Nouman Ali Khan – The Quran, A Miracle and Guidance – Malaysia Tour 2015

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of strong relationships with the Quran is discussed, including the use of "ocean" to describe spiritual teachings and the need for clear guidance and clarification on why one should believe in the Bible. The importance of sharing joy and creating transparency in teaching others is emphasized, along with the use of "naqna" in Islam to teach others and reconcile actions. The speaker encourages viewers to use the Quran as a tool to teach others and teach others to use it as a tool to teach others.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. inshallah, in this series of reminders, I'll try to take bits and pieces of the Quran in my intention that ties all of these gurus together, is going to be to maybe hopefully reinforce the nature of the relationship Muslims are supposed to have with the poor on what are some of the core aspects of the relationship that you and I have with the Koran generally, I think you and I have heard many talks, and reminders and lectures about how we have to have a strong relationship with the Quran. But a lot of times we actually don't dive into what that means. What does that actually practically mean, to have a relationship? And what is the seriousness

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of this matter? So the first place I wanted to talk about is actually from sort of Bukhara, and allies talking about people who were given a book before us when we saw him. And they were given revelation, and then they lost it. And it was reinforced for them over and over again, with Prophet after prophet after prophet finally ending with a Salah his salon, and what they did with their book, a crime that they committed with their book. And now it's important to note that when a lot of talks about what they did with their book, it's actually not just a history lesson about what they did in their times. As a matter of fact, the changes they made to the Torah, they didn't make those

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changes at the time of the Prophet size of them, they'd made those changes a long time ago, you know,

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but Allah speaks about them as though they just made those changes, which is strange, you know, you hardly fool will tell him on the wall there. He they move the word from its place. But or they edit the word from its place, but they don't edit the word from this place. It's already fossilized. It's already been used that way for centuries and centuries. Actually, their crime was that they knew that it's been changed. And they were okay with that. They didn't want to go back to the original book. So in other words, the people who edited the book, and the people who were okay with that editing, or didn't want to revisit the original text, are equally criminal. So long as they were

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knowledgeable, they're equally criminal. But anyway, that's not the point I wanted to make today. The point I wanted to make today is how Allah depicts the crime. He says in a Latina to Muna Anza laminal bagina. No doubt about those note about no doubt those who hide what we have sent down

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from within having to do with the clearest proofs.

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Now, the first part of this yocto Muna Anza laminal v net, suggests that there are some people who clearly know that the Quran is revelation.

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And they're hiding it anyway from their congregation. There are rabbis in Medina, that when they heard the Quran, they could tell immediately This is the confirmation of Torah but this is the all the truth in that a lot is captured in perfection in the Quran.

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But they still would hide it, they wouldn't share it with their congregation, then the next part, well, Hoda, not that just the clearest proofs and guidance. Now, this is an important you know, sometimes when you read these things, you don't kind of know what what am I saying? The Allah says though, what they what Allah sent down from the clearest proofs, and from the guidance, and they are not well Hooda two things are honest, two things are honest proof that there is that that it is from Allah, itself, it's the miracle. And Quran is also guidance, which means my relationship with the Quran is also two parts. One part of it is I have to appreciate what makes it miraculous what makes

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it perfect. what's so amazing about the Quran, that's part of me, internalizing the fact that it's from lbe not

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now that I've internalized that I am completely comfortable with the fact that this is the word of Allah now I'm, I am now ready to listen to its guidance. Now, when it gives me instructions, it's easy for me to follow. So mean albena T, while Hoda they would hide the miraculous truth of the Quran and of course, thus they would block people's access from the guidance and let me tell you, both of these things are equally important, equally important. You have an entire generation of Muslims today who don't know why they're praying.

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If you ask them as my parents

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Pray I don't even know the point. We recite a lot of Quran but we don't know why. What's the big deal anyway? If I don't do it? I mean, I just do it because you know, otherwise my parents would have high blood pressure or something. Otherwise, I don't really see a reason. You know why? Because the parents are emphasizing and Hooda.

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But they haven't established lbu not.

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You have to, you have to be clear on why you're doing this. And if you're not clear on the why, then the watch becomes less important. So when you have an entire huge generation of Muslims, who just don't care about the what, yeah, I don't care about prayer, I don't care about reciting Quran, I don't care about fasting. I don't care about these things. It's not because they don't care is actually nobody's made it clear why these things are important. And one of the goals of the book is not just to tell you what to do. That's the key here. It's not the goal is not to tell you what to do. The goal is to tell you why should you believe in this book to begin with, it keeps reinforcing

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why you should believe it keeps doing that. And then it comes back. And by the way, I mentioned this in a dose I was giving on the Fatiha when we say ear canal boo, ear kind of saying it's a declaration to a lies in it.

