How the Quran teaches us what to do #24 Our Purpose Towards Mankind

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said Mr. Lee Kumara mental law he was about to care to what the hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. So today it's really about our purpose with mankind. Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala put us here as Muslims? And for the answer, we go to a very beautiful verse in Sudan earlier in Iran, but very often at the same time, it's misunderstood. It's reinterpreted, and it's explained very differently. And it's very important brothers and sisters, that when you look at verses like this, that you rely on how scholars and scholars of the poor and in particular how they explain this stuff to us, that begins with our last panel with Alice is quitting to hire or omitting or reject

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leanness, you were a people. Quantum once upon a time you were a people hired Oh, mutton, oh, Bridgette leanness out of all the nations before us a lot. So we're gonna listen to the translation carefully. Allah azza wa jal placed us on this earth. We didn't come here on our own Allah subhanho wa Taala placed us that's one thing that is obvious. But when it came to us being Muslim now allow us the Word of God jet, not harder jet. If it was hotter jet than out of all the people on earth from the time of add tamales, until the end, out of everybody that will touch the face of this earth. If Allah said hotter jet, it would have meant that based on your practice, sincerity and

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devotion, you were now selected as a result of your performance. You're selected now to be amongst the chosen. That's not what Allah subhanaw taala says here. Allah uses the word hottie jet. Oh, what a jet. A lot placed us here. I mean, obviously unless name isn't mentioned, it's it's silent or hidden. But the obvious answer is we were put here and selected and brought out by Allah azza wa jal, to do one thing, and one thing only, which we'll come to in a second. So the point here is very simple. What often this is translated as you are the best of people place to, to serve, etc, etc. That's not the exact translation. But a little bit more accurate is to capture the meaning of the

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word origin. And what that tells us is that we didn't actually do anything. A lot put us in this position to be leaders in terms of teaching the world and being representatives of servants of Allah, meaning, we are here to be examples to the rest of mankind, that there is one creator, we worship Him, we acknowledge Him, and we are encouraging and teaching and calling others to do the same quality gentleness. Now, here's the next point. So that takes care of the Jetta, that it wasn't by our own doing rather a love place this here. So think of it like a tree. If you have a tree, you go there and you get shade with the tree, but you didn't plant the tree. And the tree is there. It

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could have other purposes as well. But the point is, is that the moment you need a shade, shade on a hot sunny day, you find a tree and then you think to yourself, well Alhamdulillah Allah just not only do we breathe from these trees, but they're here to shade us, but they have other purposes as well. That may have nothing to do with us. So this a is saying to you and if you have other duties which Allah will outline, but for now understand that there wasn't something that you did or didn't do a lot placed you in this position. Then Allah tells you what exactly you and I have to do, or what digit leanness, Allah subhanaw taala, did not say mean endedness not from a selection of

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mankind. A lot chose us and now we are selected to do certain things no, a less said you were selected and put into this position of people of Amen. In order that you could serve Linares mankind lenez we are actually here as believers as Muslims, you know why? for the betterment of mankind, to serve mankind, to help people to stand up for what is right. You know, if we hear something, whether it's racism or something that we know what's wrong, because of our presidents because we're Muslim, because we have, amen. Guess what you do in a situation like that? You speak up, you stand up for justice, you stand up and you advocate for what is right for the betterment of all of mankind. And

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this is what leanness is all about. You know, we're here to serve people. We're here to support one another. We're not here to tell people that we are the chosen one. And they're not because we're actually not the chosen one. According to the

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As our purpose is to actually be here to serve, interact and help and support the rest of mankind. You know, when you look at the verse this way, it's a very humbling feeling. You know, there's a sense of humility, you feel more humble now that Mashallah that regardless of your status and or how much knowledge you have, you always can find some purpose, you can always find your piece in the puzzle. You can always find where you fit in this massive nation, this oma of what it is that you can do to serve your creative but at the same time, do something that is helpful and supportive for the betterment of all of mankind. That gives us purpose now, now we become something to talk about,

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now we become something worthy. And this is what Allah subhanaw taala expects from all of us. This is our purpose towards mankind is to serve and help mankind whether that be through Darwin or other means the point is for the betterment of all of mankind, then Allah gives us a couple of things to think about leanness tekmoto, when I beat him out of what 10 hell, when I really don't care what took me no one I believe you serve or you encourage you see tap modal when the word tap modal comes from the word Emerald. Emerald does not just mean come in. Often these areas are translated, command good and forbid evil. We're not here to just command and tell people what to do. We're actually here

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to encourage people that look, you know, if you have issues, if you're an alcoholic, or a drug dealer, if you're living a pretty messed up life, if you have problems, if you don't find purpose, if you feel like you have no purpose in this world, Well, look, there is a way of life that can help you navigate through all of that and find a purpose, the joy and the contentment that you're that you're searching for. And it's called Islam. Right? This is a religion of peace, contentment, and it connects you to the one true creator. So our job here is not to tell people, but to give them a better alternative way of doing things. And if that means that we're encouraging them to do good,

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then that's what we're encouraging them to do that at the end of the day, regardless of what you're dealing with and what you're thinking about. This religion can actually help facilitate and help you give get the strength and the confidence that whatever you're coping with, you can get through it. And so from at least a religious and spiritual sense, that's tap mode would have been marital, if that were encouraging good in whatever capacity we can. And this is what the prophet Alayhi salat wa salam is referring to that. If you see something and you can change it with your hand, go and change it. If not, then at least speak out about it. If not, then at least dislike it in your heart. But

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the point is, is that you find what is the best and most reasonable way to deal with a situation so that you're encouraging people to do the right thing. And the same vice versa. What 10 Helen, I did Moncada and that you're also forbidding, you're also discouraging. And you're also telling and teaching people that hate and all of the negative things, all of the violent things, all of the hot arm things, all of the things that are not for the betterment of mankind that actually harmed people that actually harmed society. These are the things we got to stay away from and protect ourselves from and try to, at least to the best of our ability, eliminate those things as much as we can,

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again, because of how the area began the betterment of mankind leanness, and here's why. What took me knowing that bill took me knowing that Billa is what we say in Arabic, it's a hell. It's a state of the believers. And so in other words, Allah is saying, you're encouraging good, you're discouraging evil, you're discouraging bad. And you know why? On top of that, it's because you have Amen. It's as if Allah is saying, you're a person of Amen, I expect you to do this. This is a this is your purpose. While I'm in the tablet, can I hire a law firm and I will kita which I was, which is the People of the Book, our sister religions, if they at least followed the original teachings of

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their scriptures, they would have found the exact same message something similar. But Allah subhanho wa Taala at least reminds us gives us a bit of a historical lesson simply because in context of this sort of sort of earlier, there was a large discussion on the subject of the conversations and the disagreements and all of these things between the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam and his followers and Abdul keytab. So a lot so a gel brings some things into perspective and tells us well Oh, can I hook it up? Well, I am an advocate tabla Karina highroller Minh, whom Allah Menon what Federal Home welfare support. Some of our lucky tabs still were believers, Allah Himself is telling us main

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homido and so from amongst them, there were actually those that got that message. They understood their purpose. Yeah, we're not actually here to at least illustrate and show them

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The world that we are the best and chosen nice nation and everybody else is messed up. Actually, we are here to serve them. Doesn't it make perfect sense now? It makes perfect sense. When you see your fellow Muslim, your friend, your neighbor down, as a believer, what do you do? You try to get them up, try to help try to do your part, try to give them a voice. You try to support something that's positive, that's for the betterment of community and society. And if you can then at least talk about you bring awareness to that you encourage others to take part in that. This is what being a believer is all about. And this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us in terms of purpose, says he

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put us here, we didn't do it. It wasn't because of our own doing, or our own account. Allah is the one that placed us in this position. So we don't get any credit for the status of Islam and being Muslim. We don't get any credit for that, because Allah put us there. Where we get our credit, where we start accumulating points, is our service with mankind, for the sake of pleasing Allah subhanaw taala. Because we are people of Amen. So as we serve, and continue to do what we can to make people better. And if that means that we also encourage them to consider this way of life, because it's peaceful, it solves your problems, it relieves you of your worries, and gives you the contentment,

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to help understand and handle all of the things that this world throws at you. If that's what it can, it takes then we do that to the best of our ability, but at least the bare minimum Allah says, because you have Amen. This is what I expect out of you. encourage people to do the right thing, the right thing and discourage them to abstain from the wrong. May Allah subhanaw taala always and forever give us the strength. Give us the knowledge, the wisdom, we continue to serve mankind in a manner that's pleasing to Him. Remember, serving mankind doesn't mean you have to do the wrong thing. Doesn't mean that you have to break the rules of your religion. Just means to be nice to be a

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good person to be a good Muslim, smile, be kind to people, show respect. tolerate follow the rules, follow the laws, respect people at the end of the day, even if they don't respect you at least keep yourself civilized, dignified, handle things as best as you can do it in a way because why? Allah subhanho wa Taala says what took me know when a biller because you're somebody that's always in belief, you always have faith you always have he meant with your Creator, that alone keeps you under control in any circumstance of any situation. That's how you find purpose. And so with that being said, I pray that Allah subhanaw taala allows us to really see practice and understand this verse to

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the best of our abilities so that we continue to do what we can to serve mankind in the best way possible. Allow them to me, just like Malala Haider, and again, and shut low Tyler, we are coming to the end of this series. I believe today was part 24. And shout Allahu taala we'll do one more session. So we'll keep it at 25 videos Bismillahi Tyler, and then tomorrow, in shallow Tyler, what we do number 25, I will introduce to you my brand new series that will continue afterwards. So tune in in sha Allah roughly around the same time, whatever time it is for you right now around this time in sha Allah, I've been online every single day as most of the days

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for the last month or so, just to help encourage and give us something to think about so that we become better people and better Muslims. That journey will continue but we're going to shift our attention in shallow targets to some other subjects of the Quran and Sunnah. So stay tuned for that. Insha Allah Allahu taala I can't wait. I'm very excited for a brand new series. Just like Milo Hayden was set out more Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh