Hajj will help you quit bad habits!

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of staying true to small habits and not rushing to achieve big things. They encourage individuals to think of small habits and build themselves into small habits. The speaker also emphasizes the need for better food and clothing to survive and fight against illness.
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So the Hajaj they are pelting the first day seven, they call it and Cobra. The big one, the major bad that you have within you. Can you get rid of it? Can you think about it? There must be about seven big things you need to get rid of in your life. Seven big ones, what are they, you know them, count them 123. So I'm taking this pebble boom, what happened? One of the bad ones went, I said, Allahu Akbar, I take another one, the other one's gone. The other one, the other one's gone. This is something automatically you should feel because you're in hajj, you are there. And for us, we are celebrating what the sacrifice of Ibrahim alayhi salam, we're putting a knife to our bad habits.

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Or we're going to enjoy the fact that the knife was put on the bad habits. You may not have your own animal if you cannot afford it. But at least somehow you will get to benefit from it and enjoy the celebration.

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So this is Allah. This is the beauty that Allah has given us. It's up to us to search within us water, my bad habits. What am I hooked onto that I'm not supposed to be hooked on to. It could be pornography, it could be adultery, it could be alcohol and gambling. It could be whatever else it may be if I need to stop something I'm addicted to for the sake of Allah. I should do it without even waiting for a season. But Allah gives you a season to become more conscious of it to say, You know what, come on. This is the ID of sacrifice. What are you going to sacrifice my bad habits. These seven things quit.

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That's it, it's gone.

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And next day, they take 21 pebbles, they have seven, seven and seven. So big habits but middle habits and smaller habits but they all need to go obviously, primarily in the Hadith. This is not mentioned I'm only telling you that as a person who wants to cleanse himself. It's important for you to think of what bad you need to eradicate to eradicate it. Many of us have jealousy in our hearts. We see someone with $1 more and we can't stomach it. You can't sleep at night. You need sleeping pills. Why? Because the guy has $1 more than me. He bought a car 2023 and minus 2022 Oh, I can't sleep. Come on, man. How can you be connected to the world take that out. The Pebble needs to be

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thrown onto the pillar and you say Allahu Akbar, and that Satan is out of your system. So what? That's what it should be. Are you living? Yes. Did you have food? Yes. Do you have clothing? Yes. Are you okay? Yes, thank Allah. Work hard to build yourself. Yes, by all means everyone wants goodness. But build yourself into things not just one. You don't build yourself only that I need better food, better transport, better clothing, better place to stay. We fight in our lives from birth to death because we want better to survive for the few years better, but we've already got the necessity.

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I asked you do you have clothes? Yes, but I need better clothes. You have food? Yes, but I need better food. Yes. Do you have a house? Yes, but I need a better house. Do you have a car? Yes, but I need a better car. What are you fighting for better? That's what the whole the whole sacrifice is about. In the case of those who are weak. May Allah strengthen us