Nouman Ali Khan – The Ayah of Ramadan – Part 6

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The use of the Quran in guidance for individuals with Allah's guidance is discussed, as it is designed to make people feel the best possible in their life. The history and characteristics of Islam are also highlighted, including the origin of the word "naive" and the use of the word "naive" in the title of Islam. The segment emphasizes the importance of fasting and staying on the path of fasting to achieve spiritual enlightenment. The speaker also discusses the difficulty of achieving spiritual enlightenment and the use of "naive" in the title of Islam.
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shadow Ravana lady z Luffy Hill udon Lin Siva benina team in alhuda world form on

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you read Allahu be Kumu use Ramallah URI to be como los. Well, he took me to light the little kabiru la hyla had kumala I lagoon

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rubbish actually sorry we're Silly me looked at me lasagna Coco de l'homme de la salatu salam wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Everybody, I'm actually traveling pretty soon. So I won't be able to do the following sessions of this series live so I'm getting them recorded now. So you can benefit from them continuously even as I'm not able to broadcast live one thing outstanding from a previous session about the workflow on that I wanted to add to what I discussed and clarify some things about that. One of those things is actually the grammar of it for those of you that are following along with the Arabic but you know, 10 is the heart and then that heart is furthered by two things mean alhuda well for fun, so the middle for Connie and immunodominant for Connie, what

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that means simply practically for you know, people to get lessons from it is that on the one hand, Quran is guidance. Quran is counsel for somebody who wants advice and need some help with Allah from Allah, his own words in a situation they're going through its guidance for everybody who the Linda's Muslim, or non anybody opens this book and once guidance, they'll get it I'm actually reminded of somebody who I met recently, non Muslim, who came to me at one of my programs introduced himself and told me that he's been following my discussions on the Quran, and they've helped him a lot in his life, and he's not a Muslim. Right? And I've met several people like that even the Quran will guide

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people and give counsel to people, even if they haven't accepted entirely the faith yet. So there's that universal Okay, I want this advice. I'm ready to take it. But there's another group of people that says no, I want I have a deeper problem. I need further clarity. I you know, the general advice or this general counsel is good, but I have a much more complex issue I need much more clarity and for them, there's been atem in alhuda and then finally, there's alpha on you know, there's this clarification from within that guidance, deep clarification, which means yes, Quran is supposed to be, you know, easy to understand, but for seeking that clarification effort is needed. But the other

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part of forgotten that what I wanted to highlight is some some people commented in the video also, that Allah says that he gave Moosa the book and the forecourt welcome, Athena moussaka, one four corners

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we gave most of the book and the fourth con and I said Allah gave the Quran is the fourth con. And Allah says also in the Quran that he gave Musa al Furqan also. So how do we reconcile that because I said the Quran is the unique and for con, the thing that needs to be understood. First and foremost is Allah says woollacott Athena, you know, in another place, he says he gave Musa and Harun the forgone Musa and Harun the photon. If the word for God meant the book, Revelation, while the book was only given to Musa and the ISS, he gave it to both of them. Now, what did he give to both of them? What do you give to both of them, for example, he says, fun hobby I atina. Both of you go with

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our miracles, the staff, the water, partying, he was supposed to be right by him, and Musashi Salaam was supposed to have the support of Harun Ali Salaam, they were both joined in presenting the miracles of Allah in front of the people. In other words, what separated in the eyes of the Egyptian Empire. The claim of Moosa from the claim of magicians was these miraculous events. And that was his foot upon in addition to the book, the book was a separate thing. And the furqan was a separate thing. And that's pretty clear in how and by the way, the same origin for con gives you the word FARC. And that's the verb that's used when Moosa ultimately separated his people from the from the

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Egyptians, and he parted the water with Falcon Heavy Komodo when we parted the water from the same origin hodaka the water for you. So that's a little bit of a clarification about how the forgone for previous revelation was something else. But in the Quran, the message and the miracle that separates it from the word of human beings, all of that the evidence for its divine origin, is within one book, it's one thing so Quran is at the same time Buddha, and it's at the same time but you're not in middle four on in this case. So now moving on to something very, very heavy and very beautiful. Allah now after describing that we have to fast for 30 days or for the entirety of the month and if

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you miss it fast, then you got to make it up. Then he says, You read Allahu be Kemal Yasser, Allah wants is for you. And what I find remarkable about this portion of the ayah is that this is the first time Allah is being mentioned in the eyes.

