Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P25 254C Tafsir Al-Zukhruf 15-25

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the cultural views of Islam and how it relates to women, including the use of "the holy spirit" to cover up false charges against Islam's supposed "entsents." They also touch on the cultural views of the beast and its relation to man, as well as the importance of following guidance from the Warner Brothers and following their guidance. The segment ends with a discussion of the false belief that the beast is not supposed to pray and the importance of following their guidance. The speaker also mentions upcoming events and a La ilaha episode.
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What Josue and they have made Lahu. For him, this is Allah, the One who has made all of this and provided all of this, only Allah and what have the people done? They have made for him, meaning in worshiping Him, mean everybody from His servants, just a portion. What does it mean by that, that they have attributed to him, some of his servants, such as the angels, and when they have attributed those servants to him, those angels to him, they have attribute of them as a portion of Allah as a part of Allah,

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meaning as his children, as his daughters, because Jews, remember the word Jews also applies to children.

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Because children are part of their parents, they come from the parents, right? And the prophets of Allah assumes that that faulty Ma is from me. She is from me, meaning She's my daughter. If somebody hurts her, he hurts me. So what John Lulu whom and everybody just,

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they have attributed to him from His servants apportion meaning as his children as daughters, in Al Insana, indeed, the human being, look a fool mobian. Shortly he is extremely ungrateful and his ingratitude, moonbeam. It's evident. It's not hidden, it's very obvious, because all the blessings are given by Allah. And what is man doing, forgetting Allah and seeking others? Allah says I'm or it the hada has he taken? Meaning? What are you doing? Would he take me my Yahoo from all that he has created? You will think that he has taken Benetton daughters, meaning, what are you believing regarding Allah subhanaw taala, that from all the different creation, he will choose daughters for

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himself will sfor come and he will choose you exclusively Bill Benny with sons. Meaning that you should have sons and Allah should have daughters.

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Now, this might appear a little difficult for us. But understand the people who had this belief regarding the angels. They were people who did not like to have daughters. What did they want only sons. And if someone had daughters, it was like a burden on them and embarrassment for them. And if someone's son died, then it was a huge loss for him. And this is why we see them wish seeking. They look down on the profits and loss and I'm because his sons passed away. And certain cancer was revealed in a shiny eco hotel, without they call them after Allah says no, they will be up there. So anyway, these were people who did not like to have daughters they only wanted sons. So it's as if

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they are being refuted. Their false belief is being refuted by their own standards,

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that the more noble someone is, the more sons they should have, according to you. But here you are ascribing daughters to Allah. So it as if it is being said that even according to your logic, this doesn't make sense.

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Right? Allah does not have any children, neither sons nor daughters, it's wrong to ascribe any children to Allah.

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But for the machine to say that Allah has daughters, it just didn't make sense. They were contradicting themselves. You understand? This idea does not mean that having daughters is not honorable. This is criticizing their culture, their false belief, okay, in certain Nigeria 21. Also, it is mentioned hola como with the Kuru Wallah who owns

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that you should have sons and he should have daughters. What are you saying instead of the Mahalaya 62. This is further clarified that way Agera Luna lillahi Mejia Cahoon they ascribe for Allah with a dislike for themselves?

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This is what they were doing what Eva and when which Euro? He is given good news or how to home one of them. Meaning one of these people, when he is given the good news of what be ma of that which barraba his truck livery many for the Most Merciful methylene as example barraba methyl

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What does verbal method mean to strike an example? Right? So for a rock man, for Allah, what do these people do? They say that he has daughters. So Mao Bella Bella Rahmani methylene okay, if you could put this in brackets or underline it, and write females over here

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daughters over here, because what is it that they ascribed to Allah daughters. So, when one of them is given the good news of a daughter

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that a daughter has been born

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and bush you know the word Bushra has been used because really, it is good news. In reality, it is good news. What happens to these people Lulla it becomes continues to remain what who will his face the face of all of this person who has been given the good news of a daughter? Most what then darkened, covered in gloom an embarrassment wha hoo wah and he is Kaleem on suppressing grief.

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Inside he's suppressing grief and anger column is to keep anger and grief and worry and concern inside not let it out. It says joking with anguish. This is how he is whoa, whoa Killeen. So it's as if it is being said that how can such a person then attribute daughters to Allah? Look at this individual when he is told the doctor has been born for you? What happens to him embarrassed, upset, angry. And then here he is ascribing daughters to Allah what contradiction?

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What contradiction?

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is well and man who? A woman. So is one meeting what are you ascribing to Allah? The one who is unis show, who is raised who is brought up known Chien Hamza, Nisha, what does Nisha Amin to cause something to grow too rare

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to cause something to grow to rare look after it. Okay, so Allama Yunus shuffle, the one who is reared up the one who is developed in or the one who is nurtured in rather nurtured in Phil Heliar in ornaments heylia What does Haley Amin trinkets, jewelry decoration, and who is it that is nurtured in such trinkets, boys or girls?

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isn't it

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it's amazing how even baby girls they have clips and hair bands and earrings and bracelets and fancy shoes and whatnot. I mean unit Shadowfell Hillier from the beginning they are reared up in ornaments, meaning not with weapons or tools. Because that's what the Arabs did right? To their boys. They would give them swords to their boys, they would give them weapons and to their girls. They wouldn't give any of that

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the focus was on the beauty of the girls so that they would be married off into bigger families and for that they would have better connections and boys, they were a source of strength. So our main unit show Oh, Phil Hillier. So the one who is brought up in ornaments

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Wahiawa and it is now primarily this verse is talking about women. Okay? And yes, the word hula has been used because it's not being mentioned directly, right, it's indirectly being indicated that it is meeting that person or that child is fill his Sami in dispute, it has little more been, it is not clear at a time of conflict, it is inevitable. But what does it mean by this? Basically, again, the machine are being criticized for their attributing daughters to Allah, like I mentioned earlier, this does not mean that attributing sons to Allah is correct, no attributing any child who Allah is wrong. But the Michigan had this belief that Allah has daughters, all right. So this belief is being

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refuted. And it is being refuted by their own culture.

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Meaning they're being made to see the contradiction that they are living in, that they are practicing. So their opinion about women is being mentioned over here. Then what are you attributing to Allah, that which is raised amid trinkets and not weapons? And then, moreover, when there is a time of Chris Psalm For some conflict, dispute, Quarrel and such a quarrel in which the disputants are demanding their rights, then what happens? She later on will be she's inevitable meaning she's unable to express herself. Why? Because she's afraid to express her opinion. This does not mean that all women are like that. This is women were like that, in that society in that culture. Okay,

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So, later on we'll be they're not able to express their opinions or demand their rights. Later on, we'll be in. So are you attributing such a being to Allah? What are you doing? Now, some people that get very offended when they hear these verses, and they say that look, the Quran is

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biased, misogynistic, or whatever, big, big words fancy terms that come up within the say, well, Quran is not really being fair or not pro women, it doesn't really empower women, it disempowers women and things like that. Now, like I've been saying, from the beginning, this is about that culture. This does not mean that all women are like that. And this does not mean that this is how women should be. In fact, it's been criticized that you treat your women like this, you have double standards, you treat your sons one way, and you treat your daughters another way.

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You have this a higher standard for your sons and a lower standard for your daughters. And then from this hierarchy that you've created, you choose the one that is at the bottom for Allah, what are you doing? You're contradicting yourself, it doesn't make any sense for yourself, you like what is strong, and for Allah, you like that which is weak?

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And this is something that should make us think that what is it that I choose for myself? And what is it that I choose for Allah?

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Meaning when I have to give something for the sake of Allah, when I have to do something for the sake of Allah, then how was my effort? What am I offering? What am I giving?

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When it comes to our lives, we think the youth for me for my career, my family, my fun, my enjoyment, my friends, and old age that you know, for Hajj, that for the Quran, drawn Quran and all of that, what are we doing? What are we choosing for Allah? What are we giving to Allah? Not because Allah isn't in need? Not at all. He's not in need. It just shows what importance you give to Allah subhanaw taala? How much you love him? What are you willing to offer? By the way, here, what is mentioned that women are not very clear when it comes to argumentation again, all women are not like that. But maybe you've experienced that, if you ever arguing with your brother,

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who's louder?

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Typically, not always, not always. But in many cases, what happens when the argument starts, it starts with tears, or it ends up with tears. So I mean, many women are like that not all women, but many are like that. They're afraid, you know, especially where women are suppressed. They're afraid to even voice their opinions. They can't even say I want this, or I need this. They can't even say that they cannot demand their rights. You know, it's amazing. Within marriages, even basic rights, women don't have the confidence to ask for them, to demand them. It's just an example that I'm giving. I'm not saying it's right. And this is how it should be. But this is sadly how people are

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and not just Arabs, not just Pakistanis. I mean, you see this all over the world almost. Anyway, what John Mulla ICA and they have made the angels and what are the angels in reality? They are a Lavina. There are those who have Mareeba de Redman, they are the servants of the Most Merciful. The status of the angels is, are they Allah's children? Daughters? No, who are the Allah's servants? And these people have made them into a Natha? Females as an daughters, Florida the word Allah asks, on what basis do they claim that angels are females are daughters of Allah, Ushahidi halka. Home? Did they witness their creation? Were these people there to witness the creation of the angels? Have

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they seen the angels? Have they seen the angels with their own eyes? And they know because of that, that angels are female? On what basis? Do they claim that the angels are female? So ductable shahada to whom their testimony will be recorded, meaning whatever they say, is being recorded, while you alone? And they will be asked, they will be questioned that On what basis Did you utter this lie? Where did you get this information from? So the people of Makkah are basically being criticized for their false belief regarding the angels, and in this as a lesson for us also. And what is that lesson?

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Don't say anything about Allah without proof.

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And not just about Allah about anything. Don't speak without knowledge. Don't speak without proof. Walk on who and then they say lol

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Shout Out rock Manu. If the Most Merciful wanted if Allah wanted mad but now whom we would never have worship them who the angels. Typical blaming Allah you know this was in my pocket. This was in my destiny. I was supposed to be a person who doesn't pray I was supposed to be a person who doesn't do this and that well did you see it? Did you see the loved one my father did you read your decree from there and then you learned that you were supposed to be a person who doesn't pray and who does this bad and that bad?

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Yes, it is written but you don't know what's written. So what happens typically that the wrong that people are doing, they say, Allah wanted this for me. It's not my fault. Allah wanted this What could I have done? So they said lo SHA Rama No Ma dinero and by this basically they were justifying their shit. If we're worshipping the angels and Allah is not punishing us that means it's okay. Allah wants it Allah likes it. Allah says My Allah home they do not have be Balika of that mineral man any knowledge they're doing this on pure ignorance and in home in not home they Illa except your resume, they are falsifying their inventing lies Yahoo soon ha rasa horse is basically that which is

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said on the basis of assumption

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meaning a person says something on the basis of what

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factual knowledge observation on what assumption

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guess or guesstimate right that is what Yeah, who soon is so in whom ilaya husen they never saw the angels they have no proof to say that angels are female where did they get this from? They just invented this idea based on their assumption what assumption that oh angels are supposed to be you know, nice and gentle and you know, and women are like that beautiful and kind and that is how women are seen or what angels must be women know in whom ilaya Who soon um, or at home we gave them meaning on what basis do they do the ship? Did we give them keytab and a Bookman probably before it meaning before the Quran? For whom so they be with it meaning that book they are Muslim see Kuhn

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ones who are holding on to adhering firmly to Muslim Sikh 1/3 of the word Muslim Sikh from Islam sack. Notice it's not M sack what is it? Is stem sack is stiff,

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extra letters, what does that mean?

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Extra meaning so M sack is to hold something, retain it and esteem sad is to hold on to it firmly

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adhere to something firmly. So I'm taking now home Kitab a min probably did we give them a revealed scripture before the Quran? And that scripture tells them that angels are females and so for whom be Muslim, see comb so they are adhering to that book. Is that the case? No. Because the Arabs remember what were they?

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Oh me unlettered nation, and omae, meaning no scripture, a little kita People of the Scripture are me, people who did not have a scripture.

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So again, what is being said is, they have no proof for this. They have no proof for this false belief, belief, rather than how do they believe that angels are daughters? Where did they get this from? Where did this idea come from? If it didn't come from a book, if it didn't come from their observation? Where did it come from? Bell Kalu rather they say that in our Jelena indeed we found about an our forefathers, Allah or mutton upon a religion. Well, Inna and indeed we Isla 30 him up on their footsteps, plural of the word method, we are on their footsteps. Muda don't rightly guided meaning in their minds, they think that they are rightly guided because they are following the ways

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of their forefathers. So this false belief came from where their ancestors Where did their ancestors get it from? They invented it, they invented these lies, and so passed on from one generation to the other. And what happens is that you see at the time of new harness, and I'm also when they were sick waited that should come from many generations before. There were some righteous people who when they passed away, they made their images in order to remember them. The following generation generation after them, they didn't just remember those individuals but they started worshipping them also.

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This is how she began gradually, gradually it becomes worse.

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then same thing happened with this false belief also. So in other words, these people are just blindly following their forefathers. What can Annika and thus, similarly, Mousa? Now we have not sent me an obligor before you feel Arya 10 in any city mean Nadine in any warner meeting before Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, no Prophet was sent to any people in that except Allah mudra for the affluent ones said with truffle, plural of the word Woodruff Woodruff one who has been given affluence, meaning a lot of worldly possessions and luxury. So the affluent one said that in our agenda, indeed, we found Abba Anna, our forefathers Allah Almighty upon an ummah and Omar over here

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does not mean nation. What does it mean? Religion? Remember, the word OMA has four meanings. It's been used in four ways in the Quran. And one of them is religion. So we found our forefathers upon a certain religion and we're in now a 30 metre dune and we are upon their traces Mukta dune we are following look, the dune from aqidah

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macdaddy who is mocked at the by the way,

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Imam and MacDaddy

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Imam is the one who was leading the prayer, right? And it was the macdaddy the one who is following the Imam Abdullah, but his foot was someone who was followed in the Quran Allah says that Furby Houda homak Daddy follow these people take them as your example being the prophets of Allah.

