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Connecting the pearls. But this is not the same connecting the pearls. Why? Because one man is missing the man who has led us who has led the team throughout the years and that is none other than who says here. He was our Amir ADConnect. He was a pillar of Dawa in this country, but sadly, he recently passed away. And on that note, I would like to invite the founder of Kinect himself brother Wiley Brahim to say a few words to honor him by and those who feel left behind and those who were left to pick up the pieces of brother while behave please a few words for us as Aquaman heavier.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu. salam ala Rasulillah salam ala isn't

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in an event like this,

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in an event like this, my dear brother, Ahmed heavier will be behind the camera.

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And then he will be

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kneeling here to take a picture perfect picture of me, then he will run to the sound system to fix it.

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Then he will talk in his walkie talkie to all the volunteers available and remind them of the instructions. Then he will run at the backstage making sure that the machines are being taken care of.

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He will film he will edit he will speak in an event like this after all this effort he will go backstage put his thought and this small turbine and come and deliver a powerful speech. Even though I did not understand Tagalog, the only speaker with due respect to all the Alama and the Messiah in in the Philippines, while Allahu Allahu Allah He not because he's my friend. The only speaker in the Philippines that I used to enjoy his Tagalog speeches is atma Davi.

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I did not understand most of what he used to say. But the passion

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the power in his speech

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can tell you that this man is sincere.

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The thing that many people don't know actually is that my wife shahada,

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my wife, Islam started when she spoke to Ahmed and so heavier.

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It's very difficult to stand today attending connecting the pearls conference without actually being in touch with my dear late brother Ahmed. Javi. It's even very difficult to say late Subhan Allah may Allah subhanaw taala have mercy upon him.

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I remember the last or one of the last Voice Note messages I received from my dear brother, Iman. I was actually behind the stage all the way I thought that I send it to brother Eisah he said no, you send another one. And I was trying to locate that message to actually play it from my phone, but I couldn't locate it quickly. And I was called to speak, but that that message was after, I believe then the eighth connecting the pearls conference.

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And it goes like this, it goes like this.

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After he always say as salaam alaikum wa che

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and then he say May Allah reward you abundantly Wallah, he or she, we will continue connecting the pearls conference. So long as we have the energy, so long as we have the resources, so long as we have the support and so long as we are alive

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and I I took this message Subhanallah for granted.

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Them had will, will come and we will continue doing one of our intention maybe the public is unaware of

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is a one of our main intentions

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why we're doing what we're doing

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because we hope that on the day of judgment

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we hope on the Day of Judgment that we will present this project this Dao project connecting the pearls, which main intention was to connect the different segments of the Filipino community. Muslims Dalek Islam

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non Muslims, even tribes who are Muslims yet they don't get along. The main intention was to connect all the segments and bring them into a big mega hole like this and let them learn the deen of Allah. Not through just were a lot but through some of the well known and most recognized scholars of the deen globally, more sought after scholars globally.

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That was our main intention. But then we came even we dream even bigger. And then we said that in sha Allah Allah, we want to go to Allah subhanaw taala they have judgment, I tell him Ya Allah, this is the project connecting the purpose and we are all now volunteers. We're all now volunteers and we want to now go in your place and sit on these chairs in jannah inshallah to Allah listening to the Prophet Muhammad sauce and that's

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this is why we're doing this is that we want to connect everyone together so that we can come in shall on the Day of Judgment also an inter Jana Zoomer obey the law as Allah mentioned the Quran together. So the heavier guys is more than just a die.

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He passed away now so it's actually okay to praise him.

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He's more than a die. He's a man who was ahead of his time. He left his job in Saudi because they told him don't use camera. So he left it because he knew that the usage of the camera will be the most needed tool for Tao.

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The most needed tool for Tao And subhanAllah those same Messiah or whoever they used to say cameras photos, this has been our this is how the same go and see them now all of them are using the same tools, which offered us way before anyone thought that this would be the way

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he's the man who would go and buy a camera but not any camera. The most expensive one, the most modern one. Why? Because he you he believed that Islam is precious. And if you want it to present Islam, you must present Islam in the best way possible.

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He learned how to edit videos in the same way how Hollywood edits videos, well, topclass videos, but the content is Islam.

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The content is Islam. Because if we don't do that my brothers and sisters, your children, your daughters, your son will be watching all these movies that will ruin the brain. We ruin the brain we ruined your faith.

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So he used those modern technology to attract youth to Islam. That was Ahmed heavier

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and heavier is one of the most popular speakers not only in the Philippines, but in various parts of the world. And the evidence is that when he passed so many global scholars from all around the world, they mourn the death of Ahmed heavier on so many social platforms.

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I was actually in Cebu with my family

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and we couldn't find halal food.

