Nouman Ali Khan – What Does Wisdom Look Like Ep 7 – Hikmah in the Quran Dhul Hijjah Series

Nouman Ali Khan
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Wisdom is a very situation by situation decision. What this ayah means for me, these ayat be the best to my parents, my close relatives, my finances. What it means for me is completely different for what it means for you completely different, the ayat are the same, but the situation is entirely different.

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This new short series is based on the findings of Dr. Zakir Hussain in his PhD thesis wisdom in the Quran, which was summarized and presented by iostat doorman in front of a live audience. The link to the full paper is in the description

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while Myskina openness, savvy and give those who can't help themselves, give people who are traveling, give them their rights. Meaning, don't just deny people help and deny people favors because you don't like them. And it's much easier to like strangers, it's much easier to give, quote, a binding meet to an orphanage in a country and build a well in some village you'll never go to well, it's much harder to give a little bit of yours got money to your niece or your distant cousin because you hate their guts.

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That's harder. Allah started with close family and then went further than he says without too bad guilt of zero don't waste money. Don't feel like you have whatever money you can spend it however you want. Whenever you want be responsible and frugal with your money in the limo, but Xena can with one or shouting. Then he says and don't be completely don't be miserly. Meaning Don't be like, Oh no, you got groceries. And your kids say we need bread. You don't need that much bread.

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We have one slice one slice left, break it up into four pieces.

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And you'll never be enough you needed you need to lose weight anyway. Alright, this is my that's one extreme. The other extreme is spread whatever you want. Then Allah teaches you in Allah. Hi, I'm pseudorabies Kalima, Yasha what an amazing wisdom. First, Allah says, don't be too cheap. Then he says, Don't spend too much. Then he says, Allah controls is sometimes he gives more, sometimes he gives less. Why is this? What's the connection? If you're being cheap, you think if you're being cheap, you'll be able to hold on to more while more money Allah says even if you think you're holding on to more money, Allah can take that away, too. You're not the one increasing Ulis colas.

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And if you're spending and spending and spending, and you think, Oh, it's okay, I got more, I got more. Allah can contract it whenever he wants. And he can expand whatever he wants. So don't think because of you that's happening, be balanced in the way you use your money. That, by the way, is money, decisions, law or wisdom. What do you think? Ah, see, you're starting to get it. Laws can be quantified. Wisdom is a very situation by situation decision.

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And Allah is basically teaching us that human beings are capable of figuring out how to apply wisdom in their situation. What this ayah means for me, these ayat be the best to my parents, my close relatives, my finances, what it means for me is completely different from what it means for you completely different, the ayat are the same, but the situation is entirely different. So the application is entirely different. So you cannot use these I opposite. This is what I do.

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And then some people do that, you know, this is why I Alhamdulillah I live by this higher. So humbly that I talk about it with all of my family and extended and you should do the same as I do. Because I have I have figured out hikma the rest of you need to get on this train. Yeah, that's not what this is. It's individualized. No. Allah says, you know, our full Kala is I killed him was you know, Bill Gates Lawson was talking give full weight. And when you weigh weigh with a balanced scale, what does that referring to back in the days referring to people that used to sell rice and bananas and coconuts or whatever they sold? And there, there's a weight on one side, and there's the items on

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the other side, right? So make sure you give the exactly what you paid for or what you're being paid for. Now, you could look at this and say, Well, I don't work in a grocery store. I'm a programmer. I'm an accountant. So Alhamdulillah I don't have a scale to deal with. Yes, you do. Dummy. This means if you got contracted to do a certain amount of work in a certain amount of hours, don't lie about it. Don't cheat, don't steal. Is this again, something that situation by situation, you have to figure out what this means for you and your career. Yeah. And by the way, who's the most qualified to figure out what the right thing to do is?

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It's gonna be a hard question to answer. You.

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Allah put you in that situation. He made you capable of finding the answer. He made you capable of inquiring

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and discovering and then abiding by these principles of wisdom. Then he says, Don't kill your children because of poverty. This is talking about abortion. Now in the middle of it, there's actually even a law. Okay? So don't don't cause your children's death because you think you're not going to be able to provide for them. And then he says, don't commit adultery, don't even go near it. Don't go near Zina. Now don't do Zina as a law. Don't do Zina Latos you know, that's a law, but don't go near it, is what wisdom because going near it, somebody's going near it, you can't really catch that.

