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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh my brothers and sisters, made the Peace and blessings of Allah Almighty be upon you all. I'm so delighted to be joining you today this beautiful day of arafah which has a great, great value in the eyes of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and he has asked us also to uphold that value and to understand it make use of what Allah has bestowed upon us. So, I commence this beautiful reminder for myself and yourselves by saying Bismillah In the name of Allah, while hamdulillah and All praise is definitely due to Allah. Wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah may blessings and salutations of the Almighty be upon the messenger, Muhammad peace be upon him. While

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early he was happy edge Marine, his family, his household, his companions, all of them may Allah bless them. Bless every one of you. Bless every one of us, those who are so fortunate to be fulfilling the Hajj. We all know that in this year, there is a uniqueness to the Hajj in that very few people have been selected randomly to fulfill the Hajj. They are the fortunate ones May Allah accept from them, their worship, may Allah accept from them, everything that they're going to be doing, forgive their shortcomings, and grant us all a benefit from the drop that they will be making, as well as every one of us. But today, I'd like to speak to you about the virtues of this

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beautiful day of alpha. I want to simplify but I also want to bring in a little bit of history.

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It's important for us to understand that when Allah created the earth, He did not make all the places equal in terms of spiritual value. But what he did is, he made some places more virtuous than others in your town in your city. The most virtuous of places are the houses of Allah, the places where people put their heads down on the ground, in prostration, for he who made them that's a very valuable place and massage

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and massage he then he, he fell at the room, Allah he had, indeed those places of worship belong to Allah. So don't call out to anyone besides Allah in worship, or in supplication, that's Allah. So Allah to the jinn telling us that not only does he love the the houses known as the masjid or the massagin of Allah, but he loves the places of prostration. So even the place where you've put your head on the ground five times a day, that place will bear witness for you on the day of judgment to say yes, I bear witness this person, put his head on the ground on me, and I am a witness and this is why one of the narrations speaks about how important it is to put your head on the ground to take

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your time the Institute, that place of Earth is going to bear witness for you by the will and mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we do know that all the places are not equal. Well, maca is very very valuable also in the eyes of Allah so I spoke about the places that are most valuable in your city. And if you look at globally we have Mecca and Medina closely followed by a mosquito AXA, known as the three Haram. haram means things that are prohibited or more prohibited there. What that means is you would be getting a biggest sin if you were to sin in those places. Not to say that that which is haram is okay in other places, but it's worse when it comes to a blessed place. Imagine a person

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wanting to commit adultery and then they go into the masjid and do it they're starving Allah, may Allah protect us imagine a person wanting to send their go to Mecca or Medina and send there I think a true believer would never do that. May Allah forgive our shortcomings. So, we know of the places and we know that some places are higher in value than others and in spirituality. Well, another very interesting point is not all the times are the same. We have the places known as an haram the three harems Mecca Medina Al Aqsa right. We also have the months known as the Haram months. In that I show you delong is now Sha Sha, V kita IV

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v keytab.

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d one min.

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toon home, the day that Allah created the heavens and the earth he dictated and decided that the number of months will be 12. from them there will be four that will be known as the Hara months.

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Little Qaeda will hit Jaya Muharram and our agenda. Those are the months that are known as the prohibited months. Why?

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You're not allowed to commence warfare. Just like Mecca and Medina. You're not allowed to commence war in Mecca and Medina. You're not allowed to harm anyone hurt anyone. If someone does hurt you, they're you're allowed to defend yourself, but you cannot make an offensive attack in Mecca or Medina Subhan Allah because they are known as harm. Similarly, when it comes to the months that are Haram, you're not allowed to commence warfare, but if someone attacked you during those months, you're allowed to retaliate. Funny how or surprising how or amazing how or interesting how Ramadan is not one of those months. Yet Ramadan is a beautiful month, which has great value. However,

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Ramadan has its own virtue. It comes with something unique. Many of the battles took place in the month of Ramadan, including the Battle of better 17th of Ramadan. Subhan Allah remember that date? So the months are also not all the same. One of the Haram months is actually Ville, hedger, like I said, You're not allowed to engage in warfare. So many things are prohibited during those months.