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We couldn't find Muslim community to be honest. And some people told us here told that they their people don't have even understanding what Halal is like they don't recognize the word. So finally we reached an area where they told us there is a masjid in the second floor. The Masjid was so humble and quite dirty to enter. It's very messy, but we need to pray. So we went up there and Subhanallah as I finished my prayer, apparently someone recognized me and he started calling few brothers in the masjid and he ran towards me very excited to see me apparently maybe because of my head or something and Allah Allah but he came running and he said oh you are the one with the heavier

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he didn't know my name. But he knew she had to have your yet Ahmed have your in these events will be hanging the cameras around his neck wearing a very simple t shirt. A slipper? A short that goes you know after his knees walking around nobody will recognize who this man nobody Wallahi brother Ibrahim Ming Sheikh Ibrahim Ming, when he heard that you have your passed away he wants on social media to check who is this guy that everyone is praying for him around the world who is this guy to find that he was mashallah well established die in the Philippines. Not anyone. In fact he is among I can this is my reading to the situation. I grew up Islamically in the Philippines myself 21 or 22

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years ago.

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And I saw more than ASA young teenagers are

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Young boy young men growing up Islamically as well, he is the one who actually made our historical in the Philippines.

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his approach his dedication, a man to use his salary that used to earn and spend on Dawa. This is not

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an ordinary person And subhanAllah we used to bring Ahmed and few of the brothers to Hong Kong because we run another organization in Hong Kong and Subhanallah because of his talent as a cameraman, director and editor and so we asked his help to come with with us Hong Kong. After the long day of effort sitting on the mixer guiding everyone, all the team members

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he will not go to the hotel and rest and sleep Wallah, you will go outside take those amazing pictures in nature buildings, and make posts and put calls from the Quran and the Hadith

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as if he felt that he is gonna leave this dunya earlier. Muhammad Javier was a pioneer that perhaps when he was alive, people didn't feel that Subhan Allah, I also witnessed with Brother Ahmed, may Allah have mercy upon his soul, the attack the accusations against him, because he presented Islam in a different way, in a creative manner. So people call them all names.

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And he will send me messages. I say what to do about this. They told me this. He said this about me they said this about me what to do, then just keep doing what you're doing, brother. We are praying for you. Wallahi I think Mufti mink as well. He mentioned that he also received regularly from Brother Ahmed messages of that nature, seeking advice how to cope with all these attacks that are lies are not true. The man is doing his best to bring the best out of him to present Islam in a world class man. Yet he's been attacked. He's been attacked. I don't know I could go forever. Allah is talking about my dear friend at Madhava. But I owe them I owe him a lot myself in the field of

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dour seeing brother from day one. When I start inviting him and brother Eisah, shaker Isa, to Nova leeches where my wife, family used to live to give dower from that day I was actually inspired to continue that path. I was just leaving music and trying to be religious. These two may Allah bless them you may Allah bless in general for those and may Allah subhanaw taala continue to bless his and his family in this dunya until we meet our brother

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with our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam in general for those. I asked you my brothers and sisters in Islam to pose in sha Allah to Allah and make dua for our beloved Sheikh Ahmed who I cannot really believe

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not I cannot believe it's just it's very heavy.

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Standing here without his presence actually, some people have witnessed that I was walking by when the Quran recitation was going with the opening and as I walk it hits me

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and will lie I sat there I said that near the toilet on this very small short chair I couldn't breathe and some people made me a witness that I was a little bit emotional because I I knew he's not there I knew is not around Allah has finished its two years

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but just the event is already on and he's not there it hits me.

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And I see the online i don't know if I will continue I was even telling brother ASA today that I was reflecting over this segment that I want to call him to call it.

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Just please remember even May Allah subhanaw taala grant in genital for those who may Allah Subhana Allah make this shahada make this witness testimony, a reason for him to be elevated in the highest levels of Jannah insha Allah may Allah subhanaw taala help us all to continue that legacy because of Allah who without his effort, we would have never been able to do what we have

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doing today he made things easy for us we have a checklist

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that's why we did what we did. He was capable of taking this flat hole and turn it into beautiful stage with screens and he's the one who taught us all of this. So it's easy for us now to continue. Just we need your support and challenge is that more hands on

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I'm on a two to eight day and Allah Atmananda dealing to crush unlocking also at EC pan Bilasa in your

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fina Mahalalel Bella G to E Lake and Elene and Hoon Adji believer you will get a big is now mean the shake was

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1993 or late in 94

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hamdulillah Yunnan Bella Allah Allah will tell you only Nunya nowhere

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Taiyo I NASA estado

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Unum palagi nothing really our own MBMs what

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what can

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I do?

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lackluster will Hassan to want to say here to fertility here arson

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by Luca Verbania. who either were to

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come in Rama

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Rama EULA Maha Baja in do how they know the

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intimate cabaret who

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is on Paris I

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knew I may put the Dalits who are

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touring no no NESEA a metallic I began

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on Monday been somebody eating at

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Masha dunya

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Fady double Punisher data theory

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don't walk in request

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Are you a non buena Shankara solid parscale bla

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bla bla

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no way

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tire now