Contemporary Issues Part 5 (Hijab)

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Most Merciful. I'd like to welcome you the viewers to another in our series, contemporary issues. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Allah peace and blessings be on each and every one of you,

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the viewers, we continue to look at some of the pressing issues in our times, issues concerning Islamic culture, which of which has been brought into question, how relevant is this culture today? The issue concerning the Taliban in Afghanistan, where the Taliban insisted that women put on the Chad or cover themselves completely, you know, this was a major affront to the Western world, the western feminists were up in arms covering of women, this is, you know, going back to the Dark Ages, you know, it is, you know, it is degrading for women, these kind of things.

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What about discovering of the woman, the Muslim woman?

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This is a big question today, Western feminists consider Muslim woman to be the last frontier in a way that they have to break down and ensure rights of women to be able to express themselves. Well, let us look at some of the concepts behind Western dress. Okay. When we look into the western

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fashion industry over the last century, from the 1900s, to to the year 2000, which we are now

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what is happened at the turn of the century,

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beginning of the 20th century, what you found was that women in the West were covered from head to toe,

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they were covered from head to toe,

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virtually like Muslim women, they're wearing things on their heads and dresses, full length dresses, all these kinds of things.

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Now, women walk the streets, especially in summer, virtually naked,

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not just the beaches, the streets.

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Clothing, okay, where they have to wear clothes, because a bit cold or cool. Clothing becomes so tight, I mean, it is like as if somebody took a spray can and just sprayed on the clothing, you know, so they may as well be naked completely, their clothes but yet unclosed

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as prophet spoke about times that would come.

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The point is that

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the western fashion industry has involved itself in a process of removing the clothing of Western women, systematically, shortening it, shortening it shortening, shortening it, lowering, lowering, you know, arms, everything, until virtually she walks the beach with little strings on her body, the rest of her body is totally naked.

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This is the norm today.

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At the same time, there has been a rise

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in another phenomenon, crime, the crime of rape,

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that over that 100 years, you found that as clothing was dropping

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the same rate or similar rate to the removal of clothing, we find a rise in rape. So much so that by the beginning of the 19th, in the United States alone, they reported that their rapes had crossed the 100,000 mark. And this was the reported rapes

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where people report it to the police and researchers calculated or estimated that the actual number was some seven to 10 times that amount. So you're talking about a million rapes

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a million rapes million people rate being raped. In. In the Philippines. I recently read a newspaper that nine women are raped every day.

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nine women raped every day.

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In America, that number is five right?

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Over a million raped every year.

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Is there another relationship?

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There are more laws which have come into effect to protect the woman and protect their rights and everything else. In a woman's rights in all crimes. Even the crime of rape has been more seriously dealt with now than it was in the process of certcentral. But the rise and rape is still increasing. Why?

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They're women. They're Kreskin, and this issues raised them What about this nakedness? Let's say when a woman should be free to dress as she pleases. You know, why? why it should be on the man the man should be restrained

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that this nakedness does encourage.

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It's not only that we along with the nakedness, the woman, this undressed woman is now used to advertise everything. All of your major products are being advertised by naked women, or virtually naked women. You want to sell a car.

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Sports Car, what do you do?

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You, you tell them about the engine size and the power show the engine, the motor and the workings of it and how fast it goes. You know, it's such a no, you want to sell that car. You sure model bright fire engine red, with a woman lying on top of it in a bikini.

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I saw you sell it. Right? That bikini said sending a message to the people you buy the car, that's what you're gonna get.

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Similarly, you want to sell a shaver,

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a new electric shaver. It's got new blades and you know, titanium, whatever. But you don't bother to go into all of this, you know how it changes. Instead, what you do is you show a picture of a man with this electric shaver and there's a hand holding his his hand has got red fingernails.

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What is the message being taught here by this electric shaver, you're gonna have that female hand holding your hand.

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These are all messages, subliminal messages being pumped into the society raising the sexual tension of the society

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stripping the female

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even in the dress, if we look at the concepts of dress, what is the purpose of dress in the West? The purpose is first and foremost, to expose as much of the body as possible, how does the main purpose

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for men and women to expose as much of the body as possible, the second purpose is beauty. The third purpose is protecting the body from the elements.

