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We love him and if you don't know James Villa Mangalore Hema hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he will remain My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah hablando amin or president to Allah subhana wa tada now shadow Allah, Allah Allah we testify and bear witness that none has the right to worship besides Allah subhanaw taala. We thank him and we praise Him and we glorify Him and His names, and we send our love and greetings and salutations to beloved Naveen Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and few family to his companions and all those who follow his suit until the end of time. Now let's partner with Allah bless us to be on the tsunami, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this life, and to be in his companionship in the era. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah

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is that of hatred, that of a disease of the mind, which looks at people and treats people as less than human as subhuman. And through that, once you strip someone of his humanity, it is easy to kill him to kill a woman to kill a child to burn them to cause these horrific incidences. So we have these two diseases at play, and we'll talk about the worst of the two.

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And the symptom, Allah subhanho wa Taala, this disease affected Babs the worst character in the Quran of the police. Police is the worst character in the Quran. The most hated human in the Quran is none other than Iran. And if we look at Iran, and its policies, we see this being played out in many lands in the world, and it's on the rise and something we need to take note of. So Allah says about fit our own in our own IRA that fit own exalted himself. He thought that he was Supreme, that he was above that he was above everyone else, and human race was the supreme race and the Beast race. And he exalted himself in the land. And what did he do, he made its people into groups, he

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segregated each people, people of different colors of religion, based on that he divided them and figure that differently. And for one group, he oppressed of the oppressed him the most, the bunnies that are in your place, the Jews, he oppressed them the most, to such an extent that he killed indiscriminately killing even the children. And now we knew a people, and the gods can come into your house, and they can kill your children, and you can't do anything. That is the height of oppression, they would kill the sons and keep the daughters for the amusement. And indeed, Allah says he was of the evil characters of this dunya and of the things that he did. And I want to ask

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you to draw and connect the dots of what's happening in the world today, and the dangers of what's happening in the world today.

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If you don't also say to his people, to get them because of course, these kind of people do not do the dirty work themselves. They are only abled. They're only enabled by a group of supporters. How do you get people to go out and follow your command in killing women and children, burning schools, orphanages, how do you do that? One of the ways is what Finn own did. He says that these outsiders, these people, they want to take you away from our exemplary way of life, they want to pollute our pure way of life. They want to take away our supreme, they will dilute us they are inferior, and by them coming in, they are making us inferior, so we need to exterminate them. They are like a disease

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also. So this is how you this form of radicalization, it is the politics of hate. And the last time but 100 years ago, when this kind of politics of hate sprayed, it resulted in World Wars, it resulted in a holocaust. It resulted in millions and millions of people dying through genocide. And we saw that in many parts of the world. And And sadly, this is returning to the table. We thought as humanity, this will never come again. We've been through this kind of hatred, but it is on the rise. We call it fascism, fascism. And I know sometimes these topics are heavy topics, but you need to be made aware one, you need to understand these issues. And this is a more dangerous disease. We're

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live in Coronavirus, this disease is far more dangerous, because when it kills it kills without discrimination, it kills without any mercy. And it has done so before and to bring the whole world into darkness. So what is the characteristics of this kind of mentality. So in the past the fascists of all, they tried to unite the people under a common banner of one nation or one race. We are the supreme race, whether it is white supremacy, whether it is we are the chosen children of God and this land is ours as a country in the Middle East as another group, which we'll talk about today. It is to unify one group as being superior than the rest. And apartheid is another manifestation of

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this kind of things. This kind of ideology. Excuse me, I've got a bit of a cough. Don't worry. I haven't been to I haven't been to Durban. So it's just the postnatal day that insha Allah mela, it's just allergies, inshallah.

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Then, part of the thinking to the 111 element is that they believe that they are superior that they are a superior God given,

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you know, race and elite race above the others, and that the rest are inferior is a high degree of xenophobia, we hate the other. And they have these grandiose ideas that we will bring, we will make this country fill the blanks great again, we will go back to our greatness, that the authoritarian, it's my way or the highway, you either with me or against me, we don't listen, there's no mature or no discussion. And therefore they have to depend a lot on military power to force the opinion upon others. And they have a huge hatred and disdain for intellectuals and discussion and discourse. They shut down anyone that is willing to talk that is willing to not agree with it. And therefore they

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take control the media, they ban and kill intellectuals, because what begin to see from this kind of thinking will result in death. But before you can get people to kill one another, you need to first spread an ideology of hate. And before the most dangerous thing that counters them, is an ideology that combats that ideology of hate.

