Abu Usamah At-Thahabi – Basic Fiqh Of Marriage

Abu Usamah At-Thahabi
AI: Summary © The importance of marriage in Islam is discussed, including the need for men to be aware of their rights to get married and the importance of finding a woman who is loving and passionate about her husband. The segment highlights the need for privacy and finding a woman who has a religion and is not associated with any groups or political parties. The speakers stress the importance of avoiding getting married without a wedding license and finding a woman who has a religion and is not associated with any groups or political parties.
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as brother Nadeem Giselle Hello, Hydra has just announced first topic that we're going to deal with in the three sessions that we're going to put forward in Charlotte General

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has been entitled, The basic fifth of marriage,

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the basic fifth of marriage, it implies that we're only going to touch the surface we're not going to deal dig or deal deeply into the issue because there's a lot to cover when a person wants to get the fic of how to get married and what marriage is all about.

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In terms of the importance of marriage in the deen of Allah azza wa jal and that becomes quite apparent and clear and the fact that then maybe you Salallahu it was setting them has explained to us in a number of authentic hadith like his statement men to zoologia PHIPA district by Nyssa and Eman,

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familia, tequila, fineness flipback.

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Anyone who has actually gotten married, he has completed half of his or her religion. So let them feel like we're in the other half.

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So we understand from that hadith, one of the many aspects that indicate and show the importance of marriage in that you will not complete human being until you find your partner or you met your meet as allies created everything. in pairs. Everything has been created in pairs. So the individual goes through life, and he's not married. He didn't find his mate, then, in the scope of the deen is not necessarily a complete human being.

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Abdullah Amon a bison, Radi Allahu and Houma. He asked one of the students who came to him did you get married yet? The man said no. He said, Hurry up and get married because the best of this ummah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He was the one who got married, and he got married a number of times. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, his sunnah, is to get married, and he freed themselves from the individual who intentionally tries not to get married in an attempt to get closer to Allah azza wa

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jal. He says so Allah what He would say that men Riba and Suniti Felice I mean, anyone who abandons and avoids getting married in an attempt to try to get close to Allah, then he is not from me, he is not from me. There are some major scholars in this religion, some major heavyweights, some high power scholars in the past, who didn't get married, like Shekar Slamet been Houttuynia

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Like an Imam, a co op, like an Imam, and no we, and scholars who even bigger than them, books have been written about those scholars who didn't get married. But if you were to look at the detailed biography and the lives of those scholars, you will find that they were not just ordinary people. They used to spend large amounts of time in prison, large amounts of time in jihad, Visa, BD land and so forth. So on.

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For one reason or another, they've even been married. Our example is the NABI SallAllahu, it he will it will set it up, who encouraged the people to get married, and he told us that when a sibling will marry him comes back. So the lots of light he was sent me while he, he himself is also going to get married because he didn't marry while he was here. So all of that chosen indicates in terms of the fifth of marriage, that it is extremely important. And it is crucial that the Muslim understands as

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a religious responsibility to look at this issue in that type of way. You're not a complete individual until you are an individual who has completed half of your deen by getting married.

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In addition to that, when shows the importance of the issue is the fact that when we talk about the basic fifth, and understanding that we tried to acquire, how to get married, and things like that, what was said and revealed about marriage in the Quran and the Sunnah, what happened in the marriages of the previous prophets and messengers, that people in the Quran, who are married, and so forth and so on, will find that all of the books of fic, all of them without any exception, those

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books that are specific particular method, and every single book or film, there is a chapter of an ICA and fic is getting comprehension, getting comprehension about how to get married, whether you're getting a fifth book that's in a particular myth that that chapter is going to be there. And whether the book that you're dealing with is comprehensive, fickle, what they call a fickle mcaren. Where they don't they're not too concerned with what the men have been saying, but they just want to show

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what the strongest opinion is. That's cool, comparative fifth, in all of those books, there is the issue of getting married. So if it was a waste of time, if it wasn't important scholars of Islam, they wouldn't have canonize the issue.

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Not only the books of FIP indicate that, but all of the books of Hadith, all of them, all of them. They have the chapter of getting married, those books of the Swinnen the psyche of an Imam, Abu Hanifa, Muslim, Abu Dhabi, the 10 million disabled who matter, all of those books, the mulata, Imam, Malik the Messiah need all of those, they don't come well. No, they don't come in the fifth approach. Nonetheless, all of those books, they're going to have in them the Hadith of the prophets

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of Allah it was settled him about the issue of marriage again, what does it show for the person who has been sealed off of the person who was using his mind? It goes to show to the student of knowledge to serious Muslim, that the issue of marriage in getting fit and comprehension in this chat in this bad, it is serious, it's important in the deen of Allah. So we all understand that comprehend books of FIP are going to talk about it books of Hadith. Also the books of our Kedah, the

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books of Arcada, showing the importance of marriage, many of those books of our tea that that the scholars wrote in the past.