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Imagine a place and a time both together, holding value, and you're there. So you're in Makkah, and the time is one of these months, and from those months Subhan Allah, there are days that are considered the best days to engage in worship. Now, let's get this clear. The days during the first 10 of the hedger are more virtuous than the days of the month of Ramadan. And I'm not making a mistake that but the nights of Ramadan are more virtuous than the nights of the 10 of the hedger amazing. So people say but Ramadan is supposed to be the highest, yes, in terms of nights. That's why the acts of worship in Ramadan, notice they're more at night. They're more at night. You have

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the tearaway you have the tiamo Lane, you have the Tila of the Quran, you have the livening of the night so much more. So that is in Ramadan Laila to cuddle Allah calls it the Night of Decree where all your deeds for the next year are decreed. The Night of Power Subhan Allah, Allah says laylatul cordery Hiram in El facia, that Night of Decree is more virtuous or better than 1000 months at three or more at three plus years actually Subhan Allah. So amazing how Allah keeps the virtue of these 10 days more than the days of Ramadan, but the nights of Ramadan more than these 10 days. So here's the Hadith. In fact, before I say the Hadith, here's the verse surah, 21, February one ion in Azure,

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Allah swears an oath by the dawn, and then he swears an oath by the 10. knights, what is he referring to? He's referring to the first 10 days of the ledger. People might say, Well, why did he say Knights? Well, in Arabic In English, many times when people want to say how long they stayed somewhere, or they want to refer to how many days they went somewhere, they actually would not be wrong if they said, We are there or we were there for five nights, but they meant five days. So panela It's not wrong, it's language. But it's confirmed by the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So that's amazing. Now, we've determined that the month of the hijjah is a haram

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month, the place of Mecca is a haram place which means things that are haram or more haram there. And there are certain other things that are Haram. Like for example, when you're in the condition of harm, notice the words. These are powerful words. You have you have entered a condition where you've worn clothing of peace, the clothing of serenity, the clothing of submission, you're not allowed to hurt any animals, you're not allowed to hurt anything. You're not allowed to take off a portion of your body, your organs, your skin, your hair, your nails, etc, etc. In the condition of a firearm when you're going to do the pilgrimage the minor or major pilgrimage. Now look at all the virtue

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gathering together.

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You have the HUD, in the month of the hedger, you have the place of Mecca. You have the condition of Iran. You have people who have been charitable, you have people who are praying Salah, so these are the these are the pillars of Islam, Salah is covered, the charities are covered people give charities when they go for Hajj, definitely. And people give charities during the days of now. The days of sacrifice. You're not allowed to eat alone. Allah says for kulu me

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How to remove

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yourself lucky you eat from it and you feed the poor, you feed the needy, the ones who are you know, homeless, helpless, etc. So Allah says you feed so that is charity, the charity is covered, amazing. Now, on top of that you're in a condition of a haraam. You're You're not allowed to shave your head during a specific time while you're on the part of the pilgrimage, the first part of the pilgrimage. So everything has come together the five pillars of Islam, you're busy saying, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. quwata

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illa in Allahu Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, one in LA Hill Han. Allah is the Greatest Allah is the Greatest there is none worthy of worship besides Allah. Allah is the Greatest and for him is all praise Subhana Allah. So isn't that the declaration of the first pillar of Islam? You have the five daily prayers, that's the second pillar of Islam. You have the fasting well, Subhana Allah, we are told, and now I'm coming to the Hadith

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mermin a year in alamelu, Salehi. Ha, ha ha Illallah him in heavy lash. There are no days in which good deeds are more loved by Allah than these 10 days. So the prophets Allah seldom used to fast during the nine days, why not the 10th because the 10th fasting is haram. It's prohibited. It's the day of eat, and the prophets wasallam tells us clearly you're not allowed to fast on the day of eat done Subhan Allah. In fact, there is another narration a year with the sriti a year morclean verschoben were the creme de la the days of tashlich. The days of tashlich. In a nutshell, the days when you are uttering this,

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the day of read and the days after that you're not allowed to fast during the days those days.

