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Assalamu alaikum Welcome to your views from around the world to nation of goodness. That's the title of our series. Actually, this is the newest and latest series put on by Kareem Abu Zaid, it's an exciting series you don't want to miss one episode in this series, Shea cream. Thank you so much for joining us. And thank you so much for giving us your insight and addressing this controversial issue of enjoying the good and forbidding the evil. The psychological ematic and looking forward to talk more about inshallah, check the last episode sorry, we talked about three conditions. This episode, where are we going? Well, this episode we want to define things. Okay. Definitions definition that

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is the the name here definitions. We said, um, be maroof nahi. And monk. I'm commanding maruf. Goodness, what is good. Now he enjoining or forbidding or banning? enjoining. Stopping? Right? What is evil? Okay. Let's define those marovo and evil first. Okay, that's fine. maruf and monka. We're going to so in this episode, you want to start by defining Good and Evil who decides what is good and what is evil? That is a good question. Because at the end of the day, in the societies, where they live, where we live, or where every Muslim lives now, certain things which is defined by the deen by the religion by the Quran, and the Sunnah, the sound son of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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To be good. The society sees evil, right? but also at the other end of there's something that is evil. So the society sees it good. That's very well put ideal example what you shared with me before the break, I would like to share that with you in the viewers. I you know, I live here in the Middle East and actually, the power went out my apartment and I only had one match left and my guess is to me, man, like, why don't you have more matches? I said Why? They said what if you have a guest who would like to smoke a cigarette? I was shocked. I said, Of course I would not allow a guest to smoke a cigarette in my home. They said Really? You would tell your guests to leave the house and smoke a

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cigarette. As if I was like rude. I said of course I would. Secret This is a cultural understanding Daddy's little idea. You see, it's a Moncur. Somebody who smokes is a monkey. Yeah. But because the societal norms they see it normal, right? Then they see it impolite. Yes, you do something about and then you look like a jerk. No, you're not. You're actually not. But now how you go about it you like to do you keep them you need to let them know that this is haram and I'm a Muslim and I'm trying to enforce what what is it? But in general Malik good maruf is what is condoned if this is the right word, by Allah and His messenger to be good. Okay? When Allah subhana wa tada breezes, the door of

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it, okay. And we're Allah Subhana Allah de words, the doer of it, okay. And the top of the line Malik of my roof, is it the heat

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that you believe in Allah, you single out Allah subhana wa Tada. Once it comes to his divine essence, that there is no one similar to him, no one is like him, once it comes to his actions of lordship, creation, sovereignty, disposing the affairs, and also once it comes to his names and attributes. And as Matt was so worried, and then once it comes to his rights of one you know what to do here that you singled out Allah Subhana Allah interactions, this is the pub of a narrow, okay, and this is what you want people to follow. Okay, this is really the area you need to start working on. This is the area where a lot of us need, though hate taking back people to the way this is the

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best model that you can take people to, and this is what Allah Subhana Allah entrusted us with. When Allah Subhana Allah said that we are the best oma for people. We are the best of the people for the people, because we're going to teach them who are lies. We're going to teach them the way. Now, the opposite of this element of evil, what is evil again, what Allah subhana wa tada and His Messenger identify to be evil. And it is a punishment, a punishable or a person that door will be punished and he will earn sins from

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doing it. And again magic the top of evil in the face of this earth, that we must all shun and try to remove from Earth is sheer. people committing sharing with our children the origin, denying Allah subhana wa Taala people who are atheist, or people who associate with Allah Subhana Allah, Father, Son Holy Ghost are people who say that Allah bigots or sun or Muslims we have Muslims who go around

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graves and calling upon the dead. We have Muslims who are slaughter, Muslim who pray invoke human beings right invoke shaves a man so called saints, yes, say, for their needs. So this is the top of the line of evil that we must remove and remove. So this is what is good in what you're in good hands.

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This is what is evil. Now, we have an unimportant piece here that would that we must address is what is the status? And we're going to answer this question What is the ruling regarding enjoining good and forbidding evil? Is it mandatory? This episode I would like really to educate the viewers about when you ask this question, what is the holy man show? Right men hope you know a lot of shift ceremony

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what is the ruling regarding me doing this and that and that and you get this every day on YouTube?

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On goddess TV, I do that show let's talk about it and Mashallah, now, when you ask this question, that person is trying to figure out you see any command in the Quran or in the sound so now falls into one of these five places.

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Worship mandatory found

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which means what? You are sinful, if you do not do it, and you get rewarded if you do it, okay. Pay attention, the viewers, this is very important to recomended

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Meaning what? You are not sinful if you do not do it, but you get rewarded if you do it. Okay.

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Men do. And this is by the way, where a lot of people confused this. Because another word for this as soon as this is a huge confusion, you can do a whole series on this. Yeah, I know.

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They messed up the word sooner, because sometimes you get a command from the sunette. Right. Which falls into the area of mandatory but because of the fact that it was not mentioned in the Quran, it was mentioned in the sooner so people say what, it's a Sunday, and they say, Oh, just as soon as this means it's recommended that no Yeah, no. You see, sometimes, a command was revealed in the sooner like ideal example. For leha Walker's to share a lot of Muslims, they think that not a lot of Muslim men not growing the beard is optional, right? It is not optional. It is mandatory. But you know why? They say it's a sadhana because it was mentioned in the show, right? But yet it was

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mentioned in the show, but it's a command that falls in the mandatory area or as you see, we take our religion from two sources for an end. Sooner we have to walk through that one. They work together what you see there is a woman who came to the library and she said to Mr. Cooper name yamo

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you haven't done so. You've been preaching saying LA and Allahu

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Allah curses a woman who blocks her eyebrows eyebrow is an someone that blocked when I opened the Quran from Alif Lam Meem all the way till Ines I didn't see it come, come and he took her to the virgin salted hash. We wanna Kumara Zhu Hua, Manoj Kumar, who Fanta Who? Whatever the messenger commands you do, and whatever the messenger commands you have to leave leave that's in the Quran. So now this gives the platform for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to legislate. Also we have other verses were up to LA how to

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obey Allah and obey the message

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after your law how to wash food, or you believe obey Allah and obey the messenger. So now yet the command is coming from the sound Howdy. It's it's good son. But it falls in the obligatory in the fourth in the worship area. But a lot of Muslims do not do it because they think it's a certain way because they associated with the sun now with the definition of sadhana in that context, what is soon that if you do not do it, you're not punished. And if you do it, you get rewarded. Okay, so

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Those are two. Thank you for clarifying that. All right. Number three, we have something called permissible. Move back. What is permissible? sleep? Eating, drinking, talking, right? That's permissible. Neither here nor there. Neither here nor there. Yeah. And it's an act that you do. But you could get rewarded for it if you get an external external variable, which is your intention

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at some point like sleeping on your right side beside your sleeve with the intention of work to strengthen your body I tell you this Abu Salah Saudi Arabia alone and

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they were discussing the strategy, each one of them strategy regarding praying at night. You see, that's how they discuss what do you do to wake up at night right and Judah. Abu Musa said, You know what, after I pray a shower after midnight, I go ahead and do it. Why the measurable said, I sleep the first two thirds of the night, and I wake up the last third of the night, but he made a very beautiful statement. You know what he said? What a test he will know Matty can testable komati.

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And when I go to sleep, I have the intention or Allah, I'm sleeping to gain some strength in order to wake up for the hygiene, therefore you get rewarded for your sleep. So sleep is permissible. But because of that intention, you're sleeping, you're eating, you're drinking, why? Because you want to strengthen your body so you can worship better, right? Look at this, you get rewarded for it even so it's permissible. Okay. So, mandatory mandatory, recommended recommended, which is men do. Number three permissible we have disliked, dislike dislike, and we have Harun What is this like something that is disliked to do? It is close to heroin, but yet is not haram even so a lot of the jurors,

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they have classified some of it disliked in the area of harm. Some of it is disliked just to keep you away from the harm. But we don't want to go into this detail and that is the harm. So these are the five category rulings once we ask what is the ruling regarding enjoining good and forbidding. So where does it fit in? Can we keep the viewers in suspense and even tell them into logic? If possible in the next segment where for bidding excuse me enjoying the good and forbidding evil where it fits into these five categories they have to wait until the break and come back. Okay, you guys.

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PR peer pressure

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leading you to a dead

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but there is a way out.

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Leaving hands.

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Salam Alaikum Welcome back to nation of goodness the latest program put on by a man Kareem Abu Zaid BEFORE THE BREAK he left you guys in suspense he's gonna clarify we're enjoying the good and forbidding evil falls into the five Islamic jurisprudence category secret him he left them in suspense now you got to give them the answer. And hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah Chateau La ilaha illallah wa hola sharika wash Donna Mohammed and

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let me just introduce something very quickly here.

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At the end of the day Malik at the end of the day, like I said, you as a Muslim have two duties.

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Duty number one is to worship Allah.

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You yourself become a servant to Allah.

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And to abit Neff, secondly,

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you're done with that and hamdulillah the now you want to call others to it.

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We could call this dour.