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And a declaration to a lot that is very fundamental. Like we are becoming we're entering into slavery of you worship of you. You know what that's called? Generally, it's generally called becoming a Muslim,

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like Iraq, and that Buddha kind of stain is the Quranic expression for the Shahada. That's what it is. And when someone takes Shahada, they've converted. Yes. And when they've converted, it's like they've they've realized that this is the truth. It one of its benefits is actually somebody come to the conclusion that this is the truth, then the question is, why are we reciting it so many times? Because part of our part of the fundamental of our faith is actually we have to keep going back and revisiting why we're Muslim is not just something you come to and then you're okay with it. You find the how forces you to arrive at that conclusion over and over and over and over again, like you're

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taking Shahada every time you recite Fatiha. Every time you get to Iraq, I don't really Yeah, kind of thing. And as soon as someone takes Shahada, they want to know what to do, isn't it? Now what do I do? How do I pray it in a certain way? It's like you're desperate immediately for guidance of how to law. But you know, what's happened to us? We're Muslim Alhamdulillah because we're from a Muslim family, or Muslim country, we're from Muslim, you know, heritage, etc. That's why we're Muslim. We don't revisit the why we're Muslim. We don't. And that is an abandoning of the spirit of the original Koran. As a matter of fact, the great crime of lucilla l was they thought their religion

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was inherited,

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isn't it, they thought they were entitled to Islam.

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And that's why they hit the bay not. Because when you go back to the way you're not you start seeing Islam differently, and becomes something far pure for you. And the way you see guidance becomes different. It's not just a cultural thing that you happen to be living in a Muslim land, or you happen to be from a Muslim family, and that's why you're Muslim. Everything changes, everything becomes refined and pure, and original. So they hide that and then the same embodiment bayona holiness, Allah says, even after what I have what we have clarified for people, look at the beauty of these words. Their accusation here made it made as against many swai. And Allah says, even though

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we've clarified it for who, for all people, what does that mean that this revival of this Deen and coming back to the book of Allah, it's actually one of its core functions is that we have to share this word with other people.

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The word of Allah has to be shared, Allah made it clear himself for people. He didn't make it clear for the Muslims only. Remember a diva hula hoop meaning no leanness, Lynas within the film Kitab. In other words, the book itself has clarity, and has a message for all of humanity to be shared. That's our responsibility. But you know, like the Arab saying goes back into shape allottee He's someone who doesn't have something can't give it.

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You can't give what you don't have. You and I have to become, we have to embark on a journey of internalizing what makes the Quran miraculous, to appreciate the Quran and to internalize and continually continually explore explore the guidance of the Quran. And the more you share something awesome human nature, when human beings internalize something awesome, they have to share it. When you take an epic photo you have to post it

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you have to do it you can't just keep it to yourself. I doubt that any of you take a selfie with me and keep it

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you know even though I don't know what you get out of it Photoshop is so much easier but still, you know, when human beings when you when you read an amazing book, you talk to other people about it, isn't it?

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If you enjoyed class today, you're going to tell other people I was an awesome class I was I get the best sleep of my life today. I you know,

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you'll share with people when you when you start taking in the Word of Allah, oh my god, it's eating away at you that you want to share with people. You want to tell people about it. This joy that you feel just human beings have in their nature to want it to be shared. What better thing to share than the word of Allah.

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Not to debate with people, not to

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Are you you know, when people talk about download, they start talking about debating with people or arguing with atheists or with Christians or Jews? No, no, no, just sharing, just sharing, just clarifying what Allah said, that's all that Allah do the rest. Our job is just to clarify, that's it.

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But if we, if we embark on this journey, then the world will know what Islam is in the media won't matter, when a fifth of the world starts sharing this message.

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And it doesn't matter what anybody else says. It's already clear. Everybody's neighbor knows, you know, Subhan Allah. So remember Allah bayona holiness, even Kitab. Now this is the last part without ecola and Allahu ala anahola. Know, people who hide that message, a locker system, and there are creations called Learning noon, the cursors curse them. In other words, there are angels whose only job is to curse those people. That's their only job.

