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Al-Ahqaf 1-20, Translation 1-20


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Ileana Sudan Kareem I'm about to be left him in a shape on the podium. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. But this rashly is Saturday we're Sidley Emery, Washington of that Emily Sani of Kaku Kohli of Vanessa Abner in Lesson number two 160. So that will have number one to 20 translation.

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Tamim hammy, den Zulu, a gradual revelation Al Kitab of the book. Min Allah from Allah. Allah Aziz the always almighty. And Hakeem the Always, always, math not color corner, we created a semi where the heavens will up and the earth warmer and that which bainer humor is between them to Illa except we'll help with the truth. What agilan and a term was summer 161 Medina and those who care for Rue de disbelieved Ummah, from what wanzhou they were warned more or the aboon ones who turn away will say,

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Have you all considered

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mass what the owner you will call upon men from dooney besides Allah, Allah Rooney, you all Show Me, Mother, what is that? called a coup they have created meaning up from the earth,

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or the home for them. Shere Khan a share this summer work in the heavens, he Tony you all come to me be keytab in with a book, men from corbally before Heather this hour or so, but in a trace men from intimate knowledge

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in control, you were citing ones who are truthful woman and who oberlo is more a straight man then who gather he calls upon men from doula besides Allah. Man who learned not yesterday, he responds Lahu to him Illa to yo de LTM after standing well home and they earn from Dora him they're calling their prayers vasiliou ones who are unaware

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what either and when for sure he was gathered, and so the people can know they were left home for them are the enemies. What can I know? And they were very bad to him of their worship. Caffeine ones who deny what either and when toothless, it is recited, or lay him upon them. I AtuNa our verses by enacting as clear evidences.

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Honor, he said, and levina those who care for Rue de disbelieved lil Huck to the truth lemma when a home it came to them. Heather this session is magic will be non clear.

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Or yaku Luna they say if he fabricated it will say in if if the writer who I have fabricated it, fella they're not dumb Laguna you all possess power. Leave for me mean Allah from Allah che anything for he or Lomo is most knowing Bheema with what to feel buena you all are involved.

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You all are engaged.

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fee concerning it

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gafa he is sufficient be he definitely he shahidan as a witness by name between me whereby in a comb and between you were who and he is

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the most forgiving? of Rahim the always All Merciful.

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All say man not going to I was better than an innovative

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a new men from a vessel the messengers warmer and not a duty I no matter what you do, it will be done. Be with me Wallah and no become with you. In not at W ifollow illa except ma what you heard it is revealed Elijah to me Mama and not Anna I in the except maybe you're on a warner will be known clear. All say have you all considered in Canada it was men from rindler near Allah woke up often and you all disbelieved behave with it was shahida.

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And he testified shahidan a witness men from Bani Israel, children of Israel, Allah upon Miss Lee its likeness. So Elena, then he believed was that about them, and you all became arrogant. In Aloha. Indeed Allah left not yesterday. He guides Alma the people of

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mean those who do what color and he said, Allah Dena, those who cafaro they disbelieved Linda Dena, for those who am a new day believed low if Ghana It was hiren good man not sub akuna they proceeded us lie to what is and when not yes they do they obtain guidance be happy with it. First I aku Luna so soon they will say Heather this if con ally for demon ancient

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woman and from Kabbalah he before it kita Moosa book of Moosa moment, a guide, wash mutton and immersi what has Akita been, and this is a book methodical one which confirms, listen, and in language, there'll be an Arabic Leon della so he wants a Lavina those who whatever they did wrong. Well, Bush law and a good news, little mercy mean for those who do good

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in alladhina Indeed, those who are new they said, Rob buena, our rub Allah who is Allah so much, then is the farmer. They became firm.

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fella so not how often a fear

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are they him upon them, whether and nor whom they yes or no, they agree on a dose of herbal our companions agenda of the paradise highly Dena ones who abide eternally see her in it jezza a reward Bheema because of what Keanu they were. Dr. Malone

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was planar, and we have enjoined insan the human being the wily baihe with his two parents, if Cernan utmost good, Pamela to she carried him his mother, Cohan with hardship. Well, what are two and she gave birth to him, go home with hardship? Well, hello, and his gestation his carrying

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was his father who and his weaning seleziona 30 shut off my head that until either when Bolivar he reached, I should do his full majority. What Bolivar and he reached out to barina 40. Senator year, Allah He said, Robbie, O'Meara ozeri me, you enable me

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that I screwed up, I am grateful

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for your blessing allottee which an armed You have bestowed upon me, what are the and upon what do they Yeah, my parents? What and that Urmila I do sila Han righteous, de la who you are pleased with it. What else and make good leave for me see in the Yeti, my offspring

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in me indeed I Dooblydoo I have repented, Eliza to you, or any and indeed I mean from Al muslimeen. Those who submit a cudos alladhina or those who not a couple we accept and home from them are Santa's best man, what army do they did? One at the jail was and we will overlook, on from say to him their misdeeds.

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See in US have companions agenda of the paradise where the promise a slip of the truth. And lady that which can Oh, they were you are doing their promised

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one lady and the one who father he said

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to his parents often of luck to you to Atari dandini

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do you to promise me

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Do you threaten me on that? Roger, I will be brought out were called while in fact Khalid

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Al Quran the generations, men from kabuli before me wahama and day two yesterday said they to seek help Allah from Allah waitakere water you may believe in indeed, what are the promise, Allah of Allah help is to fail. colusa He says, ma not Heather, this inla except a sadly, stories awali of the first ones, Allah Ecuador's alladhina are those who have got approved to lay him upon them allow the word be in oma many nations are in fact harlot a past men cobbling him from before them mean Elgin from the gym while in and the humans

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in the home indeed they can I know they were hustling losers. While he, Colin and for each day Roger stone ranks degrees mimma from what our middle they did.

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While you will see a home and so he gives them info armella home their deeds while home and they laugh not your own they will be wrong way oma and on day your honorable he will be presented alladhina dos, careful data spinit Allah upon a now the fire and habitat. You all took away.

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You all exhausted

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by sabbatical, your pleasures.

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See in hayati from your life adonia of the world Western turtle and you all enjoy it. Be happy with it polyoma so today, today's owner you will be recompensed are the punishment and who have the humiliation. be mad because of what country you were destined to be wrong. You all were arrogant is up in the air be lady without the right. What Bheema and because of what control you were deaf sukoon you are this

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is the recitation.

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This is

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amigos una

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una de novo.

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Good morning worimi

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Cody Wyoming.

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