Omar Suleiman – Deeper Into Dhikr #08 The Meaning Of A’Oodhu Billah

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of seeking refuge in shaping and seeking refuge from the devil's deception is emphasized, as it is the only way to avoid becoming like the shape on and fall in victim. The shay pattern is taught to individuals to not be in a state of rage and be a person who is more powerful than the shay pattern. The importance of being reminded of Allah's power and seeking refuge from the "veril on" from the "veril on" from the "veril on" from the "veril on" from the "veril on" from the "veril on" from the "veril on" from the "veril on" from the "veril on" from the "veril on" from the "veril on" from the "veril on" from the "veril on" from the "veril on" from the "veril on" from the "veril on" from the "veril on" from
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We have a way that we send our Peace and blessings on the best of Allah's creation. And then we also have a way of seeking refuge in Allah from the worst of His creation. And if you think about the difference between Allahu wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad and Rulu bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. By seek protection in Allah, from the accursed devil the most hated creation of Allah, our entire lives manifest this victory by trying to be as much like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as possible, and trying to be as little as possible like the shape on like the accursed the double, are only going to be learn in a shape on your logy. Now, one of the things that we take from

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Steve either which is to seek refuge in Allah from the shape on is that it gives us a realization of who he is, what his tactics are, and always makes us aware so that as we're putting up the fortress of the remembrance of Allah subhana, WA Tada we are not letting the shape on expose any of those gaps. And so you find various forms of STI, the various forms of seeking refuge in Allah from the accursed the devil, not just for ourselves, but even for our loved ones, right? So you can take every single one of those forms of STI either of those forms of seeking protection from Allah subhanaw taala. And you read them upon your children, so we're either gonna be catty, Mattila had

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Tamati been coolly shaytaan and wahama woman Coulier Anan lum or emu Komaba Kelly Mattila who Tamati been shuddering mahalo so you can either say I seek refuge in Allah in His perfect word, from every single devil from every beast from every envious blameworthy, I or you could just say I seek refuge in the most high from the worst of his creation and shuttering malloc and if you look at the way that we put ourselves to sleep, we obviously recite the why we the taint on ourselves could Aruba Robin, Philip could exhibit openness, there's a reason why this is the end of the Quran, that we remind ourselves that as much as we can get on the straight path, and seek Allah's protection and

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seek Allah's help, and seek to be like our Prophet, sallAllahu alayhi wasallam there's always a possibility of us falling, that is not to make us despair. That's to make us diligent. And so every night we read on ourselves cooler, a little bit of cold air, a little bit openness, and we read upon our loved ones as well. We'll earn a little bit of cold air to get up the nurse and realize that you're not just seeking refuge from something but you're seeking refuge in Allah constantly be robbed. AlFalah be robbing us, the Lord of people. Allah is the Lord of you. Allah is the Lord of me. Allah is the Lord of the one we hope to be like, and Allah is the Lord of the one from whom we

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seek protection. So what are we seeking refuge from? Number one from becoming like the shape on, we don't want to fall in our religion to where we start to act like the devil himself, and ultimately, he wants to pull as many people into hellfire as possible. Number two, we seek refuge from the devil's deception, and from his tricks we seek refuge from his whispers from his WeSwap. So we ask Allah to remove those waswas We seek refuge in Allah from bad thoughts and anxiety because obviously, the shaitan wants us to be distracted. He wants us to be paralyzed so that we can't move towards Allah subhanho wa Taala we also are taught to seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala when we

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become consumed with anger, remember the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam said that the strong person is not the one who overcomes their opponents. The strong person is Allah, the young Leonessa who are in the love is the one who is still in control of themselves, when they are angry. Now think about this. Think about how people say things and do things in anger that they regret. And there's this famous Hadith where the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam saw this man who was in a fit of rage, and also lost my son did not go up to the man and say, say I was with the ministry. Thorazine he said to the other companions, that I know something, if he were to say it, his anger would dissipate. And

