The Ayah of Ramadan – Part 8

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah Rasool Allah, Allah Allah He was a huge marine salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Today we talk about the next phrase in this amazing one ayah, about Ramadan. Allah says, Well, he took me to Linda. So all of you complete the count so that all of you complete the count. Allies now, tie this together. He says he sent the month of Ramadan, he has the month in which the Quran was revealed. And then he describes the Quran. Then he says, Whoever among you is going to witness this month read fast in its entirety. And then he says, I want things to be easy for you, he doesn't want things to be hard for you. And he wants things to be easy and not

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hard, so that you complete the count. Meaning that phrase that he wants things to be easy and not hard, is actually also tied to the concept of fasting, he will make sure that it's easy, and so easy that you will be able to complete the count.

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And he made it possible for you to make up those days. He doesn't say it doesn't matter if you're sick or not. You better fast. No, if you're sick and you're traveling and it's difficult, make it up in other times, because I want you to I want to make this easy for you. So you can complete your training. I'll give you these relaxations. So you can complete the count when he took me. And by mentioning the word ENDA allies highlighting to us the importance of this training period, like this time is actually a really important time. And each facet is valuable, you know, when we get into the month of Ramadan, in the beginning, you're like a little bit fired up and a weekend and you're gonna

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go well, I'll probably recharge my batteries in the last week when the odd nights happen again, Allah is giving in the Quran. This profound value to the entire account, like every day is a rigorous, important day for your transformation. It's this 30 day intensive that you're going through. So don't just think of it as deprivation of food and sleep and you know, intimacy. That's not all this is, this is a program for your and my complete transformation. And each of these days is extremely valuable. But he says when he talked me like that every single day counts. So usually complete and perfect command in Arabic isn't just for completing. It's actually also for perfecting,

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so you perfect the count. Everyday should be awesome. Every day is a quiz. Every day of Ramadan is like a quiz and you've got a stat quiz, you've got to do your very, very best. You know, the way you speak, the way you control your temper, the way you if you're used to just talking about people don't talk about people, even the people that make you upset. Even the people that you know your friends are calling you talking about people, no, we're not going to talk about anybody we're going to talk about Allah will talk about his messenger, or we're going to talk about who we're going to help.

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That's it. Nobody I want to talk about what wrong they did and what they said. And it made me so I'm not going to talk about fasting from all of that. No, we're not fasting from we're just fasting from food. No, we're fasting from our tongues also. We're fasting from saying bad things. Also, that idea that we're going to perfect each day, we're going to become conscious. So just like we are conscious of food and drink, just like that. We're going to become conscious of everything else, how we spend our time. We're not going to waste hours entertaining ourselves. We're not going to just lie around doing nothing. We were created for a purpose. The Prophet's life that I'm described was given to

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him, and the rest of his life was driven by this purpose. These 30 days when you live purposefully, you start thinking about how, how to value your time, how to it's not just about prayers, in between every prayer is supposed to recalibrate your purpose. So from this prayer to next prayer, what valuable thing did you do? What did you do to benefit yourself? What did you do to benefit someone else? What did you do for this life? What did you do for the next life? These are the questions we're going to start asking ourselves and as we do that, the petty things in life, the things that don't have any value that become very big to us, they start becoming small, they are no longer a big

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deal, then you don't care about the clothes and which party and who said wide and, you know, keeping up with whatever social standards and you know, money and you know, you know, the all of these petty things, they start disappearing, and the people who you think are the biggest problems in your life or you're worried about this one or worried about that one or arguments with all of those things, you realize that you are in the hands of Allah, your conscious and aware of Allah, he's the one protecting you. He's the one training you, you let go of your fear of everybody else. That's part of the meaning of taqwa, of having a consciousness of Allah purpose, you know, just like you're afraid

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of Allah before you drink that glass of water, or you eat that food before you know. When you when you're fasting the same way you're going to develop Well, if I'm afraid of a lion, this that I really shouldn't be afraid of anybody else. You let go of your anxiety and fear of people train your mind in these things and everyday becomes perfected. When he took below the radar. How will it become perfected? How will your mindset change? While that's the key, isn't it, recite Quran? contemplate Quran in the days of the fast in the nights of the fast contemplate. Think about what

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lysing don't finish you have to finish the entire Quran. You have to finish reciting the whole thing or reading the translation of the whole thing. Whatever you recite every day think a lot about what Allah is saying. And I can guarantee you, your heart and your mind is going to start experiencing a profound profound transformation, especially in this month. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh