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Surah Al-Qadr is entirely dedicated to Laylatul Qadr, the most noble of nights during the month of Ramadan when the Quran was first revealed. In this video, Ustadh Nouman teaches us the nuances of the phrase “laylatul qadr” in Arabic, which combines the meanings of night of “decree”, “honor” and “power”. This is the night when Allah will decree that the angels execute all His decisions for the rest of the year; when Allah revealed the most honorable words through His most honored angel to His most honored messenger. Finally it is a night endowed with unusual power; a night when all our sincere duaa will be accepted. It is the ultimate night of peace and prayer; one we must take advantage of as the blessed month of Ramadan comes to a close. But above all else, Laylatul Qadr is a celebration of the Quran.

2017-06-17 – Ramadan 2017

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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato out all the Villa hamina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Al Rahim in

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houfy li Latino cada

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cama de la

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Layla Toluca de Haan min l Fisher. tenez.

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Eco roofie Habib, Nila be him Ming Kohli am Sela moon here? moto nine vegetal? Rubbish actually sorry we're silly Emery was little rock that me lasagna Ollie, Phil hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah so he will be he will mursalin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi womanist in the vicinity Hilo Medina aloha maganda Minh home in a Latina Amano Amina sorry, hurt, whatever, so be happy whatever sub sub i mean, i mean to mama bad. So we begin today inshallah, who tada with surah number 97. The surah called al Qaeda, it's about the night of power or the Night of Decree, or the night of great value, there are multiple translations of other possible and it's appropriate that we're

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beginning with that today. As we have entered the last 10 nights of Ramadan, there are lots and lots of opinions that are found in our tradition, some counted as many as 40 opinions, which I thought is hilarious, because there's 30 days at the most with their 40 opinions about what it could be. But there are others like mamarazzi, who counts nine different opinions, and some even held the view that it's the 13th light or the 19th night, or the 23rd, the 21st, the 27th, etc, etc. There's multiple views on what night it could be. What I'm not going to talk about today's which night, it could be what I will talk to you about, because after studying all of those different opinions, and

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those inclinations, what seems to be the most convincing view of what night is later to Qatar is that it's what any one of these last 10 nights, that's the most compelling argument and our attitude towards that should be almost like it moves every year, don't think it's one of these night, it's it's, you know, it's a moving target. So you're constantly seeking it. And this is actually something that evidences from some of the signs of later to Qatar, I'll read some of them to you, there are some studies that point to, you know, what to look for, and later to Qatar, like, you know, Sahaba saw it in a dream. And you know, you could you know, you have even believers today that

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just see it in a dream and they'll they'll be convinced on their own, it has any kind of thing. It's not like, they can post it online, I saw it in a dream, it's tonight, or whatever, but like it's for themselves, they can get that feeling that it's tonight says it's an unusual sense of peace or calm, it's, there are some relief, I'll read them off to you inshallah, when the time comes about what it feels like in the night, etc. but not all, none of that is actually 100%. Because, I mean, there are people that live in, you know, Antarctica, and they're not going to get a like a nice breeze and say, Oh, yeah, it must be a little cluttered.

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That's not gonna happen. Or there's some people that live in different kinds of climates. And they, you know, or they're, they're in Scotland, where it's mostly cloudy, right? And then the rays of the sun in the morning aren't really a thing, you know, so it's going to be difficult to say, Okay, well, these signs are an absolute indication. But these are some indications that have been maybe perhaps alluded to, so it's not a hard science. But but yet again, I remind myself and I remind you that this is a very important quests, seeking that night and taking advantage of that night is such a big deal, that I'll actually dedicated an entire sutra, not just an ayah, or to an entire surah of

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the Quran just to this. And if that wasn't enough, in the opening of Soto de Haan, he did it again. And so number 44. He actually did it again, he dedicated the first passage only to this night, and what this night implies and what its important importance is, so it's not a small thing. It's you know, there are other nights or days in Islam that have value. Right But and like you know, the the Hajj, its sacred days are there of course, the entire month of Ramadan has sacred value, but there's no not any one of those times in the year, or the calendar that has been specified by an entire sutra just by itself. That's never happened. The only other thing I can think of is a sutra

