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Episode Notes

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan is now heading towards the final part of the lecture relating to Surah Al Mulk.

If the disbelievers are awaiting the change of fortunes for the Prophet ﷺ and his Companions, and suppose that this change does happen, then why should they themselves expect the same rest assured? They shall certainly meet the dreadful fate they have been informed of. The only way we can avoid the punishment from above and below is if we turn to Allah.

The Surah concludes with Allah’s Divine Majesty. Flowing water is mentioned herein as an instance of Divine Graciousness. Thus, the closing verse of the Surah suggests an instance of Divine Graciousness enwrapping all the world of existence, though many people accord no attention to it. Surah al-Mulk opens with Divine Sovereignty and Ownership and closes with His Graciousness which branches off from His Sovereignty and Ownership.

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In Laconia law has

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been any

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be he while he talkin

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men who have

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been will lie to him in US Bahama

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Femi t qu Bhima m le

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rubbish actually suddenly were silly Emily Wagner Nakata. melissani okoli Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while the Allah He was a huge man into mama but once again everybody Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah

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Alright guys, so, we are now in the sixth and final section of the surah Allah so Allah says Allah Allah it item in Laconia, lahoma, Marian tell them or say do you actually perceive our item in Arabic is not just physically seeing but also perceiving thinking, have you ever pondered or reflected that if a lower to kill me violently or give me violent death a lark in Arabic is a violent death as opposed to imata for most multi simply death, but HELOC is a violent death. Right? So if a lover to kill me and this is the Prophet saying, if a lower to give me a violent death about himself, well, I'm not here and along with me, whoever is with me, if he was to kill me and the

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people along with me, I would have a minor or if he was to show us mercy, incredible words, instead of saying, if he were to give me a violent death, or leave me alive, yet again, across comparison, instead of saying, kill me or spare me, he said, kill me, show me mercy and loving care. So to Allah life itself is Rama.

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Life itself, and we don't wish for death. We wish for Allah Rama. So anybody who has hopes in the law is not hoping that they die soon or something. That's not that's not the way the Muslim thinks Subhana Allah. I mean, you deal with caffine nomina Dobbin Aleem, then who is going to rescue or save the word interesting vocabulary yujiro ajala yujiro Jonathan comes from G and J and G Ron which is used for neighbor and an actually Giada means for all of you to be protected in the vicinity you're in. So the who is going to give you a vicinity like you know genre is literally when a neighbor comes and says I'll take care of you come and hide in my basement or come and stay with me.

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And that kind of protection is actually called ijarah Okay, so Allah neighbors you when he protects you a llama a German Amina now protect us with your company from the fire. Right by being our neighbor. So bigger bring us close to you and away from fire. That's that's actually Giada as opposed to Pina Ababa not protect us that's just protection raw, but a job My job is actually to be in the company of someone and protect them. Okay, and that's why you get the word neighbor from it ajar. giran, things like that. Okay. Anyway, well, maybe you'll deal with caffeine. I mean, as Robin Aleem, who is going to protect disbelievers from a painful punishment a few interesting things to

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note here is it began with our item Do you all see Do you all see

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and if it quite the question begins like that it should end with familiar yujiro comin Avineri Do you all see who's going to save you from painful punishment? But it says from a Nigerian Katharina Mina Davina name, it actually stops addressing them, this is actually a third degree on top. What do I mean by that? In the beginning, Allah was talking to them directly, then Allah said, I'm not going to talk to you directly, I'll have my prophet talk to you. Now the Prophet is talking to them and halfway through, he's not even talking to them directly. He switches over for a new job, you've got freedom and

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it's this third degree of separation just get lost. Other implications of the use of caffeine here is Allah highlights. It's not just you're not just being thrown into hell or being thrown into painful punishment, because you're you. It's because you're in denial. It's because you're burying the truth inside. So the cause for you being treated this way is not just there's some animosity, it's not personal. If it's simply personal, you don't have to highlight the quality caffine the fact that the quality has been highlighted is suggesting that this is the reason for which you are being treated this way. Please understand that the word caffeine and no Quran is never used as a generic

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term or as a soft term. Caffeine is a pretty bad word in the Quran. You're not in a good place if you're a coffee. You're not you're not in the good books with a light you're not a general just neutral term for non Muslims in the Quran. You know, we use it that way. We actually use coffin for any non Muslim and that may be something became coined in Islam in a Muslim civilization in sociology. We kind of just as convenient started talking

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About every non Muslim Escoffier right? But the Quran does and the Quran is actually very emphatic in how it talks about this particular brand of non non believer, this particular brand and it has other language for other kinds of non Muslims. Okay.

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So there is there's a subtle difference in terminology. Anyway, kinda I'm in Botha Attila machinery keen and Yoruba many halakhah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala Kima Muhammad Al muslimeen, Lacan Hakan Koran,

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una una de basura he labeled monsoon actually alight. The commentary, but even offshore is that this is in response to something that disbelievers were hoping for. Even even planning for killing the Messenger of Allah, soulless and killing the people around him. These people have become too much of a nuisance. I'm far too offended with them. Of course, it's a thug society, it's against our society. So if you rub somebody the wrong way, especially their pride, in a society like that one pride is enough for you to kill somebody. Right? So they're ready to kill. And yet the language isn't in the UK to loony. If you people kill me in cattle to boonie if you were to kill me, or spare

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me or kill the people with me, he said if allowed to give allow a violent death to happen to me. You don't control my life and death buddy.

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That's in the hands of Allah, it's actually still defiant. And the language is still defiant. They're ready to kill the prophets like Selim. And Allah loves messenger is still reminding them through his words, actually life and death doesn't belong to you. And if a violent death shall come to me it is because Allah allowed it to and like any Allah.

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If that's the way Allah wants me to go, it's not a love violently killing me, when I'm not allowing you to violently kill me is the implication here, along with the people that I'm with, or if you were to show us some mercy for up to another Hayato Rama, the other beautiful thing, before we saw everything Allah created is full of mercy. Matter of money means half hour, this time. The implication is life itself is a lot more from Allah. Life itself is an act of love and care from Allah. What an attack he'll actually mean a Nam and actually having a prolong life is one of the extensions of Allah's mercy. The Prophet slice of them compared dying violently, versus being spared

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or remaining alive with being shown love and mercy. Okay. And number symbol hyah tarak Mehta Allahu walima holy NFV hayati near mountain near Madonna who was NASA Madame Allahu mercadien Hayato while Hayato mcminn Rama Liana who Taku lofi ha Baraka toliman without malice Allah, what a beautiful thing to say. Believe for a believer a longer life is actually more chances to sow the seeds of a better afterlife.

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So having a longer life just means you have more time to do more good. So it is a mercy from Allah. It is something we should hope for if we are going to continue to stay on this right path. So our you know, our hope isn't we die quickly. Our hope is not in when we die, our hope is in how we die to offer them algebra. take us away in the company of the righteous, you know, until after Salim enters in the company of the righteous that's it. Other than that, we don't wish for it. You know we that's not that's not something we hope for.

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Then, of course, familiar with caffeine, I mean, what's the point of this ayah the Prophet is saying look, whether you kill me or not your problems not going away.

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If Allah was to kill me, and people with me who's gonna save disbelievers. The entire argument is not whether or not how much I've offended you, you can shut me up. That won't change reality. Allah is talking, the messenger is talking about our reality, and it won't disappear just because the message disappears. It's as silly as thinking the meteorologist says there's a there's a thunderstorm coming this way. There's a tornado watch. Let's kill him.

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Or let's turn the TV off.

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Ha finally we're safe. Stupid.

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He's just telling you that it's coming. He doesn't control what's coming. Whether he's there or not. It's still coming. You should be grateful that he at least sent was sent to tell you

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my menu geographie denominado.

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And then Okay, fine. You know what you guys do what you're gonna do. Whether we warn you or not, whether you kill us or not. Looks like you're not gonna listen. By the way when someone's come to the point where they're ready to kill. Then clearly they're not interested in conversation anymore. So just tell them who are Romano. He is absolutely incredibly loving, caring and Merciful One, the fact that he didn't just kill you because you were thinking about killing his messenger

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is enough of an indication that he spears

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and we believe in him. And Abby, we believe in him.

