Yasir Qadhi – Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa – Response to the Media

Yasir Qadhi
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In Alhamdulillah Mahamadou who wanna start you know, Hornet still fiddle, went through the villa Himanshu Rudy on fusina woman say Dr. Molina Mejia de la who Philomel de la woman Yulin, who Fela hottie Allah. Wa shadow Allah Allah in LA Allahu Allahu la sharika wa shadow Anna, Mohammed and others who are pseudo. You hola Xena. I'm an otaku Allah helper to Walter moto Illa one two Muslim on Johanna so Takakura como la de Hidalgo coming up soon Wahida wahala come in Huzzah. Jaha Weber thermen Hammadi Jalan Kathy Iran one is what Allah Ledi Tessa Luna be here well or ham in the law. How can I leave Cumbre Tabor, and my bad? My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam. The topic of

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Philistine and Avelox law has been an ongoing topic since as long as I can remember. And in fact, it's not just my lifetime, but the lifetime of anybody in this audience. Even though the modern state of Israel was created in 1948. The concept of colonizing philosophy even began more than 100 years ago. So every single person in this audience has been hearing about philistin and the issue of OXA. Since they were born, the issue is more than 100 years old. And because the issue is so old, and because the conflict has been ongoing for so long, sadly, many of us we forget about it or neglect it in light of other tragedies, because every few years, another major tragedy takes place.

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The issue of Kashmir the issue of Burma, the issue of Syria, the issue of East Turkistan, the issue of famines, floods, earthquakes, and the list goes on and on. But there is no question that out of all of the wounds of the OMA out of all of the tragedies that we are facing, the tragedy of Al Aqsa is number one on the list. And it needs to be emphasized over and over again. Because there is no question that it is the single greatest political tragedy of this entire century. And our children need to be reminded of this and taught it not just our children, even us, we forget about it and neglected. And we need to continuously be reminded of the status of philistin and of Alexa so that

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we never, ever forget our history. We never forget the importance of this line, we never forget the place that will also occupies in our hearts. And today's hardware will be slightly different than most hood was about for this thing. Many people talk about the blessings of philosophy and and the Ayatollah Hadith about that, and that is important. And I have done this, and others have done it. And all of this was online. But today's hold, but in particular, I want especially our younger generation, to be able to defend and understand the Muslim perspective on the issue. I want to arm them with facts with knowledge. I want to teach them whatever is possible to teach in the short

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period of time so that they can better engage in dialogue and discussion so that they understand I once heard one of our younger Muslim brothers actually say, you know, why can't the Palestinians agree with the peace process? In other words, he's absorbing the propaganda that is in this culture and environment. And he is assuming that the fault lies with the Muslims, the fault lies with us. And I don't blame him because he's not hearing the other side. He's only hearing the narrative in the media, the narrative that is around him, so he absorbs what he hears. And then he criticizes the Muslims overall for having failed in this issue. And therefore it is so important that we continue

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to provide the counter narrative, the narrative that emphasizes the truth that emphasizes the reality of that situation. Today's clip bObi divided into two quick parts. Firstly, some brief history so that we understand what is going on. And secondly, how to respond to specific criticisms that are raised by people outside of our community against the Palestinian issue, three specific issues will be brought up and again time is of the essence there's only so much that can be done. As for history, every Muslim should know that the reason why OXA is so important and so sacred is because it is one of the few places mentioned by name in the Quran many times and in the Sunnah of

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala calls and acts up the land that we have made blessed for the whole world ability Baraka fie Halal Allah mean the whole world it has been declared

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Lesson and Allah subhanho wa Taala calls that land a lot of dal mocha DESA on the tongue of Musa alayhis salam, the sacred land or the Mocha DESA and Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in the Quran that not only that that place but the land around it is sacred and bless it as well. Subhanallah the US Robbie Abba de Laila Minal Masjid Al haram me, Elan Masjid Al arco sala de ba Rachna. Hola who the Masjid Al Aqsa, even the land around it is blessed it how about the land itself, even the area around it is blessing. So because Arcsoft and because that land is mentioned so many times in the Quran. And we know from the Sierra that the incident of Israel and Mirage are both linked to Al

