Welcoming Dhul Hijjah – The Virtues of The Best Days

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AI: Summary © The importance of 10 days as a fruitful fruit in Islam is discussed, along with a special program for those who have money to try the fruit in 10 days. The importance of fasting and being present during these days is emphasized, along with the secret law and the importance of staying at home during the pandemic. The importance of not feeling distracted by the presence of Allah is emphasized, along with the need to not feel distracted by the presence of Allah and create a group to help during the pandemic. The importance of sending out an annual reset in yearly seasons is emphasized, and the presence of Allah is discussed as a potential for future opportunities for networking.
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insha Allah

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tube Bismillah, Salah, Ramallah Sula, he will write the, the topic for today, as you may know is the virtues of the hijab. And these 10 days as Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that a flu, a yami dunya.

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These are the best days of the Earth.

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To an extent that Imam Oza I used to say that these 10 days are so important that if you were to do sadaqa, in Ramadan, and these 10 days, the sadaqa in these days is better. If you were to pray to Allah cause in Ramadan and these 10 days, the Torah cause in these 10 days have a lot more virtue. And few other you know, narrations that mentions about the extent of the agile, it says that if you were to pray to the cause, the Agile that you accumulate in these 10 days is equal to a person who leaves his house and his comfort, and he spends his own money to go out and defend and be in jihad.

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Yasuo Munna ha ha. Oh moly, hoo ha. he fasts the days while he's in the battle, and he does damn while he's at night. The Tura cars in Zulu hedgehog are going to be better than all of that.

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These are the days in which Allah subhanaw taala completed our Quran our deen right what's that i Le Oma. A command to Lokhande Unicom hora de tu Alikum

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Haji who said that,

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so he's ready to Alikum nailed it. Right, that I have,

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you know, we've fulfilled or completed your religion and my NEMA has been fulfilled upon you. So these are the 10 days that Allah subhanaw taala has spoken about in so many places in the Quran that that let me just give me one second here quickly.

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Tap Bismillah I can hear that it's loud right. Just a little bit louder

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sorry guys. I get annoyed with sound system doesn't work. Okay, similar.

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Test Oh, that's on. Is that on?

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No wonder

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Anyhow, Allah subhanaw taala, which are the verses that talk about the Zul Hijjah, while Fajr Allah Allah national, these 10 days Allah is doing a custom with these things. Right? If the creator of this universe he is make taking an oath, by the virtue of these days.

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Then our deen was completed in these days. Then Allah subhanaw taala spoke to Musa Ali Salam in these 10 days. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us the best day of the year in these 10 days to modify.

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On that day, Allah subhanaw taala frieze more Allah is more generous than any other day in the fast and that day is equal to what

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the reward of the year before and the year coming Najeeb

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though, can you imagine that two years of reward of you fasting every single day if a person on average fasts, right, and if they don't break their fast with lots of samosas and pakoras they burn a lot of calories. But with that you're also getting a lot of Hassan and tons of hasard imagine somebody does that for two years. Right? All of us will be healthy.

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But other than the health, our mind is going to be healthy. But all you got to do is to come on the day of alpha and fast for those just fast for that one day. Bismillah mashallah, right, we are planning to have a special program for the day of alpha Inshallah, you'll hear more news about that. It will be an entire because from answer to Maghrib is the time where Allah subhanaw taala accept the highs and stuff. So we're going to have an entire evening together with the fast inshallah together that would be on Tuesday

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of the next week, Inshallah, you will see the flyers about that. So now let's get into some of the karma that we can do on these 10 days.

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Number one is obviously if you still have money and you can still get a ticket. The best thing is to go for patch. Nothing beats that in these 10 days. That al Hajj. Literally I heard about somebody like two days ago they made the decision. Yesterday they made the payment or something and then they're like going day after tomorrow or something. Subhanallah so still there is time, if Allah has given you tofield

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You have the money, you want to give it an attempt and a goal. There is nothing better than Hajj in these 10 days. A person travels from here and comes back, completely cleansed the omocha What do you that's the day you were born, that's how you come back from Hajj. If Hajj abroad if it's a hedge that Allah accept from you, the next is fasting in these days, all attendees gather possible in fast in these 10 days. That's the best thing a person can do in these 10 days fast specifically on the RFID but if you can, you should inculcate the fast throughout the 10 days from beginning

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next one is our secret law.

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remembering Allah subhanaw taala often in these days, as as the prophets I was telling me he says ma'am in a Yamin will mourn the loss. There are no days that are more greater in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala while I have in a hill, Amma Luffy Hiner and there is no Amel, more beloved to Allah in these days. I mean, has he hit a yummy Lasher from these 10 days?

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For x zero fee Hinnom into Cubby. So increase in saying Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,

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the son of masala Hain that has mentioned about him in the first three generations that when the 10 days would come, you would see them walking in the streets in the first 10 days and openly going around. It's not the copyrights after salah they would be doing Kabira throughout the 10 days. Why? Because the Hadith says x zero fee increase in these minute Takbeer doing lots of Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. And if you can say the Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

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Illa Illa Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Why didn't he hand this ends all of that tucked up here, the next is daleel and the next is the Hamid so if you do this entire thing, you fulfill that whole Hadith axial privatdozent commanded us increase in your turkey right in these days.

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It is mentioned about this by the some of our cell phones Sylar hain, they would literally make it a point to akanu Yahoo Juna il ASWAT if he had the A Yum, they would go in malls and marketplaces wherever they would find for your cup be Runa or you could bid on NASA home.

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Right, they will say that we are and the people who do that we are along with them. Right? This is a misunderstanding several people Oh, if we do that we're together. It's better. I mean, this is like there's so many narrations about this that you can't say that okay, so just to implement that we will do that that we wrote just because it's the hadith of promises them so we can be from those together. We'll do that three times today right now. together and then we'll go on to the next one. Allah Akbar Allahu Akbar on Lahore, Aki battle. La

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Isla illa Allah. Allah walkabout on love walkabout. Why Anita?

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Hill hand Allah hu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah walkabout.

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In Allah, Allah hu Akbar Allahu Akbar, while in healing hand, Allah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

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Allah, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, wa.

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He'll hum and

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then the next it has mentioned about the sulfasalazine that either can we I'm sure enough it took when they would be driving their cars, obviously, they didn't have cars, but one way they would be walking on their paths and on the road. They would also be doing that we right so all the brothers who walk after a show, I want to hear that we right.

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And when you're walking, I should the entire neighborhood should you know, this is this is how you implement the Sunnah. I mean, this is our sulfasalazine. That's what they used to do. So if we're walking instead of on beyond the phone or talking these 10 days, there is no Amel that you can do that is better in the eyes of Allah.

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Than as we're going to be walking just days let's just be quiet and do to communicate with one another Subhanallah imagine the bond that you develop when each person is saying that no one is more greater in my life than Allah.

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All hatred, all politics every single live, right because Allah becomes the greatest

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Allahu Akbar,

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he is greater than what is greater than my desire is greater than this greater than that. I remember once, you know, initially in the early days, it became, you know, like, you remember the whole thing that was happening in the early days and you know, I spoke to one of my chefs. And I said, what, what do I need to do? Like, this is a new situation for me. So he said to me, he said, Subhan Allah, no, this meant that if a person or the group of people they're trying to hurt you, and they have no connection with Allah subhana wa Tada. Then in that case, Allah, Allah has Quadra will take care of them, you don't need to worry about it.

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And if they happen to be somebody, that or they're trying to hurt you or you're feeling hurt, and they have a connection with Allah, right, then Allah is not going to give away his friend for your little bit of desires. So leave the matters in a first to Allah because at the end of the day, Allahu Akbar.

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Right, and that's how we should live our lives. The next part, a rabbit Tober.

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Many of us we may have sins that we have perpetual practices we have, we don't even think about them. Right? We watch things that are haram. We do things that are haram, we say things that are out on. This is a time we do touch the the Toba we renew ourselves with doba. See doba is as one of the scholars said Toba is like going to work. Okay? You have to go to work for you to get paid. You can go to work on Monday and say you know what I came already man like so just send me the check at the end of the month. Similarly, Toba is something you got to go and do regularly. You can see I did though about once Colossi I love to buy the MOFGA. Now it's a consistent continuous process. Doba,

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Adobo to all UCLA annual mercy and to to free ourselves from the shackles of sins. Every single one of us take a moment now because Allah has given Allah has blessed all of you to be here in this night today.