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And so, for example, one of the thinkers in Germany and when the Nazis won the rise, before they killed the Jews, they started burning books. And then and this intellectual, the scholar said, when you see a people burning books on mass, it is not very long before you will see the burning people on mess. That is why and Subhan Allah, we understand this, because it takes you back to Jackie Leah, under the sister of Jackie Leah, you could kill your own children. When you go into such ignorance, you can kill your own children. And therefore the cure of je Leah is learning and understanding and intellectual discussion. And you know, opening the mind.

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How does this How is it possible and again, it should it we might think it's sort of impossible to think that normal decent people that you work with, that you live side by side can pick up a gun one day, and kill each other's neighbors, if you've lived side by side, they can kill the children and burn them. That's happened time and time again. And it shows you what what human beings are capable of

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this, this ideology of hatred, what gives it what gives birth to it, it is it rises up, when you live in a time of disillusionment with the people are frustrated with the government. Now you need to look at our situation in this country, how many of these boxes are ticked, we is where we are problems that don't get they don't get solved, the government changes, new faces come in and out. But the problems remain the same, or they get worse. And people have no more confidence in the political system, whether I vote I don't vote doesn't matter. They're all bad.

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There is a fear

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that outsiders are infiltrating, or there is an elite privilege group that control everything we need to get rid of them with, we get rid of the outsiders, or the masterminds behind the scenes that control everything. If we wipe them all out, all our problems will be solved. There's a great sense of insecurity, we feel scared, so we need the strong man to come in. And to save us.

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As I said, you have this entitlement feeling I should be getting more. And because others have what I want the excess resentment that builds up, you feel you begin to marginalize the minorities, the majority wants to stamp the authority on everyone else. There is a sense of and this might, and again, how many of his books, I think it comes in a climate of economic, economic difficulty, when people are poor, they become angry. And when the government's can't solve that problem, and you preach hatred, and you blame an outside group, it's easy to make people take go into violence. And if you add on top of that, let's concede that you are in a supreme race, and that you are the

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Restore inferior in this gives you the rights to go in and harm and kill

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so many of these things. And then of course you're unable to you'll find that these groups, they're unable to discuss like civilized human beings, they will enter discussions and disrupt the meeting into the parliament and disrupt the parliament, because you cannot debate and discuss things anymore. But all you can do is give slogans you can give slogans which are riles up the messes rhetoric, using words that make people angry. And ultimately, if we don't get what we want, and you don't if you're not, we're not willing to sit by the table and discuss it like adults, we will take it to the streets and we will use violence to get what we want. We will burn and even kill if we

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don't get what we want. Now, how many of these boxes are being ticked in our country? You just have to think about that danger. You know,

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many people have said fascism, which is

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The Politics of hate is a reactionary force people, it's a way to vent your frustrations. It is a way to take out your anger, and things where they said things were so bad in Germany that the Nazis came into power. For example, they will say unemployment was unimaginable at 50%. In South Africa, we have more than that.

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Inequality was unimaginable. South Africa's inequality is worse, and therefore it's a time bomb we sitting on now this, as I said, this, this ideology and politics of hate, it was believed that it cannot make a comeback, after what he had done, mankind has moved on from it. But what is shocking is we see government of the government here of the people are turning back to this kind of language. Israel is a fascist state, apartheid state. And look at all the things we are Supreme, we have entitled, The others are inferior, and therefore we can do as we please. This land is always given. Back in the day we all this land is ours, America's Donald Trump, he's basically speaking the same

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thing, building walls, keeping people outside. We're going to make America great again. Briggs, it isn't, is another fascist manifestation. Not fascism quite yet. But it's on the road to fascism, nationalism, nationalism, in Europe is getting very, very bad. We finding basically neo nazi groups that are finding places in Parliament winning votes. And of course, they're getting votes, by 1000s of people who share that ideology. And the anger and the frustration, they must be someone that they targeting that targets are Muslims, Muslim migrants, that's the target of these groups, is now more Jewish Holocaust that we worried about. It's a Muslim Holocaust that is coming. It's on the horizon