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This is one okay. Or you could call it enjoining good and forbidding evil. Either or you see those

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To our dour, interchangeable, it's kind of changeable. It's kind of mutual kind of definitions interchangeable. Yeah, same thing, but when you say enjoining, good and forbidding evil and that when you use them at the same context can occur from time to stock. Something that is a mutual you really mean to things that are is to non Muslims. Okay? Who is Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah hate, you come to the Hadith

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when he sent to him to Yemen, Nikita to Coleman, Allah kita you're coming to the people of the book, that be the first thing that you call them to Islam, Allah, hello. Dawa, give them down. That is why when you speak to a Christian and Jew, you're not going to enjoin good and forbid the right excellent point. This is valid for non Muslim Yes. But again, if you, you see, it's if you if you mentioned them at the same sentence, the same paragraph, if you say, you know what, I'm giving Dawa, and enjoining good and forbidding evil. So that one goes to us now Muslims and enjoining good and forbidding evil to up to Muslims. That's a wonderful point check. I never thought about it like

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that. Yes. But when you say enjoying the good and forbidding evil, you could, you know, obliterated either gitana iF taraka or either taraka externa. When you mentioned them together, then their meanings are different. And when you mentioned one of them separately, then they could mean both things at the same time. She can interrupt you really quickly. To anonymous sums we wouldn't call it enjoin good and forbid evil. No, because their problem is that they don't believe in a loss. You want to address the problem give them dalawa does he the Prophet sallallahu Sallam identified the methodology to approach a non Muslim? Okay, this is a very important point because a lot of our

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viewers haven't noticed. You see, here is the methodology the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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When he sent my dad legible to Yemen, Yemen was a Christian and Jewish land. In Nakata t Coleman lakita you're gonna go to the people of double Leah could our method Oh, Camilla. Let be the first thing that you talk to them to you call them to is La, la, la la. You talk to them about Oh, hey, who is Allah? Because they still believe in Allah but their concert concept of Allah is twisted. Allah sleeves Allah gets tired Allah has a son Allah has a wife you want to refute all of this you want to stop this and take them to the concept which Islam offers. This is the first thing but they drink and they eat and they they do have they do you see but this is the bigger problem is the

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tallied it though? Hey, because it is the fundamental Yeah, right. Why did I Isha Malik say that? If the only thing that we learn from the Quran in Makkah was who is Allah, Jenna and hill?

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Knowing who is the commander?

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Who is the commander, knowing his names and attributes, and that he worked for you to leave your old ways and the punishment if you don't? So that's what you want to do you want to talk to them about the hate. So this is the methodology of approaching non Muslims, non Muslims. But now once it comes to Muslims, we say, a dour, I go back again. enjoining good forbidding evil. No, I go back again. Okay, the task because I want to talk about the ruling and I'm gonna I hope you're gonna cut me off just to give the ruling because we promised to give the ruling in that segment. So any Muslim his responsibility, his responsibility is to worship Allah and to call people to it. calling people

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could mean that our could mean enjoining good and forbidding you. Now the Muslims once it comes to calling people to Allah, or enjoying the good and forbidding evil are of two types, type that possesses the knowledge

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like the believer of aliff, around wirkkala kawahara, Lady M and A COVID tebu Follow me, I will teach you. You have the knowledge. This is a student of knowledge. He can sit and teach the people that hate enjoin good and forbid evil through his lectures through his talks. This is somebody who can do it himself. But a great portion of the oma do not possess that knowledge. do not possess the knowledge to invite people to Allah or to enjoin good and forbid evil. Should they stop? No, they cannot stop they are still required. What should they do? They should do? Like they believe or have seen mini se. What is

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your argument? Oxon Medina tiasa, kala COVID turbo Mercedes opvault follow the messengers. So you direct people if you do not possess the knowledge that qualifies you to call people to Allah, to enjoin good and forbid evil, this does not mean that you're void. No, you're not your job, brother, can we go to this lecture? Can we go to the shape so you direct people to the school have you directive, you can take a lecture to them, you can take a DVD

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To them, you can take a CD to them, why this is important Malik. Why this is important before we say I have to furnish this, before we talk about the ruling where the ruling is why this is important. Number one, when you call people to Allah, or when you enjoy and good and forbidding evil, you trying to achieve three goals. Goal number one is to benefit the people, remind them, of course, further innama and

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remind them, it may be that you remind the will get to the Yeah, you may benefit them, you may benefit them, your job is to remind them, your job is to do it. Regardless, your job is to do it. You remind them for that career. Fair enough. Because 10 for me need remind indeed that reminders will benefit the believers. So this is number one, okay? That's Goal number one you're trying to achieve. So when I see you doing something wrong, and reminding you know, me, Allah who will place acceptance in your hand and your heart towards my reminder, and you'll say you're not that person, this brother is right. I'm gonna just leave it. But this is Goal number one. Goal number two, you're

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trying to take yourself from the area of blame. Why? Because you're gonna find out in a minute that when you see evil, you must change it. Okay, when you see evil, you must change it. Now, if you do not, you're subject to the consequences of seeing evil and not changing. What are some of these consequences, you're cursed, you could be cursed. You could be punished.