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You know, if somebody stopped guarding their eyes, or they had a little bit of a conversation, then they've had a little bit more of a conversation that they knew we got together at a coffee shop or whatever, step by step by step, right. And when that happens, you can't stop that. When you want to say, this is where the Haram began. No, no, it's nothing. I just, I'm just reading an email. It's just you know, there's just a smiley face smiley faces.

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So what this Allah is teaching us don't go near it. And then finally, just a few others, a murder retribution, I actually skipped. So, you know, don't kill an innocent person. That's again, now it's mixing line wisdom together, isn't it? And we're gonna see the line wisdom actually get conformed a bunch together. Then he says orphan care.

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You know, make sure you don't take the money of the orphan. Because when people and parents somebody's parents die, they left behind money. And now the kids are too young to manage that money, so you're managing the money for them. But that doesn't mean it's your money. It's actually that child's money. And when they're old enough, you're gonna pass it on to them, then so business ethics pursued without knowledge. And finally Allah mentions arrogance with Adam Schiff, Ill dimora. Don't walk on the earth with arrogance. What do you think that and he says, In Nikola Tesla, he called out, you're not going to crack the Earth. With your walk, you're not so powerful that you'll crack

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the earth. Now, let's think about that for a second. Can you tell if somebody is walking arrogantly?

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If you can you have a problem.

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You can't tell if somebody has arrogance or not. Who's the only one who can truly tell.

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Not just Allah, Allah definitely.

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themselves, themselves. You're walking with a smile and humility, but it's fake humility, and you're trying to impress upon people how humble you are, is not a form of arrogance.

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That's itself a form of arrogance. You're looking at people like salespeople.

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But you're not saying it. What you're saying is similar to love Brother, how are you I shall Alhamdulillah but in your hair color.

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Bradford like that's what you're that's what you're doing in your head.

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You can't get you can't catch it. You can't gauge it.

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This is even talking about the way you talk to people. The way you your body language. The way you look at people. The way you think of people. And it's saying walking around on the earth means wherever you go, you go to the store. Some people go to a restaurant and they act like the fifth owner has walked into his palace. Excuse me. I've been sitting here for 90 seconds.

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I'm never coming back here again. And the waiter says I'm gonna pray to like I've shaken.

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Can you say that again? That felt really good.

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But observe all of these. The first one was about Allah right? What's the rest of it about?

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Well, parents, relatives, travelers, spending cheapness wasteful spending, not hurting children, staying away from adultery, murder, orphan care, business ethics, pursuing things without knowledge not walking arrogantly. What does all of this have to do with?

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How you deal with people? How's your behavior with people?

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There's no mention of prayer. There's no mention of fasting. There's no mention of rituals. There's there's no mention of tahajjud there's none of that. And at the end of all of it, he says that is what your master gave you from wisdom. This is wisdom.

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Is it possible that you have somebody who prays and observes Islamic clothing and learns Islamic knowledge? And memorizes the Quran and studies that we then studies Arabic and goes to Hala clause and starts Halla cousin. Volunteers at the MSA are put

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together you know if towers in Ramadan and donates at the masjid all that stuff, but none of these wisdoms are there are many of them are is that possible? Yeah. Yeah, they'll recite this passage would perfect that tweet. That's the irony.

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Right. And this is our religion. This is hikma. This is Hekla Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam said, yeah Allah send them a messenger that will teach them to block and teach them. hikma

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and what happened with us when someone looks on the outside then look religious, that's religious.

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But if and even if none of these things were there, none of these things have to be there. Okay. Now

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I hope you guys enjoyed that video clip. My team and I have been working tirelessly to try to create as many resources for Muslims to give them first steps in understanding the Quran all the way to the point where they can have a deep, profound understanding of the Quran. We are students of the Quran ourselves. And we want you to be students of the Quran alongside us. Join us for this journey on Vienna Where 1000s of hours of work have already been put in, and don't be intimidated. It's step by step by step so you can make learning the Quran a part of your lifestyle. There's lots of stuff available on YouTube, but it's all over the place. If you want an organized approach to

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studying the Quran beginning to end for yourself, your kids, your family, and even among peers. That would be the way to go sign up for being a

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