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might look ridiculous. But it's all as well has gone through that Australia, Philippines, but one that has gone sort of under the radar, and perhaps the most dangerous of them, is what's happening in India. This is truly a fascist, super Hindu supremacist group that has taken over in India, and want to own wants to make a country that has over 200 million Muslims, a pure Hindu state. So let's talk about the rise of fascism with Hindu nationalism in India, a bit of history. Some of you like it, some of you don't like it, but it's again, it's one of these things that you must know and Subhanallah If not, every single person sitting here you have your origins and the roots to India,

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you have ancestors going back through you might even have family the it is important for you to know this. We know that Muslims have existed in India, from the time of

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1400 years, we've been in India, we are not outside foreigners, they've been part and parcel of India. And that, too, I said almost 20% or 15% of its population is Muslim. And they've lived side by side mostly peacefully with the Hindu neighbors, the majority of India 80% is Hindu. Then of course, the British Empire came along. And a small group of handful of people were able to subjugate hundreds of millions of of Indians how through building up sectarian violence, as they did throughout the world, divide and conquer, make the Muslims on one side and the Hindus on one side, compatriot on each side. And while they while you're occupied fighting each other, we colonize and

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rule over you so is the the plan of the colonizer from the playbook. And so finally, at the turn of the century of the World War Two, basically, in the 1940s or so, India was going to become independent of Britain was going to become a country of its own for the first time in 200 years. And the decision had to be made, what kind of countries is going to be they were those were the secular, the secular. It's like Gandhi who said, we should be a country which celebrates our diversity, that there is a place at the table for all the races that religions and colors and cultures, we are not one country, but we are a diverse country, and everyone is equal under the law, execute a modern

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state. But of course, you had a Hindu supremacist group that said we should be a Hindu states. And that is our identity. And this was at the time that you had the Nazis happening, and you had our identity is one of culture.

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Our identity is one of Hindu nationalism, basically to be a gift to get a Hindu passport to get an Indian passport. You have to be Hindu. If you didn't have if you didn't have Hinduism as your religion, then either we take away your citizenship or or you leave or you live as a sub class citizen. That is basically the feeling that was permeating and also you had a Muslim national group, we should have a Muslim group and we are defining our Muslim lines and the Muslim group from Pakistan, a Muslim country they said we want to be separate and we form a Muslim country, the secular side of India one out and we know that I NC, which really the ANC models itself under the

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ANC, the Indian National Congress, one Mahatma Gandhi's party, one which preach secularism, and India is a state, not based on your culture or your religion, but it is based on its citizens and it's open for all

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the ideas

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The issue of Hindu nationalism did not disappear. And around this time a book was written in hindutva. hindutva is Hindu supremacist, like you have white Nazi supremacists, you have Hindu supremacists. And they preach this idea that India should be a pure Hindu state, that the language should be what in the culture should be Hindu. And you find at that time, a big link between the Nazis of Germany and the Hindu supremacists of India, in fact, the swastika is adopted by the Nazis, the swastika is a Hindu symbol.

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And you found that the is they both agree and actually go back to this concept that they come from a supreme monster is the alien race. The aliens were they there was this group of people that ruled in India. And they believe like the like the Nazis believed that there was a master alien race. And when we purify ourselves and all these inferior races, we will return to the glory of the master alien race. So this is dogma. This is the belief of these groups. For example, one of the founding members of this ideology says, if we Hindus in India grow stronger in time, the Muslims are friends of the league, they will play the same part the Jews are playing in Germany. And we know what

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happened to the Jews in Germany, meaning the only part you play is you leave or you are taken out, you're exterminated. This was the doctrine of Hindu nationalism. By the grace of Allah, they did not win, they did not succeed. And so they went through the long process of building a pot, a organization called the RSS was formed. It was not a political organization. Initially, it was to bring Hindus together. It was to spread this ideology, they realize we need to teach people from the grassroots because this, this doctrine of hate, people don't accept them, just off the cuff, you don't accept this, you have to teach a child like this does not know hate, you have to program him

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to know hate. And so the artist is took this policy to bliss, this long term plan, we will recruit millions and millions of people throughout India, and we'll teach them our ideology, we will militarize they will teach them how to fight and use weapons. And then we will put them as they grow up in every sector of society, in your banks, in your parliament, in your, in your legal system. And we will slowly bring our influence from the grassroots up. This is what the artist his plan was, and they've succeeded in doing that. And as this, this master artist is just like the mother body, and the other bodies began to form, you have the VHP, for example, this is the bringing the Hindu hula