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dedicated by a time and that's the Juma prayer. So little Juma, right and even that the entire sutra is not dedicated to Joomla. It's the last couple of IOP, 910 and 11. Those are dedicated to the Friday prayer, the rest of the surah is about something else that leads up to the Friday prayer, right. So this is unique, and this is something that we really should be taking into consideration as we've entered into these nights and I pray that allarakha which gives us the opportunity, the strength, the enthusiasm, the sincerity of heart, the genuine tears that were able to earn a less forgiveness in this time. Okay, so Allah azza wa jal begins this surah by saying in NZ Allah who

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feel a little coddled, there's no doubt that we in fact, sent it down in the night of power. Notice in the previous surah, we saw the URL the first revelation jabril, Allah His alarm came, but Allah has removed God from the equation, as if to say yes, jabril came to you, but actually the words are my own. I'm the one who sent it down. So he took credit himself and made it even

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more direct in the night of power. He described it as not, we sent our messenger jabril down to you, but we ourselves sent it down to you in the night of power. Notice also the word who in that Enza who we sent it down, as opposed to Allah saying, We sent the Koran down. This is called the militia. And in other words, when you say it, obviously, you're thinking about something that you're expecting people already know. Like, if I was talking to you in a conversation and say, Hey, did you watch it? Did you see it? And you could either either you have no idea what I'm talking about, you say, What's it? What did I see? Or both of you are watching the cricket match? Or both of you're

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watching the football game? And when I say Did you see it? I was like, yeah, it was awesome. And none of Nobody said it was the game, or the match both said it was awesome, because it's on our minds. When Allah says in that Enza, now who we sent it down, it's actually an indication that the Quran as it started coming down was on everybody's mind. Like it was this this was something that became a phenomenon. And it was it's when you say, Have you heard it? It's like people in Makkah, when they said when they heard the concept, have you heard it, they couldn't think of anything other than Quran. It wasn't poetry or some story or anything else that even came in their mind, even the

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enemy's minds. The Koran permeated and flooded the city of Mecca. And so when unless has it, it's telling the believers but also even those who don't believe that it is a reference to the Quran itself. And that's power. That's the appreciation of the power and the grandeur of the Quran that it doesn't even have to be spelled out by name. And people still know what it's talking about. That what a ledger referring to. And so that's captured inside in unzer. Now, the other question that's been raised about in that and so now that we no doubt sent it down, is it goes back to an opinion of ignore bustle the Allahu taala in Houma, which is an interesting one. And that is that Allah sent

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the entire Koran from the seventh heaven to the first in one night in this night. Okay, and then from that place from the first Heaven, down to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam over 23 years, okay, so so the revelation came in two stages in zile happen, meaning the complete revelation came down from heaven, number seven, have a number one in one night, and then from there, the trickle over over the next 23 years. And this is attributed to our boss for the love of God and Homer, scholars are inclined to believe that this is something he learned from the messenger himself. Salallahu alaihe salam. And the reason they're inclined to believe that is obviously, there's no way

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for even our boss has a companion of the Prophet. So I said, I'm to know what's going on in the seventh heaven, or the first heaven, and these are matters of the unseen, and the only way he can confidently comment on matters of the unseen is if his knowledge of that is attributed to something he heard from Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, otherwise, he wouldn't be there saying something like that about the unseen realm. Right? The only one who can speak with confidence about the unseen is the Messenger of Allah who's informed about the unseen. If a companion is speaking about the unseen, our confidence, especially in a knowledgeable companion, like even our boss or the Allahu taala. In

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Houma, then our confidence is that he must have learned this knowledge of the unseen from the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, he's not quoting him, he's paraphrasing him. But that's why this is called metaphor, meaning this knowledge is actually something acquired from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, which is what I'm also inclined towards that view. But there's another view of at least this rule on how this ayah can be interpreted, it could be interpreted as we sent, we started sending it down in the night of power, meaning revelation, the process of revelation to the Prophet size that began in this night. And the who, some argue, is actually going back to the previous

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surah. If this mirror beacon levy that we under the collar, we sent that down in the night of power, so he's making reference to that, in the native power. Now, a minor controversy in our studies, which really isn't it's almost a non issue, but I'll mention it for academic purposes. Some actually held the view that this little brother is not referring to Ramadan, that is referring to the middle of Shabbat because there are some narrations that are attributed from Chateau de la Miranda about the blessings of the month of Siobhan and it's called a little mubaraka also, and it has to do with decree and things like that. So they held the view that maybe this is not talking about Ramadan.