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And in Him alone, we have relied

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notice our mana be it's not be here Amanda Lee takana the gentlemen who are not no condom both time

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I'm one of them is after one of them is before Let me tell you what that means in Simple English, we believe in him. And as a result of believing in Him, we believe in his promise. We believe in His Messenger, we believe in all of what has what he's come with. And we believe in his warnings, it's not limited to just believing in Him. And everything that he has given us to believe in is itself a mercy from him. So the fact that this surah is dominated by meanings of hell, like descriptions of hell, and warnings to disbelievers, and the destruction of people by the earth swallowing them, or the sky, ripping them apart and things like that doesn't take away the fact that even those warnings

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are coming from Obama.

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So that needs to be reconciled by the end of last man kept coming up in this world, I didn't it over and over and over. Why would that be the case? Why would he keep mentioning a rock man in a suit that's dominated by punishment? He would mention this, this this is an act of loving care and mercy. Do you know that the Jewish sacred texts, the Old Testament and the New Testament, actually not the Jewish testament, but the New Testament also have virtually no description of Hellfire?

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completely gone? completely gone? There is not a single idea about the fire, not one.

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Not one of our judgment day? Nothing.

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There's only two possibilities. One possibility is it was never there.

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It was never there, except,

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well to see ronell hayata dunya Well, asilo to hirundo upca you prefer worldly life next life is better and last longer. In nahata lufisto Whoville oola So have you ever I Hema Moosa

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the scriptures of Abraham and Moses contained, that the next life is better, and it would certainly contain why it's better. And it's always been there, except it's not there anymore.

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It's just not there. You can find it actually, in some secondary Jewish texts that aren't even considered sacred. There are descriptions of hell in heaven, very similar to the Quran.

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But they're not considered part of the Torah. It's removed from this a lot, entirely. It's, it's, it's incredible what they've done. I'm amazed at how much you can clean out the outside. Oh,

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yeah. What do I do home low Yamato alpha sonatine.

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Mousavi, mosaic z minella Dobby, no Yama.

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Each one of them wishes to live 1000 years and they can't get away from that punishment. Even if they were given that much years. They tried to get away from the punishment so much they removed the punishment.

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And they're actually similar to if we don't hear about it, it ain't gonna happen.

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It just won't happen. My god. What an amazing erasing that has been done across the old scripture. It's mind boggling, mind boggling. And they say, well, we want to believe in a merciful God, we don't want to believe in a God that has hell. And that's what the Christian comes and tells you. Your books got a lot of hail.

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What kind of merciful God is that?

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You know,

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Hellfire is gonna cook people, it's gonna burn them boiling water.

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There's a lot going on there. You know.

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And I say, Okay, here's what we believe about our our master a lot about,

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we're living in this life, he created this life. And by the way, he's our master first. He's our master, which means he has the ultimate authority for Allah, you live, he does what he wants, and he creates reality, I didn't decide that the sky should be the color it is, or the earth should be the texture that it is, he made it the way it is. And I didn't decide that I should have five fingers are the faculties that I have. He has a plan for what he makes. And what will allow him he's the one who creates over and over again, and he knows what he's doing. So he's the one who created heaven and hell done. He also created the system by which you will what will be determined by whether one

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is going to end up in heaven, and one is going to end up in hell. Now, you guys and I imagine we're in this this word this room represents this life.

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There's a door that way. There's a door this way. One door, open it, it's held the other door, open it it's what it's having. But those doors are closed.

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With both of those doors are closed. And there's not even a window. So I don't know what's on this side. I don't know what's on that side. I only see what's in here.

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What did I do with our scripture? He made sure he describes what's on the other side over there. And what's on the other side over there so well, then you can see it

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without ever opening those doors. He with his words, he showed me what is on both sides. Look whether you want to accept reality or not. That is reality.

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It is a mercy of Allah, that he painted the picture of hell as graphically and as disturbingly as he did, because if he didn't, would have taken it seriously. No. And if I take it seriously or not, it doesn't change the fact that it's still there. He already made it. It's already part of the plan.

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You're already either gonna go in it or get away from it. I'd rather know about it than not.

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You're mad at Allah for creating it or telling you about us. You should be You should be grateful to Allah. It's an incredible act of mercy that he told you about the consequences of and by the way, what happens? What happens to people that believe, like our Christian friends, or people who believe, who lose sense of the seriousness of health,

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because it's not mentioned, the word should be,

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it becomes a joke.

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It becomes heavy metal, it becomes Highway to Hell, it becomes skulls with flames on them, it becomes cartoons, it becomes movies like Hellboy, it becomes, you know, a literature in which you can dive into the depths of hell and come back out of it. It can become heavy metal parties with fire surrounding you and people wearing devil horns and tails and holding a fork. It's all a joke to them.

