Why does Woman Who is Menstruating Must Make up for Her Fast but Not for Her Prayer

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Why shouldn't we fast? Why shouldn't we fast because that's what Allah subhanaw taala also ordained, and he also made it obligatory as again, also alayhi salatu salam with the the meaning of the Hadith I don't recall the whole and mutton of the Hadith where a woman asked a Seder Aisha and we learned a lot about these the woman issues and the family issues actually from a seed Asia, may Allah be pleased with her. So the woman actually asked her and this woman is from harrow is a place in Iraq. And she asked her very simple question why the woman makes up the soul the fasting, and she does not make up the Salah, meaning during menstruation

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and see the actual responded and she said how to return aunty are you from that part of the world? Or are you from her or from that place where the people are famous for being argumentative? meaning are you asked Are you just asking to argue Subhanallah and the woman took it very well. And she said no, I really want to know exactly like the system now was asking and look at the beautiful answer of Sade, Aisha. And this hadith has so many things we learn from but basically she said Karuna no Maru with Alec.

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Our the meaning of we were ordered to make up the fasting and we will not ordered to make up the song meaning we were we did not fast when we had our monthly cycle or the menstruation and we were ordered to make up the fasting. And we were not we were ordered not to pray and we were ordered not to make it up. Let me make it clear again. So the Hadith teaches us all that the woman during her cycle does not perform Salah and Al Imam nawawi. He said

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all scholars, all scholars from the time of Rasul Allah Sato, some agreed that the woman during her administration does not perform Salah and no fasting based upon many Hadith and the one I just shared with you said, Aisha, why don't we make it up? We don't make up so salah, but we make up the fasting. This is because what are rasool Allah has sought to surround what he taught us. That's what she said. She said at when he was living amongst us, the his wives all we had this, and we did not fast and we did not pray. But we were asked to make up the fast and we did not ask to make we we did not ask to make that salah, one of the points and I always say to my beautiful sisters and everybody

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who's hearing me. Islam by nature. If you take the name itself, what is Islam? Islam is basically is peace absolutely is one of the meaning. But one of the other meaning of Islam is submission.

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submit to the will of Allah, I submit to His orders, and I submit to His orders to do and I submit to His orders not to do

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so I submit to His order.

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Or I submit to not

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to do so

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when Allah subhanaw taala teach me or telling me do something, then I should do it. Now, us as a human beings, whatever knowledge we have, we don't have the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala because Allah has allowed him so I submit to the will of Allah