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They deal with issues of theology, what the Muslim should believe, about the Surat yomo piano about the Meezan yomo piano, about the prophets, how old are his fountain SallAllahu Sallam about his intercession, loving the Companions, all of those issues. Many of those scholars used to also include in those books of Aikido, some fifth issues, fixed issues like believing in Stony fix issues like what is the ruling of the one who abandoned the salaat issues like wiping over the Huff's when

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you make will do wiping over your hopes your socks, leather or other than that, why did they why did they put those fifth issues those massage in and fifth here in the book of al Qaeda? Because some groups who went astray groups of deviation, they rejected some of these issues. So it shows the importance of getting married in the deen of Allah azza wa jal as far as knowledge is concerned, is that those are him up on the stand. They put in the books of fifth issues concerning marriage, being

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different from being deaf.

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From from the people of a che or for an example, who see the permissibility today of Malta on marriage. So the scholars will put that issue in those books of our key that to say that people of the Sunnah, they don't do Muhtar marriage and the reason for that is that it has been established clearly in the Kitab has been established clearly in the Sunnah of the NABI SallAllahu. Sedna. One of the reasons why I'm mentioning this one is because I was a bit disturbed, taken aback a little

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bit by some of the comments that I've heard from some of the members of our community, Lafond, Allah, who were

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some of the brothers who are saying, why would they name the conference about love and getting married and so many other important issues. Now, um, there are other important issues. But this issue of marriage is an appropriate issue and it's an important issue. If you want to prove that you're a person of the Swindon and Asuna. The title of the conference does not have to be the importance of towhee the Lulu here, Ruby and a smile will see fat and that's the proof of indication

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you're an eyelid soon in an Al Hadith way.

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That's not an indication in and of itself. Matter of fact, again, those books that the scholars used to write about the RIP than the men had to say

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they used to put from the descriptions of the people of the Sunnah.

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The people of the Sunnah is that they pay attention to getting knowledge, learning knowledge, getting knowledge, knowledge of the Quran, knowledge of reading the Quran and the Tafseer of the Quran. And they get knowledge of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu Salam and getting fit and comprehension about his sunnah and what he did. So if someone wanted to give a conference like this, and he was about the Miss whack, the person of the Sunni is not going to come and say, Well, what is

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that about that Miss whack? Why would those hula marvelous lamb when they talked about a Tahara? Why would they put the issue of the Miss whack and all of the benefits that come as a result of the Miss Suek is that the most important topic under the sun on top of the earth? Now Allah He is not the most important topic, but the Muslim should never have that type of thing in his heart, like the people of innovation, when something of the Sunnah comes to him big or small. He says Allah rasool

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Allah in bring it is from Allah Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then I'm down with the program, from the characteristics of the people, the Sunnah, is learning the deen of Allah azza wa jal from A to Z. And if Teja starting off with the smallest things, and gradually going up and up, and so forth, and so on. Another thing is in this message right now, whining, there's not a single individual, except the issue of marriage is important to him. So this is from the fifth HillWalker.

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This is from the knowledge that people need to know meet, understand, not a single person out fix that marriage is an important and integral part of his or her existence. His mother and his father was married, he wants to get married, she's struggling with the issue of her marriage and so forth and so on. So let us not be those people who beat the drum very loud and use the bullhorn and the microphone to rely on slogans. To prove that we on the snap, we have to name the conference and we

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have to title it something that proves what a everything from Al Islam we have to enter into this religion wholeheartedly. So those are many of the issues that show in indicate the importance or the Emir and mica in the deen of Allah as origin. So when we're talking about the basic fifth of marriage, you should know there's too much information out there. And as the need be mentioned, several Allahu alayhi wa sallam, may you ready now we'll be hierarchy photography Diem. If Allah

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wants good for an individual, He will teach him and give them comprehension of the religion. So now we come to the issue of when we talk about the fic of marriage, we have to talk about what is marriage, as little scholars put in the books and Nica, what is it? What is the sower? And some of whom have a Nikka with the Muslims and in Islam?

