Myth 6 A Good Partner Thinks He Does Not Have To Put In Effort Into A Good Marriage

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Sweet monana Happy.

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Happy boba.

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Today is day six. And we are continuing with our marriage focus. And we are looking at the next myth it reads. A good partner doesn't need to put a lot of effort into a good marriage.

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A good partner doesn't need to put in a lot of effort into a good marriage. Well, the fact of the matter is that the more effort you put into your marriage, the happier you both will be.

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Interesting isn't

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when you say love is a verb, which means there's an effort involved. It can be stagnant, it's a verb, there's action involved. It's easy to fall in love. However, it's difficult to stay in love. Wow, it's easy to fall in love. It's difficult to stay in love.

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Marriage is like a garden, we need to understand that marriage is like a garden, which requires constant effort.

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But in reality, the gardener says

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that, I'm going to take a six week break, the garden is looking beautiful. Everything is up to date, I don't need to work anymore. I'm going to go on a six week break.

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What will be the condition of the garden? When that owner returns?

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What will be growing in the garden?

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He'll find weeds, wild plants. And he has to start work all over again.

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And then he asked himself,

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you know, what, can I take a break or not? Well, the answer is no. There is constant effort required. Like I said, Love is a verb, which means there's action involved. And the minute you take the backseat, the minute you become complacent, then that marriage, it heads for the rocks. And it becomes difficult. Many people think, well, I've got the fish now. I don't have to give bait all the time. The fish is already in the container. And now it's just a matter of training curliness cooking the way you want in

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Well, it's not as simple as it is.

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You've got to maintain that relationship throughout your journey. So it's a myth. It's a total myth to think that I don't have to put an effort into my marriage, things will just work out itself, things will just fall into place. Well, it doesn't happen like that. In the real world. There is the effort required, just like a gardener is required to work throughout the year. Likewise, we are also required to work throughout the years. And just like how the gardener has to work according to the seasons, there's different effort required for the different season. Likewise, for our managers, also there's different seasons, there's the summer period, and then there's the the cool period, and

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each season requires different effort. So brothers and sisters in Islam,

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it is imperative that we understand that for a successful and for a happy marriage is constant effort required. And we have to put in that effort. And the rewards are promising. The fruits are tasty, and it is a gratifying experience at the end of the day. And trust me, that's what we are talking about. And we will have challenges but we have to work without working in our relationship. We cannot expect to be happy. And that's when we when we when we go into complacent mode, and we decide not to work. That's the time you must expect for all the glory and glitter in the relationship to die out. Then you must say

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I'd rather go there beneath beneath the earth than to be on top. So if you're married to somebody remained committed, whether it's a he or she, you need to understand that marriage requires constant effort and effort only. This garden grows and with effort only this relationship blossoms and with effort only this relationship can grow by the Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala inspire us all and keep us committed to our partners into our relationship in Sharla.