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This is talking about the middle of Shabbat now that view is strictly you know, like, outright negated for many reasons and I'll just share one of them with you. Allah says explicitly about the Quran shadow Ramadan and Lady Angela fee on the month of Ramadan is the one in which the Quran was sent down. And every night of the month of Ramadan bill or every night of Ramadan belongs within it within the revelation month. And of course this night when Allah says we sent it down in little cuddle, little cutter must belong in Ramadan, those two things go hand in hand and the argument becomes ironclad. There's no other way of looking at it. Okay, so now I want to share with you just

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some things about the word Qatar and three ways that this this word Qatar can be interpreted or thought about Sharla that'll help inshallah, our framework for the sutra and our understanding of what it could mean. The one of the meanings of Qatar in Arabic is calculation chaos

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and you know,

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The idea of control is to put limit on something or techniques to to calculate the extent of something, or cadorna hamanasi law, we calculated the stages for the moon on set the stages for the moon. So one way that this is interpreted, and this is corroborated by what Allah says in Surah de Haan, I'll take you there in a second is that this is a, this is a time this is a night in which Allah sends decisions, major decisions for the rest of the year.

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And all the good decisions, okay, all the good decisions for the rest of the year are sent, who's going to earn what, who's going to enjoy what happiness, what child is going to be born, what marriage is going to take place, what good and what bad and who's going to come to Islam, and he's going to you know, die a peaceful death, whatever it may be. All of those decisions are actually there already known by Allah, but the angels come to start executing those decisions in this night. This is the night you know how you have like in governments, you have like the budget and then the execution of the budget. This is like, this is that day, this is that day where the heavens and the

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decree that is made by Allah is sent down and the decisions are now starting to get executed by the angels. And that's one of the ways to understand it. In light of that, I'll read something to you from sort of the hunt, Hamid Al Kitab. in Medina meme I swear by the clear book in that Angela houfy Layton mobile rocketing, we sent certainly we sent it down, meaning the book down in a night that is full of blessings that keeps on enhancing its blessings keeps on producing more good than you would ever expect. Keep this word in mind. mubaraka means something that has been given the ability to multiply and to grow. Okay, so that's what some robotic means something that stays multiplies and

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grows. Okay? And we're gonna come back to that when we come to this, this sort of bundle that we're learning because we're gonna see a multiplication, and that's going to be the defeat of mubaraka. Why is it an item multiplies and grows? And he says in our code nominating we've always been wanting to give warnings fee how you for cuckoo amarin Hakeem in it every wise decision has been separated and distinguished. Every wise decision Allah says this is the night of great decision making and cutter is actually decree limits, and those decisions have now been issued by Allah azza wa jal, he says Amina andina, these are commands that come from us in nakanoshima. We've always been sending

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them Ramadan Arabic in the hula, similarly, it is a mercy meaning all of these commands entail in them a mercy and love from Allah. These are loving commands from Allah, they are not the decisions that come into sight are not decisions of destruction or calamity and things like that they are decisions of mercy and love and care from Allah. And he certainly is. And this is the important part and know who who was familiar with it. He certainly he is the ultimately hearing all knowing what's going on inside of your heart and what do as you're making, especially in this night allies hearing. That's what he's saying in these these sorts of social cohesion. And we have to absolutely be

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convinced of that, or be somehow it will be well Nabina Houma in control McKinnon, the master of the skies and the earth and whatever lies in between them if you are thoroughly convinced yourself, man, like give us the blessings have led to the second meaning of Qatar is actually Mandela, or, or shout of nobility honor. This is the night of great honor. Why? And you can think of it like this, the most honorable of the angels God came in this night. And he came with the most honorable Book of Allah the Quran, and he gave it to the most honorable messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, right in the most honored of knights. So it's a combination of all these honors and glory,

