The Correct Way to Praise Allah

Nouman Ali Khan


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The speaker discusses the importance of praising and glorifying Allah's qualities, as it is the only way to achieve perfection. They also discuss the use of slandering and false accusations during online discussions to assert one's weight and the use of the word "has" to describe the idea of achieving perfection. The speaker then gives a deeper look at the Quran in depth, including a series of videos and a deeper look of a book.

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Essentially, when we talk about praising Allah or glorifying Allah, there are two sides to that equation. It's like two sides to a coin. Okay? On the one side we say on the one side we say wonderful things, positive things about Allah, that's 100 of Allah. Okay, so we talked about how Allah is merciful or how Allah is just or Allah is wise and Allah has knowledge of knowledgeable and all of those things are actually positive statements about Allah, those would be humped. So that's on the positive side. On the flip side of it, we make sure we don't say things that are inappropriate about Allah, then we consider him free of having a son or free from fault or free from

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injustice. In other words, we we continuously declare how perfect he is. And by the way, we do that by also declaring how imperfect we are, right? That's the concept of this we actually, we maintain the perfection of Allah, not letting that concept take a dip. Not letting the notions we have about Allah fall. That's the spear. That is why you will find in the Quran, often when when something is said that may not be appropriate in front of Allah, that the one who says it should immediately take a step back and say Subhan Allah, he's way too perfect. I just said something that kind of brings down the Majesty of Allah, I've taken a step beyond my limits. And you know, just disrespectful

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before Allah, and I'm gonna go back and pick that back up again. And I'm gonna say Subhan Allah, for instance, when the angels told Allah or asked Allah, you know, is it really a good idea to put Adam on the earth and he's going to spill blood he's going to kill, you know, when you see to see how ESP could Dima and Allah said, and they said, We're the ones who don't do that kind of stuff. We declare your perfection when somebody who behind the curtain opened the salon, when he said to them, I know what you don't know. I know what you don't know. And then he created all the money. So when they recognize that they realize they said something out of line. So this had some Chanukah, la Mulana

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Ilana Arlington, they immediately declared as perfection, right, because they felt that they were out of line. Similarly, when you're when you're slandering somebody in a gathering, or when you hear somebody else slandering somebody in a gathering, that offensive slandering somebody isn't just an offense against the person who's not there. It's also a defense against Allah. Because the prophets I should have told us that the dignity of a fellow Muslim is dearer to Allah than the car by itself. Right format. Well enough so Mohammed Illya de la hardmetal macmini for mutton and Allah He mean former Tiki, he told the Kaaba, he told the cover the dignity of a believer is more value than the

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dignity of the Kaaba. And he swore by his own life when he said that right so now when you're when you're slandering somebody or you're hearing somebody slandered in a gathering, you should realize that you just not not just an offense against a person, you've done an offense against Allah, which is why I'm sort of delude when slander is talked about. Lola, it's similar to mobile Holtam. And you know, immediately you should say Maya kulula Maya Kula and Nicola bajada. We shouldn't be talking about this. And then immediately the words aren't so Honda Honda was done on

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your way to perfect that was something that was a treachery that was an act of defiance against your perfection. This is a great terrible accusation. So that's Subhanak Adair again. Similarly when you human beings commit Schick or people say statements of *, what does the Quran say? So ha ha Allah Amaya, ALLAH SubhanA. Allah, he usually has his way too perfect for that ship to happen. So once again, if you go back on what did we do two things with Allah two kinds of ideas we carry in our hearts and minds, Praise, praise of His perfection. And on the other hand, denial of any kind of imperfection. Right? That's those are the two sides of it. Now appreciate the saying of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says Subhanallah heinous fool me, Zan will Hamdulillahi temblor who he says things Subhan Allah is have to scale single hamdulillah completes that scale. In other words, if you if you internalize both of those two things, then your appreciation of God is complete. You see, you could have a God that you believe in, that's perfect, but you never praise Him. That's a problem. If people had a God that they praised, but they didn't have perfect, I didn't cleanse him on the notion of him from ideas like Schick, but they still praised him. Like for example, hunger is not a problem for Christians, they do a lot of humped. The problem with them is

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this B, you see, because the, the the associations they make with Allah are short of his dismay, but the hum there people have hung, they do it all the time. You know, so you can have one or the other, but the Muslim is supposed to have both. So now the notion of this B, when it's just, by the way, when you say sub B, we have the Arabic it's kind of combination of both, isn't it? It's actually complete, do this be declares perfection, and also do so by praising him so it's the negative and the positive together, let's become neurotic, but this is in particular is unique because Allah here says, declare the perfection not using the praise of Allah or using the name of Allah but actually

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says declare the perfection of the name of your master. So be his motto be colada, meaning what are you decide what are you declaring perfect Allah's Name, Allah's description, and that's going to be the discussion

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In that we're going to have but before we do, I just want to give you a little bit of a kind of a scheme of what's going to happen in the sewer. It's going to be broken up into four parts. I'll explain the logic of those four parts at the end like I always do. But for now, I need you to know that all four parts talk about one main idea and that main idea is that Allah has a plan for everything. Here guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job and billionaires to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and

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easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section