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what's happened today is that, you know, with the social media, it's gone to another level, this Ria, this showing off to people has gone to another level, like no other time, he will have to, people have to, you know, take photos of everything, of photos of everything, every moment, there's got to be some kind of photo. And they've got to you got to really ask yourself, why are you doing this, because if you're doing this, okay, fine, you know, a photo here and a photo there just to show someone else fine. But if you're doing it constantly, because you want people to look at you, you want people to admire you, you want people to sort of, you know, look at you as the person that

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everybody should talk about, that everybody should should should look at, then you're running into a problem. So this thing about having selfies, selfies, selfies all the time, and I don't know if you noticed or something, okay, most of these people who take selfies, they're always smiling, which is fine. But you know what, they don't smile that much in their lives. The only reason they're smiling is because when they when others will see them, they want to see, see them happy. And then they run into trouble. Because when you look at the Facebook, you know, post on the Instagrams posts and so on, you kind of see that, you know, they've got a lot of likes, and a lot of people looking at them,

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and they've always put those in other brilliant clothes, this latest clothes and smartest thing that they've got the faces looking beautiful. And they've taken so many different pictures of these all the time that it gives you image that this person is like this.

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And the truth is, they're not like that. They can't smile like that, you know, no, no person smiles that much. Okay, I wish you do, okay, but they don't, and they give a fake image, then they have to live up to that image. Now you're in a competition, because you've put yourself up there, people expect you to be up there. Now you have to live a life to be up there. And it's and it's hard, it's hard. And then they go into depression mode. Or they're going to you're feeling bad about themselves, because they think I'm not getting as many likes to get my next few likes, I have to next few, you know, whatever it is, I have to make sure that I do something new, then you start

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doing something silly. There are a lot of these young people now who've got into a life where they'll do silly things just to get that attention.

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And and they're ruining their reputation, they ruin the future. And others laugh at them. Others give them likes, but what do they get in the end, they don't get respect. In the end. You don't get true respect for over a few years. Once you do something silly. And you put it onto social media. And people have seen that people, they will post

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the food.

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Look what I've cooked. And I'm thinking, yeah, that's once a week you've cooked a once a month you've cooked I don't know what what you're cooking. But what do you have to send photos to everyone of all the things that you eating? I mean, one thing is there's the evil eye.

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Because understand the Sunday evil eye does evil I if I'm ever going to send a photo of my food, I'll tell the people who've taken the photo, I'll say that send it after 48 hours. I want to make sure that that food has been digested. Do you understand? Yeah, because you send the picture right now people see it and the mouth is watery.

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They've given you the evil eye and you're they're eating it. La hawla wala Quwata illa you're gonna get food poisoning our friend or you're gonna something's gonna happen to your stomach.

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People send these pictures, they don't realize they send pictures of their houses, their cars, their families, their you know, the and what are you doing? Well, one thing is you're not doing all of this for Allah sake. That's for sure. You know, showing my whole life to people. Look what I've got, I've got this car, I've got this holiday, I've got this house, I'm doing this and you're sending all of that constantly to people. You're increasing the level of, of

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jealous people you have in your life and straight up, the more gifts people know that you have on this earth and the more you advertise that, the more you have attracted the jealous people on this earth and the more jealous people you have, okay, so you can start counting how many jealous people you've got. And once people get jealous of you, then you've got now enemies that are that are wanting to have these things to go away from your life, or they will give you the evil eye. So you run into further trouble. If you've if you've got whatever you've got, look, show a little if you want to show it there's nothing wrong in showing you a few things that you've got fine, but don't

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don't go overboard with everything that you will you want to show to others why you're gonna get a lot of people who will become your enemies for no reason. You know, be be considerate of your life. Just because you've got the social media device doesn't mean that you use it to show your entire life. I mean, let's look at it before the social media

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came before you could take photos and send it to people so easily within seconds and show them across the whole of the world. Did we? Did we ever have that kind of life that everybody knows what's what's what you've got? Did you have that guy's on? Yes or no, no one knew only a few people that were close to you, who came to your house? Who you allowed them to enter your house? Who knew of you? They were the only few people and even then if you allowed them to see what you got, and you talked about it, they knew what you had. Right now the world is suffering seriously. And I don't know what what problem we're going to get into next. But a lot of people are feeling down the you

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know, they don't have enough why because a you're watching others with all the things that they've got. And you think, wow, he's got that. Wow, she's got that wow. And people are flicking through Instagram video after video YouTube video after we the video. From the channel, they're looking at the vlogs they're looking at the you know, the Facebook videos they put there, and we're having one, my friend. One thing is you don't need to see what's going on in everyone's life. You don't need to see what others have got. Because then you're gonna feel that you don't have enough.

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And then you're going to feel that you know, you're not you're not showing respect to Allah azza wa jal, or showing appreciation for what you've got. So you run into another problem so or you get into a competition with them, and you start to show what you have. And all of this is showing off. Tell me how much of this is for Allah sake? How many people do how do people send all of this for a second? Look, there's nothing wrong in you, you know, you having good clothes and so on. Like I said to you the Hadith in the last time that the Sahaba said, and I like to have good clothes and I like to have good shoes and the prophets of Allah Some said that Allah loves to see the extent of his

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gifts on his seventh. Allah likes that. That is not what Aragon says. Now showing off is not having good clothes. Look, if you wear good clothes, because you like to appear nice in front of others. You know, you don't want to appear scruffy. You don't want to appear. You know someone who's disheveled in front of others, but you want to appear nice in front of others. That's a good thing. There's nothing wrong with that. Our curriculum covers all the Islamic educational needs of young Muslims today in a phone simple and engaging way tried and tested for over 15 years at one of the UK's leading methods the curriculum has been adopted by hundreds of institutions around the world

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