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So they said, We are Mikado, meaning we're emulating them, we're following them. So basically, don't ask us about what it is or where it came from, which is just what we've always done. This is what we do. Honor, the messenger said the Warner said, Oh, hello, will you continue with this false belief? Even if j to come? I come to you be with that? Which is that more guided, better guided? And why would it be better guided, because it's got solid proof. It's based on Revelation?

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Will you continue to follow your traditions, even if what I have brought you is better guided mimma than that which were jet Tom, you found or lay on it about a comb your forefathers, one is the way of your forefathers. And one is the way that the prophet has brought.

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The way of the forefathers with all due respect, is not based on sound knowledge. It's not based on sound proof. And what the prophet has brought is based on what knowledge in Revelation, it is from Allah, what are you going to follow? What are you going to do?

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Will you still follow that which your forefathers were upon? What will you do? All the people said in Nabeshima, OCL, to be cafiero. We deny whatever that you have been sent with, meaning we're not going to follow you. We're going to stay firm on the ways of our forefathers because we're too loyal to them. And this is the ingratitude of man. He's not loyal to Allah, he's loyal to who the creation what happened with Abu Talib also, why isn't it that he believed in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam was the truth not clear was 100% Clear? was very clear. But what prevented him his loyalty to his tradition, to his elders do his ancestors and this was their slough. Right? And so with the

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Safa 69, we learned in the home Elfo Abba humble lien for Humala 30 him your own Fanta calm Nam in home. So when these people were so stubborn on their faults ways, what happened? We took retribution from them fumble so look gay for can our people to look at the mean, how was the result? The end the consequence of the deniers? Did they survive? No. What happened to all of their traditions and their culture and their elders and their stories and whatever what happened to it finished.

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And 1000s of years later, people go and they discover their homes and the dig them and they try to figure out what happened and where they lived and what they practice but

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it's over, it's gone. Did their loyalty to their ancestors help them? No, it didn't. So what is this teaching us all of these verses? What are they teaching us?

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What is it that we should follow that which is based on sound proof which is based on their ill? And their aim is not just obtained by observation? Because some people they believe that if it's proven by science, it's true. It's fact it's truth. I accept it. And if it cannot be proven by science

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Since then I will not accept it because it's not established truth.

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Truth is not just what is observable. It is also what is revealed by who? By Allah by the Creator. Right. And that requires Eman. Believe.

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So, we need to think about what we're doing, why we're doing on what basis and then continue with it. Because sadly, there are so many things that are, you know, carried on from one generation to the other. And we're doing it just because we found our parents doing it, right, who found their parents doing it. But what we need to do is follow that Allah has revealed, because in that is a person success. Think about it, even when it comes to worldly matters. Do you just do something because your parents have always done it?

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No, you do something when you believe it's right. Correct. Even if what your parents have been doing all along with something different. Like for example, if in your family, people eat a lot of oily food, lots of carbs and oil and no vegetables and no raw vegetables, nothing like that. And you realize that to fix your health to be in a better state, you need to cut down on all those carbs and all that oil and all that sugar. Right? What are you going to do?

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What are you going to do? Are you still going to eat that oily food? What are you going to do? Mom, I love your cooking however, I think I'm going to eat the salad right now. Right? With all due respect, you're going to do what's better for you. So when it comes to the deen also we have to do what is better for us what is beloved to Allah subhanaw taala what has been decreed by Allah subhanaw taala and in that is a person's success and if we just keep doing something because everybody's doing it or because it was always done, then who are we harming ourselves?

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Inshallah we'll conclude over here

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next week and inshallah I have my first immigrated class please make dua for me, Inshallah, it will be an England in sha Allah, maybe you know already it's going to be selected passages from the Quran stories of different amazing women from the Quran. Please remember me and your daughters and I will remember you in mind inshallah.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Well Jah Lulu, whom in November the Jews been in

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Santa Ana, California Morbi de Hodder Amin

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flobo bana to

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be Benny will either go she'll or her

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man he

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won the

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war goaline LME Yona shuttle fee here the one who was looking for me while you

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my Walkman in

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Russia he do

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so took the Bucha that

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walk all OSHA

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walk man or now

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be the nine in home in

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Houston see

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Belen bolo following

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worker that he can

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leading on Toronto

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in all

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bolo in Bheema

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be curfew

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Oh gave back

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the baby

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panicle longer Hambrick I should do a La ilaha illa Anta stockfeed acaba to make a Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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