Is Using Botox Allowed In Islam

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is using Botox allowed.

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Botox is a a bacterial toxin that is safe in that it is not a real life live bacteria that could cause harm as such in a harmful way. But its impact. Or the reason is being used in a cosmetic sense, is a allows a complete relaxation of a muscle. And if you think about from a beauty point of view, you have wrinkles and lines and different kinds of markings, and so on and so forth.

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It's injected directly into the area of interface, etc, it will allow a child to relax and therefore get rid of wrinkles. And it actually does work like that. This was not his main use, because it does have a medical use. Sometimes we need when there's a muscle, which is spasming, or it has some issues, and we want to calm it down. That's what you would actually act upon and in other forms of surgery that might be obligatory or medically needed, and so on. And that's the problem that we have the line between medical requirement and use and cosmetic use is becoming very fudged. And so therefore, if someone was to ask us using Botox allowed innovate software, the substance is pure, it

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is allowed practitioners can use it in their best medical opinion. But the vast majority of people who are opting for Botox or not people who need it for medical needs, they believe that their, you know, their, their wrinkles are too much, or their lines are like this, or whatever nonsense people really make themselves believe. And, you know, it's like, everyone just wants to try and fight the fact that we're getting old. And, you know, and listen,

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that's not, that's not to denigrate beauty or not, not to kind of imagine that no one cares about getting old, one of the beautiful wisdoms of the purpose of life and and being taken in his young 60s is that he was taken before he became too wrinkled and old. And we can see now and he used to say that a lot in the i o the bigger and auto dealer, he actually used to make the other I don't actually reach this kind of moment and age, where I become, you know, see now useless, you know, where I can't do anything and people laugh and you know, Mark and whatever, because you're just like a child. And, and so, obviously, the markers of old age are not a good thing. And you'd want to

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fight that but not in an unnatural way we are you are actually manipulating the body and injecting and then injecting and injecting and it causes localized problems and there could be side effects and so on. So I want to say that even though in principle, the toxin itself is permissible for medicinal use, we need to avoid it for cosmetic use. I already said before in another video that this whole industry and this whole feeling that people have that they have to keep improving on their faces and their styles is something which is worrying and we've got to back away from that.