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overwhelmingly intellectual answers to an atheist

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Hello, Dr. Zucker nyck. My name is Harrison from Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. I'm an entrepreneur and a marketing manager. Two of my friends in America have converted, watching YouTube videos of you, one of them a Christian, one of them an atheist.

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One of my friends presented me with how to deal with an atheist DVD of yours, which I did watch. But that didn't answer my question. And I've asked this question to a lot of people with no satisfactory answer. So a lot of intelligent people have all the scholars that I've ever watched on YouTube. In my opinion, you are the most rational, logical, easy to understand kind of scholar that I've ever come across in my life.

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And it is really important that this question is answered, because I've never had a satisfactory answer for this question. My question is like the coin, but two sides, the first side of it is this. And this is a question. I'm somewhere between an atheist and agnostic, I'm not sure where

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God has created this entire universe. And the Quran speaks a lot about how it has taken so many days and mountains and this and that, and life is going to be a test and whatnot. My question is,

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way before God decided to create this entire universe before he decided to put human beings before he decided to send Prophet Mohammed or Adam and Eve, way before he even planned about doing any of this, he knew the end result of it, he knows, in the end, he will be disappointed by certain people, and he will throw them in the Hellfire, he knows they will be burning, he knows they'll be tortured. And as that is, when they'll be repenting for what they've done. Way before he created the entire universe, he knows the outcome is gonna be bad. It may be good for certain people who are in heaven, but he knows that he can save those people from being in hell way before he even decided to go ahead

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with the creation, yet he decides to go ahead with it with all his godly logic. Why would he want to do that? The question if I can just put it in this manner? How can God be so sadistic that he would actually go ahead with a plan which he knows is going to end up in that matter? That's the first side of the coin? The second side of the coin is for some reason if I believe that, okay, God is all Almighty and he understands everything is great, God is great. Why is God insisting in the Quran? That look at the mountains, look at the protons, the electrons this and that everything is so synchronized, how amazing I am. Why is it forcing us to find his creation amazing when it is a piece

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of cake for God? I mean, he just had to say, Kuhn, and it was done, then why is it a big deal of God has made this entire universe which is so amazing, because for God, it's nothing. So I should not be really amazed at his creation, he can do much more than this. So I do not understand why he wants us to respect what he's done or find it amazing what he has done.

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The radost a very good question, and a very intellectual question. A very good question. And yes, seen some of my tapes on YouTube, even of atheism, and this question that is troubling him, he hasn't got the answer to

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the question. That Almighty God knows everything. Before he created the heavens and the earth before he created human being, even if one person goes to

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hell, he could have avoided that. And he could avoid me disappointed. Of course, I'll reply, the brother said, even if one person goes to hell, it is as though God would be disappointed.

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Now coming to your question, I failed to school, after school. And you may have heard Islamic International School. If a teacher takes an examination.

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If she's just

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while she is giving the examination, she writes in the math paper two plus two is equal to how much the student in front of her or him the teacher, right, fine. She can very well tell the student change five to four.

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Would it be just on the teacher during the test and examination? To correct have to do writing or wrong answer? She has an option that the student doesn't need to do any of that. No, no, no, no, I'm asking a simple question. I'm asking you a simple question. The teacher have given the question paper, all the student

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for that particular situation was bad particular situation the teacher can tell their student change five to four. What will the other students think about adjust for I can be just at the same time, he can create a completely completely different condition. He doesn't have to go into that situation. He's not bound by any situation. By the thing. God Almighty God can create something which is perfect and

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No big mistake, right? That God has already done, he created angels. God created the angels, the angel never go against any commandment of God. But human being is a better creation than Angel. The angels have no free will of their own. If you have heard my tape if you have not heard, I'll tell you now, the angels are a creation of Almighty God but not the best creation. Almighty God created the human beings, the human being, they have a freewill to go against God or to follow God. If you have chosen to be a human being, if you disobey His commandments, you go to hell, if you obey his commandments, you're superior than Angel, because the angel doesn't have a freewill of his own. Then

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he follows god, it's nothing great. The human beings are the better creation of Almighty God, Almighty God has given a free will. That's a different question that Almighty God knows, because he has elmiger he has knowledge of the future, he is most superior. So he has created such a creation, which are the free will. The fault is of human being not God. Now, but God has created us with that fault. And he knows not fault it's not fault, either. It is free will. Why is he giving us a preview when he knows he's going to eventually put these many people in hell? Why is he doing something that brings a different creation? That would you want to create something which can think on its own or

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would want to someone so compassionate bees can

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do what you want what has already created angel? I'm asking you which is better, and Angel following Almighty God or human me following Almighty God, which is better for me? Absolutely. If I get a second chance, I would want to be an angel. Why would I risk? Correct. That's why Almighty God says in Surah, chapter number seven, verse number one said to Almighty God, but all the human beings from the line of Adam and Adam is the man God all agreed, Almighty God says in Surah hatia, Chapter 59, verse number 21. If Almighty God revealed the Quran, on the mountain, the mountain who shadow down, Almighty God says in Surah, Chapter 30, verse number 32, it is the human beings who are fools who

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said, we want to be human beings, you and i, you and I were fools. Now you can under track one fifth that you want to appear for the test. Once you read the test paper, nobody asked me that they asked Adam and Eve know brother, Quran faith, every human being was asked, and then it is washed off. This memory is washed off. If the memories of is the test, Almighty God says in the Quran, do you want to be a human being? If you become a human being you can become superior to an angel, or can get inferior? If you don't want to become a human being just pass easily for argument.