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together to also preach because if you want to preach Hindu nationalism, you need the Lama to be spewing it from the member as well, that hatred must come from the scholars. So they have a group of scholars who also preachers, they have student bodies at every university, in fighting the youth to follow this kind of theology. And then of course, as they grew stronger, they grew stronger. They had the numbers, they started the BJP, which is a political party. Now we are looking to take control of the government and they successfully achieved in growing the masses. In fact, they they are very proud to claim that we are the largest volunteer organization in the world. Millions and

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millions of people subscribe to the artist his or its subsidiary bodies. But what they really gave this party or this movement, a jolt and impetus and put them on the on the scene is that they used and again, a fascist always use the victim card. When he became Chancellor. The only way to really get people to hate the Jews. What did he do? He mysteriously burnt the parliament down and blame the Jews. A fire broke out though Parliament burned down the next day they blame the Jews of Germany. And now we could lock them up because people become angry. And so they needed this group needed a symbol with which to galvanize Hindu hatred against Muslims. And so they use this mojit the Babri

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Masjid the mulberry Machida mercy was built for 500 years ago, and they claimed and Allah knows it's true, that that this was on the site of a Hindu temple, where according to the mythology, they of course, believe that the the deities can come down in human form, the gods are born and die. This is the religion. And again, I say this very clearly, this is Hindu extremism, that is not Hinduism. This is the equivalent of ISIS. We do not paint all Hindus with this brush, as you will not paint all Muslims with ISIS. But these people have hijacked

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India, the way ISIS have hijacked parts of the world. So this group used this Masjid as saying that they have bolted on the sacred land temple that our Lord was born and we need to

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Tea this month shut down and build a temple. And so they had these parades and processions the BJP, the political party that is ruling India, they instigated orchestrated, walked up the frenzy is made the masses crazy. And it was targeted against a mothership. And of course you talk amongst you, you're targeting an entire demographic. And so in 1992, this group storm the Majid push the squeeze 150,000 people, and they tore this Masjid down. And it's been now for the last 20 years, more than 20 years. It's been a court case as to who should build on this land. And now in 2019, it was handed over that yes, the inducibility temple, the point was not destroying the masjid, these fascias

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something to realize about the fascia is the same with ISIS. These people have very little religion in them.

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No religion on earth allows you to murder children, no religion on Earth. Rather it is a means to power it is using religion and using frustration so that you can get power on a wave of hatred, you build a way of hatred. So once they destroyed the masjid, now it was shown that Hindus can come together and we can respond and we can rebel and we can make a noise. And so the BJP became more. They became more dating, they began campaigning, and they began to spread the ideology more openly to the point where in 2014, BJP a white, a Hindu supremacist group, a group that its ideology believes that non Hindus should not be India. They won the elections in 2014. President Modi is from

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the BJP. 75% of his cabinet came through Odysseys 75% of the cabinet of India subscribes what we would call Nazi fascists, Hindu nationalism. Now, that they in charge, it is very clear that they are pushing the agenda of the Odysseys for example, what did they do a few months ago, you must have had some issues in Kashmir, why did they do Kashmir we spoke about it is an unfortunate byproduct of partition when the when the when the when the British left they said whichever state wants to go to Pakistan, not Pakistan, and he wants to go with India go to India and by and large states that were predominantly Muslim with Pakistan, those who are Hindu went with India. Kashmir was the is a

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predominantly Muslim state, but its ruler is the Maharaja was Hindu. And so he sided with India against the will of his people, and the audience is supported him. And so the secular Indian National Congress, Mahatma Gandhi and him. Oh forgot to mention, do you know that mathema Gandhi was assassinated by Odysseys member, not a Muslim, it was this group that saw Gandhi as being a sellout, they assassinated him, but he wasn't Hindu enough. And in fact, the reason when the awesome Why do you kill that nice, because you've prostituted Hinduism to Islam, that was his words. So, this is a deep group of you know, ideology of extreme hate against Muslims, getting back to Kashmir. So, to

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bring about some kind of middle ground, Kashmir has been seen as an almost a semi autonomous state, a state, India does not exert the full influence over Kashmir as it would its other states, so that it could keep its identity, it could keep some of its autonomy, its land, for example, cannot be bought outside from outside of India. Modi comes in, and he removes the special privileges. Kashmir has and many Kashmiri Muslims believe that this is the route forward to allow mass inflow of Hindus from the mainland for