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We should feel it exactly the way we feel in Ramadan.

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There are those who didn't make it today.

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Or those who didn't make it today. A

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few days ago, a brother, they asked me he said, Oh, Chef, you know, I'm visiting from so and so. My, my brother is a big fan of yours spunky. You know,

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he's a big fan of yours. Right? So he said, Can you send a message from my phone to him?

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Like he gave me his phone. He said, Can you write a message for my brother who's in India? Just write a message for him. He'll be very happy. So I said, I said, I'm on ECAM. How are you brother, stuff like that.

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Then, this was actually this was almost a week ago. Then I came to ecc. Last night. For the dinner. We were invited for a private dinner. I came there I met the brother again.

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And he said to me, my brother passed away.

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At cheap,

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just a week ago. Last Saturday, I sent the message and I was hoping that I would meet the brother and he came to me and he said Subhanallah my brother passed away. He didn't make it till today.

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So if you make it if you made it till today, jet did the Toba renew your Toba with ALLAH SubhanA wa. And the word yoga means what? To return back to Allah. Every single one of us we have somehow you know, this is the path we've taken take an exit, we took an exit could be an exit of dunya it could be an exit of this exit of work that we took we went away. Right? We have to come back

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and harmless. The fourth one is karate the Quran.

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In specific after Fajr

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in specific after Fajr the best thing we can do is after fajr open the Quran and make an intention. If you can read Quran fast tried to do a hard time in these 10 days it's easily doable.

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One juice in the morning one juice throughout the day somehow split it one juice after a shower before you go to sleep.

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But if you can't do that, at least some form of Quran in your life should return back

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after Ramadan Allah has given us to to you know two months and exactly two months now is an opportunity for us. Some of the seller for Salah Hain they used to question this is Why did Allah give us the seasons? Right? So at that very he responded and he said the reason these Allah gave us these seasons is the people before had 700 800 years of life.

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Today we don't have that long life we live 6070 amaro axolotl, OMA, the age of most of my OMA is what seems between 60 to 70.

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So how do we compete with those who came in that had 700 years of life? Allah has given you replace that with these Moazzam this season's for you. Right the sales that Allah puts on you

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bonuses that Allah gives you and me, then right after that you enter Muharram there's another bonus day there for you. Right? They do come in robiola. Well, there is a day there like every single wherever there are, if you go throughout the year, Allah has not left us alone.

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There's always a day or a season where Allah is like, comeback is an opportunity for you if you made lots of sins, every quarterly reset Allah allows us to do that. And then Allah gives you an annual reset in Ramadan.

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Right? These are seasons the next thing that we can do to help us get closer to Allah subhanaw taala in these last days

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is other than the turkey Iraq is specific that we rot, excess in sending Salawat on Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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sending salutations

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in the previous masjid, we did something very interesting what we did is we made a group

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you cannot send anything on there.

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Except numbers. And the purpose of that group was in these 10 days we did like a challenge to ourselves that as a masjid congregants, the regular masala and other people can join. We wanted to send million Salawat on Prophet sallallahu Sallam as a masjid.

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So in the 10 days, we divided we said we need 100 So let's do the math. How many do you need? So if each person does 1000 A day 10 days, how many

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times that will come on? Saturday. I know you guys are we didn't start fasting for the day. Let's go like 10,000 times. 10,000 How many people do need to get 200 Until 1 million 100 has heard the word anyways. 100 we need 100 people to commit to 1000 Salawat daily. And all they're going to do is they're going to post in the group 1000 Like I've done my 1000 I've done my 1000 Right. And that way we can do that. Are you guys ready for this? To challenge but we got all can do this Inshallah, who is going to take the charge of creating the group, I need some techie?

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Somebody techie, he will do it. Okay. So so can you create the group you have my number, right?