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you know, glories that come together in later to God. Right? So it's actually almost like the first iron in nutans. And now affiliated to Qatar is almost describing one of the things that makes this night so noble and so honorable. So so far I've given you decree, and I've given you honor, another meaning of God, or kodra, is actually power. Its power. And so this is a night in which we should have complete faith in the power of Allah to change things, to change our fate to change our behavior to change give us, you know, to empower us to do things because Allah is endowed this night with unusual strength and unusual power. And it's a manifestation of a less miracles in this night,

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after all, the greatest miracle ever given to humanity. The Koran was given in this night, the most powerful word of Allah. So then we should have more belief in miraculous and stirrings of Dora's existence, night and any other night. And then a rare opinion that I also found that was interesting is the word cutter also means congestion, or when something is constrained, and that's the meaning we saw kind of insulted fudger What am I'm up to LA vaca de la disco. When when a believer or a human being his risk has been limited, and congested and instead of cobbled Carter was used, right? So Some say that actually, so many angels descend in this night. And there's a hadith about how

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there are more angels than the grains of sand on the earth on this night that descend, and that actually suggests that there are angels that otherwise don't descend on the earth. I mean, the world has angels Allah does send angels but he sends more angels tonight that are actually meant for the skies, but only come to the earth for this night.

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You know, and he floods this world so much that it actually gets congested. There's no room for any evil left in this world, it's completely flooded and filled with angels. So now, these four implications that I've given you, of course, the most commonly iterated one in light of sort of the heart is that this is the Night of Decree, that this is the night that decisions are going to be made for the rest of the year. And now the great decision the greatest decision of Allah for humanity, which was the coming of the final revelation is also part of that night now for young Billy and to Adelaide little country, or either New Zealand or on just general thing about Allah

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says the Colombia Yama Quran says remind people of Allah's days, and allows days or last night in this case, the most valuable of all nights is the Quran is the night of the Quran meaning later to Qatar. And he says that this is actually considered an officer says, even know how she says that this should be considered the read of the Quran. Like this is the anniversary of the Quran that we're celebrating in this night now, Rama de la cama later to cuddle? What could give you any clue? What the night of power the night of decreed the night of calculation? What What could it be? What could what could give you any clue. This is a long way of saying I'm about to tell you the main

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things you need to know about labor to cover the core concepts that you need to internalize for you to value this night and not lose sight of you know, so you never become you know, someone who doesn't take advantage of it. Before I go on. I mean, I started by saying we don't know which night it is. And I do want to mention a couple of interesting bits of wisdom that have been talked about, like especially by mamarazzi and others about why he thinks Allah didn't let us know. Like, there's even a narration in which the Prophet slicin and remembered it and he was made to forget it. Right? And he says, actually, he compares it to another incident in the Prophet's life. So the La Jolla, in

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which somebody was sleeping, and the prophets, I said, I'm told the idea of the alojado, to wake him up to pray. And so Ali rushed and woke him up to pray. And then he said, usually, you know, so like you you rush to do things like this yourself? Why did you tell me to do it? Like I've always seen you when you see any opportunity to do good. Instead of telling someone else to do it, you do it yourself. And I'm curious why you made me do that. And he said, Well, actually, because if I did it, and he got lazy, and he didn't listen, or he showed me off, that would have been an act of disbelief. Right? If he showed you off and then respond that he's just being lazy. But with me, if

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he's defying me, then that's that's a pretty big deal where alamanda rasulillah. With that mentality in mind, if we knew the other is tonight, and we dismissed it, that would be a huge crime. After an entire soda has been revealed to the believer about how big a deal it is, and then the believer, kind of No, not in the mood today. If he did that, or she did that, that would be a major major crime. Because as grand as something is, it is equally as grand it's violation. It's actually a mercy of Allah, that he didn't open that door, that he didn't just say this is the night, problem solved. And this was actually in our favor metalizer which would make us of those who humbly seek