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It's just a joke. It's just a party. That's all it is. You know?

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It's not it's not taken seriously at all. For we don't joke about hell, Muslims don't joke about hell.

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No way. No way. We don't we don't use the word jahannam. No joke.

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We just don't do it. They do.

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We don't have the expression. What the hell are you talking about?

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Mojave Jana? Molina alaric

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we don't say that. We don't even throw that we don't do it. Because it's not. It's not funny to us. And it's not a casual thing for us to talk about a lot of remove that from the equation. Why? Because to us, it's way too real. It is way too real. And whether they believe in its reality or not, and they actually do believe in hell. They're just bothered that our religion talks about it.

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You know,

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I would say that is an ultimate Mercy of Allah. I would rather hear about it and cry now.

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Then even get to see it a little bit. I would rather read something Ola Harsha. He can then actually hear the shake.

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You know, I'd rather not. There was I'm reminded there was a fellow called I forgot his name. When I was in 1835, when I was in the MSA used to be a guy. He used to come and do MSA programs. Right and his he used to do a helecloud called remembering the Hellfire remembering the Hellfire and come into the MSA room. He turned all the lights off.

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Okay, no windows, all the lights are off. And he had this. I'm dating myself with a tape player a boombox

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with you know, D batteries. Okay. And he'd put this tape in and played and it's a it's a tape of loud animal sounds. Screams explosions.

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Crazy stuff. And there's people screaming in pain. And please stop and it went on for 35 minutes. lights are off. And you're hearing this disturbing thing for 35 minutes.

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I hit stop. turn lights on. Just like a low hidden

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that is not how Allah Tada. so humbling.

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It's not all about us.

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Huh? Yeah, it's, it's pretty epic experience.

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So we used to make stupid jokes about it. Like, you know, like, it was better than the lecture.

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This is stupid. Anyway, some people just don't learn, you know? Anyway.

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I'm gonna be he's the incredibly and he's the one who would give us death he would never do so because he's out of my mind. By the way in the previous i o Rahim Allah. Either he will give us violent death or, or give us mercy. By the way, he's exceedingly merciful, so he won't give us that death. It ain't gonna happen.

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You're not gonna be able to kill us? Because he's a man. And because we're on his side, how are we on the side? I'm gonna be how do you become loyal to this king? LLC via the hidden work? How do you become loyal to him by believing in Him. And if you believe in him, then he will take care of you. You can just rely that he's gonna take it while he can. not exclusively on him. We have put all of our trust. We don't need to worry about what you're gonna do. Cuz that's not up to you. That's up to him. And he Toka it is actually not just a statement of faith. It's a statement of defiance against the Quraysh. Do what you want.

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Do what you want. Key don't make your plans. Go ahead.

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Okay, don't forget don't you got us if you got a scheme to make and kill. Go ahead. We'll see if I can if I can and look at how is my scheme against you.

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Let's just see.

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Then first

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talamona men who are gonna move in. Soon you will see who is obviously, obviously in clear open misguidance and obviously misguided, immersed in misguidance By the way, the law came before Berlin cabbie, but this this is actually a contrast of one kind of movie and the other kind of movie in number and zero moving. And now for satella, Muna Madhavi palani movie, right, I'm clearly warning you, and you're clearly misguided. That's the contrast that's happening here. And when you don't take advantage of the clear warnings, then clearly you are misguided. That's the contrast that's drawn here.

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The other thing that's interesting about this ayah is he is a man and we've believed in him and we've relied on him which means Allah's mercy and His care. And His love is going to envelop us and you're just missing out. Every time the name is used. It's an invitation. Every time no matter how defined you've been before, you're being invited to make your way back. And the final IR of the surah is called an item in US Bahama. accom. Hold on, tell them if you were to think about this, don't you see or did you see Did you consider that if your water was to be absorbed in US Bahama Oman, if your water all of a sudden became completely absorbed, you know, hold in Arabic. Corrado

00:21:18--> 00:21:24

hora caliche, a caribou, Mahara Horan, the hub of an agua Salafi whenever,

00:21:25--> 00:21:39

when something goes into the earth, and it goes deep inside, the water just sinks into the earth and you can't get it out no matter how deep you dig, and it just completely disappears into the earth. What water what's their water, Malcolm? What's the water of kadesh samza?