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No, no. So create a group and then people can come and join the group now. So before Do not leave and for the sisters, we can post the group in the in the thing. So join the group. Once we have 100 people in there. You want to join the group to Okay, mom, heck not on board too. Okay. And then the idea is that on the Day of Arafah, hopefully as msgid We would have sent a million salawat and profits last July, everyone ready for this? Okay, Jamie? Excellent.

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Then the last is if you're intending to do old here, if you're intended to slaughter, one of the best things a person can do in these days is one of the armor that we can get closer to Allah is on the day of Eid, adhere slaughtering an animal. Now in the slaughter of the animal, you have different levels. The highest level is what?

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Which animal has the most reward? Camel to get camel, camel meat here. Can you slaughter camels here? No.

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You can slaughter something called a

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llama who said that?

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Yes, they are from the camel family.

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There can wear the camel family and then around 700 to $800 $200 more but the idea is not the type of meat like no no I don't want lamb lamb has smell in it. You're not doing it for smell you're doing it for as your lamb has more pleasure than goat. Okay, so is a lot of it no no, I just want good because you know the other meat has meat smell like if you're not doing it personnel you're doing it so you get a job. So first Islam after lemma is what are a camel that category of camels then

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cows, then sheep, sheep are lambs. And then goats goats. Charla, that's another thing that we can do. There's lots of Hadith about that. I'll probably cover a little bit more as we get closer about it about the details of that inshallah. But even with that, you know, we obviously have covered most of it. The last thing that a person should do is these 10 days is a great time for us to do something called maraca Baba.

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And this is almost a lost practice, especially because of our Connected phones all the time.

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Even when you're giving the dentist your phone is going was is vibrating and giving you all different types of signals. Okay? So, maraca is when you consciously decide that you're going to seclude yourself and you're going to just think about Allah subhanaw taala

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which means you can be in the masjid, you can find a corner space you can find something, add five minutes off this conscious you can put an alarm, find the time that you are least distracted throughout the day.

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It doesn't have to be in MSG, it can be anywhere, but find a time it could be literally you're getting in the car and before you're leaving for work five minutes in the car before you drive

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If you're alone in the car on the driveway, there is nobody bothering you.

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But five minutes of conscientious presence and reminding yourselves that your presence present in the Presence of Allah subhanaw

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That Moraga five minutes in 10 days, those 15 minutes will change your life guaranteed.

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As one of the famous chefs of Pakistan, you know, he passed away.

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What's his name? Dr.

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No, no.

00:20:41--> 00:20:49

No, no document doctor. He used to come on television to Africa. I forgot his name. I'll remember him. Huh? Nene? He's still alive.

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No, no, no. It'll come to me. I forgot his name. He said something so beautiful in in Dallas. He did this search called his decree li in Urdu. And I remember listening to him when I was a teenager, but those words that remained in my ears. He said, he said that the presence of Allah, you know, in order, he said, Get Aloka Morondava it's gonna be doc Higgins. ANCO botanischer. Like it was like you when you're in the Presence of Allah and you're connected with Allah, it's so tasteless, that you're not going to feel it. He said, That's not the case. The case is our hearts are not ready to be in His presence.

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But when we try ourselves, one day, Allah is going to allow you to open that heart for you. And when you feel that

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there is no turning back, that is why you know, it was sulfasalazine in the past, those who felt it, some of them would stay in a day. Some of them some would seclude themselves for 10 days and they will not speak to anyone.

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Because the taste and the joyfulness and the leather of being in the presence of Allah was so amazing that they're like, I don't want to hang out with people. I want to be in Hello, I just want to be in seclusion. So let's try to recruit and secluding these days on our own your personal levels Bismillah it Allah We ask Allah subhanaw taala that he gives us the best in these 10 days Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam to see him in cathedra a very Killa, whom Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Ahmed al Ibrahim una comida Majeed Allahumma attina Full Sana Taqwa was a Kia antihero. Mundaka and you will have Mola Yara Alameen wa

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barakaatuh, whom Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali Muhammad Sallallahu Taala hydrofoil came from Allah Allah He also he was a limitless even Kathira I mean

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Nautica Lovick