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What is it if you were to ask someone you about to get married? You say to the brother, what is your understanding of marriage? So into the system, what is your understanding of marriage? Some people's understanding of marriage is thrown off is warped. And as a result of that the approach to it can be a problem. Many scholars have given definitions for marriage. I don't want to use the comprehensive definition that was given by a Sheikh Hamad bin Hussein mein, Rahim Allah hooter, Anna and he's one

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of our contemporary scholars that died a few years ago, who dealt with the issue of nickel on the fifth of May

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God in many of his books, and many of his lessons and many of his advices that he gave to the Ummah, the definition that he gave consists of three components. He mentioned Rahim Allah Allahu taala, Scannell Allahu Taala few Jannetty. He and once he said that marriage in Islam is a mutual contract that is conducted between a man and a woman, he didn't say a man and a man. And he didn't say a woman in a moment.

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It is a mutual contract again, again, someone wants to get married, what is your understanding of marriage? He says, My mind is standing is going to man and a man may say, hey, standing is outside of our Diem.

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That's outside of our Diem, and 20. These basic, simple, easy to understand points in definition. They help us to be in a position where when crazy people pop up and people were saying weird things is easy for the Muslim not to become Malta Zaza. What does that say is when something happens, you start shaking, you don't know what to do, because you hit things that are weird. You don't give them the time of the day. So he said, Rahim, Allah who died the marriage in Al Islam. It is the mutual

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mutual agreement. And the contract between a man and a woman, the goal and the objective, the objective of which is for each of them to enjoy the other. Number three, and also with the intention of creating between themselves a pious family and a sound society. That's a comprehensive, tidy, fun definition of a new guy.

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Again, to repeat and to reiterate, what is marriage in Islam? What's the concept of marriage? In our deen? What is it because some of the Western countries in America they have something that's called the Common Law wife, the common law husband, you may not be married, but if one of the two people die, the other one can inherit from because they live together enough years to constitute where that person can inherit. And our deem marriage is the mutual contract greement between a man and a woman,

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the goal and the objective for both of them is that they would enjoy each other. And number three, that they would try to create a pious family and a sound society.

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All three of those components A lot can be said about all three of those components marriage is a contract. And Allah will Tada commanded throughout the Quran. Yeah, you're living in Amman, oh, for Bill, Paul take care of all of your contracts, all of them. contract between you and your workplace contract between you and the country you live in contract between you and the non Muslim. And the contract between the man and the woman. That is the most serious contract. In terms of Benny Adam.

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Property. He mentioned Salah law when he was setting them in a shed the shadow and they come into full Bihar must start to be alpha Rouge. The most significant and the most important contracts that you have to live up to and you have to take care of are the contracts that allow the private parts to become halal, the contracts of marriage. So if the man agrees before the marriage, I'm not going to get married to another woman, while I'm married to you, he has to live up to that. If the man

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agrees, I will not force you to live with my parents, he has to live up to that. If the man agrees, I will not take you to another city other than the city of your mother and your father. He has to live up to that to the best of his ability, when they make those conditions and one of the two partners put on the paper between themselves these contracts or these agreements, these conditions. It is the most important conditions and contracts that an individual has to live up to.

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And they enjoy one another for the pleasure for the pleasure, man. He is getting pleasure from the lady and vice versa. The Prophet sallallahu Sena mentioned authentic hadith Beaba min dunya come who would be by La Yom in dunya calm and Nisa what beep what Juanita to Salah Kuru to me.

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He said, What has been made pleasing to me what I enjoy from your dunya you people go overboard in the dunya what I enjoy from your dunya is I enjoy the women and I enjoy nice smelling perfumes meaning when he's married sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he enjoys the pleasure that's derived from a good wife. That's the meaning of the Hadith sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Send them. So it goes to show that there is some pleasure that is derived from the marriage. Elijah Jen mentioned in the Quran and he created the people on the fitrah zucchini islands for Boucher, Hawaii Mina Nisa, it will be in

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May beautiful to the NAS may beautiful to men is the love and the desire for women and children. So it is an issue where the man is going to enjoy the lady and the lady is going to join the man. One of his companions His name is Jasmine Abdullah he Robbie Allah I know his father died. His father is the only human being that Elijah spoke to without any hijab. every other human being the Allah azza wa jal spoke to that individual from behind a hijab, except jab at him not the last father.