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this night and find it. Anyhow. So now the first value of the night, a little Qadri, Hiram and L. Fisher. The Night of Power or the Night of Decree is better than 1000 months, it's better than 1000 months, and this 1000 months is some have looked at as literally as 1000 months and calculated at three years and four months. And this is how good it is. So if you prayed today, if you prayed further than you should take a vacation for at three years and four. It's not like that. Let's just get that out of the way. That's not what this means. The other thing you should know is that Allah azza wa jal when he mentioned time, like 1000, like 1000 years, and for certain he had sometimes

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been locked out, from what you can count. In other words, I would almost imply here it's better than 1000 months that you can imagine in 1000 months is basically a lifetime, at some years is basically a an average person's lifetime. So Ally's way of saying this is in your estimation, this night is better than an entire lifetime.

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Get find this night and you found an entire good life for yourselves. So halala here, we were thinking about the decisions that are going to go from this year to the next year. And Eliza just says yes, even though those decisions are there, this night is so noble and so grand and so powerful. This can set the course of the rest of your life, it can actually change everything about your life, little country hydro, mineral fish, and it's not just that every prayer you make counts 1000 like you prayed for 1000 months, and that's true. Every victory you do counts like you did it for 1000 months. It's not just that, that that would be amazing enough. But the larger implication

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here is, this is better than an entire lifetime. Little Country fundamental official. So we have to, like genuinely seek this night in order to transform ourselves and have hope in the rest of our lives becoming completely blessed by allows origin. So he This is the first value he gave by the way. God in Arabic also means value. Other than the

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So the night of value, and so later to cut the middleman and Fisher is the first answer to the question, what is the value? If it's the night of value, what is its value? Well, its value is more than 1000 months. By the way, remember the word more how you don't mean, it's better than he didn't say how much better than is it 1000 times better than 1000 ones, isn't a million times better than 1000 months, he didn't qualify, he just said it's better than 1000 months, which means 1000 months is just what we can imagine. But this is far beyond that, too. Because if it was, you know, a lot of countries Miss Lu L. Fisher, it's like 1000 months, that would have been something this is better

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than 1000 months. So now, the next item, one meaning of color was value. And that's kind of answered by the value of this being better than 1000 months. The next question is, we said decree the commands of Allah that come for every issue. So the next ayah will actually deal with the other meaning of the natural mela equal to a roofie. Habib Nero bohemian Cooley, amarin that angels descend along with a roof the spirit what the Bible calls the Holy Spirit, what I'm calling a route which means gibreel Allah Hassan himself. So all the angels descend and also jabril Ali salam, special guests in the house, actually the original Star of Revelation, the original, you know, of

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all the angels, the one that brought the Koran to begin with himself celebrates the anniversary of the night of the Quran by coming down again himself. That's this think about what just we're talking about here. And he's mythos some I mean, for undescribed him as someone of having a huge following, not only him, his original team that used to come with the Legion of the Quran, all of them are now descending into this have into these habits and into the earth. This is the same jabril Elisa who brought the book to musala salaam, Teresa Islam, who you know,

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was the one who gave it to those who lots of Allahu said him, and he's in our company this night. And all of his you know, all of his followers and then all the other angels so less as you know, angels you can think of them like different departments. The first half it has its angels, the second has its angels. The third has its angels, angels station for different tasks. Right a level described sometimes angels that guard us, other times angels that have the job of writing what we do. Other times they'll describe angels that just go around the edge and only do a stick for their angels doing different things. And tonight, all the angels have been taken off task and just sent

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down even the angel Gabriel Ali Salaam from India. Seto Tillman Taha. Right bicycle with the hardware is macom is, you know, where he's coming from there, he descends and he's come down for this night. And so he says, in that night, all of them to send me if need be him, by leave from their master, this is an important thing to understand. Angels have their own work to do. They have their own tests, and Allah has given them freedom from whatever tasks they do now to come do this, to come to this end here. That's why it'll be him as important. Then he says been coonley amor, by by a loss permission. They come with every kind of command, every kind of issue. And that means that

