Nouman Ali Khan – Studying Surah Al Mulk – Part 5

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan is now heading towards the final part of the lecture relating to Surah Al Mulk.

If the disbelievers are awaiting the change of fortunes for the Prophet ﷺ and his Companions, and suppose that this change does happen, then why should they themselves expect the same rest assured? They shall certainly meet the dreadful fate they have been informed of. The only way we can avoid the punishment from above and below is if we turn to Allah.

The Surah concludes with Allah’s Divine Majesty. Flowing water is mentioned herein as an instance of Divine Graciousness. Thus, the closing verse of the Surah suggests an instance of Divine Graciousness enwrapping all the world of existence, though many people accord no attention to it. Surah al-Mulk opens with Divine Sovereignty and Ownership and closes with His Graciousness which branches off from His Sovereignty and Ownership.