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When his father died, he married me i 10 Sisters, he married a lady who had been married already. She wasn't a virgin girl. The Prophet says southern lady was sending them Why didn't you marry a virgin girl so that you can play with her and she can play with you? It shows a sense of that point of what the Sheikh was talking about. Rahim Allahu Tabata with Dinah

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and many other things can be mentioned but we have to move on and we have to understand that point in light of the Quran and the Sunnah not in light of the idea of those people who tried to distort and they tried to throw dirt on the person of an Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he setting the goal and the objective is so that the two of them can have a family children, they can procreate, and also so that they can build sound societies inside of bukata He brought the hadith of Sulaiman

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Salawat to blame Sam awanee So a man said a Leila so two for me Atlantis one called Lua headed to noona attack TV fattest, new Jackie to FISA de la. He said tonight Sulaiman I am going to have relationships with 100 women tonight. Each and every one of those women. She's going to get pregnant and bring forth a Mujahid who's going to fight FISA btw lahaie Al Imam Bukhari he made this chapter this hadith chapter, the chapter of what the one who gets married with the intention of spreading

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the dean.

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His goal is desire. And this is a sunnah that's loss. His goal and desires I want to have children are going to defend the religion and even if I have daughters, and they may not be able to go and defend the religion in that way, they'll be married to men who do that and so forth and so on. So proof is indication, but maybe two told this community told us a lot what he was selling them to xojo and it will do that will elude for me McAfee will become an omen Yamo piano he said get marry

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you people were not married, say get married. People have this OMA get married to the women who are will do.

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Women who are loving, affectionate, and women will will allude they are prolific and having babies. He said For verily, I want to be the prophet that has the majority of the followers yomo piano. So that hadith clearly shows and vindicates and illustrates, one of the reasons he told you to get married is to get married to the loving lady, someone who can have Sakina with as Allah mentioned in the Quran, woman it and

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woman's wotja The test school in a way.

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Come on what data

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and if you've added to it and told me that the rune from His Ayat is that he created for you women from your own selves, they like you. He didn't create you to marry the jinn. He didn't create you to marry monkeys and encourage you to marry melodica He created you to marry women will from your nature, you complement them and they complement you so that you can Tuscano ha ha so that you can have Sakina you can have 16 it will come to that in Shalonda. And he made between you love and

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mercy. So we advise the men get married to the woman who is loving, and why did he mention loving before prolific, and we'll do and we'll do that we'll note he mentioned the loving lady because if the lady is loving towards her husband and his love between them existent, she'll be more than happy to have a child for him. If there's no love, the last thing she wants to do is to have a child.

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So that shows and indicates again clearly, what is marriage in Ellis fifth of marriage. It is a contract between the man and the woman with a golden objective of him enjoying that lady and that lady as well enjoying her husband. And number three, with the golden the objective of bringing children. Which children though is the question not any child. Children who

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mudrooms you know criminals not like that children who are forming to antisocial behavior, children who are doing everything that a lot doesn't want to be done in the earth. No pious children. That's why the Hadith said, it might've been Adam cutter and 11 fella, it the son of Adam dies, anyone dies, all of his deeds cease to exist, they stop, except one of three things. And one of them that he mentioned, what did Doom saw, yet the ruler who a righteous son, that makes dua for him, the

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righteous son, so the marriage golden, the objective is to make righteous people righteous children, and those righteous children inshallah collectively are going to make a strong and a righteous society. We'll all find what I just mentioned to you 20, in the books of faith, so that the one who was embarking upon marriage, the one who is married, he has to remind himself, this is the goal, and this is the objectives. So if this is the case, then let us deal with the issue and let us deal with

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each other in a different way. Because the reasons why we're arguing in the way that we're existing, me and my wife, you and your wife, the husbands and the wives of our community, is an indication we may not be understanding that. Now we have to come through and come to the point of those individuals whining that we can and cannot marry. But even before that, what is the ruling of getting married? I mean, we mentioned here today that it was in the history of Al Islam that some of

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those great scholars didn't get married. And as I mentioned, their names, their names have been gathered up big people, big people, we want to make it clear once again, that our example is Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ultimately look at kinda look comfortable Sunni law he also swore to Hassan, you have in him a perfect example. We follow him unconditionally, we obey him unconditionally sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and getting married was from his finat and the book

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that he brought the book that he brought, told the Muslims to say like in Surah, Al Furqan, Lavinia Kulu, Rob burner, hob, Lana min as wedge in our Berea, Tina, coral to iron, which I know that Pina enamel, that's a dua of the believer, oh our Lord, given to us, bless me with blessed us with wives and children, who will be the coolers of our eyes in the dunya, before the hereafter, but also including the hereafter, that's the religion he brought some a lot he was setting them. So what is