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Do you know that it's amazing the explanation, the day of alpha is very virtuous when it comes to fasting but not for the one in hajj. The one in hajj is allowed to fast after that, after the eat, not on the day of eat. Those of us elsewhere we are allowed to fast in fact, it is highly, highly recommended. I hope you're fasting today inshallah May Allah accepted from all of us highly recommended to be fasting on this day, the day of alpha. And in fact, according to the correct opinion of the people, the scholars, it is the ninth of the hedger wherever you are on Earth. One might say What do you mean? Well, wherever you see the moon, there are differences of opinion. And I

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don't mean to belittle any opinion. But according to the majority of scholars, it's the ninth of the hedger wherever you are considered the day of alpha. So if you've seen the moon, before, the people in Saudi Arabia saw the moon, and that has happened in the past, probably will happen sometime in the future, today might have been your day of eat. If that's the case. It's hard for you to fast How can you fast when you've seen the moon prior to the people in Mecca and Medina, and they have declared the read a day after you. In that particular case you fast according to your own calendar, the ninth of the ledger. But nowadays, mostly people see the moon, either with Saudi or after Saudi,

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with Mecca, or after Mecca. And so still, the majority of scholars feel that you should follow the ninth of the ledger there are some who say you should follow the day of alpha. Like I said, if you are following the day of alpha, you're not covered the day you see the moon before them. people haven't thought of that happening. And it has happened. I recall the last time around there were some countries that saw the moon before maca. And those who were following mucker was stumped midwicket. They didn't know what to do. They had to come back and say, well, well, we saw the moon, what do we do now? Well, Heidi says you know what, you've got to fast that was for Milan. Anyway,

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like I said, that is actually differences of opinion. To be honest, it's minor. It's not a major thing. But the day of alpha, whether you're following the opinion of the ninth which I follow, or you're following the opinion of our of the people of our of and I told you, the point there is one day when you see the moon before then you will be stuck. But it's okay if there is no big deal there because Subhanallah There are mountains of scholars on both sides. So that day too fast. It expiate the sins of this year and the next year, so say I've arrived today I'm fasting if I'm fasting for the sake of Allah, when that fast is accepted, all the sins I committed in 1441 forgiven, all the

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sins I will be committing in 1442 forgiven which since the minor ones, only some hanham are not the major ones. The major ones require specific tober specific tone. So that's a virtue of this day. You fast on this day, somehow

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Allah Subhan Allah. So what is this day all about? Well, let's get back to the issue of these 10 days first being the best days to do good deeds. And the prophets are seldom used to fast a lot through these days. The Nine days I explained why the 10th day is haram, because it's the day of eat, but the ninth highly recommended for the non hygiene, hygiene not recommended. So, the fasting is done, and the Hajj is being done the Zika the charity is being done all five pillars.

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At the same time, all five pillars are being done. What great value at a place where Subhanallah it's considered sacred, sacred month sacred place, sacred Masjid sacred condition sacred day Subhanallah the day of alpha one duration says it's one of the best days it's the best day and in fact, Shadow the Allahu Allah says quite clearly that there is no day more likely for people to be freed from Hellfire than this day of arafah so ask Allah to free you from hellfire. Allahumma articlea cabana will cover about in our own Mahajan Amina, Oh Allah free our next and the next of our fathers and mothers from Hellfire, which means Allah grant us freedom from hellfire. That's a

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good day to make today. And Subhana Allah, she continues to say that Allah boasts to the angels about the people in alpha. This year, there are less a lot boasts about them to His angels. And he says, Look at my worship as they've gathered for me, sacred place, sacred day, sacred month, etc, sacred condition, the condition of the home and so on. Allah says push you to come and me refer to them. I want you to bear witness that I have forgiven them completely. May Allah forgive all of us and the judge may Allah make it easy for them. Allah He they're fortunate to be there this year, on our behalf, they will be making Doha and they have actually fulfilled this

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fifth pillar of Islam. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from Allah. I mean, one wonders what difficulty and hardship they must have had in their lives, how Allah chose them for this, it was just amazing. very fortunate indeed. But that having been said, Unless chosen, all of us were meaning we're believers, we actually have this beautiful day, it's our day as well. Where did the name of a come from very important for you to know, out of a means to know. The day is known as the day of

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the place is known as the place of arafat. So just remember the difference on fat with the tar at the end

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is the place and arafa with a ton Barbuto, which turns into a heart when you stop is actually the name of the place. So I hope you Sorry, the name of the day, sorry. So the days yo Ma and the places you're known as out of hat.

