Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2013 – Pearls of Peace – 17 of 27

Mufti Menk
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla un hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ah man,

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we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send complete blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his entire household and all his companions, may Allah bless them all. And may He bless every single one of us, brothers and sisters, a few more hours remaining of this blessed month of Ramadan. Before we know it, we will be witnessing in sha Allah if Allah wills the day of read. The question is, are we gaining something from this beautiful blessed month of Ramadan? May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness and may He not make us from amongst those who witness such a beautiful month of mercy, and we have not attained the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Brothers and sisters, it's beautiful how the Quran has teachings in it, and so does the tsunami, Ahmed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that affect our daily lives, something today that will perhaps relate to every single person.

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When we have a visitor at our house, or someone knocks on the door, we would normally like to be informed in advance, especially in this age of advanced telecommunications where if a person is to birth in Australia, some people find out in South America within three seconds. It's a reality. And I've given you a simple example. But you can go much deeper than that. Today people are quick to inform the whole world what is happening. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us, but we don't realize that when we go to someone's house, do we tell them in advance? Do we inform them that I'm about to visit your house? Is it okay is it not okay and so on. Sometimes you have a moment where you do not

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want to have visitors for example, and suddenly they come across exactly at the time of your meal for example, or exactly when you plan to leave they come through or when you have your own little social moment in your house trying to resolve a matter and so on and the door is not We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless us and grant us goodness No one likes that. So Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us of this and so to know where the etiquettes of visiting people's homes are made mention of Allah says yeah, you

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know, boo, boo.

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Nice. You want to suddenly move on

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koe O you who believe. Do not enter homes that are not your own homes, until you make yourself known and until you have sought permission to enter. And do you know what the very next verse? This is verse number 18 and 19 of the sutra, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What is kilala como g ro? g ro was Lancome, if you are told to go back, then go back. It is better for you.

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How many of us have the guts when someone knocks on the door? To answer it and say, please go back.

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We don't have the guts or the courage we'd rather entertain them then to tell them to go back Allahu Akbar. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us and grant us goodness and open our doors Mashallah the hospitality we have May Allah subhanho wa Taala increase it and may make us from those who love our guests. Whenever I come across this. I remember when I was young, I visited the home with my mom. And it was a friend of my mother's and on the door as young as I was I read a notice it said that we are very happy upon your arrival. But we will be even happier when you depart.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala not make us from those. Allah it is deadly and dangerous. Although it's a joke, but it's not supposed to be May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us with open arms in sha Allah the ability not only to entertain the guests, but to fulfill the rights of the guests, brothers and sisters. A guest has the right and the right of the guest is that they'll be honored mankind no Billa he will do me a favor nucleon bifa Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam says whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should honor and entertain and fulfill the rights of their guests. At the same time, my brothers and sisters when we are visiting people, be sensible and ask yourself is it okay

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is it fine and so on. And when we visit we should not delay so long. You know, some people will come to you just before you start for example, and they will sit there for one and a half hours. That is ridiculous. Allah protectors. Or maybe it's not as ridiculous because you're supposed to read between the lines Allahu Akbar, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant His goodness it's best to be people who are open

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We have a good relation. We understand when you visit someone, you keep it short, sweet to the point they miss you, they call for you again. But when you visit them and you irritate them and you sit for so long they The next time you found they create an outing in order to avoid you. So they tell you, no, we were planning something. And yet they are planning as you are talking. Allah subhanho wa Taala groundless goodness. And this is why whenever we are told to go back, don't feel bad. It's an Islamic right to say, you know what, really, we cannot entertain you right now. Can you come back at another time? Don't feel bad. It is an Islamic right ordained in the Quran in the Word of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us and grant us goodness, this was actually verse number 27 and 28, not 18 and 1927 and 28 of swords.

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Moving further, we have sometimes disputes between us. And these disputes, people are quick to sit back and look at where they are going to gain more. If I take this person to the court, will I get more? Or if I take them to the share and to sort it out islamically according to the Sharia, will I get more and he looks or she looks at where he or she is going to get more. And then he does that. That's not how it's supposed to be. We are supposed to be surrendering to what the commander of a line is assume is whether it is for us or against us. This is a true moment. So Allah warns us about such people. And Allah says, What am I doing? Oh, no. Mr. Sunil Kumar.