00:27:50 --> 00:28:19

the ruling of getting married in a listener, there's a lot of the lap between the scholars Some say that it's Whadjuk some people say other than that, and everyone has his delille seems like the best position to say is generally speaking, getting married is something that is highly recommended is most the hub it may be Whadjuk on an individual because of his or her situation, it may become Weijun, it may be if the person has the money, and they have the means that we have the ability,

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that it is something that is highly recommended. He has the mental capacity, he has a disposition, then it is something that is highly recommended. So the argument of Is it magic is it this is it that although it is knowledge based, it's not an issue that we're going to introduce here, because of the time that it's going to take and there are other issues, I think that should be introduced to the minds of the audience. So it's something that is highly recommended. Not only is it highly

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recommended almost the hub but but the issue of marriage is more important than the into the majority of the scholars who said you know, the bad diet, the extra a bad of salad and the carbon hydrogen or the extra one, the full dual of the bad that that extra stuff that you do. They say getting married is more important than that. Virtuous than that. But to say that it's Whadjuk on everybody, the person, there's some delay for that, from the Quran, the Sunnah, but we'll stick with

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that easy position, inshallah in the middle cause that it is highly recommended, and it's natural. So everybody should be in individuals feeling that way. One day, I'm going to get married right now I'm thinking about getting married, and growing and developing ourselves and our children and those who are around us with that golden desire. So who can we get married to?

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The general rule in middle Islam is you can marry whoever you want to marry. You can do whatever you want to do, outside of the bat that the worship in Islam. You can do whatever you want to do drink, what you want to drink, wear, what you want to wear whatever color you can do whatever you want to do. That's the general rule, the general rule until some

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Have comes to saying, Don't do this. And don't do that. Don't drink this. Don't drink that. Don't eat this and don't eat that. Don't sit like that and don't sit like this. As you people are sitting in the audience, this religion taught us how to sit in how not to sit. Generally speaking, you can sit out you want to sit and sit reclining on your right arm, your left arm can sit like that. But there's a sit in you said, don't sit like those people alive, angry with. And that's a particularly

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sitting point is in the dunya, do whatever you want to do until there's a text that says, Don't do it. So from those people we can't marry when we talk about the fifth of marriage, and this is important is that a man cannot marry his father's wife. His father could have been with some woman. And he married that woman was nine his mother can marry that lady. People in J. Leo for an example, come into a slump. Maybe his father happened to be with a lady that he didn't marry, and then they

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slam you can't look at that lady, you can consider that lady. And Allah revealed this on the arrows because this is something they would do. The man wouldn't marry his mother you wouldn't marry his mother. But if his father was married to a lady, he would marry that lady and his father may be alive or he may be dead. They used to do that in Jamia Allah revealed the I had when I thank you who my neck battle Camilla Nisa, Ella Maka itself and no kind of fair. Aisha Tim Womack and Sabina don't

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marry those women who your father's marry before that was a bad thing that they used to do. Don't do that. Once that I came down made it haram that's an ayat of the Quran. And then Allah azza wa jal mention a number of people. And this is the fifth of the issue. Fifth is comprehension. I want to get married, okay. There are some people you can't marry no matter what. Because they were mentioned in the Quran holder limit and a common Maha Takuma binotto

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mattock Maha token webinar to webinar to Omaha to community or Donna Khumba Radha Maha tunisair

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whare evil Kamala at the tomb, where Raja Ibaka Latifi her jewelry company say Kamala at the Halton be henna when them to connote the * to be enough a lot you know Halochem wahala urban banana equal molybdenum in a slubby Kumar and Tajima lubaina octane, Ilana Casella, Allah mentioned in this iron, haram for you to marry, you cannot marry your mother. You can marry your sister, you can marry your daughter. You can marry your paternal Auntie or your maternal auntie, your father's sisters or

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your mother's sister, those five people were mentioned. You cannot marry your niece from your brother's side, your niece from your sister side forever. Those people forever you can think about them. You can marry the lady, that lady that the mother, the lady who gave you milk you sucked from her. You drink her milk. It used to be if you drink from her 10 times and you let it go by yourself. She became your mother. And then it was reduced to five. The baby latched on you drink five

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different drinks at five different times. And he let it go by himself. That lady becomes his mother. And you can't marry her daughters. Once you marry once you drink from her. Her daughters become your sisters. And the Prophet said in an authentic hadith Salallahu Salam, you're a woman Radha my eureka moment and

00:33:40 --> 00:34:15

the milk that a woman makes the relationships haram just like the blood relationships. So if there is a lady that someone drinks from her mother, you can't marry her daughters. You can't marry her sisters or your auntie's. Everyone who's connected to that lady is going to be connected to you in the way that the lineage connects you to that lady, the I went on to mention about the people you cannot marry. You can't marry the mothers of your wives. Once you sit down and you agree to marry