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And the last purpose may be to cover what may be classified legally as private parts

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may be classified legal is private parts. And that

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in many cases becomes very limited area.

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I know recently in Canada,

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women fought for legislation in Toronto, to have the right to war to walk topless in the streets.

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Obviously, during the summers in the winters, you know,

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you could die from that. And the summers, when men normally walk topless. They call it bare chested.

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wearing their shorts in the summer, it's warm. I think it's a crime before I was a crime for women to do the same. Why Why should it be a crime that women are argued?

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If we're men can do it. Why can we?

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Well, the fact that men are the attracted to us when we're topless. Well, we're attracted to men when they're walking like this. So they argued their point and they won. And legislation came in which permitted them to do so. This happened a couple of years back. Still we don't find women walking in this summer, downtown.

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topless, you still find men walking their bare chested, but no woman. Right? They have the right now. Because the consequence, people know the consequence. And although you might establish this right, legally, you know the consequence of applying that right? The reality

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from Islamic perspective. When Islam prescribed, the dress for women of all said they're in Surah Allah hands out the 33rd chapter, verse 3059. Good Nina la hinda minja la Vb hinda valleca adna. And you're off now will allow you

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let them cast their outer garments over their bodies, that is best in order that they be known

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and not be harmed.

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I explained there in order that they be known and not behind very important points. They be known, known in what sense

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because some people think that the women cover up so that they are not known.

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People will notice them

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So some ignorant Muslims going to the west say, well, we shouldn't wear hijab, we shouldn't cover ourselves up in the West. Because when we do that, people will notice us people will look at us when we tried to be, you know, in conspicuous, so the best thing is to dress like the western woman. That way, nobody's gonna look twice at us because we're like everybody else. This is the argument.

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The reality this is not what the law said in the Koran, a lot said that they should wear this to be known.

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No, there was sense law in the sense that if a man or a group of men whenever in the society, they see a nun walking down the street,

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she wears her habit. That is a cover looking just on the fact that he job he's wearing the traditional one, which is not the modern nuns who our little things on their heads and miniskirts and things like this. But the traditional nuns from the traditional orders have maintained the full habit covering everything except for the face in their hands.

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When they see a man walking down the street, of course, this catches their attention is something unusual, you don't see nuns walk on street all the time. So they will look at the woman.

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And if they see a woman walking out her house, in bikini,

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they will also look at that woman.

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Now, the point here is what

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is the way in which they look at the nun, the same as the way they look at the woman the bikini.

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It's not the same. In both cases, they're looking

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curiosities involved. But in one case, when they look at the the nun, they're looking at the non knowing that she is not available. Her dress, or a dress or habits is telling you this is a fashion statement. She's saying, I am not available. Don't even think about approaching me.

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She wears a ring on our hand saying she's married to Jesus finish. Don't even think about it.

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The woman in the bikini? What did she say?

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Of course women in bikinis will say no, I'm not saying I'm available. But the reality is you're saying hey, look at me. Look at what I've got.

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What purpose? Why is this not teasing and encouraging? Yes, it does. It is basically saying I am available.

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That's the reality. Now the law says no.

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But the reality says yes.

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So when a woman wears her a job of covering covering everything is up to face on hands. Covering the face is generally held by scholars to be recommended not compulsory, although some scholars hold that it is compulsory.

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When a woman dresses in this fashion, she is making a fashion statement, she is saying I am not available also, except by honorable means.

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And you cannot flirt with me. You know, I'm not, you know you want if you're interested in marriage, you know, interested in me, it's got to be in marriage, you approach my father, my brother, you know my male relatives.

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And then it can be considered otherwise, don't think about it.

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So she is making a fashion statement that she'd be known known as what known as a virtuous woman

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known as a chaste and virtuous woman in society.

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This is this is the intent, first and foremost. Secondly, as I explain, that should not be harmed. This covering of the woman is going to minimize the harm of course,

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one can argue somebody will say, Well, you know, people were I know some of them don't say I, you know, I wear all of this, men will still be approaching me.