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So out of a means to know what happened on that day it is said and there are narrations that make mention of how Adam and Eve or Adam and what may peace be upon them met each other. They got to know each other after they were expelled from Jana. They met each other in ARAVA, it's common, it's common, it's widespread. But there is another narration that says Ibrahim alayhis salam was made to know that the duties of the monastic the various acts and rituals to be fulfilled, acts of worship to be fulfilled for the Hajj by jabril. And he Salah while he was in alpha, so he was told to those while he was in alpha, for alpha, so he knew them there. So the place was called alpha. That's

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another narration some of the scholars hold that opinion. But another very interesting strong opinion is that the people get to know each other, then it's a place of gathering place of gathering people gather them. So the people get to have a phone, they get to know each other fear of in alpha. so that in our fat, sorry. So when you get to our fat on the day of alpha, then Subhan Allah, you get to know each other. So these are just some of the opinions regarding the place known as arafat, and why it is called alpha and alpha. And by the way, if you were to go to alpha a day before, or a day after alpha, your Hajj is not counted.

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And had Java that's the Hadith, the most important pillar of Hajj is alpha. Well, and had you out of hedges alpha, you've been to alpha we did your heart you didn't go to out of your head is not done. Simple as that. is alpha. So if a person went before not done, went after not done Subhanallah you have to go at a certain time, certain day. I can't go in Ramadan and say you know what? Well, it's well I can't go when it's empty.

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Season and say, well, it's empty. Now let me go now then when I come for Hajj I won't go to Alabama Wait, you have to go. So arafa It's the place. The day is the night of the ledger and the place and the condition. You're now there.

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The best day, the best day of the year, the day of arafah Subhan. Allah fought for what? For freedom from hellfire.

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And this is something that I shadow Viola and her makes mention of quite clearly, I think the Hadees and Sahih Muslim, if I'm not mistaken, and even incident on the side. But to be honest, the dua of the day of arafa is so powerful, the act of worship are so powerful that tech beer is happening that tallien is happening, the praise of Allah is happening, the Hajj is happening, the people elsewhere are fasting on that day, imagine everything is coming together. People are being charitable people are praising Allah, people are praying the five daily prayers, people are declaring the first pillar, people are enhanced. So all the five pillars are again there, what a powerful day Now do you

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understand the power of this day power? So panela This is why the Hadith says there are no days better than these days, the best being the day of alpha. So my brothers and sisters on the day of arafah What happened?

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Well, I can explain

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam over and above speaking about the reward of those who fast on the day of alpha, and I'm saying here for the non Haji like I explained, he delivered a hope but in his final hedge the farewell hedge, he delivered the hook but in arafa What did he say? Nothing. It's a powerful day, powerful place, powerful time, powerful condition. And everything is so power packed. And the time of the day is after salata, Vova, so the whole judge would go to arafa, from the morning of the day of arafah, they will make Salah to lower their Salah to an acid. And then when the sun sets before they make Madrid, they will go to Miss delavan. So after they do Salah to

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vote and also they will be making a lot of dough. It's a time where Subhan Allah, you know, it reminds me of how star Villa I have to give this example simply because so many people would understand it, you know, when you have a football match right at the end. And there's just a few minutes remaining and how exciting it becomes. And they want you to score as many goals as you can. The goal you know, the the the match can literally tilt in any direction based on how many goals you're going to score, you know, on the day of alpha, it's a different example. But just to bring it closer to your mind, I gave you that. What do your understanding you're now have, you're now having

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a few moments remaining. Come on what draws you making, make beautiful glass, go on, ask for forgiveness, ask for what you want, repeat it, say it again and again. Have a list of things that you want to ask Allah for. It's beautiful, whether you're in our heart on the day of arafah you're not in arafat on that day and you're elsewhere. No problem. You ask Allah you call out to Allah you pray to Allah you, you know Subhana Allah, the process, Allah got up and gave a talk, it must be very important. It was an extremely important talk short, sweet to the point. What did he say? I want to know that virtual alpha holds

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up to this day, in our fat, the whatever happens on the day of alpha, the Imam gets up and he gives a talk, reminding the Muslims about their duties unto Allah. So what did the prophet SAW said I'm saying the first thing he spoke about was blood. Don't spill the blood of each other. Don't murder each other. Don't. Don't commit murder. Your blood is sacred, more sacred than the cabin Subhanallah your blood is sacred more sacred than the Kava. Your blood is sacred, more sacred than this day. Your blood is sacred, more sacred than this place. Your blood is sacred, more sacred than maccha more sacred than Allah fat more sacred than the condition. Or the Hadith actually says komati omega

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mhada fishery kumada de Bella de command similar to the prohibition similar to the sanctity of this place. So in the same way, life is also sacred, as sacred as the place. So can I help you?