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if it's a health issue, a personal issue or a family issue, a war issue, you know, a spiritual issue, an emotional issue, a physical issue, a financial issue, it doesn't matter what kind of issue Allah azza wa jal has decreed that they come to solve all kinds of issues and help people with all kinds of issues, declaring the color of Allah declaring the decree of Allah in this night for those who seek it. So the angels are just all around us hovering around us, they flooded our space, and they're ready to give what Allah has written for us upon Allah. This is the nozzle melodica Torah houfy. Habib murabbi him mean Kali amarin By the way, the present tense of this ayah actually also

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suggests that this is not just that first time that it happened when the Quran was revealed that it keeps happening meaning this happens every single year because that was also a question raised intimacy was encoded at one time, or is it going to happen every year? Or is it the same descent of the angels every year? And Allah didn't just say the angel descended and are no real descended? He says they descend. Meaning This is a continuous thing. It's a gift of luggages to humanity every single year. So am I gonna be in the lobby him and now habit and zeal kurama Tanaka, Rama la Bihar muslimeen be an Angela la Humphrey till kelela Gemma RT Middle America feed him a shout out for him.

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legions of angels and among them the most noble among them to send this is the gift of Allah to the Muslims talking about be if need be him or minco li amor. Some have also said yeah, for Luna Minami la they secure the command of Allah. Allah has issued his decree and now they're going to make sure that it's, you know, it's executed. Now, we quickly get to the last ayah and you know, what, as we get to this is Eliza will now give us another meaning of Qatar. Qatar also means limit of janela who liquidity Shankara Allah has put a limit on everything. So if you notice the first answer was about the value of little color. The second answer was about the decree of laser cutter and the third and

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the third eye on the subject is about the limit of little control.

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Okay, and the limit meaning how long does it last? That's another meaning of others so beautifully. I don't even have to describe the organizational structure of the pseudo to you. Every one of its I art after the question in the answer nanofillers and kataragama

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are telling you something unique about each one of them a unique item abakada, one of them once again, about its value better than 1000 months, one of them about its decree because that's the meaning of other two, and one of them about its limit. And the one about his limit to me is the most fascinating one. Solomon here had done McLaren fudger. I'll start with what makes it most most unique, not law, meaning the rise of fudger not the early early breakup budget, the rise of AI Justin's already coming out, the skies already turned. In other words, Allah made this night he's so merciful, and so grand and so so so giving in this night, that instead of the, you know how our fast

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ends, when it's still dark, it's still kind of dark, and it's just the second Frederick comes in, but not needed to cuddle. Later Carter continues until you start seeing light itself. He extended it, and he extended its value until mutlar infigen. So it's its limit is unlike any other night, he still counts the early morning part of this fudger as part of the night as a unique gift of little cuddle that Allah azza wa jal enhanced, its its duration for us. Of course, he used the word Salah moon here. And those of you who are even a little bit familiar with Arabic, the normal sentence structure is here, Solomon, it's the muqtada and the Hubbard here, Solomon, but he reversed that

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sequence. And he said, Solomon here and what that does, was salaamu Master, this master Marina, who was Salama and what this does is actually he creates a kind of disaster. This night, there is no peace like this night.

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Like there's no Knight that has the kind of piece that this knight has. That's Salomon here. He's like, no other in it. Piece like no other in it. Um, it's a tangent. I'll come back to that one. But I should mention it because there's some interesting fun interpretations that have been found among ourselves that others have completely dismissed as silly, but I thought they're adorable. So I'll I'll share them with you. So you have you know, some people hold the view that little color is the 27th. Right? So they literally counted in our first word under nanosecond word fee, third word Linda called. So when you get to hear it, that's the word number 27. So this is this is it? Because it's

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it. He does rest at night. That's one one way that some people have derived that is the 27th night. The other which is really cool. And some say is also attributed to my boss. I'm not so sure is the words Laila to cuddle. Laila cutter is made up of nine letters. Okay, that's not a nine letter combination of words. And that's mentioned three times in Lanza. nungwi, Laila tickle mama de la cama. Later toccata, later called the Herman official, nine times 327 There you go, 27th night, this is done here.