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India to change the demographics of the state to become a predominant no longer a predominantly Muslim, Muslim state. The next thing they did, they launched what is called the NRC, the National Register of citizens in a province next to Bangladesh. So India borders, borders Bangladesh. And yes, bungled is a very poor country. And people go and go in and out of these borders, not very well policed. So in this state of Assam, they demanded that every citizen must prove that he's Indian. Now, many people in the village can't read or write even. And if you don't have documentary proof, you are deemed a foreigner, you are deemed an illegal immigrants. And so over, nearly 2 million

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people in this province have lost their citizenship, the majority of them are Muslims. So just like that 2 million citizens Muslims have been struck off the role of Indian citizenship, meaning you don't have the right to the privileges and protection of the law. If we pick you up in the street, you have no protection. Slowly we are purifying e India of its inferior races. They went a step further, and they launched what is called the CIA, it is to it is to fast track any what they call oppressed groups around the world or in any group in Pakistan, India, avani son, which are Muslim countries, if you're any minorities that want to leave meaning non Muslims who want to leave these

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countries and come to India, you will get a citizenship. Now this is very similar to another country.

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That has pushed the indigenous people of its land that is literally for over 1000 years, the atoms. And so if you are a Jew in any part of the world, even if your parents never came to Israel, you've never been to Palestine, you will get citizenship. So we are, this is a sick the second biggest country on Earth, passing these laws, and they're being bulldoze through its parliament and its legislature. And for this reason, we can see these, this extreme Nazi mentality, extreme ideology taking root and it's actually taking effect. And it's costing people, they their rights, the property, naturally, what's going to happen, the minority that is being oppressed, the Muslims are

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protesting, and they're protesting peacefully. And that's what's been happening in Delhi. They've been sitting on the roads, peacefully protesting, we do not accept this, this is not part of a secular democracy. And so one of the leaders of the BJP, very, you know, ultra nationalist, all ultra nationalist, but even more ultra more extreme, said, You have three days to get off the streets are Muslims. And if you don't, you're going to see what's gonna happen. The Muslims stayed for longer than three days. And we saw what happened in Delhi. So now the thugs come out. And they kill and murder burned mosques. And the stories and the pictures are horrific. So we see

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a country being hijacked by a group of extremists, and it is forcing its agenda down the masses. And now, we have 200 million Muslims, children and women that are scared, they don't know what the future holds. And Subhanallah you'll find that these nationalist groups throughout the world, they share a common ideology of aid. So just look at when Trump came to India a few weeks ago, the lovely warm relations, look at the lovely warm relationship between Modi and ethnio, that the followers of a this fit only system that shibani system is agreed amongst, even though if they will not tolerate each other in their own lens. They will not tolerate them in their own lands, but they have a common

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enemy in Islam. Now we are the outsider, the foreigner, the one that needs to be cured, we need to be purified, we are the disease. And just to show you, for example, in a survey done by Israeli companies, they said India is now the most likeable trading partner with Zionist Israel under the ANC and the Mothma Gandhi party, India has been very much pro Palestine, that has changed completely now under the new Modi government. And so so behind Allah, we need to understand what is happening and what does this mean for us. So what do I take from this? What did what does it mean for you and me?

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Number one, you need to be aware of these trends. They were many, many Jews that said, This cannot happen in our civilized world, we can it be possible that 6 million people were put in a gas chamber or lights happened before and anything's possible. When we allow this ideology of hate to spread. It is a disease like the Coronavirus that cannot be contained. And you have to defeat it at its ideology level before it infects the people. So at the very least yet one, be aware of what's happening in the world. It's not it's not okay to know the names of every single player in the Super 15 or 16, or whatever it is, and know what's happening in Hollywood, but you don't even know the

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politics of the world. It's not okay anymore. You need to be away and at the very least to make dua for your own safety and security. Because this, this ideology of it does not stop. It will continue it believes that it should dominate the world. If they don't come for you now, if they came for your neighbor yesterday, they know they'll come for you tomorrow. And as I said, the problem is not a race. It is now Islam. As a people the oma is a threat as Bob solem had predicted predicted. So don't think that's going to happen. And as I said very worrying for us in South Africa. All the recipe is the recipes, the the warning signs or the economic instability, a government is

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ineffective. A very very angry majority that sees an elite group and many of us Subhan Allah we are regarded as elite we are privileged whether you like it or not your privilege even though you might feel I'm not white and you are privileged and I are economically privileged. It is not going to be long mela protectors that if this time bomb is not stopped, it will explode. Allah protect us. We need to prepare number three spiritually. So yes, always we always believe that every answer we turned back to Allah and the prophets of Salaam once he woke up in a panic he had a dream and he saw the fitna the tribulations that will come and so he got up and he made the hatchet and he said wake