00:21:40--> 00:22:01

Remember before Allah said I might stop, you're just from the sky. And I'm Sokka disco which is the rain. Fine. we at least have Zamzam No, no, I'll take some time away to tell what happens in US Bahama oakum Hola. familia de can be met in marine and who will bring to you water. And that water has the quality of being nine marinas looked at in two ways on who I mean, man.

00:22:02--> 00:22:04

I kassala for who Allah

00:22:06--> 00:22:29

who will bring you plenty of water, the fact that your water is there, and it's enough for you to survive in the middle of Blazing desert is itself a miracle from Allah, the fact that something is enough for you to survive. Okay, that's the only water supply they have in all of Africa. And so and without it, the mecca doesn't exist. It can't exist. And so the fact that it's plentiful is captured inside the word mine.

00:22:31--> 00:22:34

And then my boss he actually says freshwater might and

00:22:36--> 00:22:42

this is the meaning of of nine. The other is you know in Arabic When you say Ana,

00:22:43--> 00:23:17

and Maroon on marine and Mary Yoon Eun becomes marine. This is liters he'll kilometers he'll adapt. So Tara, Tara, who are you? Water that can be seen with the eyes water that's pleasing to the eyes, who's gonna bring you water that's going to give relief to your eyes. This is the conclusion of the shoreline. I want to start in shallow tarla with just showing you what's happened in this passage. It's only made up of three parts. And these three art make up a perfect symmetrical structure. In the first of these IOD Allah said, What do you think of Allah kills me and those who believe with me

00:23:18--> 00:23:25

that's not going to change the punishment is coming your way. But which kind of punishment or dabolim that's the punishment in the next life.

00:23:26--> 00:23:28

And in the last I have the soda

00:23:29--> 00:23:38

skipped one at the last you don't have to wait for that one to leave a look at bring punish punishment to you right now by doing what? Getting rid of water for you.

00:23:39--> 00:23:52

Getting rid of the water and the only way you can spare yourself from the punishment above and the punishment below is to join us which is Amanda and Ito cola right in the middle. So death above and death below and survival in the middle.

00:23:53--> 00:24:25

Right. That's the this is how the last the IOP are structured. I'll tell you something interesting about the structure of the sutra. There's a famous orientalist, she's pretty good chronics scholar, she's not Muslim, Angelica Norwich, she talks about the structure of students in the Quran. And because they look at the Quran as let's see, how can I describe this to you they look at the Quran is literature. They don't look at it as divinely revealed. Right and so that when they when they analyze it, and they also critique it, they critique it as literature because when you critique literature, you say the things you appreciate and you say the things that could have been better. So

00:24:25--> 00:25:00

she actually argued while writing a critique of this, right, so she wrote some many beautiful insights about the solar. But being an orientalist. She wrote a critique and she said, perhaps the last verse of this surah should have been an AVI Wiley hit our Coronavirus, Allah Muna man who have been, that would have been a more appropriate ending. Look at the end of the day, he's a man we believe in him. And we have only put our trust in Him, you will know who is clearly misguided because it's an awkward ending that the surah ended with just water will be taken away. It's kind of like this subset of an argument

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So it doesn't seem like it's a good conclusion to the solar from a literary point of view. That was her point. Interestingly enough, this conclusion is the best suited again, from a literary point of view, not even from a faith point of view from a literary point of view. If you go back to the beginning of the surah

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Allah says the body can only be a deal book,

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above and beyond expectation, and the constant is the one who has all Kingdom in his hand. The king is known by his castle, our his throne, and his throne rests upon water as you who Island

00:25:35--> 00:25:43

and by the end of it, if the king doesn't give you from his kingdom, what does he not give you? Water? Where are you gonna get it from?

00:25:44--> 00:25:49

The only place you get water from is the king is the one who has,

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you know, has rests upon water. So it's actually and by the way, water throughout the Quran is one of the most dominant expressions of Allah's kingdom. That's why nano is used most commonly with water.

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I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna allow him it'll be the rest of the I will be singular and all of a sudden the Royal we will get used when water is talked about. I'll switch over to it. Right so it's actually It begins with Allah is divine majesty, and the Sula concludes also with His Divine majesty barakallahu li walakum Khurana Hakeem when a final