00:28:01--> 00:28:39

Right. So other said, this is silly. This has nothing to do with anything. But I thought I should mention it as I got to here. Because, you know, I remember this is it, you know. So, now what, let's understand the word Salam because that's actually a very heavy word in this entire surah. I mean, there are two words that in a sense, dominate the soul are two or three words it's, you know, there's other, there's higher you see a key word in every aisle, the first couple of artists got it. The second key word is clay, Edelman and Fisher have the third key word is amor de amor. And then the final word is Salam. You know, and all of them have something to do with each other in the end,

00:28:39--> 00:29:18

at the end of the day, you know, the other itself, then of course, betterment, and then the commandment of Allah, the decree of Allah. And finally, peace actually Salaam tells you everything that happens in this night. None of it is for destruction. None of it is for punishment. None of it is for you know death. It's all for giving people peace, security, safety, calm, etc. The word said on the way it's using the Quran is important to note, it's one of the names of Allah. Allah could do so we know Salaam assalamu, Mohammed, right. So Salaam is one of the names of Allah azza wa jal. Similarly, Jana is called darussalam. One of the names of Jana is the place of peace the place of

00:29:18--> 00:29:54

Salaam. So it's a name of Allah, it's the name for heaven itself. darussalam. So for Cyril Salam belhaj also by the way, when something is terribly unsafe like a fire and you wanted to all it's dangerous should be removed. Like Ibrahim al asylums case, when he was thrown in the fire Guney burden was Salomon become become cold and become peace itself become peace. Now the the remarkable language subtlety inside the sign not only Solomon first and he are second in the in the sequence. But there's something else that's really beautiful here that should be observed. And that is that

00:29:56--> 00:30:00

the word Salaam was called an Arabic it's a Muslim. It's an infinitive.

00:30:00--> 00:30:08

And that would be the English equivalent of peace. No, a night is not peace a night is peaceful.

00:30:09--> 00:30:40

Right a night is actually technically not peace itself. It's peaceful. Allah didn't say the night is peaceful. He said the night is peace itself, as if, as if to say not only is this night peaceful, but actually if you can take advantage of this night, then you have found what itself peace itself for the rest of your life, you found ultimate peace. As if there's no such thing as if you haven't experienced what peace means. If you haven't found this night, that's the kind of statement this mobilock statement that's being made about cinnamon he had done and

00:30:42--> 00:30:43

then similarly, this.

00:30:44--> 00:30:52

The Salaam can also be considered a commandment here. Like you know in English, we say, for example, silence

00:30:54--> 00:31:03

as opposed to saying, Be silent. Be silent is a command. But a teacher can also say silence. Or a judge can say order.

00:31:04--> 00:31:43

Right? It doesn't say become orderly, it just says order. So sometimes a noun is used to issue a command. That meaning actually suggests Salam on here, Hutton. Salama here, how? You better be at peace, no fighting, no arguing no nothing at this night. I have sent angels down I've sent my mother down. This is the most valuable night this night you better be in complete submission before Allah, you better be at peace with the law salon widow her. It's the opposite of war. You better not be thorny with anybody else. You better not be snippy with anybody else. You better be good with a line good to humanity be at peace and submission this night it's like a suggestion at the end or a

00:31:43--> 00:32:21

commandment at the end until finally comes just drop every every other conflict dropped every other tension let it all go just be a piece Solomon here has done a large budget and then others have extracted from it. How will you know that it's a little crowded, you'll feel a special kind of peace in this night that you don't feel otherwise. When you stand in prayer, you'll feel the kind of tranquility you'll want to stain the prayer that otherwise you've never felt before. It's an unusual spiritual experience to feel the kind of calm that Allah gives a believer in the night of in this night in Qatar. And so we you know, these are the things we look for in light of Qatar. I'll just

00:32:21--> 00:32:57

read at the end what I was going to read to you in the beginning. Just some things to look for that are found in Hadith literature about seeking the night and what it's you know what its value is. So of course agile will observe. Hillel amfi hydroflow cuckoo, amin Hakeem, our limits are maybe the time of our departure before Allah, all of our provisions all of that is decreed in this night that's one of its blessings. Of course angels descend What do they descend with? Will Heidi well Baraka to Rama to allow for the descent with everything good with everything blessing with it with all of his mercy and His forgiveness. And by the way, like I was saying before, it perhaps suggests

00:32:57--> 00:33:05

that the kind the angels that descended this night are only meant for this night like they don't descend any other time. And especially that is true of jabril it set up.