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You know, Allah is talking in this Koran now about people who have the revelation of Allah, and they hide it. Yes. Isn't that the crime? They hide it. Now the way the Jews did that was they changed the book that was accusation of them in the Quran by Nusrah, illiterate by changing the book. Is it possible the Muslims can hide the book of Allah? that possible? Yeah, in fact, it is possible, but it's not possible the same way that I ended it. The way when we did it is they change the wording the way they did it is there. But that's not the only way they did some other things too. They said that this book, distort art is only for the allama.

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It's not for the people. If you want to know what the rod says, you go to the rabbi, you should just read it just for Baraka and for a job for swab, which you should not read it to try to understand it. Because if you try to understand it, you'll make mistakes. So you need to go to who the Allah and Allah Ma, you shouldn't question them. Because when you question them, it's like questioning Allah Himself.

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That's what they did. We would never do that, Oh, wait.

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that some of that happened to this woman.

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And as a result from humanity, even from when the book is hidden, even from Muslims, when the book is hidden from Muslims, imagine how much it's hidden from non Muslims.

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And that the crime isn't the scholars, the criminals are not the scholars or some scholars or whatever the criminal is the entire oma that doesn't take responsibility.

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The entire oma is responsible. Allah, their job is to teach our job is to learn and to create a transparency between teacher and student. You know, there is no such thing as flawless human beings. There's no such thing as like, there's no such thing as flawless scholars, or speakers or dice, everybody has mistakes, and everybody's going to be learning. But that culture has to be created. We're constantly seeking, and nobody feels like there's so far high above that, once I speak about this IR once I speak about this surah that nothing else can be said about it. Wait, what is the word of Allah? It is not tafsir calima to light, the word of Allah Supreme, not my interpretation of the

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word of Allah. That's not Supreme. That's a human attempt to understand the perfect word of Allah. We're constantly going to be learning and we have to embark on that journey. Now. These are the people who Allah curses who hide the book of Allah, who don't seek to clarify it, or who are complacent and they're lazy. We don't want to be from them. So the next ayah is for us hope. Ellen Latina taboo, what are the three parts to what it what we could do to get out of the curse group that hides the book of Allah May Allah not make this oma from them and any of us, he says Illallah Hinata except those who made Toba, turn back to Allah. You know, Toba, literally taba is in the

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meaning of Raja to turn back to go back to something, meaning going back to Allah, but in the context of these ayat, actually, it's still about going back to the word of Allah. It's not just going back to Allah, it's going back to the word of Allah. So in other words, you were so far away you what happens to so many Muslims, they think of Quran is just one thing. And then, you know, you could study other things to them. It's all just Islam. You know, they hear some story from some scholar, or they hear something about the Sahaba, the Aloha language main, or they hear something about a Hadith, or they hear something and it is all Islam. And Quran is just one of those things.

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As a matter of fact, I was talking to some Islamic Studies students, they're talking about how they're studying Koran, or they're studying like history or something else. And the author while he's talking, he quotes an ayah.

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He quotes an ayah and then he goes on, and guess what the only part is that the students skip

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the IRA.

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The IRA, the chapter is important, the I am okay, yeah. So hon Allah the word of Allah gets the least attention.

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But the chapter is more important.

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This even happens to people that are studying Islam. Can you imagine? lol Athena taboo, they go back to the word of Allah as the center. Everything else is in a shade. Everything else is understood in its light. It is put given it supreme

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position number one, a Latina taboo or a slow and they're able to reconcile, rectify, let me tell you something is this might sound may be difficult to process but I have to share it with you. You know,

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for some people when they become religious, the most important thing is halal and haram.

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Ice cream is haram and that those color socks are haram excetera cetera halala haram becomes the most important thing.

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For some other people who become Muslim, the school of thought that they follow becomes the most important thing.

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Which Which one are you give me the label? Right? That's because that becomes it. For some other people. It's the group that they sit in the shape that they listen to, that's the most important thing. So you know what people do when they become turned to Dean, they pick something and that becomes what the most important thing and they see all of Islam through that. And they judge other Muslims through that.