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they said, What is it Yeah, rasool Allah, He said, Al bIllahi min ash shaytaan Allah gene. Now the reason why he didn't go up to the man and say it to him, is because once you're in a fit of rage, you're unable to see yourself anymore and unable to really control yourself. And so here the prophets lie, some was giving a lesson to the rest of the companions that don't be like the person who's going to be as it it'll the Allahu Anhu said, in a state of rage and then afterwards in a state of regret. Instead be a person who understands from the very start, that the shaytaan can take the driver's seat, the shaytaan can take the wheel, and you might say things and do things that you

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really don't want to do in a state of anger. Just like when you're in a state of desire, and your desires overwhelm you stare is Billa seek refuge in Allah subhanaw it's added from the shape

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On he wants to make you fall by your desires he wants to make you fall by your pride. The point is he wants to make you fall. And we even find from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that when we are in a state of pain, that the prophets lie some taught us to say, our oath to Billahi what could rotti he venture Rhema Egidio will happen. I seek refuge in Allah and in his power, from the evil of what I find, and of what I guard against. So you remember that ALLAH SubhanA hurts Allah is the One who can protect you from the shape on and you remember that the plot of the shape on at the end of the day is to really distract you from Allah subhanaw taala and so you'll find panela that

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the words were in Nyanza, I'm not convinced che Bonnin Aslan that if the shaytaan comes to annoy you to poke to whisper that Allah azza wa jal uses this in the context of a person who's about to sin. And in a person who's doing Dawa, right because at the end of the day, che THON will try to get in the way of that too. So in della, he'll try to get you to be overcome by ego, he will try to fracture the community, and in desire, he will try to bury you in your desire and then afterwards, when you regret, try to bury you in despair, all of that is to put a barrier between us and Allah subhanaw taala individually and collectively, when we're sinning and when we're doing good deeds,

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and so he wants to busy you with other than Allah subhanaw taala and that's why you find that we are taught that when we are about to read Quran is that is Billa that you seek refuge in Allah subhana wa it's added from the CHE plan, because Shavon who does not want you to connect to Allah certainly doesn't want you to read the Word of Allah subhanaw taala and to hear the word of Allah subhanho Its ad and so immediately when you're going towards your most have shape on teknicks Because he knows that if you hear Allah, you won't hear his whispers anymore. And so he tries to get you to not open the Quran in the first place to distract you from the Quran to get you to abandon the Quran. And you

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say, oh the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim and he is completely humiliated. He completely sinks away. And so the profit slice I'm taught us what, when you seek refuge from the shape on realize that you're seeking refuge in one who is more powerful than the shaytaan. And there are the map mentioned here that the best forms of esteana are the ones in which you mentioned the names of Allah subhanaw taala as well. So for example, I owe the biller a Semir Aladdin Mina Shavon ology. I seek refuge in Allah, the All Hearing and the All Knowing from the accursed the devil. And so you remind yourself of Allah subhanaw taala and I heard some of my own

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teachers actually say that especially in the state of anger, you need to be reminded of Allah subhanaw taala so say herbalist Emirati ministry phonology, I seek refuge in Allah the All Hearing the All Knowing from the accursed the double. And you see even in the beautiful Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim, when he would enter into the masjid and he said, Ooh, the villa Hila. Aleem wherever you watch he he'll Kareem was so funny he'll Kadeem Mina Shakeology, I seek refuge and Allah the Almighty, and in his noble face and his eternal domain from the accursed, the double. You reminding yourself that Allah is so much greater than the shaper, and that Allah has all power over

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the shaper. And so you seek refuge in Allah from the shaper. Now remember, there is evil that is seen there is evil that is unseen. There are Shayateen that are Jinn there are Shayateen that are human beings. There is harm that could be caused intentionally and sometimes unintentionally, but the solution is always one Ruth will be telling you not to lie to naughty men shopping a HELOC I seek refuge in the Perfect Words of Allah from the worst of what he has created

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