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Aqsa, the incident of Israel was from Mecca to Al Aqsa then Mirage was from AXA to the heavens. So both at Israel and El Mirage are linked to that land and that place and that particular locality. And it is so symbolic from our Syrah, brothers and sisters, that when the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam wrote his letter to the Emperor of Rome, Constantino, to the Emperor of Rome, Heraclius excuse me, the Emperor of Rome, the single greatest political figure in the time of the Prophet saw the settlement of the non Muslim world. Heraclius was the most powerful politician, our professors and wrote him a letter and invited him to Islam. It was Allah's Kadar that Heraclius was not in his

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capital, Constantinople, today's Istanbul, he was not in his capital, he actually happened to be in a UK SOP in Jerusalem. So he got the letter in Jerusalem, and he opened the letter in Jerusalem, and there is symbolism here, the Emperor of Rome, read the letter of the Prophet salallahu it he was seldom in Jerusalem. And he had that famous conversation with oboe Soufiane that I have mentioned in my Sierra lectures. And at the end of that conversation, when he recognized the prophets of Allah who I said it was a true prophet, what did he say, and this is so powerful because he's standing in an orchestra. He said, If what you say is true, if this man is as you have described, then it is

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only a short period of time before this earth that I'm standing on will belong to Him. This is symbolic and it is Allah's Khadir on the tongue of the greatest politician, on the tongue of the Emperor of Rome, there is recognition who deserves Oxford, this is in the books of history, the Emperor of Rome announces if that is the real prophet, as you are describing, if that is truly him, then this land that I am standing on shall be his in the matter of a few years, and Subhanallah, less than 10 years after he said this. And Rome, by the way, was not a weak country. Rome was the only major superpower at the time, followed by the the Persian emperor was number two, the Persian

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Empire, Rome was the greatest superpower, and Jerusalem was its prize, its jewel, and they love to protect Jerusalem fortified. And yet when the Muslims conquered it, unbelievably, Allah azza wa jal, His miracles came into play. And they managed to carve out that entire slife slice of now what is Philistine? And that entire region of Syria? Of course, the battles of Yarmouk, and others have described them in my Sierra lectures, and that is why, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam passed away, the Sahaba knew that the number one land that he had wanted was an aqua. So in the reign of Abu Bakr Siddiq, the only lands that the Muslims attacked the only lands that they wanted to

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conquest, conquer in the reign of Abu Bakr Sudhir was Masjid Al haram was Al Aqsa. And we all know that the victory took place in the very first days of the Khilafah. Football, as you know that we have done this and in our Sierra and the lives of the Sahaba lectures, and after four months of surrounding Jerusalem, the people of Jerusalem agreed to surrender. But they said as a token of respect, we want your leader of the Khalifa to come all the way so we can hand the keys over. We're not going to surrender to an army general, we want your leader to come and so on would have been a hubbub and this shows you his humility. It shows you how much he loved on OXA. Top traveled with

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himself and his servant and you all know the story alternating with one camel or one donkey, they say alternating and taking turns. They were both dressed the same. They looked outwardly the same, there is no entourage and the people of Oxwall were shocked. This is your leader, the leader of the new Muslim empire. This is your leader. He looks like a common person. He acts like a common person and they understood why Allah azza wa jal had blessed the Muslim ummah. It was not because of their military strength. It was not because of their arms, it was not because of their weapons. It was because of true sincerity and humility. The leader is riding a donkey as he comes to accept the keys

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and at the time they enter the city. It was the turn of his servant to ride on the donkey

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So OMA insisted no as your turn, you're gonna be writing that loss that humility was the real reason why an ox sock was conquered. And this is demonstrated in the treatment of Bob when he conquered a lock sock. In those days, Alexa was ruled by the Christians, and they did not allow the Jews to live there. And they desecrated the Jewish holy site, which was called the Temple. Now they desecrated this as the Christians of the time. They converted it into a dumpster into a junkyard they would throw their nudges there because they wanted to show that people we don't agree with you. We are a different faith. We are the superior religion when Ramadan milk hotdog concreted and he was given a

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tour of the city. He went to visit the church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is the famous church adoxa of Jerusalem. And the the pastor, the minister said, you may pray your Salah over here the famous example that took place when it was time for us. And Omar said if I pray here, my later followers are going to destroy this church out of respect to me and build a masjid here. I don't want to do that. I will pray outside of the church. He wanted to protect the future of the holiest site of Christianity. Think about that. This is the leader of the Muslim ummah, is saying, I want to protect your church. I don't want some fanatics to come later on and use an excuse Omar prayed here.

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So this is our land. No, I'm not going to pray here. So he walked outside 20 meters away. 100 feet away, he went outside. And to this day, the Masjid of Roma is 100 feet away from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. If you walk from the Holy Spirit because of Mr. Omar, you will have to walk up and down and go and pray we're on what are the Allahu and prayed? Then he asked after that he finished and he said, Where is the the the temple location where is the mount that was considered to be the original place of hatred of Solomon, and they told him where it was. And he saw it had trash it had junk, it had garbage, and the Khalifa of the Muslims, the ruler of the Muslims, he with his own

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hands began picking up that trash and that dirt and cleaning the holy land that belonged to the hood. Why? Because in our tradition, we respect your ISA and we respect Musa in our tradition. We love Sulayman and old ally, his Salam and what was made holy in their time we consider holy to this day, the Khalifa of the Muslims began cleaning up the area that was sacred to the yahood. Think about that. Anybody who says that there was tension between Islam and Judaism is ignorant of history. Anybody who says there was animosity between Muslims and Jews does not know the basics of history, the animosity, it was only between one faction we're going to get to that designers faction

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in the last 100 years otherwise, historically speaking, Jews always found shelter in Muslim lands every time they were persecuted in Christian dumb. That is why the largest groups of Jews in the Middle Ages were in Muslim lands in Turkey in Iran, in a Yemen in Morocco, North Africa, the largest concentrations of Jews outside in the Middle Ages were always in Muslim lands. Why? Because they fled persecution in Europe and they found shelter in the lens of Islam, or Omar bin al hubbub and the whole of Russia don't then open the door for the Yahoo to come and live peacefully in Masjid Al Aqsa, and they continued living peacefully there, up until the beginning of this century, when

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things changed for the worse as we will come to and we know that Omar will have built the first Masjid there and it is called Masjid Al kibali, which is still standing to this day of course, not the structure, but the location where he built it is still standing to this day, and the next generation barely 30 years after Tom had conquered much of the UK saw the Omega Khalifa Abdul Malik ibn Marwan he built the Dome of the Rock which everybody is familiar with when you see the pictures of an ox Ah, you see that beautiful golden dome? Please do not get confused that dome is the Dome of the Rock. It is not a masjid Oh clearly, it is not the masjid built by Omar that is in front of it.

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If you're facing the Qibla, the towards the back will be the Dome of the Rock and then the Qibla you're going to be praying in the original Masjid. Of course, the whole land is sacred, the whole area is sacred. But don't get confused. The Dome of the Rock is not the masjid that is the primary messenger that are going to be built and of course both of them are considered to be holy. Since that time, up until our time, there have only been two periods of history where oxygen has been taken away from us. For the last 13 and a half centuries, there have only been two periods of history where a boxer has been taken away from us. The first of them was for a period of around 93

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years. And that took place in the Middle Ages in the incidents known as the Crusades. When a group of fanatical Europeans left for what is now France and England and other places, and they traveled all across the world and they consider that if they did this journey they would be forgiven.

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They conquered Jerusalem and contrast their conquest with Ramadan, a hot tub. they massacred every single man, woman and child, Muslim and other Christians because they were one type of Christians. Other Christians were killed, the Arab Christians were killed, and the Jews were massacred. The Crusaders massacred everybody. It is considered to be one of the largest massacres in human history before the advent of the modern world and the modern bombs and whatnot because they slaughtered people by hand by by literally Sword by killing the one after the other, and up to perhaps half a million or some say 750,000 people the entire city was put to death. And this was the first time so

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that since the time of Obama called Bob, where the majority of inhabitants then became non Muslims, because they expelled the the Muslims from that region. And of course, we know Salah Medina up story and he conquered in in 1187. And we all know when Salahuddin concreted he protected the Christians and he allowed them protection he he made sure nobody harmed them as they returned back to Europe. And he then allowed the Arab Christians to come back and he allowed the Jews to come back again Subhanallah anybody who says that there was tensions between Islam, Christianity, Judaism, read your history, religious people who believe in the same God were living together, even if they had

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different traditions, different prophets, and this is the reality of Jerusalem, then the second time this land has been taken away from us is an hour timeframe. And we do not know when we will see the end of this interim, Allah azza wa jal has caused us to be living in this generation. This is our color of Allah azza wa jal that we have been born when an oxide does not belong to the Muslims for the second time. And this took place. Again, the story of this I have mentioned in a previous lecture, you will find it online when I talked about the making of the modern Middle East and what happened and I'm not going to go down that history here. But we should all be aware that the notion

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of creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine is a very modern one and only goes back around 100 years 1897 1897 in 1897, a group of intellectual, secular non religious Jews is very important to point to make, they were not religious people. There were people who didn't really believe in Judaism as a religion, they came together and they announced they're going to create a homeland in the heart of philosophy and, and they call themselves the Zionist movement. And for the next 40 or 50 years, Zionism struggled with mainstream Judaism. Most Jews in the world, especially American Jews, they rejected Zionism. And they considered Zionism a theological heresy, ie they considered it a type of

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rejection of the teachings of their own religion. And the mainstream Judas Jewish movements around the world considered Zion Zionism to be a heretical movement, and they would mock it, and they would not consider Zionism to be real religious Jews. And that's for many reasons beyond the scope of this class. All of this changed. All of this changed with the advent of Nazism and Hitler and the Holocaust, when Jews understood that it is for their own protection, that they should carve out a land. And after this point in time, a number of things happen, and I'm not going to go down that history route. But we should all know in 1948, the modern state of Israel was declared, and within a

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few decades, the majority of people living in those lands were therefore non Muslims. So from 1897 3% of that population was Jewish now in 2017 2018 75%, is so in the last 100 years, two things have happened. The Muslims and the Christians have been expelled, and they're living now in these concentration camps in Gaza and whatnot. We I call them concentration camps, because it is, as we're going to come to the largest open air prison in the world is Gaza. This is what Jimmy Carter, the president of our country, said, the largest open air prison in the world, that is Gaza, it is a type of concentration camp, so they expelled the Muslims. And then they brought in people from across the

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world of the Jewish faith who believed in Zionism, and this change in statistics took place, and insha, Allah, Allah for that you can listen to my electron, other lectures about the history of Judaism, I want to now move on to the second part of my hope. But today, we have limited time. As you know, I want to mention three points, three criticisms, especially for the young men and women who hear the propaganda and they don't know what to say. Three things are raised against the Palestinian issue from the Muslim perspective. And I want to teach you what is the proper way to respond to those criticisms, the first point that is raised by many people on the news on media on

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the talking shows and whatnot. And by the way, an important point, every time you see a talking show taking place about Israel, you will never find a Palestinian represented their their viewpoint is missing from the equation almost all the time, rarely you will come across this and that's why our own children don't know this perspective. The first point, they say, you guys don't even recognize the legitimacy

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of Israel, Palestinians, Muslims don't recognize the State of Israel. So it's not our fault that they're being treated that way, you challenge the legitimacy of Israel. And for them, this then justifies the harsh treatment. In response to this, we say, to discuss the legality of the State of Israel, we need to discuss who got to decide the state in the first place. And we asked our critic, put yourselves in the shoes of the Palestinians, put yourselves in the shoes of the people whose land has been carved up by people who are not a part of it, whose land has been handed over to another ethnicity or another group? What right, the Palestinians will say? Do the British have to

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have a mandate over our land? What right does the League of Nations have to vote about the existence of a new nation state? What gives the external occupier, the right to carve up your land and distribute it as gifts to people who live outside of the land? Imagine if an intruder occupied your garage, then slowly your living room, then slowly your bedroom then slowly forced you to live in the backyard in a makeshift tent. And eventually, because of some documents or whatever, the court ruled in the favor of the occupier, would you not have the right to say I don't care what the court says, this was my house and the house of my ancestors, even if a court of law has been convinced through

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bribery, through deceit through whatever, you have the moral and ethical right to disagree. And we can give a number of examples of the examples that I give all the time, if a Native American of this land, if a Native American criticizes the colonialism of European white settlers of the 16th 17th century, if a Native American says What right did they have to come over and to take our land? And to put us in these concentration camps? Or, or the you know, the settlements that are now for the Native Americans? Wouldn't you? Even if you don't agree, what didn't you say, you know, I understand your perspective. It's a valid, legitimate perspective, put yourself in the shoes of the other side.

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I'll give you another example. Everybody loves Gandhi, Gandhi is the peacemaker of our time. Do you know that Gandhi was opposed to the partition of India to the day that he died? And Gandhi said, and Gandhi is considered to be the role model peacemaker, Gandhi said, I will never recognize the the the ethical correctness of partition, I don't agree with Pakistan, because of course, back then they had divided the land into Pakistan and India. He says, I don't agree with it. It's not something that I'm happy about. Even if it's happened, I cannot change it. But I never agree with it. So Gandhi, even of course, I disagree with Gandhi, obviously, my parents are from Pakistan. I disagree

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with that. But the point is, doesn't Gandhi have his own perspective, even if I disagree, he has a right to make that claim doesn't make him an evil person in and of itself. This is a legitimate perspective. So we say to somebody who says this, The Palestinians have a legitimate perspective, it is their land, they were not asked about it. And the fact that many of them, some of them do not recognize the legitimacy, this is coming from the way that things have happened to them. And they have every right to have that perspective. Even if you are the critic can disagree with this. This leads me to my second point, and that is odd, but that is anti semitic. This is a very common charge

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to criticize the legitimacy of Israel is anti semitic. In fact, this is the definition of anti semitism. According to our country, the State Department of our country has a definition of anti semitism. It's a paragraph long, and one phrase in it. Anybody who criticizes the legitimacy of Israel is an anti Semite Semite. Today, the Prime Minister of England today, right now, before I will give you the whole book coming for the whole book. I just read the news. Today, the Prime Minister of England said the exact same thing. Anybody who criticizes the legitimacy of Israel is an anti Semite. And we say we strongly disagree. And you are doing yourself a disservice when you bring

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anti semitism into criticism of Israel. Now, we have to be very careful here Muslims, many times, unfortunately, some of our preachers and clerics and many Muslim masses, they say things that are on Islamic about the Jewish people, we have to be careful. And Allah says in the Quran, do not let your hatred of a group of people cause you to do injustice to them be just that is the essence of Taqwa. We are very angry at the State of Israel, and the regime of Israel, that anger should not translate into all people who believe in Musa as a prophet. The religion is one thing, and Zionism is another. We have to be careful, we don't mix the two up amongst the Jews are many who are righteous, who

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speak out against Zionism. And I want to mention in particular, one group amongst them. They're called the Toyota kata than a Toyota kata. And you see them all the time and Palestinian demonstrations on the Palestinian side.

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And they're wearing the Jewish garb. And they're Orthodox Jews, and they have statements against Zionism. And they consider Zionism to be the greatest evil that has come from that region. These are Jewish people. And they're opposed to Zionism, and they are the allies of the Palestinian people. And there are others as well. We're anti Zionist in their stance, so we have to be careful. Muslims, be very careful, do not use derogatory terms to all Jewish people. That's not from the Quran. Nor is it from the Sunnah. There are amongst the Jews righteous, and there amongst them who are Zionist, and we're opposed to them. Even if we disagree theologically with Judaism and Christianity, as a

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religious minority, Islam always gave Jews the freedom to worship, the freedom to build their synagogues the freedom to be who they are. And that is why the largest concentration of Jews in medieval times were in Muslim lands. So the accusation that we are anti semitic, we defend this and say, criticism of a political entity is not anti semitism. And if anybody amongst us does start criticizing the religion, it's our job to put that in check. And be careful, we do not mix politics and religion. The final point for the first chutzpah is, and this is very controversial. They come in, they say, do you support this political faction of the Palestinians? Do you support this tactic

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of the Palestinian? Do you support their suicide bombing? Why don't you condemn, you know, this group or that group? And you know, the groups in Palestine? And they'll mention them to you? Why don't you condemn this group and that group? So they put the responsibility on you? And the response to this brothers and sisters is to realize this is a trick question. It is a partial selective question. And they want to trap you into criticizing one tactic, while you ignore their own tactics that are many more than just that one point of criticism. So we say and I've said this many times publicly, and this is my position, it is my position that's public. I condemn any attack in which

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innocents are targeted. And I personally have no problems condemning suicide bombings because I believe them to be and Islamic. I have no problems condemning that. However, if I'm willing to condemn, and terrorist tactic, are you willing to condemned the terrorist tactics of your site as well? Look at the numbers on each site for every one Palestinian. For every one Israeli that has been killed. More than 10 Palestinians have been killed only in the last six years. Look at the weapons there is no comparison. On the one side, Israel has one of the most advanced armies and weapons in the world. On the other side, Palestinians typically use rocks and stones look at who's

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imprisoning whom there are zero Israelis languishing in Palestinian jails, there are over 10,000 Palestinians languishing in Israeli jails. Look at who's putting the economic pressure on whom the unemployment rate in Israel is less than 4%. The unemployment rate in Gaza is around 50%. So don't just come to me and quote one tactic, I'm willing to condemn this one tactic. Are you willing to condemn 100 tactics? I'm willing to talk against suicide bombing? Are you willing to speak against the apartheid regime of the nation of Israel? Are you willing to quote your own president Jimmy Carter, who says that Gaza is the largest open air prison in all of the world? Are you willing to

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admit that Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu who are neither Muslim, right, nor are they pro or anti anything who lived under the apartheid regime in South Africa? Are you willing to admit when they both say, and this is both by the way, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, both Christians from South Africa that what is happening in Palestine is worse than the apartheid of South Africa? Are you willing to admit that so it's a one sided thing, they want you to criticize one tactic, but they're not willing to look at their own tactics as well. And this is why brothers and sisters and with this I concluded, first of all, it is so important that every Muslim be aware, be knowledgeable, you will

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not win an argument if you're ignorant, you will not win a debate if you don't know what you're talking about. Learn the facts study the reality. And I referenced you one site that is the beginning site that all of us should be aware of. And it is www.if Americans knew dot o RG www.if Americans knew one word no hyphens if Americans knew dot o RG that is one of the best websites you can learn about some basic facts, statistics numbers, it's by a Christian lady who visited Israel and then she her whole perspective changed and she then propagated or did this website. It's a very good resource for all of us. BarakAllahu welcome frequently, whenever any way I can be male or

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female it will declare Hakeem according Mathis Marone was stopped for a lot of the money welcome what he said was to record them if you don't know hola forward Rahim.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hill wa hidden ahead of Summit Alladhina Miriad whether Mueller will be a cool local one, whereby we can squeeze up in the front in sha Allah Allah Allah very

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quickly brothers and sisters, very quickly, one final point before the hotbar finishes. And that is one thing that every Muslim needs to be aware of is the strange marriage that has taken place in the last 4050 years. The totally bizarre alliance between two groups of people. If you don't understand this, you will not understand Trump's announcement simple is that this strange marriage is between Christian Zionists and Jewish Zionists. Why is it strange and who are Christian Zionist, Christian Zionist, they're not Jews. They are Christians. Generally they're a strand of Protestant Christianity. Arab Christians are not Zionists. Catholics are not Zionists. They don't agree with

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this philosophy. Arab Christians are some of the greatest allies. With that we have because they can critique the Zionism of other strands of Christianity and historians, Maronites, many of these Christians, they are totally opposed to Zionism, and they side with Palestinian rights. But here in America, there is a strand of fundamentalist Protestant Christianity that calls itself Zionist Christians, and many people famous people, such as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, how Lindsey, these are all famous people. They are ardent Christian Zionist, Roy Moore, the guy who just lost Hamdulillah he lost the guy who just lost in the neighboring state. Do you know what he said when

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Trump made his announcements? Listen to this. This is Roy Moore, the politician. He said, What I don't know about you. But when I heard about Jerusalem's announcement, where the King of kings or Jesus is going to come back, it is because President Trump declared Jerusalem to be the capital. That's why Jesus is going to come back. So what is what is Christian Zionism? Christian Zionism every Muslim memorize this is the belief that some segments of Christians have that before Jesus comes. All Jews must be in the Holy Land. Until they are there, Jesus is not going to come. So they believe that in order for Jesus to come, the State of Israel has to be supported blindly,

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completely. Now, why did I say the strange Alliance because Christian Zionists believe when Jesus comes what's gonna happen to those Jews? What is going to happen? Do you know what they believe? They believe, some of them will convert, and the rest will be massacred in the great Armageddon, the great war between good and evil that will take place towards the end of times. Christian Zionists are not helping Israel, because they love the people, they're quite the contrary, they believe that the majority of them are going to be disappeared or killed or conquered and a small group are going to convert, nobody will be left alive as a Jew when Jesus comes. That's what Christian Zionist

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belief. Now, Jewish Zionist, obviously don't believe that Jesus even exists, much less is going to come back. And yet there are forming this unholy alliance, this love this marriage, not of love of convenience. This is a marriage. They hate each other's guts theologically, theologically, they are completely separate from one another, the one group literally believes the other group is going to be killed. And yet they're supporting them. Why? Because they are a token, a sacrificial pawn. Go ahead, be killed. We want the Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior to come back. And can you believe this marriage has formed a strong alliance. And this is the main reason why our president is

00:33:26 --> 00:34:04

announcing what he's announcing to shore up publicity amongst these far right, radical Christian groups. This is an agenda. It's not that he himself as a Christian, he cares about this. He knows what buttons to press to get the benefit and the support of these far right people. And subhanAllah. Once I asked a rabbi who I got close to, and I was friends with, I asked him a very blunt question. I said, Don't be don't be, you know, offended. But can you explain to me, you are a, you know, a person who believes in religion, you're a religious person? Can you explain to me how you can take the support of a group of people who think that you're going to be killed, and they're expediting

00:34:04 --> 00:34:38

your killing? How can you take support from those types of people? I actually asked him this. And his response was, Well, we don't believe that Jesus is going to come. So if they're gonna give us money and power, we'll take it. That's literally what the rabbi said. We don't believe he's going to come back. So he's going to hand us money and power. That's their stupidity and foolishness, and we will continue to take it. And that is the philosophy that they have now. So we as Muslims need to understand, Christian Zionism is even more dangerous for us than Jewish Zionism. Christian Zionism believes that Jesus wants them to do this. And that is why this unholy alliance has been created.

00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

Brothers and sisters, the hotbar has can only give us so much time is limited, and there is no easy way to conclude. And I'm sorry to say there is no easy solution and state the two state solution throw it out the window, the one state solution is not going to happen. What is the future? I don't know. Nobody knows. There doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. But one thing is for sure, follow Slean

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

And the issue of Al Aqsa needs to remain alive in our hearts, in our doors, in our conversations, and our husbands in our gurus, we need to every one of us keep the conversation alive. And we need to cause whatever impact we can, even if it is small, even if it is miniscule, even if it's only impacting our colleagues and friends, we need to do whatever we can to keep the issue of philosophy and at Oxford alive in our topics in our hearts, in our conversations, and most importantly, in our doors because brothers and sisters, we firmly believe that that land is a sacred land and the only people who truly belong to it and deserve it are the righteous mood to hold the real followers of

00:35:41 --> 00:36:21

Ibrahim alayhis salam and that is our own May Allah subhana wa Tada help us to do whatever we can for the Palestinian brothers and sisters and bring about a peace to all of them. Allahumma inni Dinefwr amino Allahu Allah to that and if you have any Don't be them but it loves a photo. What a Hammond Illa for Raja wala de in and Illa Kadota while mid Yvonne Illa Shia feta while I see Ron Illa your starter Allahumma fildena What is one in Alina? Sattva guna been Iman what athleisure IPL Kuruman as hyndland Edina Manu Robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah Houma is that Islam oh and Mr. Amin Allahumma is Islam and Muslim in Allahumma is an Islamic Muslim in Allahumma Adana our other Islam

00:36:21 --> 00:36:56

and Muslim may be so influential who've been FC Watch out at me and her feet at the BT yah yah yah Aziz rebels Allah and Allah to Allah Amara Ramadan better be he'd be NFC within the umbilical cord you'll see with a letter become a U haul moment when an engineer he will insert for called as a McAllen oedema in the law Hamada Equitorial Soluna other Nebby Yeah, you will Adina Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with his Lima Allahumma Salli was selling him robotic or abductor Asuka Mohammed and what are the the he was such a big marine everybody's a law in the law had to Allah Yeah, multiple people there Sandy was the quarterback when Halifax che Willman kariobangi Your Adel Kamala

00:36:56 --> 00:37:02

come to the karoun Oh, the Corolla had come wash Kuru he has come what are they gonna lie to Allah Akbar. Welcome is sada

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