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When they are called for justice towards Allah or to the ruling of Allah and His Messenger, you find the group from amongst them running away, turning away, they don't want it. They tell you I'm not interested. I know what I'm doing. And Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us verse number 49 of the same Surah Surah Allah says, what a kilometer to la madre Nina, Effie, follow me.

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If they found that they were gaining by going towards the Sherry And Allah and His or soon, they would be the first ones who rush there are their hearts full of disease and sickness. May Allah not make us from amongst those. The last verse of the Surah Surah kanoon sums it all up where law says, failure

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to see

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those who want to go against the order and instruction of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Be warned of a very severe punishment of a trial and calamity in that direction or a very, very painful punishment. May Allah make us from those who go against the command of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he was sent in order to instruct us so we claim to be believers and his followers let us follow his instruction. Sun Allahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness, and may He opened our doors. So these are some of the rules that Allah has set. You want happiness and goodness and peace in your life, follow Allah follow

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the instruction of the two of them when there is a dispute between us. We don't need to rush to the courts of the day and the courts have, for example, the land if they were to give a ruling against the Sharia, where Allah subhanaw taala bless or sometimes, sadly, people are forced to go to the courts of the land, because they are getting no joy anywhere else. So if that is the case, and if you are forced to go there, remember, you are only allowed to take from them. What is your view and right not more? May Allah subhanahu wa taala protect us if we were to take more, we will actually be usurping the rights of others.

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala opens up the verse or should I say the verses of surah Furqan. The criterion, the Quran itself is also called alpha, alpha, meaning the criteria the distinguishing between right and wrong between false and the truth. That is the Quran. So Allah subhanho wa Taala and the surah makes mention of beautiful verses. You see when a messenger came, people always found forks, they've searched and hunted and picked on things that were irrelevant. And they said this person is like this because they were jealous. They did not have for example, the courage or the strength to follow what was being said, or they were too deep into their own evil, that they would

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have to change their entire lives in order to follow the message of the messenger Rather, they taint the image of the messenger and remain as they are. This was their choice. And this is what they wanted to do. So they picked on small things.

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Which really were fruitless? A few times. And from this we learn that guidance is in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It comes to those who are dedicated Li and tirelessly searching for it sincerely. If we are to search for guidance, and we are to ask Allah for assistance and we are sincere, that guidance will definitely come to us by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah guide us. But if we are to sit and listen to what someone has to say about this one and that one and so on, we will stay away from every single scholar of Deen, I tell you why, in your mind right now, think of the name of any scholar of Islam across the globe. anyone think of a few names? Now? Don't

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you agree with me, every single one of them without any exception whatsoever. There are others who have spoken about him in one way or another.

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So if we are to listen to what people have to say, we will end up on our own just ourselves and he believes the two of us cronies, we ended up somewhere in the wrong direction. That's all but if we are to understand that guidance is a gym, it does not come to those who do not deserve it. People who have an evil heart lacks sincerity, they do not love a lion is also correctly guidance will not come to them. Even if it is shining and getting there in the face, they will look away and they will not be able to see this is why we say respect the scholars and understand their level. Yeah, Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mention of the same thing that happened to the messengers. Look at what the

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kuffaar at the time said they could not pick on anything. They called him a madman. They said he's a womanizer. He's after money he's after Well, he's after sorry, he's after control here he wants authority and so on. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says at the end after calling him a poet and a madman and the magician and so on.

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They then said walk on

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una de la jolla.

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Allah says, Look at what they said about the messenger. They said, Why does this messenger go to the markets? And why does he eat food? If Allah wanted, he could have sent down an angel to be a warner with him or he could have given him huge treasures. He would not need to go out to the marketplace, nor would he need to go to eat Allahu Akbar. Look at what they're picking on. And then they said, Indeed, you are following a person who is bewitched. So Allah says, oh, boo,

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Boo. Look at the type of examples they are giving to you. Oh, Mohammed salatu salam, they are indeed a stray, may Allah protect us. May Allah guide us. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, after making mention of this issue that they raised, Allah says in verse number 20, that was in verse number seven. And in verse number 21, Allah says, Allah, Allah Subhana, Allah caminando sunaina