00:34:15 --> 00:34:48

your wife you agreed to marry and you didn't marry you write the contract. From that point on her mother is haram for you haram whether you have relationships with her not her mother is haram for you. Nor can you marry your stepdaughters. Your wife has a daughter, you can't marry her daughter. If you can't submit it with the mother the I had said. But if you didn't consummate with the mother, you didn't. And you got out of the marriage. It was a divorce, she died, you never consummated and

00:34:48 --> 00:34:59

the door is there and that situation presented itself. You can marry her. But obviously to do something like that. You have to think 1000 times. You have to think about so many ramifications. This issue

00:35:00 --> 00:35:31

by yourself, there's a lot of fit that needs to be understood. But the I made it clear, you can't marry the daughter of your wife, your stepdaughter, if you can't see me, even even consummated, then you can marry her daughter. And you can't marry the wives of your sons, your sons who are from your loins, once your son marries a lady, you can't ever marry that lady, because he was the ex wife of your son. And also the ISA. And this is very important to Quantium this ayat, because it shows an

00:35:31 --> 00:35:52

issue of our P that and that is the IRS said, You can't marry your wife, you can't marry your wife and her sister at the same time, your wife and your sister says that that same time, if you marry your wife and something happens, and then you marry her sister, this is something that Muslims do because the sister

00:35:54 --> 00:36:04

of the wife are going to take care of the children. It's a common practice with the Arabs. It's a practice that people have in the Muslim world and African Other than that, so those are some of the people who can't be married.

00:36:05 --> 00:36:35

And another I had allies who didn't mention from those people who can't be married, he said to Barack with either one, or two men and Nisa in America, a man Oh, come Kitab Allahu La calm. And you cannot marry a woman who was already married, a woman who was already married. So from the people you can't marry, or some people, you can't marry them because of a situation. But if that situation changes, then you can marry them. But as long as that situation is there, you can get married, but

00:36:35 --> 00:36:44

it's not something that's permanent. For example, a man is married to a woman and he divorced her three times. He can't marry her until she gets married again, this fixing that.

00:36:45 --> 00:37:17

If a man, if a man divorced his wife, the lady is in her period. She's in the UK, Mary hunter that is done. A lady is available to get married. But she's not a Jew. She's not a Christian. She's not a Muslim. She's a Sikh or Hindu. She's agnostic, she's an atheist. You can marry her until she becomes a Muslim until she becomes a Jew until she becomes a Christian. So there are a number of women in this situation. There's something in Islam called a Lyon. That's when the man comes in. He says,

00:37:18 --> 00:37:45

with no witnesses. My wife committed Zina, she committed adultery. And then he curses will lie he she did it will lie, he will lie, he will lie. And then the fifth time saying the curse of Allah be upon me if I'm lying. And then she comes in saying you're lying, you're lying will lie. You're lying four times, and me then give Allah be upon me telling the truth. If that happened between a man and a woman, he can't marry that lady again ever help us. But if he comes in, he says, I was lying. When

00:37:45 --> 00:38:13

I accused him, I was lying. I made that mistake, then he's allowed to marry her. But he's going to be whipped because he bought full force witness, and there are other people. But the point is, this group of people 20 This group of people, you can't marry them because of some condition. If that condition changes, then you can marry and there are many people like that. How are you going to come to know about it? By learning the religion. So those people were mentioned in the Quran that I gave

00:38:13 --> 00:38:45

you that everybody mentioned in the Quran. But there was one woman who was mentioned in the Quran. And if it wasn't for the Sunnah, we wouldn't know about this woman. So for the people who say we don't need the Sunnah, if a person says that he believes that he runs the risk of going outside of Islam, or Sula, he said Allah when he said that he mentioned in authentic hadith la Yajima Raju bein emra 10, one Madiha Oh quality. If a man gets married to a woman, he shouldn't be married to her and

00:38:45 --> 00:39:16

her maternal aunt, or her paternal aunt at the same time, which goes to show what the wisdom of Allah Islam, there are going to be some problems with plural marriage, it's going to be jealousies with plural marriage, it's going to happen. So you can't break the ties of relationship between the blood can do that. So Sam didn't allow a man to marry his wife and his sister at the same time to marry his wife and her auntie at the same time, so that there is no drama and no static between

00:39:16 --> 00:39:31

them. That Hadith comes to us in authentic narration. If it wasn't for the student, that we wouldn't know that it will be permissible for you to marry your wife and our Auntie at the same time. But we say again, we take the Quran and the Sunnah, both of them are together.