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He said, the month of Ramadan is the one in which the Quran was revealed, as if he's not going to tell you that I revealed it, Allah revealed it, it was revealed, it serves the role of guidance, it serves the role of clarification, whoever is going to fast or whoever gets to witness, this one's should fast, whoever misses it should make up. Notice there's no mention of a layout. And then he says Allah wants is for you, as if this exercise, never forget behind this exercise. And this injunction, and this revelation behind all of it is someone who really loves you, and actually did all of this to make things easier for you 30 days of fasting as opposed to lesser days for previous

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people. And yet Allah says Allah wants ease for you. This is a very profound statement, because to achieve a goal, if you want to if somebody said I want to get a PhD, right, and somebody said, Okay, I got a, I got a program. If you join this program, you get a PhD in two weeks, somebody else spends eight years trying to get it five years trying to get it four years trying to get it 10 years trying to get it and you're gonna get in two weeks, how did you get a shortcut to get a PhD impossible, the same way the consciousness of a spiritual, like recognition of Allah is a very easy, very difficult thing to get, like talking about acquiring God consciousness is easy. But feeling the Presence of

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Allah in your heart and really being spiritually enlightened is people spend years in monasteries, other religions develop entire, you know, seminaries where they're hoping to develop the spiritual presence for, you know, for themselves, all kinds of exercises, you know, meditation exercises, and all kinds of, you know, rituals are developed so people can gain spiritual consciousness, awareness, enlightenment, if you will. And Allah says, I've just given you these 30 days, and I've made it miraculously easy in these 30 days, just connect with this book allowance ease for you, he's gonna give you a spiritual enlightenment, in a way that's easier for anybody else. And it's never even

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make that made this so easy for people before you, those for you, especially, Allah wants this ease for you. So that's one of the implications of Allah wanting ease for you. The other is, of course, it's Ramadan, it's the hottest time of the year for the desert Arabs, and they're being introduced to 30 straight days of fasting. Allah says, I have I have intended I intend to ease for you also means that I'm going to make miraculously this month fasting easier than any other time, tested yourself. You try to fast and Ramadan, it's tough. But try to fast any other time outside of a hold on, it's like exponentially harder. Allah makes things easy in this month, the one the things that

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bring you closer to him than any other time, he removes obstacles from within your body, from within your mind from within your heart, that make things harder. And so Allah wants is for you, then the next part of this well, why are you getting closer to Allah? Why are you going to engage in worship? Why are you going to think about what a less telling us and what to make these changes in our life, you see, you and I always want things in life alone made human beings with desires, temptations, greed, want, we're we're thinking about what we want, or when we couldn't get all the time, we're thinking about our loss all the time, we're thinking about our aspirations and what we want to

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accomplish, or we won't want to have in our possession, or what we want to feel all the time. And Allah says he wants is for us. Because when human beings run, you and I run after what we want, often, we end ourselves in more trouble than when we started. Like, we make things harder for ourselves, thinking it's going to make us happy things, the choices we make make things more miserable, more difficult, life becomes more burdensome, and burdensome and burns, I'll give you a simple example. Somebody I just want, I really just want to get a house. I wish I had a house. If I just had a house, I'd be happy. And then they decided to take a huge loan and get this beautiful

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house and they're really happy for a few weeks, a few months, they're really happy with their house. But then the debt starts piling up, the bills start piling up the property tax start piling up, the pipes go bad the plumbing goes back, the electricity issues happen, this happens that happens, the wear and tear in the house. And man what used to be it's going to make things easy, has made things so much harder. You ran after this, like this is gonna make you happy. And this is going to be the end of all your problems. And this is your goal in life. But once you have it, and you have it in your possession, things became so so much harder. So Allah says if you can take this guidance, and

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if you can really condition your heart, to really truly accepting this guidance, then as you follow it, your life is actually going to become easier. You think fasting itself is hard. The fruits of fasting make your life easier. So he says For example, you need to love and you have fever, and Allah wants to lighten your burden. These laws, you know, people who don't understand that this is why fasting Islam is so hard, man, you gotta fast all Ramadan is gonna be so tough. How do you how do you do it? You don't realize when you have this tough exercise, but what you get out of this tough exercise is so much more, so much more than this becomes easy. And so I leave you with this

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last example

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Think about that. more incentive. Just the example of incentive. If I asked somebody to work all day in the hot sun,

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and said to them, when you finish working all day in the hot sun, I'm going to give you a nice cooked meal. That's your award. No thanks. I'd rather eat a pizza. I'm good. I'm not working out there for just a nice quick meal. Another person I call and I say, why don't you work out there in the hot sun all day. And at the end of that, I will give you my house, I'll send it over to you. I'll sign over my house do

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all of a sudden, that day is not so hot anymore. That labor is not so difficult anymore. Why? Because what you're getting out of it is so much more worth that effort than you actually don't even feel as tired. Because you know what you're getting out of it. That's actually the point that's being made here. When Allah says Allah wants ease for you, allowance ease as a result of this exercise for you in your life. And Ramadan is supposed to make a transformation in you and me, that will save us from a lot of trouble. You know, Allah made this in all things. This is a simple way of doing things in all things. For example, exercise, somebody changes their diet changes their

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exercise, it's hard. Exercise is hard work. changing your diet is hard work. But if you do it, you're saving yourself from diabetes, heart problems, back problems, arthritis, all these difficulties that we're going to come to you in 2030 years. You saved yourself from so much because you put yourself through this exercise this this rigorous discipline. That's exactly the point that Ally's making. When he says profoundly, Allah wants ease for you. barakallahu li walakum salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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