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Yes. But imagine if you're wearing a bikini.

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Please don't compare, don't simply say that simply because you're wearing all of this. It hasn't stopped advances. The reality is that yes, there may be some advances still happening. And it's still not the same as if you expose yourself it's not going to be the same.

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Some nuns are raped, nuns are raped in different parts of the world it happens

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as women who were complete covering will get raped also can happen. But the rate the number of you know if you can pair the numbers who who are exposed to that and you know, who are nuns and those who are not. And the proportions we can see that the numbers of nuns will return far in more insignificant than the numbers of women who are raped, you know, while dressing themselves in a variety different ways. You know, there are some are

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Humans, it's a you know, rape is not about this thing here it is about control. It's like men who are on some kind of power chip and control chip, they are about trying, so they don't really care how you dress dress, they're gonna do that. Yes, it may be an element of that tattoo, but

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and in wartime, etc, etc, you find people doing this. But that does not rule out the large number of cases where rape is strictly from desire to do with control, I want to control i just i want you

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desire, the desire which is pumped up and increased by the unclosing of females, and clothing in the sense of either removing their clothing, or having them wear clothing so tight as to expose all of their private parts.

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So, from the Islamic perspective, Islam holds that when a woman exposed herself like that, she opens herself up to harm.

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When Islam covers up the woman like this, at the same time, it says men, if you do not observe this, you rape a woman, the penalty for you is death, very severe penalties

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for rape, but that severe penalty and of course, a lot of the feminists would say yeah, good rape, kill the man, you know, they will push for that kill the man commit rape in India, there was, you know, movement amongst women, feminists calling for killing them in the women where the Saris with these tops, which are skin tight, which are exposing the parts of the body, the whole middle section, etc, and then they kill them and want to rape us.

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This doesn't work, these things have to be balanced. On one hand, yes, if a man rapes you gonna kill this person. But on the other hand, the woman should be covered so as not to encourage, it must be balanced here. So Islam seeks to protect the woman by having a cloth and the Hey job, this covering is an expression of also separation in the society, that she functions in one area of the society where there not a lot of mineralogy doesn't function situation where they're mixing with men. Why? Because whenever this happens, women suffer. And Bangkok today, they have separate buses for women and for men and his society. She's not talking about, you know, women's rights and this kind of

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things, they separated them. Why not? Because they feel that, you know, women need to be separate from men normally. And but because women was suffering so much on those buses, the crowded buses, they were suffering, and try in Japan today. You know, there's number of reports of hired special police that are going to go in these bullet trains or people are packed in like sardines to catch the ropers women are suffering. And also, you know, in big cities like New York City in the subways, in the tube in London, you know, during rush hour when people crash together, what happens? What is the woman's problems the woman and the circumstances, they get it? Islam seat seeks to make a

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separation in order to protect the women from the harm. Why is it because men are normally harmful and evil? No, not necessarily, but the cause of putting people in close proximity

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of removing the clothing of people This encourages and and promotes this kind of corruption is very important. You know, we're, we're in a we have cases where we talk about pedophilia, or adults, molest children and struggling, we have to consider this that how little children are being dressed today. I mean, it's not to say this justifies pedophilia, as we say that the nakedness of women don't justify rape is still a crime from Islamic perspective. But in a way, the little girls are being dressed in such ways. They're wearing tight tights and skin, this isn't exposing their little bodies and these type of things and prancing around, you know, and then, you know, in societies with

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men, you know, showing affection, and molesting them. And actually much of the molestation takes place within the family itself. It's the uncles and the brothers and the cousins and these type of things, mostly, mostly little kids. So we have to be conscious, you have to be aware, don't say that little kids have to wear all jobs, these type of things. But we have to be very moderate and modest in the way that we dress our children, particularly come from the potential harm that is there in the society.

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Without their viewers like to stop here on the issues of hijab, we're going to continue in our next segment in this area because it is a topic which one sitting cannot possibly do justice, we need to look further into issues of separation and the covering of the Muslim woman. So I hope you will continue to

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Follow our program be with us in the next segment and tell them how did you feel well, so I'm on a cool