00:33:07--> 00:33:43

Then just some ways to tell if this is the night and again, there may be geographical restrictions here in equal to UI to later Qadri, someone who said to her the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this narration, I was made to seal a little cuddle and then I was made to forget it. Well here Phil actually our fate and it's in the last 10 nights. Well, he had told katan bajo la hora de la Vallee. That's it. It's a common night not too hot, not too cold. Kind of you have come out on Yom Kippur. And it's it has a moon that you know it's it stars are also brilliant or you know, overshadows it stars. And it shaytan doesn't come out. Meaning no no evil comes out in it. People

00:33:43--> 00:34:07

don't erupt in it until the budget comes up. dama Nina, like we say ceremonia de matar budget, its peace until the morning time until dinnertime aren't a Donna fudger that actually means people are unusually at peace in this night. So even when you go to tarawih and stuff, nobody's annoyed. And nobody's pushing and shoving or kids aren't a circus outside like, everything's a little more calm than usual. There's something going on. You know?

00:34:09--> 00:34:36

That he says a little Catarina takala hora la vida to speak to Speaker shampoo Yamaha camera leafa Some say that the breeze is soft. This is a wahoo IGNOU hoceima was aha well Bonnie, and the sun is kind of red. As the sun rises, it's got a reddish tone to it. And it's weak. It's not an intense sun when it rises caduti level in Santa Layla film anomic could be the de la shows a believer what night it is in this in their sleep

00:34:38--> 00:34:56

as happened with several companions, and then the prophecy Salaam says Indian Mullah ecotel kelela extra film or demon added the Casa. This is again mo kazama Ibrahima, he says the number of angels on this night exceed the number of pebbles or even you know, small grains of sand on the earth.

00:34:57--> 00:35:00

And so these are just a few signs. Finally, I want to

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

share with you the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam about a little cutter. He says man, comma little country man and walk this urban warfare Allahumma. Taka dama means me. Whoever can stand in the night of little cuddle meaning pray. So the best thing you can do a little cutter as a nice start is prayed No, often no often often. And the best thing you can do is when you're in such that just make dogs just cry with lightning dogs. But then I didn't just say pray of the Prophet didn't just say pray he gave certain qualities to that prayer. So let me explain those qualities to you. When imagine whoever prayed before Allah, out of out of faith, meaning it's not just

00:35:38--> 00:36:15

faithfully, they were driven. They were completely convinced that this prayer is going to be the best thing that's happened to me. They have this confidence and this reliance on Allah in this in these prayers like no other. That's one then what the sovereign disarmed means someone who takes full stock of themselves. I'm aware of my sins. I'm aware of my flaws. I'm aware of what I've done. I'm aware of what I'm ashamed of before Allah, and I'm coming before Allah standing in prayer, ashamed and humiliated and completely convinced that Allah will forgive me and bless me and will let let my sins pass. So I'm coming before Allah, humiliated in tears, in full account of myself like a

00:36:15--> 00:36:50

confessional prayer, this is a confessional period, the sovereign, if you can pull that off will feed Allahu Mata Cardamom in the movie, whatever took place of any kind of embarrassing sins such a person had done has all been guaranteed to be forgiven, all of it is guaranteed to be forgiven. If we can stand before a lot in that kind of prayer tonight, that kind of prayer is harder to do together. That kind of prayer is much easier to do when you're by yourself this is the time this is this is one of those nights where if you're lazy by yourself of course come to the machine join the gym and and do that, but this is the night where you just want to just be you and ally in tears.

00:36:50--> 00:37:21

That's what that's what it needs to be to stand before Allah recite the Quran make your dogs before Allah and become of those that are fortunate enough to have found this this Laila and and found forgiveness of Allah in it you know our we're fortunate also that our nights are not very long anymore they're not there's not that much time get some rest pray Get some rest pray again get some rest pray again. But But do that in these nights me allows it which I've helped all of us find that it'll cut barakallahu li walakum Philco Anil Hakeem when a fire anyway er can be it with the chemo salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.