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Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, never before you have we sent a messenger or we have never sent a messenger before you except that he has also been eating food and going into the markets.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala clarifies it to say, Don't pick on these little things. These are minor things Everyone has the right to eat, but look at his character. Now one might ask Allah subhanho wa Taala says, If we wanted, we could have made him such that he did not need to eat and we could have made it such that an angel would have come down on him. We could have done it. But Allah subhanho wa Taala says Lakota can Allah

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Asana indeed for you, oh man is a brilliant example, in emulating Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in every aspect of his life. So if he did not eat and go to the markets, how would we know how to eat and how to go to the markets? What a powerful example but because he ate today, we can read books that make mention of the sooner fruit and what it benefits and the sooner way of eating and the benefits of it such that medicine is studying it today. So Panama, and the dealings when he does how successful he was Allahu Akbar, that is Allah's way of teaching us Subhana Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us and protect us. This is why we say be careful if our minds and hearts are

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contaminated in this particular way, where people pick on those we look up to for guidance and raise petty issues if we do not throw them aside.

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We will then be affected in the same way that the kuffaar of police were affected by raising things and Allah says because they did all this, they were misguided. We don't want to be misguided. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us also in Surah, two four Can you see this sutra is called the criterion we spoke about it a few minutes ago. Now, when a person has bad friends, that company makes them think their entire thinking process becomes similar to those whom they interact with and those whom they mix with. And if we are not careful, we will end up thinking in a wrong way we look at that which is wrong and consider it right only because our friends consider it right. Nobody is there to tell you no, but when you mix with the right people, whatever is right will be considered correct and it will be made easy for you to follow. If you mix with for example for the sisters,

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those sisters who are steadfast in a job and so on, they don't miss their Salah. Come time for Salah you fulfill your Salah when you dress you will be embarrassed to dress inappropriately because your company is so powerful that you need to dress like the rest of your friends. Allahu Akbar. The same applies to us as men, when you are friends with a person who's a crook are known as a person who's a deceiver cheater liar swear a man who really is a womanizer or a person who engages in adultery, visit the clubs and goes to the casinos. If that is your bosom buddy and your close friend. Very, very soon you will find yourself doing the same May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us and if you're

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a kick of people like that, then you cannot say that I'm not like that. Because what makes you like them, what makes you mix with them? If you are different, you will be irritated whenever they want to do something wrong and that irritation will make you find a different company. So Allah warns us in this beautiful surah verses 27 and the two verses after them. Allah says why oh my

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god tomorrow Sunni Sabina.

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What can I shame on early

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on that day, the oppressor The one who had the wrong company, he will bite his hands. That is an Arabic saying of regret. The height of regret is when you say a person is biting their hands, you know, they literally putting their hands in their mouth and biting which means they regret so badly. On that day, the oppressor will regret so badly and he will say whoa, why did I not choose the path of the messenger? sallallahu alayhi wasallam? Why did I have such and such a person as my company will lie. He led me astray being a friend of mine. And me being in his company. He led me astray after the guidance came to me. Then I faltered and I went back and he says oh, I hope I had not had

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him as a friend.

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And then he will say, indeed, shaitan The devil

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is very deceptive when it comes to cheating men and calling him this is a verse of the Quran where Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us as well to say be careful shavon deceives and shavon deceived in a way that he traps men. May Allah protect us from the trap of the devil.

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And this is why in the next verse, we look at the surah and we see how important the Quran is. Brothers and sisters, this whole month, we've been driving home the importance of reading the Quran, reciting it, understanding it, may Allah subhanahu wa taala bless us and may open our doors. Allah says the messenger complained to Allah subhanho wa Taala what was the complaint? Listen to it.

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This is the next verse. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse number 30 of Sudoku con

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uno Yara B in la comunidad

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de la jolla.

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and the messenger said, Oh Allah, my people have disregarded this Quran and they have discarded it. They have not understood it they have not taken it seriously. They have really discarded it We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala that we are not from amongst those who are being complained about that we did not take the Quran seriously. So Allah says, This is how there are so many enemies for all the prophets. They have a group of criminals who are their enemies. May Allah subhanho wa Taala not make us those who create or who have enmity in our hearts or in our actions against Mohammed Salah Allah Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Remember my brothers and sisters. enmity sometimes can be in the

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heart and sometimes it can be manifesting actions. Imagine you come to someone and you tell them I love you and you fist them one interface. And then you tell them I love you and you clip them. Then you tell them I love you and you whip them

