Nouman Ali Khan – The Test of Power

This khutbah is period appropriate wherein globally the wielding of power is shifting. Malaysia, Pakistan, indonesIn and soon in the US and UK too.

But our beloved Sheikh brings this element of power back to us in this khutbah. The power to move from point A to point B, the power to hold a pen between our fingers and the power to choose the right person to rule a natuon.

Surah Al Imran verse 26 addresses this element and our beloved Sheikh breaks it down for us to understand and comprehend.

It is necessary to know the levels that exist within power – power over a dominion coupled with  ‘izza i.e. respect and authority like our beloved prophet s.a.w. and Sulayman a.s., power only without ‘izza like the pharoah and nimrud, respect and authority without power like Yusuf a.s. and Ibrahim a.s.

Therefore it is necessary for us to educate ourselves with the extent of power and its relevance to us and thereafter to bear in mind that all Power, the Giver of power, the Owner of Power is Allah the Creator of Power.