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And we're gonna explain the this once we talk about the ruling and the consequences if you cannot do this. So you're taking yourself out of the area of play. Remember the people when we spoke about the people of the Sabbath, the Sabbath breaker, Allah subhanaw taala turned that part which violated the Sabbath into chimpanzees. But the other part who used to enjoin good and forbid evil, they were what they divided themselves, they left but they were saved, right? They were not transformed themselves into champions is rather they were saved. They took us out of the area blank. So when you enjoin good and forbid evil, you take yourself out of the area of play. If you happen, if you happen, that

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you're going to die. If you happen, you're going to be punished like them, it's a collective punishment that you're going to die. We have Halloween Maddie had a beautiful Hadith for Buhari, that an army will come out of Iraq, one of the wording will come out of Syria to Mecca, trying to fight and Maddie and Allah will cause earth to swallow this army, they will sink in earth. And so salatu salam says, and those people will be raised, according to the intention, that some of them are righteous and pious, they had no clue what this army is all about. They just happen to be with this army. They didn't even know what is going on, but they were collectively punished. But you know

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what Allah who raised them and will reward them, they are not part of the evil, but they happen to be in the facility. So you're trying to do this you're trying to do number two, take yourself out of the airplane. Number three, which is very important. You're trying to establish the evidence against the people

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elaborate check a little bit more at the end of the day, Allah is not going to punish you if you don't have the knowledge. If you do not if you will not receive a warning. Or Oh suelen Musashi, no mundo de una de la, una de nasya Allah La hodja to

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the job of the messengers By the way, they are bearers of black hiring, if you do this, you get rewarded and they are also bearers of earnings if you do not, this is what you're doing is wrong you ocean three, you're worshipping an object you're not worshiping Allah, this is wrong. Listen, I'm just warning you. I'm just warning. So my job and your job when we enjoy and good and forbid evil or when we call people to Allah, we're trying to establish the evidence against them. So this is what we'll do now. Let's go to the point okay, what is the ruling regarding enjoining good and forbidding evil Listen, Phil mass ality not soon what

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the issue has clear text that is it is mandatory. And we're challah we're gonna emulate Allah shed more light on this next episode be the light Allah and also there is agema consensus. It is mandatory upon every Muslim to enjoin good and forbid evil with the heart. Without doubt without question consensus, you see, Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam mentioned if you see evil, change it with your hand force, okay, force the change. If you cannot, the tongue speak speak out against it speak out against if you cannot

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hit it with your heart he does with your hand. If you don't hate with your heart, then you become part of the problem. Then you don't have a man. Yeah, you didn't have feet. So they say it's mandatory.

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Upon the heart, but a lot of Muslims they have a misconception regarding this issue. They think that they can still deny it with their heart and they can still be in the facility of the evil but this is wrong and we're going to clarify that army walk ins generally concealed carry and either semirara Tila Jacobi

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Fela taco Dumas Allah has revealed to you in the book that when you see people mocking the, the commands of Allah, making fun of the commands of Allah don't set with them until they change in how to hula

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in comida, Miss Lu you like them in aloha Jan Yamuna, 15, our Katharina Fijian Amitabha yes with the heart, but comes with the heart separate, like the Sabbath breaker, they kept talking to them, advising them, reminding them they insisted in the evil, I'm sorry, I'm done with you. There's a barrier between me and you. But if I am in the facility where the evil is committed, and I want to be with you, I'm going to speak I'm going to use my hand. Now. It is the ruling it is mandatory, it is a form the first one mandatory upon you to change evil, command good with your heart. It is sometimes hallahan sometimes haram sometimes dislike and this is where really the fear comes in.

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It's actually sometimes it is haram to enjoin good and forbid evil using the handle the time. I know we're gonna cut right here. But the next episode is so important. We're going to shed more light on the ruling again regarding enjoining good and forbidding evil thank you for wrapping it up and you guys at home. You guys don't want to miss one episode of sacred crusades, new series of goodness this next episode is gonna be exciting so you don't want to miss it. Until then I'll leave you in the care of a law

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kita de la Cana for you on

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