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all my wives up the days of hardship is coming prepared with dadgad. So the property adjacent to perform good deeds. Before fitna tribulation comes like the darkness of the night to rain upon you. So go back to your spiritual safety of Allah subhanaw taala but number four and this is very, very important. hated it does not arise except out of a vacuum. It is when good people stop getting involved in politics getting involved in your country that the the scum

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takes over. Why is it the worst of the worst that the rules the countries of the world, you just have to look at. It's a who's who of people that don't even have basic morality that rule the world today. Why? Because good peoples decent people, civilized people, we work we go about our business, we plan our holidays, we look after our children, and we happy with this kind of life, this is not going to work anymore. You and I need to act i need to get involved on the promises on says Allah does not punish the individual for the sins of the community, until they see the individual see that evil is spreading amongst them. And they have the power to stop it. But they don't do so when we sit

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back and do nothing, we become accomplices. So what does this mean? What What can you and I do? What can I do about India? What can I do about the government? At the moment, not much, but look at the I one thing you think of the Nazis, or is is the fascists, they had a plan. And it didn't happen overnight. They patient, they organize themselves. They were strategic, they spread the ideology. And so the benefits 70 years later, because the rest of us sitting on our hands. So we need to start working together the orlimar, the leaders, the leaders of business, the leaders of intellectual, the scholars come together and have a plan ways this Muslim community going to go in the next 510 years,

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how is it that we are autopilot, and just going like this can't happen anymore, that you and I have to strengthen our institutions, get involved in your madrasa in your magazine play a role in it, it's easy to take out the person hard to take out the institution. Use those systems, we live in a civilized country, but it's only as strong as its institutions. That is why the previous government, they first had to wipe out all the institutions to allow them to police this country. But when you have a strong institution, a strong judiciary, a strong system of law, these things keep you in check. So get involved in those things. And by now we are one, it is not enough to work on your own.

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What the prophets have taught us is that we are strong in our collaboration. And in fact, the eye of the Quran says it Do not disagree and dispute because in Division, you will lose your strength that a million individuals will never ever be able to do what 100,000 collectively can do. But some of the parts is never as powerful as the collective. So by now, if one gets involved in something, I'm not going to tell you what to do, but do something beyond your own. I know you're all getting stuck on the side, you are helping the orphans on the side, you're making 100 on the side. That's fantastic and wonderful. But that is not enough to save us on the onslaught of hatred, get involved

00:32:33--> 00:33:13

and do something. So be proactive, be proactive. And if we allow these things to get worse, that's when we say How did this happen? How did a group state capture a whole country out of our noses? How is it that our rights are taken? How because we were asleep. So we need to wake up? Let's see can play Can I enough quickly is this Coronavirus vine Allah, Allah protect us, Allah protect us one fitna after the other, this virus and we need to give some advice to this so it has now officially arrived in South Africa. Someone yesterday was tested positive in Durban to have this virus. We also saw the very scary even that the harm was closed. Although Do not panic. This has happened many many

00:33:13--> 00:33:46

times the harm sometimes some of it this is a sign of kiama we are waiting now for the coming of the malady because the harm has been closed, infects panela. There were many many sad history incidences in the history of Islam. The Kaaba has been destroyed a number of times through violence, the Blackstone was sold for 20 years taking the baton. We spoke about this before. So there's many times where the Harlem had to be closed, the house had to be cancelled or that old was not safe for the judge. And we therefore know that the sanctity of life span Allah is more important in the Kaaba is adding substances to the story, the Kava is not as bad as to shed the blood of a person caused by

00:33:46--> 00:34:22

stones. This is a human beings panela. So we do whatever we can to preserve and protect life in a time of say nominal the Alon a plague occurred, the plague of a mass 1000s of Hubbard died of this plague, and say, no matter the law, and when they were conquering psidium this plague was in a certain town and he was not sure should we proceed into this town or not. And he had a discussion with the Sahaba from Sahaba said, we should go in and do not fear the content of Allah will come if we mean to die women today, don't worry, the Jihad was continue the but the senior ones amongst them said, No, we should rather wait and not go in and say no to this opinion. We should not enter the

00:34:22--> 00:34:59

city that has played and as the debate went on, man, even our fellow delegates are Hobbes's I ever had in from the abyssal Salaam, the prophets of Salaam said that if you see a city that has plague do not go in it if you're outside and if you're inside it, then don't leave it to Allah amazing do not go out and if you die because of that you're inside the you are written as a martyr as a Shahid so the Prophet system understood that we do not facilitate the spreading of disease and we do as much as we can, to quarantine as best we can. And today if you look Subhanallah if you want any, you know, you know evidence of the truth.