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You know, the first thing you're supposed to be exposed to, and you come into some

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when you take Islam Seriously, what brought the first generation to Islam? What did the prophet of Islam give to Quraysh? To bring them to Islam? How did he introduce them? How did you turn those people into Sahaba? It was the word of Allah. Because when you come back to the word of Allah, then yes, fic is still important. Shetty is still important, halal and haram is still important, but everything is in its proper place. You don't get to prioritize one thing over another because Allah zbook balances everything out. You know, that's why putting the book of Allah in its place actually makes correction. When you don't put the book of Allah in its place. And you emphasize one thing

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over the other thing, then you create imbalances in our society. Ella Latina taboo was a slow, they corrected, they brought brought things back to where they're supposed to be. And then we'll be you know, and then they clarified, in other words, you guys are learning. Right now you're learning. And part of your job is to learn and refine your relationship with the book of Allah. And the more you learn, what are you supposed to do? clarify to others will be you know, it's a lifelong journey forward, I got to lay him on a two hour time. Those are the people I turn back to those of the people less special blessings are on the people who go back to his word, the people who go back and

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say, you know what I want to I want to, I want a pure understanding of this team. I want to learn from the allama. And I want to be able to ask them about the word of Allah. I want its priorities to become my priorities. That's what I want. I want its word to dictate how I should think melasma which will make us from those who truly put the word of a lie in its place. Its central central place in the mind of the Muslim you know, I'll leave you with one Hadith. It's so beautiful. So so beautiful. And so Lhasa Salaam was describing the Day of Judgment.

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And he was worried that when the judgment day comes in, comes near, he mentioned one of its signs, he said that got into the habit.

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He said this will happen when knowledge disappears.

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So time will come near judgment day where what will disappear, knowledge

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and the Sahabi he asked what cave is Abu rasulillah How can knowledge disappear Yasuda Allah, wa national Quran Al Quran will nucleo Abba Anna Baba una una una una na home? We how can how can knowledge disappear? We recite the Quran and we make our kids recite it and their kids will make their kids recite it. How can knowledge disappear? The prophet SAW Selim did not say Quran will disappear. What did he say?

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knowledge will disappear. But the Sahabi did not say how can knowledge disappear when we learn so many other he said, Now how can those disappear when the fundamental knowledge the thing that protects all knowledge was still there, which is what to him as Quran? He couldn't think of anything else but Koran. But now think about that Hadith. If the Sahaba are thinking that knowledge is what

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are on.

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And you go to Muslims today, who will who are ready to argue with you the Shafi opinion versus the Maliki opinion.

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But they don't know what sort of law says about shaitan.

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They're ready to argue with you this fatwa versus that fatwa.

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But they don't know what Allah tells us about musala Islam and certain causes,

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is called and disappearing

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in the from the hearts and minds of the Muslims is disappearing is other other other discussions, other conversations other subject matter taking its place? Sure.

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Those things are important, but they have a place. Something is fundamental to all Muslims. And that's the word of Allah. That's the word of Allah. It has a fundamental place. This journey that you guys are taking on is a beautiful one. It's a beautiful one and part of it as you start learning today. You're like you just spent four hours today Yeah.

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In those four hours, some things about the way you record unchanged. Some things are sticking out. Some combinations are like punching you in the face when you read them. Some ending sounds are

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messing with you. Hey, wait is that oh my god? I think I Whoa. And then you start feeling guilty. Well, Why wasn't I doing this my whole life? How come I'm doing this now I've wasted so much time. Don't feel guilty. feel blessed that you're breathing and Ally's letting you come closer to his word. That's how you should feel. You should feel that Ally's letting you be from the people who lived in a taboo. You coming all the way driving here, you're coming back to the word of Allah, wa sallahu. And you're making efforts to reconcile yourself and inshallah Tada, all of you that are students I pray all of you are teachers, to, to one to 1000 to a million, that doesn't matter. But

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all of you are here to internalize and benefit for yourselves and to teach others because that's how the word of allies continued. And that is how Allah turns his attention back to this oma with Rama. Well, annato Rahim. That's what we want. This is why we're here. When people say what's the, the oma is in such a crisis? We're in so much torture and humiliation and difficulty. I say, well, the law says he'll turn back to us if we just turn back to his book. So let's do that. Let's more and more of us do that. And you know what, let's see how it turns back to us. We believe in a less promise. We believe in it, you know, so I leave you with that inshallah. Tada, just some things to reflect on

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for ourselves. These are IOD 159, and 160. of sorts of Bukhara Eliza with an increase in strength interfaith barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Thanks for watching guys. I hope you benefited. I'd like to encourage you to actually embark on a comprehensive journey into the Quran. I've done a video translation and explanation of the entire Quran, it's called Quran cover the cover. I'd like you to check it on the Vienna TV just do a little bit of it every day and before you know it, you'll have gone through the entire Quran in translation with me. Hope you can take part somewhere

What does it mean to have a relationship with the Quran and what is the seriousness of this matter?

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