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Love, Allah subhanho wa Taala protector. So in the same way we want our hearts to be clean of any enmity against Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. We need our actions also to be clean and clear of enmity against Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us and grant us goodness. So Allah says, there are certain people whom everything they hear, or they are instructed to do, they first pass it through their brain, if it makes sense to them, they adopt it. If it doesn't, they don't. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, You need to know revelation comes first. The fact that you know the source of it is enough for you to say I surrender I adopt. Look at

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Ibrahim alayhi salatu. Salam, as young as he was, he understood who Allah is. And he worshiped Allah alone. When that happened, and he recognized the source immediately he said, that Yeah, Allah when you have instructed me now to do things that do not make sense to my mind, because I know where the instruction has come from, I'm going to adopt it, and I will fulfill it. This is why he became known as the law, the friend of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So with us, we need to make sure yes, if it makes sense to you and hamdulillah if it doesn't make sense to you go and find out and see, but in the interim, you need to make sure you adopt the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know, there is

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a famous statement of Aditya Birla Guardiola one where he makes mention of how had Islamic rules be being only and solely based on the intellect of a human being, then, to wipe the leather sock, you know, the wiping of the leather sock, when it comes to Voodoo. When a person is wearing socks, it's a ruling on its own, it would have been on the bottom and not on the top.

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Because it makes sense you're walking, it's the bottom that's dirty, but because it is something that is beyond the comprehension of man, at certain times, when the person breaks through by breaking when they would have they would have to engage in a stranger or cleansing with water. But to make UI sufficient, you haven't yet washed the place where the wind was broken from. But you've watched all other places Allah says he knows why he's instructed that to Allahu Akbar, whether you understand it or not, believe me is besides the point, the fact that you know it comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala surrender and understanding surrender to it and understanding. So Allah says here

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Have you seen the one who has worshiped his own desires, whatever his mind tells him, whatever his heart and desires tell him, he worships it, he follows everything he feels like doing. Allah says,

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Are you going to be responsible for him? No way. This is verse number 43 of the same surah We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala not to make us from those who just follow our whims and fancies and our desires. Because if that is the case, we will definitely lose our peace and serenity and the contentment that we have. Imagine if every person had to follow their desires. Think about it for a moment a man came to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam a young boy, and he says, Oh messenger sallallahu sallam, I want to commit adultery.

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While he had guts,

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he goes to be salatu salam, I want to commit adultery. And so sola salatu salam wanted to show him that if everyone had to follow their desires the same way you would like to follow your desires, then look what will happen. So he asked him a question. Would you like that for your mother? He said, No. Would you like it for your sister? He said, No. Would you like it for your and he said no, and so on. Until the man said to himself, well, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam told him if you don't like it for them, then no matter who it is that's going to be involved is somebody's daughter, somebody's mother, somebody's sister, somebody's his wife, etc, etc, whatever. And so this young man

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said, that I will never ever engage in this ever again. He understood it in a flash of a second.

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Imagine so if we had to fulfill our desires, what would happen if everyone else had to do the same, they would be absolute chaos on this earth and we would be killing each other because we would not be able to tolerate how you you served my rights and how you serve yours. So Allah says follow instructions and then you will have a lot of goodness and calmness in your life but Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us and grant us ease.

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Then we have beautiful verses inshallah I will commence them now. And perhaps if we don't complete them, we will do so tomorrow for Juma we Allah subhanho wa Taala declares at the end of Philippians four can beautiful verses Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mention of the qualities of the true believers. He calls them he Baba Walkman, the worshipers of the Most Merciful they are a lot of qualities. I will mention them one by one and every single quality that is made mentioned of at the end of Sudoku is so good.

