4 different levels of Zikr

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There are four different levels of liquor, and I'm going to go through the different four levels, each level is going to get higher than the last. Okay? And each level, the new level I'm going to mention is going to be better than the previous one. So, as I'm saying this I want you just to say the phrases will be so you can remember what the levels of the Quran so, the lowest level of liquid is, when the tongue is moving, but the mind is absent. What did I just say, when the tongue is moving, but the mind is absent. This means that a person is for example, they are, you know, saying something in their Salah like Alhamdulillah Allah mean the tongue is moving with the praise of

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Allah, but the mind is totally absent. The tongue is moving by saying Subhanallah Alhamdulillah but the mind is absent. For this you will get reward but you won't be drawn closer to Allah you won't grow closer to Allah you won't feel that closeness to Allah azza wa jal okay, but you will get the reward in I don't know if you've seen some people, they they sit down with a with a pair of beads, Randy, and they start to rotate the pair of bees and as

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Emma's no do it Iowa, and they're still they're still rotating and talking to someone. At the same time. I'm kind of thinking that what in the world is going on? Right? What are you What are you doing, because the thing is, when we are in the Dhikr of Allah, we're supposed to have a mind connected now don't get me wrong, you'll get a reward for this type of thing. And so anytime you've done some Doha, you've actually stood in Salah, you've done some tear out of the Quran, but your mind wasn't present with Allah, you will still get the reward. Don't get me wrong, you'll get the reward. But you won't get the process the main purpose of our vicar that we do in this religion,

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that main benefit we won't get. So now, that was the first level, which is the tongue is moving and the mind is absent. The next level above that is when the tongue is still so the tongue is not moving, but the mind is present. Okay, so the example of this is that I just mainly think Allah is watching me. I'm not moving my tongue with anything, but I'm just thinking Allah is watching me what I'm thinking, I'm just thinking of Allah's creation. Right? So for example, I'm thinking of the stars. And I'm amazed that you know how Allah created all that all of that. I'm looking at the mountain, the ocean, I'm looking at Allah's Earth, I'm looking at the clouds, how Allah has

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suspended them in midair. And I'm looking at how Allah azza wa jal has created so much of his creation, I could be sitting with a pomegranate in my hand, just opening up and look at it looking inside and saying how wonderfully Allah has designed that program inside, I'm just thinking of that I'm in the vicar of Allah, I'm now in the second level of zikr, I get reward for this. And I also come closer to Allah through this. And I also have a massive process happening inside, which I'm going to explain to you in a little while as a huge process that happens. So let's quickly go over the two different levels. What's the lowest level when the tongue is moving, but the mind is absent?

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What's the second level the higher one?

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The tongue is still, but the mind is present. So you know, you're just looking at something amazing Allah, it's crazy. How many of you have actually, you know, stood in front of a mountain of thought or thought just thought, wow. Subhanallah how many? But yeah, hands up. The rest of you get a passport and get out of you know, get out of London and start traveling. The thing is, when you're in front of something like that is it's amazing. And you look at something you think, wow, Allah is so magnificent. Now you're in the vicar of Allah. Okay, now I'm gonna go a higher level, this one is even better. This one is the third level when the tongue is moving, and the mind is present. Okay,

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what did you say? When the tongue is moving and the mind is present. So here is what I'm in Salah for example, I'm reading Surah Fatiha and I'm also just thinking Allah is watching me what I if you know the meanings of Fatiha, if you know the meaning of Subhanallah building in Salah, you're thinking of exactly what you're saying, Oh, by the lease, you just think I'm in front of Allah, I'm praying. So the tongue is moving 200 building, and I'm thinking Allah is watching me or I'm thinking that you know, my lord, you know, he's so wonderful, the most great Subhanallah Belaz him okay, or I'm reading the Quran and I'm doing it just for the sake of Allah. I'm thinking of Allah azza wa

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jal, or I'm doing scepter sphere Subhan Allah, Allah hamdulillah and I'm thinking of Allah and Subhan Allah means how wonderful, how amazing how glorified how perfect Allah is Alhamdulillah and I'm actually thanking Allah but I'm also thinking of Allah at the same time my mind is not absent, or I could be making dua my tongue is moving and I'm thinking I'm saying this to Allah directly. My tongue is moving my mind is present with this you get reward and you have a massive process happening you certainly start growing closer to Allah and this is you know, this is really good zikr Okay, any form of worship, Tang is moving man is present. You've now got you know, you've got a lot

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of reward and you've also you're also drawing closer to Allah. The highest level is the fourth level. Okay? Is

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When the tongue is moving, and the mind is present, and also I'm saying it from my heart, and I'm doing it with a glass, I'm doing it with sincerity. I'm doing it just for the sake of Allah. This is the highest level of the cup. Okay? So we can sometimes do that in a gathering with others, that's fine but when you do victory alone when you are remembering Allah alone, and when you're doing it just for Allah sake and nobody knows and you don't want anyone to know about it, this is the highest form of the record.

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