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Number one, don't commit murder. My brothers and sisters, that means solve your problems. Work with each other, learn to respect each other, have a big heart learn to forgive each other. Imagine here is the newbie. Here is the Prophet, the most beloved The one who is the leader, and he's telling us in his final pilgrimage to say, who are all my followers, you're all my own mind. Don't cheat.

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May Allah grant us the lesson. Don't fight each other. Don't Don't kill each other. Now in the demand, what else what

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On one level, don't steal from each other. Don't deceive each other in business, don't short, change each other. Watch out your wealth, don't use up the wealth of another don't SubhanAllah. So, your your life and your wealth is all sacred. The wealth of each other is sacred, I can't steal someone else's things, I will pay a heavy, heavy penalty. In fact, if I were to kill someone, it is as though I've killed entire humanity. And if I were to steal from someone, I have committed such a heavy crime that I don't even know if I'm going to be forgiven.

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These are the basic elements of existence. And he mentioned them on the day of alpha. That's what alpha is all about. ponder over how you look at others, solve your matters. Watch, watch how you treat people. Be careful. Your wealth, other people's work, sacred, don't steal, don't pinch, don't deceive, don't cheat, don't shoot, don't shortchange. So Pamela, then you're a Muslim, then you're a true believer.

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And he says thereafter, he goes on and on. He speaks about Dima Kamala Kamala Khan, you know, don't even insult one another. Don't demean each other. Don't be little each other, accuse each other falsely, be careful. All this made mention of and he repeated it on the day rate as well. He repeated it during the days of slaughter and sacrifice. He repeated the same words, this hope has been repeated more than once by the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam with various weddings. And in on the day of arafah. He said something amazing. You know what he says?

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He said, everything that was of the period of ignorance, I'm putting it under my feet, it no longer is valid. But does that mean all the ignorance the way they treated women, what they did all the cultural things that were so taboo and so silly. He says, under my feet thrown, racism was part of Jamelia thrown all of this strong, It is finished. No more.

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Let's ask ourselves, racism, tribalism, nepotism. Wow, nepotism? Isn't that alive and healthy in some communities in many communities, or stavroula? If we're believers, here is the messenger of the day a lot of saying Watch out. No racism all the Jamia, kick it out. Don't maltreat women really kick it out? So don't think you're superior Joe Hillier, kick it out. Learn to respect people imagine they will revert Muslims. On that day, who are the readers? Every single one of them will read this. Do you know that? Nowadays the strange thing is we won't even allow our daughters to marry a rivet or our sons to marry a river that we claim we come from the family of the Prophet.

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Well, here is the same Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam telling you racism is out. tribalism is out nepotism is out all the isms are out totally completely kick them out. It's Jay Hillier, usurping the wealth of another insulting false accusation all out. Subhan Allah, may Allah grant us, goodness, superstition. All of that is gone out. don't engage in magic. Don't do all that was part of Jackie Lee. So it's right for us to mention it here today.

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kicked up

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when he spared a moment to talk about winning. What did he say?

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He said it duckula having this fear Allah regarding your treatment of women I think it is a this day a lot of I remember speaking to a system of long ago and she told me when I read what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said about the day of alpha, I would have called it Women's Rights Day so Han Allah because he made it clear saying fear Allah regarding treating the treatment of women. Who are the women your daughter's Watch out. Watch out Don't be unfair. Your sisters to care for a professor cinema warns you about it. Who else? Primarily your spouse's, they've given up their families to come to you how you treat them. Subhan Allah, what do you how do you talk to them? How do you make

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them feel? It duckula having Nisa fear Allah regarding the women. And Allah subhanho wa Taala clearly tells us this in the sutra known as sudocrem Nisa. Allah tells us to fear Allah and to fear the wounds that gave birth to the women in a nutshell.