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You asked the question.

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I will answer Sure, go ahead. So Almighty God asked the human beings and the Quran says, we human beings were fools. You and I both were fools who opted for the test. Now once you undergo a test, if you follow the commandment after free, will you be superior to an angel? If you disobey Allah, you become inferior to an angel. We wanted to pass with distinction una. Una, you told I don't remember. Of course you will not remember me when I don't remember. But I believe in the Quran. On the day of judgment, Almighty God faith, not a single human being will object to the justice of Allah. That will come to know on the day of the only thing will say, Please give us one more chance Almighty

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God, it's too late. Because if he wants to give you a new champion and have to come back in the world again.

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Again, everyone, so those who failed, he can get only the failures. So the Quran says no one will ever object on the justice of Allah. They will request Allah give us one more chance Almighty God Is it too late. Almighty God gives us chances in this world itself. You make a mistake. Allah gives the chance to repent, you repent, Allah forgives you, again, you make a mistake, all the once you die, it's only one. So as far as the first question is concerned, why did God create because it's a better creation. Any logical person, including you has to agree that a person who has a free will is a better creation than a person who has no free will. Only a question you don't remember is

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perfectly right. When you die when you're resurrected that time you and I will meet then you will say I remember even I don't remember now, but I have faith in the Quran. That Quran cannot be wrong, because scientifically if you heard my lecture

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80% of the Quran is 100% matching with science 20% is ambiguous. Neither are neither wrong. So my logic says when 80% is 100% correct, and not even point 1% of the 20% is wrong. So my logic says even this 20% would be right. I'm a scientific person. I'm a logical person. So I believe in the statement of the Quran that we chose

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If you wouldn't have chosen you could have questioned God. Why did you make me a human being? Then God would have been at fault. But God says in the Quran he asked the mountains were afraid. Everything is afraid v human beings opted for this. Do you remember being asked? I don't remember being asked. But if you heard my answer, even I don't remember. But if you remember the very the test,

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imagine if a teacher teaches you something. teacher teaches you something. teacher gives you the book, the teacher has to take over the book for the test. If the teacher says okay, take the book and answer. Where is the test? Okay, but why?

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After the examination is over, you can go home and check on the even before again.

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Listen to me, after the examination over Can you go and check home or not in the textbook? Absolutely. But during the examination, can you check now? So now the examination is going on brother. Once it's over, you can check

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if you can teach it. I want to see the textbook. I don't remember no. During the examination you cannot refer to the textbook it will be called cheating.

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So once the examination is over, if you don't remember you tell God what is is illogical. But Quran says not a single human being will object to the justice. Let the delegator work. So today, I being a scientific person, I began logical person based on my knowledge of science, based on my logic, when I read the scriptures, and when I read the Quran, I find Quran is the only book only religious scripture on the face of the earth, which passes this test. So therefore, I being a scientific person, being a logical person agree, okay, fine. The statement of the Quran also has to be right. I don't remember that is the test if I remember where is the test?

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that answers the first part of the question.

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First part, that saying that God was sadist?

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God is not finished. For example, I started Medical College.

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I want the school students to go to medical, how many students who go to school, enter the Medical College. Just roughly Can you guess? Few surely less than 5%?

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Less than maybe 1%.

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So why did you make a college only one person can enter?

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It is for selected few. Same way God made heaven. Gianna, generally for those. Everyone cannot go to jail in the field goes, why not? Sorry? Why not? Why can't every Why can't everyone go to medical college because as human capacity if humans were capable of being able to go to college, they would that the way we are made the same way everyone cannot become a doctor. Only those who have the capacity. Same way everyone cannot go to the high levels of paradise. We have to strive. God has given you capacity. If you don't follow His guidance, you cannot. If we follow His guidance to go to journal very easy.

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If you're intelligent, it's very, if you're intelligent, and if you're truthful to yourself. But if you're not truthful to yourself, even a non intelligent man,

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only thing you should be truthful.

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God has given you different options, how to follow him. Some people think they are smart.

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I tell them the extra smart. If they were smart, they would see it is crystal clear. in black and white, that this is a word of God you have to follow it. That the reason Francis Bacon said little knowledge of science makes you an atheist, in depth knowledge of science make you a believer in God.

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So I wouldn't say God is sadist. I said Viva fools who opted to undergo the test?

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not God. God gave you an option.

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What do you want to be vigils? For we are responsible not God. God is not a sadist, we are fools. Therefore the Quran says on the day of the admin will come to know insha Allah you and I both inshallah

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inshallah inshallah I will pray to God and thank god you know our the good person that used to be a human being, if you pass that if you fail, then we will close our own self Hope that answers the question the second part. So what is the second part? That even if I believe how Almighty He is how knowledgeable he is, why is he so bent on convincing us look at the mountains look at the electrons look at

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the second part of the question was that why does Almighty God give references of the mountain that is created this? for him? It is peanuts. So why the talking? You know why the thing? He thinks these peanut things mountain? They would shudder you human me was superior. Why don't you understand? Warren says in Surah

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Chapter 15 and verse 21. Had the Quran mean reveal on the mountain, the mountain will have fallen down

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to utter ruin, but to as human beings, it makes no difference given these examples to show that these things which are so powerful, the mountain the set of witches created would have submitted devil. Why don't you human? Me too. He's trying to give an example, that we are fools. He's not trying to praise himself. And whenever we pass along to praise him, or when he says, fight with Allah,

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God is the greatest, do you think it will change?

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Whether it's 1000 times an hour or a million times, he cannot become greater is already the greatest. The reason we feel these things is because it is our human mentality, our human nature, that we follow the people who are famous, we follow the people who we praise, for example, your mother has a heart attack.

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There's unknown person on the street, who gives you the treatment. And you heard that the best heart specialist in the world is Dr. x.

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Now will you follow Dr. X's advice? Or the person on the street who don't know

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why? Because of Texas, famous people know him, he's the best in the world. So the reason in our Salah in our life, we say Allahu Akbar, Allah is the Greatest, Allah the Most wise, Allah is the most intelligent way. If we say that it doesn't benefit Allah, it benefits us. That if we praise Him, we follow him. If we follow the agenda to Allah, it makes no difference.

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Therefore, Allah says, Will you not then believe, Will you not then understand, that means the Quran is revealed to the people for understanding? So he's giving you the example not to make himself great. He's always the greatest. Whether we say a million times Allah is the Greatest, it will not make a difference to Allah. He's telling it to you. Allah says in the Quran, Allah does not require you, you require him. So when we praise Him, it is human psychology, that the person you praise person you talk great about, you tend to follow the advice by following his advice, it will benefit you it will not benefit him. He's already the greatest he's always a merciful. So these are rules

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and regulation laid down. He is our Creator, he knows of mindset. You are a student of science correct. I am also student of science. The moment I come to know, Allah mentioned the scientific facts which we came to know today 50 years behind it, increasing my faith in Allah. Allah says in Surah fusina chapter 41 verse 53, sunnery my Athena fella faki. unforeseen, hot Tata banner Nola. Soon we shall show them over signs in the furthest regions of the horizons and into the soul, until it was clear to them that this is the truth. So Allah is giving these examples of that benefits as for him, it makes no difference.

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It is benefiting us. So he is giving us a chance

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to follow him so that we can go to heaven. Hope that answers the question whether I recognize his power. And I understand he's amazing and all that that he has done. But am I expected to be amazed at his achievements that created this universe? Because for me, for him, it's like a one second job. Got it? Right. So for him was one second job when he tells you not to have alcohol, if you want

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to be amazing. That's creation. No, See, the thing is that he is not there to prove himself better. If you believe that for him. It is peanuts. So will a person lie? No. So if you say no, never call, you will not Question No, don't have poke, you're not questioning. But I'm not amazed at his creation, because for him is nothing compared to us. It's amazing for him. It's nothing right? But compared to us, a person who can create the universe, when he tells me not to have alcohol, I immediately follow

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following him, but do I have to be amazed at his creation, as I said in the Quran, see, as you asked me the question, should I be amazed at the creation? Right? I would say if I believe human being is a better creation, then yes, I'm amazed. And then as the Alhamdulillah he has made me better than that. So if I'm amazed, he made the mountains he made the stars he made the sun. Ah, but he made Zakir Naik also he made a human being and we are the best of creation. So he gives us examples so that we realize what benefit he has given to us. All the favor they've given to us talking about the science talking about the protons talking about the mountains. Finally, fifth, human beings are the

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best creation. So in comparison, we have to agree that our Creator has created this human body, the molecules

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The DNA, the complex thing, which can never come by chance, for in this way, we are amazed at the creation of the human being. And then we submit to Him.

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If you're not amazed, only by being amazed, we submit that he is our Creator, he is worth worshiping. No one has to do that. This is so that we worship Him, and we pass the test and we go to Paradise. Hope that answers the question. If Bill Gates gives me $100 should I be amazed that He has given me that money? I believe that the question has been answered and unfortunately we are very constricted for time you are welcome to come back tomorrow. Insha Allah as with all of the brothers and sisters, we have come to the end of tonight's session. So please, I really believe that it will give you $100 and be amazed when you get amazed brother The question is, why should Bill Gates give

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you $100?

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If you tell me a tom Dick and Harry gives me $100 nothing to do with Bill Gates. Give me $100

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it's something that he gave you Why did he give you one or somebody else? Why the question is Why did he give you is a question

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if some Tom Dick and Harry gives you if a man on the street

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Bill Gates

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Got it. Got it. I got that.

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Yes, absolutely. That is the answer for inshallah hope.

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That will come closer to Islam. So I should not be amazed at the fact that he's given me the money I should be amazed as him was given the money how humbling.

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It was worth the time extending an umbrella