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Beautiful it brings about peace, comfort, tranquility in our lives. Allah says ye bad off Manny Medina, una

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una vez number 63. So to focus on the true worshipers of the Most Merciful are those whom, when they walk on Earth, they walk with humility and humbleness, neither too fast, not too slow, no stamping their feet, no tiptoeing amazing. So Allah is teaching us to work properly, not haughty. Don't be arrogant. You are a true worshipper of Allah. If you walk on earth in a respectable way, full of humbleness and humility, you will have a lot of peace and serenity, comfort, and a lot of people would actually love you because you come across very humble from the way you walk law from the way you walk. So let's try and take a look at how we walk brothers and sisters and ask yourself the way

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I walk, how do I come across? I need to consider it because it's the first quality being made mentioned here. And Allah says, what he does

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he know Nakano, Salah, they are the ones whom when the ignorant addressed them, they do not waste their time engaged in discussion with the foolish, they just say peace, and they carry on a mistake that a lot of us make. When the foolish addressed us. We get involved in a discussion and a debate with the foolish my brothers and sisters, they are not interested in knowing the truth, they are not interested in anything positive. They are foolish people who want to cause mischief. And perhaps they want to cause our downfall. If we are going to get bogged down in a discussion with them, we will lose focus from the reality of what we are supposed to be doing in life. So this is why when

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people who are foolish want to talk to you Don't waste your time, just the maximum you say Solomon, what that would mean is they greet you and you greet them back. Pretend to be deaf thereafter. Pretend to be totally deaf, you will achieve a lot of peace and comfort. Do you know sometimes people pull into a debate and a discussion regarding anything that is completely futile or detrimental? Because they are foolish and we get involved. We get hot, we get deep, we get argumentative, we lose our sleep, we become sick, and so on. Allah says Why did you engage in discussion with the foolish Allah says you don't have to do that. Ignore them totally and completely

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and you will achieve a lot of peace. What either

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Nakano Salah map the true worshipers of Allah when the foolish address them, they just say peace and they walk away. Are we ready to do that in sha Allah, Allah we will achieve a lot of goodness you will cut out three quarters of the discussions you have on a daily basis.

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It might be a little bit more over realistic but to be honest with you, really sometimes we are talking to people for no reason we enter into discussion, we spoil our name we spoil everything our business deals are gone. Our families are destroyed because we uttering words to people we are not supposed to be even uttering they are ignorant and foolish leave them.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us the true believers are those

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who have been sued.

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They are the ones who spend the nights for their ABA in the position of such data and in the position of standing in Salah. How many of us spend our nights in such depth and standing in Salah. I was thinking about it earlier on when I was reading these verses that you know once in a while. Those were weak from amongst us once in a while. Get up at night. Once in a while. Get up at night solely for the sake of Allah, Allah He will taste a totally different spirituality completely different once in a while try it out and believe me before you know it you will be hooked on to it may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us and may He open our doors Imagine if you just for the sake of

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Allah set your clock for four o'clock in the morning like for example now in our time and you set your clock even for five early Mashallah a little bit earlier than the Mashallah time and you say Allah solely for you. No one knows you gotta you get up you make your will do in the darkness of your room you are in one corner and you say Allahu Akbar, you are included in this verse when in the DNA between

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those who spend their nights for their up Institute and standing in Salah. Now to open our doors let's try it once in a while inshallah brothers and sisters it's not difficult like I told you the other day A few days ago. If it was football, we would get up at three in the morning once in a while as well. In fact well cup time there were people all times were everywhere. May Allah protect us. This is not World Cup This is Jenna cup and we cannot afford not to have the cup.

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And the beauty is in the millions of cups not just one so we can all have the cup May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us victory and make us from amongst those who score goals that will result in our entry in paradise.

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I mean, so Allah subhanho wa Taala says there after that, that was verse number 64, verse number 765, Allah says, When levena kuno now

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those who make a dua to Allah saying, oh my

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oh my god but keep away from us, divert from us the fire of the punishment of jahannam the punishment of jahannam diverted from us yeah, Allah indeed it is very severe, it is painful. It is a punishment of Allah, Allah keep it away from us. So this is a quality of the believers they call out to Allah and they tell Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah protect us from the fire. One is to do deeds that save you from the fire to is to do deeds that will grant you entry into Jelena into paradise. And three is to ask Allah to protect you from Hellfire to ask Allah to make the deeds that will result in my or your entry into Hellfire difficult for us to do and to make easy for us those deeds

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that will result in our entry into paradise. So whenever there is a deed resulting in entry into paradise, we are we find it facilitative it's so easy for us. And whenever there is a deed that would result in our entry into Hellfire we find it so difficult. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from Ghana. These are just a few qualities of made mention of inshallah tomorrow Salatu Juma we hope to continue with this until then insha Allah wa Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad Subhana Allah Subhana

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Allah Allah, Allah and Mr. hirokawa taco

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