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I believe Allah made human beings

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intellectually and spiritually capable enough to at least embark on a journey without depending on anyone else. But he also made human beings in need of mentorship, help guidance of each other.

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My question is, can self study or self learning ever be dangerous a teacher kissed over kitties Rudy or Diego Starkey, kidney, get up on the counter, I don't think you can ever learn alone. You can only learn alone so much. And then you have to humble yourself and say I need to go learn from someone else. But I don't believe in exclusively handing yourself over to a teacher in all situations. Like I believe most learning happens on your own. And then you read reach a roadblock. And then you need someone who can really guide you through that roadblock. And then you are going to have to do the heavy lifting yourself. Like in any any field of life, university, you have a

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professor, but who's doing most of the studying, you are the professor, but the guides the guidance, the teacher gives that irreplaceable, the graduate the guidance teacher gives.

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At a certain level, it's irreplaceable. When the prophesy says, communicate on my behalf, even if it's one either. So now, if somebody's communicating a single IRD, becoming a full time teacher, or they just communicating and I believe Allah made human beings

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intellectually and spiritually capable enough to at least embark on a journey without depending on anyone else. But he also made human beings in need of mentorship help guidance of each other. Right. But neither neither of those can exist in exclusivity. So when someone says you have to have a chef guiding every step you take, exactly, that, to me is

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actually creating a kind of dependence that is unhealthy. However, do you need people that will teach you what you don't know and guide you in areas you don't have guidance in? Absolutely. I have many people I learned from all the time. But I do most of the heavy lifting myself. And then I get stuck. And I go to them. And I guess and I value them so much. The other thing is, if you really think that every single minute of someone teaching you something you couldn't have done,

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I would argue 99% of it, you could have done yourself, but one really valuable percent, you really needed them for it. And that's the kind of relationship you have to develop, you know which students I respect the most among my students. There are students who ask me all kinds of questions. Even though I answered them, I'm not impressed with them. You know why? Because they could have done all some more homework themselves. They could have even gone through some of my other lectures themselves and could have found the answer. But they want the easy, quick personal attention and they want the answer from me. Right? Then there are students who have done all the work. And they

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only come to me when they couldn't find me answering this question anywhere. And then they they come in hit me and I respect those students. So double your pleasure, double your personal double, right, because what I don't respect is that I'm they're not valuing my time when I respect is they did the work. These are people that have the right mindset. Right. Thanks. You're welcome. I hope you guys enjoyed that video clip. My team and I have been working tirelessly to try to create as many resources for Muslims to give them first steps in understanding the Quran all the way to the point where they can have a deep, profound understanding of the Quran. We are students of the Quran

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