00:39:32 --> 00:39:58

We find out when he when we talk about the fifth of getting married. One of the most important aspects in the chapters of getting married is to know not only who you can marry and who you can't marry, but from the people you can marry. What are the descriptions that the man should be looking for? What are the descriptions that the lady should be looking for? I think that was alluded to yesterday and I'm sure that it was spoken about earlier today and it's going to be spoken about

00:39:58 --> 00:39:59

throughout these next two days. Be the name

00:40:00 --> 00:40:25

that, as he says southern lady was telling the woman is married for four things she's married because of a money because of her beauty because of her lineage because of a dean married the one with the dean and you'll be successful. He told us that and that authentic hadith SallAllahu sending them if someone comes to you, someone comes to you as the wheeling, someone comes to you he wants to marry your daughter wants to marry your family or your sister, someone you're responsible for. Then

00:40:25 --> 00:40:54

if you're pleased with the clock, and the dean, they marry them, if you don't do it, there's going to be fitna in the earth and for sad. All of those are Hadith indicating a show, you want to look for personal last some Dean, and they have some compatibility, what they call it, cut fat. And that's why I said yesterday, and I'll continue to say Inshallah, for the young brothers who come from communities where the mother and the father are very strict on their ethnic background, their

00:40:54 --> 00:40:59

ethnicity, they come from a country, their family is from the north.

00:41:00 --> 00:41:29

And they want you to marry someone from your tribe, from the north, someone from your tribe in the south, someone who comes from your village, someone who's a relative of yours. If you can do that, you should try to do it. If you can do it doesn't mean that it's haram to go outside. Doesn't need that all at all. But that issue of compatibility and age and all of that. I will Bucha came to the nebula selling me wanting to marry Fatima The Prophet said, No, I'm not kidding me wanted to marry

00:41:29 --> 00:41:57

father. He said no, he married to a lead. He said double booking Are you too old and she's young. That compatibility you to 3040 years older than her she's young. But it's permissible to do that. No matter what DLR I know, doing this Khilafah when he was the kind of before he married, the daughter of Ali when I be tolerated, and he I mean, he is on he said I didn't want to get married, I had no need to get married, I might have said I No need to get married. The reason why I wanted to marry is

00:41:57 --> 00:42:14

that I heard the prophecy I did southern lady was telling them that all relationships or relationships will be cut off, you'll know Kiama there'd be no benefit, except the relationships that come from me. So I wanted to be more connected to the Nabhi marry someone close to him like his granddaughter.

00:42:15 --> 00:42:37

And he was much older than the girl and that's the point. So we have to look for that individual who has the religion and we have the clop she doesn't have to be a half of the Quran. She doesn't have to be a woman who in terms of religious she's she's the most religious in the world. But it's something you can work with. And religion in the clock here, especially religion, it doesn't mean

00:42:38 --> 00:43:08

that the guy was a fool, but he has a beard, he has a mistake in his pocket. And it doesn't mean as well when you're looking for a wife, that she's a lady that just has one bad one. I saw my own eyes and I'm not judging anyone on the public transportation. But it was packed out and it was hot. And some Jamaican lady older lady was given a Muslim sister with Gil Baba, he Japanese comes from some cayenne. And that's just gave it back to that lady because what that Jamaican lady said was out of

00:43:08 --> 00:43:29

order, the way she was talking and what she said. And that's just the you heard her voice, though. It was a bit inappropriate, but I'm not in her shoes. What the lady said to him was nasty. And then at that other girl defended herself. Do you want your wife to be like that? I'm not here to judge her. I'm making a point. jilbab Lakeya speaking Arabic that's not enough.

00:43:31 --> 00:43:52

The man said to remodel the line who? Yeah, Ameerul Momineen. Put that man over there. Put that man, let him be inside of your cabinet. Make him someone who's responsible in your government. I'm gonna say Do you know what a man he said? I know him. Allah. He I know him. He said, Did you travel with the man? He said, No. Did you do business with the man? He said, No. Did you eat with the man? He said no. Did you sleep with the man? He said no. He said you don't like you don't know that man. You

00:43:52 --> 00:44:18

saw that man going up and down the masjid make a record. That's all you saw. But as soon as you borrow money to him in giving you your money back, then you're going to come to know the individual. So the point is, and trying to find out the reality of people take your time as questions. Look at the individual have someone who's on the scene who's going to do his job, which brings me to the last point of today's session. And a lot of other things can be talked about the flick of getting

00:44:18 --> 00:44:21

married. We want to end with this issue.