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

Most of the properties on them in a time when there was no concept of diseases, no concept of people believe the plague or some kind of curse. Look at the problems is when you sneeze, sneeze in your hand. And before you eat, wash your hands. And if you if you have even a bad breath, don't come to the masjid and harm the people around you. SubhanAllah if that's your brief, that is bad, what about if you have a disease a sickness Subhanallah and we should also not try to link this as a punishment from Allah subhanaw taala none of you and us we do not have a right to say this is the punishment of Allah and a certain group, then Ibiza Solomon sister Ayesha, the plague is a punishment to some who

00:35:34--> 00:35:57

deserve it. And it is also a mercy for others. Many innocent people have died because of it. They didn't do anything wrong. So this is a mercy for them to be returned as a Shaheed we cannot say it back. Subhan Allah. Interesting that 100 years ago as this politics of hate this fascism arose, another disease arose the Spanish flu, perhaps the one of the worst disease of all time, 50 million people are killed.

00:35:58--> 00:36:38

It's amazing that you see when people lose the humanity, that diseases and calamities before them. And this goes back to something which the prophets have said, the prophets of Salaam said to us, seek refuge from Allah for five things, that when you see the spreading of Xena and sexual immorality, they know what follows it will be disease. And you also see when you see opening of evil when evil becomes so apparent in life, then you will find new diseases that was not pre that did not come before it number one. Number two, when people start cheating in the weights and they are corrupting the businesses, they don't they do not be surprised if they are stricken with famine, the

00:36:38--> 00:37:14

rain stops the famine, calamity and operation Titans come upon upon them. When they start cheating the customer. Allah is going to send a titan upon you. And number three, when you start withholding charity, the wealthy do not shave, then Allah holds back that we just came out of a drought last panda protect us. And it's only through the animals that Allah returns that number for that a people they do not break the promise with Allah, they forget the deen they don't perform this Allah anymore. They have no interest in Islam, they don't have interest of Allah and these are all except that Allah allows the enemies to overpower them. Allah puts an enemy above them when they leave

00:37:14--> 00:37:51

Allah then Allah Allah prediction leaves them. And number five, which we see today, at least the leaders, the Muslim leaders, they rule according to the Quran and the Sunnah, and seek every good and they look for the good from Allah subhanaw taala if they don't do that, then Allah will cause them to fight each other. Not any two Muslim states stand side by side, because none of them rule in accordance with the law of Allah subhanaw taala I end up with this I am so when Allah spoke about the operation on the bunnies that are eaten from Iran, Allah vinci's in the Navy next is all of this is happening to the bunnies on their own children being killed. Allah sees through that one reader

00:37:51--> 00:38:28

on the moon and Venus today for that we actually wanted to put a favor upon them. But they said no matter what happened to them, Allah subhana wa tada still favored them. And Allah was going to show them that those who are placed in the land, Allah will make them leaders and inheritors, that the in is always with the good guys. The good guys will always win so long as you on the side of Allah subhanho wa Taala you will always win some Allah grant us safety and security from all kinds of financial regulation, whether it is from man or from disease, whether it is through calamity, or some kind of famine or some kind of disaster. May Allah protect us mela heal the sick people of the

00:38:28--> 00:39:05

world. May Allah help the people of the world. mela replace the evil of the world with goodness and Allah forgive us our sins. Just a few announcements. In sha Allah, the rise and the fall of the Ottomans will be this coming weekend shall be that this man in it is about the earth through the Ottoman Empire from its rise to its fall. It's a very, you know, very good course to attend 50 then the Islamic auditorium let me know if you'd like to attend. We are live on youtube insha Allah so check out our YouTube channel. We have also completed at hamdulillah the rightly guided caliphs, we're starting a new series from Tuesday, the first kingdom, the kingdom that will be a dynasty that

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went all the way from China to Spain. We're going to talk about the Omega dynasty and the fifth now the king of Morocco, Spain and all these things. It's coming up in sha Allah along with our back to basics any questions concerns wisdom harmony Jima calm Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh