Nouman Ali Khan – Surat Al-Baqarah – Part 45

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The Israeli government has implemented a new law that requires people to understand the overall context of the court system. The speakers highlight the importance of the law and the need for everyone to understand it. The transcript describes various instances of attacks on personal and political rights, injuries, and deaths, including the worship of the calf, the worship of the holy spirit, and the worship of the holy mother. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the implementation of Islam as a national flag and the use of symbolism to symbolize the Israelites.
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Let him initiate on regime. You have any slaw Illa guru Nia Mati and Lottie and unto Island Kumar Neve Ubuntu canal Allah Allah mean rubbish. Surely somebody were silly Emily Emily Sania Khalifa hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah. Allah, Allah Allah He was a minister under the sun that he lived within Allah homage and amin home, Amina Latina, Ahmed Mohammed Ali heart, whatever so bihac whatever so the sub Amina, but it means to mama, but once again, everybody Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Today, the intention is to give you guys a complete overview of the IRS inserted bacara that are from EIN number 40, all the way to ID number 122 that

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deal with been with the children of Israel. And the intention behind this particular session is to show you how everything in this section in this long that isn't chronologically ordered. Clearly, there's a lot of history of the the Jewish community, the Israelites here, but it's not in chronological order. And it seems to also switch over to a conversation with the Muslim community, like a Fatah tomorrow night in New York home, Are you hopeful that they'll accept what you're saying? So let's talking about the historical Jews, and all of a sudden he starts talking about the Jews that are living in Medina also. So there's a switch timeline wise between the historical and

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the contemporary, when the Quran was being revealed? How is all of this organized at the end of the day, when you look at the bigger picture, there is actually a method of structure to all of it and this structure and this nevan, really, this order is important to understand that because it gives you an appreciation of the larger point being made by a large religion, and then that helps you understand the placement of this entire passage, or this series of passages in the surah. And this is an important kind of study, because you know, in any book that you read, because Quran is two things, right? It's it's Quran, it's recited, which means you can recite one IR to IR, and you'll

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get something out of it. Or it's a GitHub and GitHub, a lot calls it GitHub also. And when you call it GitHub, any book, you don't just read one, one sentence or two sentences, and you say, I think I understand, you have to understand the larger context. And that's what we're going to try to do, inshallah. So to get started, the first thing I'd like to give you is a kind of visual framework. And that is that what I want you to embed in your minds is that this section, that's 82 yards from number 40, all the way to 122, is made up of 19 sections. So that's quite a few sections, right? And how do you kind of make a mental map of these 19 sections? Well, the way to do that is rather easy.

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If you look at this diagram that I've made, this is actually a visual representation of the 19 sections that are in the solar, you'll notice this is you don't have to count their 19 boxes there. Okay. But there are three of them that are read. Okay, so what happens in the surah? Is that you have an introductory passage on the Israelites, yeah, but he is slightly less guru named Mattila de rantala, como phobia de houfy, big como Aya, for HUBZone. And that passage that does that first passage, it begins and ends with the same call, actually, that the other concludes is also Yeah, when he saw it as guru near materiality and unto alikum. Well, what only forgot to come under I

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mean, right. So that that entire passage is the introductory, the Israelites are being called except this revelation that's in red, because that's where the thing starts. When you travel all the way to the end, what would I say was the last I have this discussion? I have number 122. You find exactly the same narrative once again, yeah, buddy. Sorry, let's go to near materiality and unterlagen. Well, enough about to come to you. So you find the repetition. And in a sense, it is reminding you of where this conversation began. So and that's those are the items that we haven't covered in our loose yet. We will today in shallow Thailand the next session. But for now, what I want to highlight

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first and foremost is where this conversation began, is actually exactly where this conversation is coming to an end. But it's bringing it to a close. And it's adding some things that weren't said before to complete the subject. This is a lovely way of doing it, Manuel hajah. Right, he completes his case, by mentioning something in the beginning, leaving some things and then completing them way at the end. And that leaves the middle, right. So I've, I've given you a beginning and an end, and I've highlighted in this diagram, sort of a middle, that middle, I'll leave as a mystery for now. You know what that's talking about. But inshallah we'll come back to it, and then I'll share with

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you why that's so important, why that constitutes the middle. But in any case, if you take the how many sections that I say there were 19, and I've taken three of them out the beginning, the middle and the end, I've taken those out how many left? There 16, left, right. And so what happens with these 16 is seven of them are on one side, and nine of them are on the other side. So these whites that you see there's seven boxes on this side and nine on the other side. And you'll see why isn't it eight and eight? Why isn't it just evened out? Well, there's a reason for that too. They're they're actually organized a certain way where these seven come together and later on the other nine

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come together. Okay, so let's talk a little bit about that. So this is the overview. And we're gonna dig a little bit into that first section if you keep moving two slides ahead. So now we are in

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That first group of seven passages three, we've already taken out introduction middle and we're in this first group of seven passages. The first of them if you tap is the fit islands, if not j nakoma. Ali felonious una cosa.

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Como esta el campo de la cumbre emmalin. Allah tells the Israelites, he rescued you from the Pharaoh, you were basically going to die, there was no way for you to escape, he was gonna kill every single one of you. But Allah opened the water and you were able to escape and he killed your enemy. Even if, by the way, if you just escaped, and he didn't die, you would have found a way to cross the water and kill you anyway. So not only that, he helped you cross the water, he killed your enemy, too. He drowned. He drowned your enemy as well. Right? So there's two parts to the paper. One is that he rescued them. Two is he killed, they're executed, you know, the one that was coming after

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them and trying to kill them. I'll move along rather quickly. In the next passage, Allah talks about the fact that you made it all the way across into the desert. And when Moosa left you for a little while you started worshipping the calf. And you you know so much of it. He went from Bollywood, you started worshiping the calf, as soon as he left, not much after him, and you were you're the ones doing wrong. How could you do this after Allah had rescued you in this way? So that's the second discussion that comes up, followed by a long discussion. And this discussion is made up of time and time again, Allah gave them instructions. Allah said, enter into this town, when you enter, enter in

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a state of such that Allah tell them Messiah, Sam came and told them, I'll let you slaughter a cow. One thing after another icom came from Allah, which I call the Old Covenant, meaning the old the Hebrew Bible, the instructions for musala Islam, one after the other, they were told, do this, do this, do this, do this, do this. And they kept violating that one after the other after the other after the other, and it culminates in the story of the cow. So there are multiple violations in the Old Covenant. And the worst of them are lunches when they made them not only did they not obey, but they made a mockery out of bizarrely slam, and the instructions also, right. And as as soon as that

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happens, Allah mentions this really profound ayah. So not such kulu medallic. For here, calahorra shall be shadow cast a very interesting parable, I'll make some, some reference to it, tell you some things about it. Allah says your hearts became hard, even worse than stone. That's what he says to them. Now let's go back for a second. First, he called that I'm skipping the introductory passage in the concluding passage, right, so I'm starting with number two. And number two, you know, the pharaoh came in, you know, and he rescued you from the Pharaoh, you ended up worshiping worshiping the calf instead of worshiping Allah who rescued you, you violated multiple instructions. And after

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doing all of these crimes, and instead of being grateful and seeking less forgiveness, by the way, those are the two things keep coming up over and over again, one, they have to, they have to be grateful. Grateful for things like, you know, escaping the pharaoh grateful for things like the cloud hovering above their head, or mundane salwaar. They have to be grateful for those things. And two, they have to seek forgiveness for disobeying Allah. Those are the two things that keep coming up. As a matter of fact, they're even the two things that come up in the very beginning. Yeah, but he saw a lot Caronia MIT and lithium to Alico mentioned the favor it when you mentioned the

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favorite, what do you mean, grateful, but tacoman that a gene of Santa Ana absentia be afraid of a day when nobody will benefit Anybody else? Meaning seek forgiveness. So there's this gratitude and forgiveness that come from the very beginning, anyway, unless and by the way, who what kind of person will see gratitude. Someone who has a heart believer in Canada who

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will seek forgiveness who feels bad in their heart, but Allah describes their heart and what does he say if you go to the next one Posey from kosaku, calm, your hearts became hard. They even became worse than stone. And then interestingly, Allah describes three kinds of stones like they're worse than stone. But there are three kinds of stones. In other words, there are three kinds of hearts. And I just want to highlight one of them which I put in the title here, stones fall, the last of them. Were in the Minghella, Maja Vito, in Hershey Attila among the stones, there are those that fall out of the fear of Allah. By the way, you have to understand stones are being compared to

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hearts. That's the comparison in this ayah. And when a stone falls from the fear of Allah, Allah is describing a heart falling out of the fear of Allah and a heart falling out of the fear of Allah is the image of such that because when we fall into such that what are we doing, we're falling out of the fear of alarm. That's what that is. Okay? Now, from there, Allah mentions it not in another passage, this is rather long also from 75 to 91. A lot so it just says they're not going to accept the Quran.

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Why do you think they'll accept the Quran they didn't even accept their own book. In other words, previously, the argument made while you I gave you multiple instructions through Moosa, you didn't even follow those. Then the Muslims of Medina are being told by the way these Israelites, they're not going to have any courtesy to the Quran. They didn't even have courtesy to the Old Covenant. Forget this new one, not even to the old one.

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You know, California for many years marijuana llama la familia, una comunidad de La Colonia lagoon. They used to hear the speech of a lion change it knowingly. So you think they're just going to accept what you're saying? That point is made very emphatically in these ayat, followed by he takes them back when they say, No, no, we don't have to believe what you have. We already have something we believe in. Allah says, really? You have human? Aren't you the people who worship the calf? What kind of human is this? So he brings up the calf again. And then at the end of this discussion, he says these people their problem is they love this life too much. They have no concern of the hero.

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They wish each of them wishes they could live 1000 years. Yeah, what do I don't know. You're Mr. Alpha Sana ma Hua Musashi, he may not be a new ama, none of them will escape the punishment of death. You know, under the onslaught of death, no matter how long they get to live on the law will be lawfully non matamanoa. Now, if you look at this entire group seven, if you count the boxes, there are seven of them. Something incredible is happening. On the one hand, they escaped to Pharaoh because they were about to be killed. You remember, if you look right across at the very end, they are afraid of dying, and they wish they could live 1000 years. The second discussion was they

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worship the calf. And the second last discussion is also their worship the cat on the third and here there's the Old Covenant the instructions Allah gave to the Israelites that they failed to follow. On the flip side of it, Allah azza wa jal is giving them instructions, telling the Muslims they're not going to follow the Quran because they didn't follow their own that so the arguments are actually entirely symmetrical. And what's the heart of the whole thing, the pun intended, the hearts became hard. That's the real reason all of this happened. The real reason all of this occurred is because their hearts turned into stone or even worse than stone, you will be so far. That is group

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one. So now let me take you back, just to help you visualize where we are once again. So that that was the group I just covered. And that's the whole thing. If the next slide, that's the whole picture, right? That's the entire thing. And now I'm going to take you to the second group. Remember, I'm skipping beginning, middle and end I already talked about those, right? So I'm just going group one and group two. So let's do the overview of group two. The first thing that comes up here, in a couple of ions 104 to 106, is that they make fun they first of all, they doubt revelation. They say How come no miracles come to us?

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How come we don't see it? I mean, he we don't see the angel coming? Why should we accepted and on top of that they make fun of this revelation, they make a mockery out of this revelation that's happening in 104 to 106. Then Allah azza wa jal reminds them you're not just making a mockery out of Revelation, you're making a mockery out of Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah homolka sumati love mmamoloko mundo de la him invaluable and

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don't make a mockery out of Allah. Allah reminds them of his power. Then he says, Are you questioning your messenger the way Musa was before you people disrespected Musab today do not enter saludos Hola, como como su ella musalman COVID? Are you going to disrespect your messenger challenge him and question him the way Musa was before? This is you replacing your faith with your disbelief. And then the conversation goes on. And Allah describes how defiant they are. On the one hand, they're being asked to accept this revelation. They give their ultimate reason they say we don't have to accept or odd nobody's going to generally accept us and Christians anyway. Hello Jana 11

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cada houden una Sora they just came out and said it. So that's the progression of the conversation. I'll take you to the middle. Allah says no, no, no, you've got that wrong tilka my new home will have to go Hannah Coleman quantum Sadiq been using using Christians are the only ones going to Agenda These are your wishful thoughts bring your evidence is better. When a slimmer watch how hula whoever submits his face to Allah. Whoever submits his face to Allah and excels fellow who are Judo who ended up be what I hope when I lay him when he's the one that gets compensation with his master, there's no fear and no grief for them. When you submit your face to Allah, what is that an image of

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submitting your face to Allah? So dude, does that remind you of anything? The middle of the previous group was what? rocks falling and the rocks were a reminder of what the hearts falling which was should salute and now the one who submits his face which is also what so dude once again Subhana Allah. Then on the flip side, you as the conversation continues, unless as we'll call it Ilya, hoodoo laziness Allah Allah He will call it a masala do who do it, don't get up. Jews come out and say Christians have no basis they're completely wrong. And then the Christians come out and say, Jews have no basis they're completely wrong. In other words, previously, when they ganged up against

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the Muslims, they said the only people going to heaven are Jews and Christians. But later on, they even invalidate each other they end up contradicting and conflicting with each other.

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Allah then says woman of a massage de la nuit Coronavirus, Mousavi Harada who could be worse than a person that corrupts massage. It basically keeps his name from being mentioned in the houses of Allah.

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tries to corrupt them and, you know, disrupt them, distort them. This is actually what we talked about in our last dose. It's two things. It's the wish raccoon putting idols around the Kaaba. And it's the yahood who turned this the masjid, the synagogue, which they call now the machine into a place for their politics. It wasn't a place to worship ally anymore. It was a power struggle who's going to be leading who's going to be in charge? Because for them religion and politics became inseparable. So the machine became a political place for them. Right? So unless as that's also not mentioning a last name, so there's two kinds of corruption, one done by the Jews and Christians and

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the other done by the machico. And then Allah says, will you know will Illa * machico al Mosley boo for a nama to a loofa Mashallah. And he says, but do somehow it will out with acaba de la Miranda and mia akula, Hakuna allies the unique one that created the skies in the earth. He doesn't take a son he mentioned his though he'd he mentioned how unique he is and how he created everything. He reminds them of the lost power. In other words, you can desecrate the last question, you think ally doesn't have the power to restore his massagin? Who do you think you're wrestling with, you know, and then from there, the conversation ensues. And Allah mentions yet again, doubts they have

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about the Quran. And again, then I mentioned that they're stubborn, they won't change their ways. You know, Linda Blanca, Hola, masala, Tata, Dr. maletto, they're not going to be happy, they're just going to be stuck in their ways until they, you follow their religion, etc. So now if you if you look at the second group, once again, an incredible symmetry has taken place. The first passage was about their doubts and their mockery. And if you look across the last one is also about their doubts and their stubbornness. Here on this side, the second group, the second group of my awkward was about a less power. And the second last group is about Allah's oneness, because both of them were

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important to internalize. On the one hand, the messengers are being disrespected and disregarded. And on the other hand, the massages are being disrespected and disregarded, on the one hand, using Christians come together against you, and on the other hand, are using Christians invalidate each other. They nullify each other. And what's left in the middle is the only the only positive passage and the only positive passages you need to be those who submit your faces to Allah but I'm an Eslava who lillah

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Allahu Allahu Allah. Allahu alayhi. Salam, yes or no. So if we move on once again, and go back to the overview I gave you, there's a there's a beginning, there's an end, I didn't talk about the middle on purpose. And I kind of gave you the one group on the left side and the other group on the right side, right, I just want to highlight for a second, the two middles in the next slide, there's two middles just those two boxes, what were they, the rocks fall from the fear of a lot that was on the one side, and then people submit their face, which means they fall into such that for the fear of Allah. So what seems to be the heart of the matter in both cases, such that is directly related

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to the call of Islam? Such that is, one of the primary invitations to the hood, is one of the fundamental to the hood is such that why is that important? You know, because they stopped doing such that.

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If you ever see them pray, they go like half Roku. It's not even Roku. That's why Allah says workato arakelyan because they don't even go into Roku all the way, right size that is out of the question. But so is that is also really important for another reason, this entire discussion about the Israelites is the second historical discussion in sort of Bukhara. The first one was Adam alayhis salam, and he believes that was that that was first and then this passage came. And in that passage, what is the police's biggest problem, refusal to do such that and our lives saying to Israelites, you have exactly the same problem. You're not falling into such that which means you are following

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the way of it at least it's so incredible that along with this argument together, in such in such a divine architecture, and then I want to share with you the middle of everything, the thing I skipped, Allah says women cannot do well jabril in nahoon Allahu Allah kobika Milla tell them whoever wants to be an enemy to gibreel and then later on in that same passage, when can I do well Allah He Ramallah ekati Hebrew surely he was real because Allah azza wa jal, Catherine, whoever wants to be an enemy to Allah and His angels and to gibreel and to me God, then Allah is an enemy to those who disbelieve in other words, alive saying this behavior you have become an enemy to who you

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are standing against who, the angels, you stand against the angels and in that same passage, Allah says, What about robotiq Lucia Tito Anna wilkey Suleiman maka, Farah Suleiman Willa kidney shell Tina cafaro. They followed what the shadow team were teaching them. They become enemies to the angels, and they become friends with who Shelton. They don't follow her and the angels under gibreel McClaren sama, I mean under jabril gibreel brings revelation

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and you follow revelation and you are friends and your family are actually melodica also National oleocanthal Hayato Nia

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phylloxera. Allah will tell us the angels come and tell us we are your protective friends in this life and in the next life. When you follow what the angel brought down, you been brought down, then the angels are your friends. When you reject what the angel brought down, who are you following? English he thought and they started, you know, learning magic and all this other nonsense. They started doing gopher open. And by the way, they did it knowingly, knowingly they did it. They knew that this is not revelation, they knew that it's from shaitaan they still did it anyway. When naka de la Mola manage Tarahumara who fill out a document, they already knew, the one who consumes this

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is not going to have any portion of al Qaeda. They still did it anyway. So what's interesting about this middle is there's a there's a comment being made about the Israelites that a good number of you became enemies to the angels and friends with Shelton, what was the first story in the surah or the malayalam story? The malayalam story is a contrast between who to which two groups, angels and chanting. And now and we, of course, we side with the angels because they submitted to Allah. And we stand against Satan because he refused the last command and you refuse to do such that, and now Ally's telling them in a demo, like a demonstrated case. Now you see where you stand. You see where

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you aren't.

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I'm just baffled at how large the agenda says. And then in this middle, you know, you learn something else. It's not just that they're enemies to angels, the enemy to gibreel First, the enemies of jabril first, why is that important to note? That's important to note because you realize Salaam is the one who brings

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the other salon was told by MIT and accompany houden fermenter Bianca De La, La La Salut. Listen, I'm sending you to the earth who ever follows my guidance, there will be no concern. They'll have no concern, no fears, and nothing to worry about. Meaning when jabril comes you better take him seriously. Right? They're actually denying that promise that was made to other malissa not just to like their own legacy as Israelites, but even the promise made with other money setup. So that's the beginning, middle and end of this incredible passage of the Israelites and what it does is it ties the entire discussion to the previous story. The story of other mothers having such a beautiful Halo

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is just you're just left baffled by the calamity. Welcome, Hakeem when finally we are coming out with the Kentucky

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves into the Tafseer and complete overview of Ayats 40 – 122 of Surah Al Baqarah which deals with Bani Israel.

He gives us a visual framework and shows us that is made up of 19 sections. Firstly, there is an introductory passage of the Israelites which is repeated at the very end also.

Where does this conversation that is talked about in the aforesaid Ayats and where is it leading to?

Listen intently to fully comprehend the lecture.

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