from all the way over where the water is so that that guy over there.

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There. She was standing halfway across the roof. And she said your face twitches on the Kustra. And I was like you are on amazing. She sat down with me like a child, teen mom and child. And she said near the near the end, Harper, navy, Navy. And I was like You are amazing. And then we went through what I read is not normal for a woman to sit that way and talk to you. And we went through what I read. She was like, just work on your customer. Quran have to be perfect. And I know you might feel like oh man. She's just picking a beat. She said it. People have grown have to be perfect in the recitation. I wanted to share it with you guys. A mom pulled me to the side in the Harlem and

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corrected Why did you eat after leading 500 People in the budget. I had my peak moment and then I had an even better moment with her. Not even three full days in friends and we're already sharing peak moments. Remember last year during an alpha? That was amazing. And now we're starting off at that bare minimum level. See you tomorrow.