00:44:22 --> 00:44:36

In the marriage of 20, the actual ceremony the fit of the real marriage in Islam has that five things in it. If these five things are not there, then that marriage is null and void. That marriage is compromised.

00:44:37 --> 00:44:39

Especially living here.

00:44:41 --> 00:44:59

Find things first of all at the top of the list. In order for there to be a marriage there has to be a wedding. No girl who has a Muslim father, uncles, older brothers, brothers who are old enough, no Muslim girl born and raised in this land. She has a father

00:45:00 --> 00:45:27

Who's on the scene is on the set? No Muslim girl should try to get married without her father without her wedding. If she does that, she made Kiana, she makes a big sin. Even if she knows her father is one of those people, Hey, we're from the north, and those people from the South. Hey, we're black, and we're beautiful, and they're not black. I'm not gonna let you do it. Even if a father is like that, and she knows he's gonna give her a hard time. She has to make an attempt to go

00:45:27 --> 00:45:27

through her father.

00:45:29 --> 00:45:31

When they be mentioned, somebody was selling them lanica

00:45:33 --> 00:46:07

there is no Nikka cept you gotta have a wedding. Hey, you say you might au Mamre to Nokia had been writing evening will you have for mica who have Barton. And he mentioned the three times Amy woman who got married without her father's permission, how will he then her marriage is Barton. He said like Tom Cumbre tune in Brotton, no woman should marry off another woman, your mother can't marry you off your auntie can't marry you off has to be a man from your family, your father, your uncle,

00:46:07 --> 00:46:11

your grandfather, older people who are respectable from your relatives.

00:46:13 --> 00:46:22

If you run off, and you elope, and you get married, at the register, you run off and you go to City Hall, that marriage is a problem doesn't count.

00:46:24 --> 00:46:45

The next tool, the next tool is that you need two witnesses to men witnesses from the Muslims, two witnesses from the Muslims, you need two witnesses, not one but two men. If you don't have two men who take four women, if you have one man and two women, then that's okay. But you need at least two witnesses for that mean.

00:46:46 --> 00:47:06

So that's three. Number four, you have to give the dairy. And we're going to deal with this dairy Shala in our upcoming session, because the importance of the Dow and what goes wrong with the Dow is learning to the women in our community as a result of the culture, you have to give the girl a dowry. And there's a lot of fifth about the dowry, a lot of fit concerning the dowry.

00:47:07 --> 00:47:35

Number five, and the last condition is you have to have them wafak You have to have the consent of the girl in our community, with the Asian community and I'm not against the Asian community. But this practice is prevalent in the Asian community in this country. If I don't know the family that people said I want you to marry, conduct the ceremony. If I know the beams, daughters getting married that deems sister's getting married, I'll conduct the mica because I know this guy has a

00:47:35 --> 00:48:05

level of enlightenment and Dean was not going to force them to get married. I know that. But if there's a group of people who I don't know, I don't know them. I always insist. gotta hear from the girl with my own ears, that she's okay with this Mica. Because she shouldn't be forced and she couldn't she shouldn't be compelled. As we mentioned yesterday, the only reason why I mentioned yesterday that there was some scholars who said the girl can be compelled is because of the Amana

00:48:05 --> 00:48:33

elmia. I mean, there is a religious responsibility to let you know that ideas out there, some of the scholars took that position. Some of them said that I didn't tell you that because I believe in that or I even think that should be practice. In this day and time in this country. I don't think that forcing your daughter to get married is against the law right now in this country forcing them and plus those scholars who took that position although they had their positions in the approves the

00:48:33 --> 00:49:05

other scholars who said no those positions and those proofs are weak. I only mentioned it I only mentioned it because of the Amana elmia Bus fuck, that's it, but it shouldn't be done. It shouldn't be done. So those five issues have to be present. So if you are attempting to get marry you in the middle of about to get married you about to get married, one of those five things are gone. Absent, then you have to step back pump your brakes and not approach the issue at all except that people

00:49:05 --> 00:49:33

involved inside of the loop who know what they are doing. So concerning the basic fifth of marriage, there are a lot of issues that can be need to be discussed. We only had 4550 minutes today Shala it's your job your responsibility in sha Allah to go back and try to gather up as much information as possible concerning that a pull up Cody how that was stuck for Allah and we will not come on us Allah Tala tofield was said that

00:49:35 --> 00:49:37

they learn to shave on

00:49:42 --> 00:49:49

Bismillah mine you all hear me

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