00:29:37--> 00:29:41

So he says, he goes on, he gives a little bit more detail. Do you know what he says?

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He says, You married the women using the name of Allah, Sophia, Allah, how you treat them. Oh, here he is speaking to the married men. Watch out. Those women. You use the name of Allah. You use the name

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Have Allah to take them to marry them,

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treat them well. And that's why the Postal Service is the best from amongst you have those who are best to their wives. This is the day where the women were empowered by Islam. Subhana Allah, they felt so proud of what was being said and I'm sure they will be to this day extremely proud. This is the day of arafa the greatest day of the entire year. According to a lot of the scholars, the greatest day I told you, the Knights are different the date some kind of luck, some say that they have now they have

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you know, if you look at the freedom from Hellfire as the day of arafah, Sinhala.

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So the prophets are seldom telling us, what shall we get the best from amongst you those best to their wives. And then he says, You must make sure you take care of them, provide for them, give them their clothing, give them their food, give them their shelter, and so on. Remember how you treat them. And this is why we say my brothers and sisters, whether it's your mother, your grandmother, your aunt, your sister, your child, your spouse, your grandchild, your niece, whoever it may be, or a strange woman here is the messengers are seldom, after the women were treated so unwell. And after they were actually

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bought and sold and traded

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as a commodity. He says all of that is prohibited on this day, all of it, you treat them well in the best from among you, those who are best to their wives, my brothers, I don't think you really expected this to come out of the day of arafah did you but Subhanallah its effect, and it has come up one of the virtues of the day of arafah is that Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about the lecture, the amazing historic hookman of artifacts, that was a part of the Hajj that was delivered in the farewell pilgrimage by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And so my brothers and sisters, I want to actually continue by telling you these are just some of the virtues of the day of arafah Omar will have tabula who says a Jewish man came to him and told him you know, there is a verse in the Quran that was revealed. If that was revealed to us as Jews, we would have taken it as a celebration and read what was the best

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Alia acumen to Lacombe in a coma at men to Allah in Konya. majima Robbie Tula como Islam Medina, this day, I have perfected your religion I have completed my favorite upon you. And you know what Allah says I am pleased that Islam be your faith, this submission is what you should be doing.

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So the Jewish man says if that first was revealed to us, we would have taken it today of aid well the prophets of Salaam says the day of arafa is a day of eat the days of na n are the days of eat. The days of tashlich are the days of that's what he says. He calls them the days of eating. So my brothers and sisters Remember to declare the greatness of Allah all the time during this day and subsequent days after every Salah you should say it aloud after every fight on salah and throughout the days as well. While those in hajj will be saying the bake Allahumma bake We are here at your service. Oh Allah We are here at your service lash at calicut a bake none worthy of worship besides

00:33:26--> 00:33:57

you there is no partner to you. You have no partner. Indeed we are here at your service, Oh Allah, we are going to sacrifice for you. We are going to abandon all the bad for you. We are going to do what you've told us. Even if it means sacrificing our sleep and comfort and so on. We will fulfill whatever you've asked us to fulfill that, that the bake is for the Hajaj for those in the pilgrimage right now. For us. Yes, as much as we are also in the service of Allah. We should also be sacrificing. You know what we're taught.

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, the Illa in Allahu Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah Subhana Allah, I already translated that, but I'm doing it again. Allah is the Greatest Allah is the Greatest there is none worthy of worship besides Allah. Allah is the Greatest and unto Him belongs all praise. My brothers and sisters, I hope these words have actually empowered us a little bit. We've gained a bit of knowledge about the day of alpha. And while we pray for the Hajaj, we also end off by praying for the entire oma, those who are struggling at this time of Corona, those who passed away, May Allah give them Rama, those who are struggling with sickness may Allah have cure, may Allah grant and kill

00:34:43--> 00:34:48

those who lost their jobs or their sustenance. May Allah restore that,

00:34:49--> 00:35:00

with that, which is even better, those who are struggling in any way throughout the globe, the war zones and various other places of famine and hunger and disaster and all

00:35:00--> 00:35:20

All sorts of negativity May Allah alleviate the suffering in every single way. Remember to ask Allah to forgive you. And all of us remember to ask Allah to free us from Hellfire for this is that they deserve como la valle akuto Kohli hada sallallahu wasallam robotiq ala nabina Muhammad wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.